Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Battlefield Intell

Great Satan's field grade Surge Expert and Combat Rock Star - highly decorated Major Few, editor of Small Wars Journal (he's also kinda hot) is simply one of the best warrior writers to hit the hood since the statue got yanked down in al Firdos Square.

The ability to share, shape and shoot straight with facts, theory and expertise in an incredible clarity born of desperate heartbreaking hard fought multi engagements - like walking down a trash sewer strewn street rallying troops after an IED detonated - in a buzzsaw of (thankfully inaccurate) sniper fire - is something Great Satan's Warcraft Academy should be proud of.

Evidenced by amazing articles like "Love and Hate," and the essential "Break Point: al Qaeda estabs in Zaganiyah" has left the cool cliquish cadre of counter insurgency enablers and actualizers totally hot for more.

Way more.

"The Pacification of Zaganiyah - Fighting for Intelligence to Overcome the Information Gap"

"... Much debate surrounds perfecting the proper mixture of gentle influence and violent coercion required as an external intervention force. In the beginning, this mixture is irrelevant. 

"...Instead, the most difficult problem facing the commander is one of information. How does one discover and define the current situation on the ground? This understanding is the critical foundation of all other planning and actions." (GsGf Editorial Note - italics - mine)

One American Army recon unit in the Diyala River Valley - during the dark, desperate days of the Iraq Surge - led by then Captain Few brought the 'Hate' - annihilating and breaking up the larger enemy creep cells and brought the "Love"- turning insurgents and fence sitters, protected the innocent, each other and convinced everyone through a super savvy combination of skill, guts and almost reckless bravery that Great Satan was the Strongest Tribe.

And it all comes down to battlefield intelligence.  

"...The purpose is two-fold: 1. inform policy makers on the costs, requirements, and time needed for such GPF interventions, and 2. provide young leaders with an example of applying theory to practice.

Pic - "Oh - they come to kill the Rooster? Whoa! He ain't gonna die. No!"


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Is that Britney Spears in the pic?

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Hi Winston! Nope - that is the one and only Jessica Simpson!