Friday, July 17, 2009

Blunt Warnings

"We want the Haqqanis to know we will hit them anywhere"

Haqqanis' are blood sworn enemies of Great Satan and have been fittingly functioning as Hellfire missile magnets for a while now.

Haqqanis are closely allied with the Taliban and al Qaeda, and have close links with the Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan's creepy secret military intelligence agency. Haqqanis run a parallel government in North Waziristan and conduct military and suicide operations in eastern Afghanistan.

And they have a prize - an American soldier.

Leaflets handed out to locals contained this blunt warning: "If you do not free the American soldier then you will be hunted."

Great Satan has been heavily criticized by the Afghan government for civilian deaths - 900 have died this year alone. Officials say the new message is not meant to scare the local population. - au contraire!

Consider it a friendly give and take - for now - the killing and scaring are actually quite dependent on what Haqqani does next.

2 leaflets, one scary, threatening with an uparmored super soldier smashing in the door to a humble abode and one fun and friendly with GI's hanging out and having fun with the locals, could be seen as a good cop, bad cop routine.

Great Satan makes no apology for her rather blunt tactics.

If any one is offended - so what?

Great Satan wants her son back.