Monday, July 6, 2009

Red Star Reset

There is a mystique about Russian-American summits, going way back to Last Millennium's FDR, Sir Winnie and Comrade Josef - the Man of Steel hook up in Yalta in 1945, to the first visit by Great Satan's pres to Mockba in 1972, by Richard Nixon when he signed the unsalty Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT I).

Plus historical cats have always thought that the hook up in Wein betwixt JFK and naughty Nikita Krushchev in 1961 was critically crucial 'cause it may have led Khrushchev to think that JFK was a weakling playboy - inciting Khruschev to act out against the Monroe Doctrine leading to the Cuban Missile Crisis that October.

Aside from Commonwealth's on again off again on again deal with Persia to sell and deliver S 300 Air Defense stuff so the Mullahopolis can protect sensitive, tender portions from a devastating dose of enrichment interruptus, the recent military sexercise right up against tiny tiny Georgia -- there have been several indicators that may indicate a 'reset' is indeed reset.

Russia announced last month that it was no longer seeking World Trade Organization (WTO) membership, but was instead going to seek membership for a customs union of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

All that is for sure is that the decision came at just the moment when it seemed as though almost all of the obstacles to Russia's acceptance had been removed.

Cats close to the trade negotiations say that it was imaginable that Russian accession could be completed in a couple of months. Putin took the wheel and turned the policy in a completely different direction. Many Russian economic policymakers are aghast at what has been done.

And lastly the welcome news that Commonwealth herself will facilitate the timely deliveries of goodies, munitions and all kinds of support for Great Satan and NATO combatants currently engaging Taliban, nation building and keeping Liberty's torch flaming in AFPAKland -- directly through Commonwealth turf -- a first.

Discussion topics up for discussion betwixt 44 and Pres Medvedev include:

Medvedev’s earlier proposal for a new security architecture in Europe versus Great Satan's push for NATO enlargement into the former Soviet Union that angers Moscow.

Great Satan's Missile Shield in ex Warsaw Pact turf. True -- there's really no technical reason for Commonwealth to freak at this stage about the missile defense as it's currently proposed. Looking 5, 10 years down the road though -- it could be considered the foot in the door. It could lead to a much more ambitious missile defense program in the future. The concern is that Commonwealth's own deterring missiles would deter little

Aside from photo ops, there are some very interesting developments ahead.