Friday, July 3, 2009

Operation Strike Of The Sword

Involving nearly 4K Teuffel Hunden in a classic 'Hammer and Anvil" op, Great Satan's Marines celebrate her Happy BDay with the smack of cordite and sweat of battle.

"Operation: Strike of the Sword"

Pushing into the Taliban infested poppy dope fields of Helmand river valley, 44's AfPak Surge is supported by British troops stationed in Helmand, and the Pakistani military, which has set up along the border to block Taliban fighters from escaping into Pakistan.

Leathernecked commanders described the mission as different from previous offensives in terms of the "massive size of the force introduced, the speed at which it will insert, and the fact that where we go we will stay, and where we stay, we will hold, build and work toward transition of all security responsibilities to Afghan forces.”

Reported casualties on both sides are minor so far, but a senior Taliban commander told Reuters that "Thousands of Taliban mujahideen are ready to fight against U.S. troops in the operation in Helmand province."

Marines countered Terrorist happy talk “It is not simply about killing the enemy, but about protecting the population and improving their lives, which will help prohibit the return of insurgent elements.”

Killing will def be on the menu for time traveling, intolerant control freaks who fear girls and free choice.

Marine Corps siezed valuable turf pretty fast -- in Nawa and Garmsir in central Helmand Province, and in Khan Neshin in southern Helmand.

And they don't plan on splitting the hood anytime soon. Holding off on artillery and air strikes -- the Marines plan to hold and build -- repeating Iraq Surge strategy by suckering in creepy creeps into a giant sucking killing machine to grind them up and leave on the side of the road for a stranger to bury.

On Great Satan's Highest Holiest Day Weekend -- keep the Marines in prayers -- the pride of our nation -- fighting to shed the light of freedom and liberty.

Pic - "Marines LOVE Taliban -- they taste just like chicken"


Maggie Thornton said...

God bless these troops and their mission as they mount this huge offensive. Happy Independence Day, girLfRiEnD.

Peter said...

I just now discover this site and I now have a new crush. Don't be too worried though, my wife won't let me act on it.

One minor complaint, nobody has used Cordite since WW2. When I was in my early teens I shot some old, surplus .303 ammo. Cordite had a specific smell, more of a stink, that smelled like no other ammo. But there is no longer a "wiff of cordite" after a shootout. Just as well, the stuff was a pain to load and an even bigger pain for those into handloading ammo.