Monday, July 27, 2009


When it comes to jerks and creeps that delight in inflicting agony, death, destruction and misery on anything that isn't just like them -- the creator of Ansar al Islam's Mullah Krekar is at the top of the list.

The list of uncool stuff attached to the self proclaimed "Helpers of Mohammedism" certainly makes the case for why such hideous rejectionists make the list of Great Satan's Official Enemies List:

* AAI are the most proficient head choppers in the ME since Crusader days.

* AAI practically invented the asymmetrical warfare against Great Satan in Iraq -- detonating the very first vehicular detotnations along with the very first and the very most suicide bombers of any group in the ME.

And their leader is living safe as milk as an asylum seeker in Vikingland.

Once Norway had a rep as ravishing reavers - striking fear into coastal northern, western Europe and the British Isles. Xianity and the crossbow eventually changed their ways and Scandinavia joined the family of fun, free and friendly family of nations.

So why the H is Mullah Krekar -- a sworn enemy of Great Satan, girls, democrazy and Hooters hanging out in Oslo?

Mullah KKKrekar's dossier reads a lot like plumbing the depths of an ungodly cesspool of intolerance, hatred and cruelty.

Born in 1956 in Iraq, Mullah Krekar is the founder of Ansar al Islam (Helpers of Islam), a group which has targeted Great Satan's coalition forces as well as Iraqi and non-Iraqi civilians.

Allegations against Krekar include complicity in the 2003 bombing of the United Nation's mission in Iraq, training and recruiting foreign fighters to serve as snipers and suicide bombers.

He also met up with OBL in Pakistan and buddied up with al-Zarqawi, the notorious and DEAD creep that served as al Qaeda's boy Elroy in AQII.

Jordan sentenced Krekar in absentia to 15 years hard labor and Iraq has requested that he be extradited to stand trial. Krekar is currently living in Oslo, Norway.

This despite a ruling by Norway's Supreme Court declaring him a threat to Norwegian national security and a decision by Immigration officials to deny his asylum claim and revoke his residence permit.

Krekar split because Saddam Hussein had ordered his death for his work with the Kurds. In 1991, Krekar and his family received refugee status in Norway.

Mullah Krekar loves jihad -- and any weapon from " to atomic bombs..." are delish, desired and required to rid the world of Great Satan.

Practically endowed with a cadre of suicide bombers and head choppers from his orphanage work - obviously -- the kids are seduced, trained and had their brains washed clean of anything other that the desire to race to the next life -- and to take as many people along with them on the ride to Paradise.

Recently a collective of Great Satan's top Green Beret snake eaters, Navy SEALS, brainiac attorneys and investigative journalists caught up with Mullah Krekar who is fighting extridition to Iraq for War Crimes and had a most unpleasant chat.

If Norway doesn't get their act together and ship Krekar's murderous asset to face the music in Iraq perhaps that collective or one like it could again visit Mullah K.

And initiate a disappearance of the guy and a thorough, leisured interrogation for the rest of his tormented, painful and very short life.

Art - "Bin Laden Mohammednazi v2.0"


Peter said...

The OSS of the 1940s would have already offed this guy. So would the CIA if the '50s and the Special Forces of the '60s. Today? He'll die of old age unless Mossad gets him.