Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Twilight Of Assad?


Panzers and snipers backed with thousands of soldiers seal off and attack the Syria city of Daraa

"...The offensive was meticulously planned: Electricity, water and mobile phone services were cut. Security agents armed with guns and knives conducted house-to-house sweeps, neighborhoods were sectioned off and checkpoints were erected before the sun rose. 

Only catch is - it's no foreign army attacking (at least just yet)  - these are Syrian troops deploying to crush rowdy protesters  ala a Hama Redux of Hitlerian proportions.

"...We need international intervention. We need countries to help us," shouted another witness in Daraa, who said he saw five corpses after security forces opened fire on a car. He spoke to the AP by telephone.

The pleas for divine intervention was followed with an incredible money shot -
“Let Obama come and take Syria. Let Israel come and take  Syria. Let the Jews come,” shouted one Daraa resident over the phone.  ”Anything is better than Bashar Assad,” he said, playing on Syria’s hatred for  Israel to highlight how much town residents despise their  leader.
 Whoa pretty hot stuff!

This may not mean the end of the al Assad Alawite Autocracy though.

Bashar has plenty of cities left to trash.

  Pic - "Damned if they do, and damned if they don’t"


Atlanta Roofing said...

These killings are commonly held in Syria what is doing The U.N.? these killings must be stopped and the Syrian government must apologize for these killings and leave their posts immediately otherwise the U.N. send their coalition forces to the Syria and take necessary action against that cruel government.

Atlanta Roofing said...

If the Syrian Government does not put a damper on these demonstrations in the next few weeks, their days are numbered. I guess they also figured this out, because they are now deploying their secret police and the full might of their military to crush all dissent.

Nygdan said...

From what I've heard the generals and a lot of the military in Syria are also Alawis. This means that they know they're fighting for their own lives, and not just the regime's. Its a clever plot, put an historically abused minority in charge, and they're never going to let go, they know it won't be long before the sunnis are saying they're 'not real muslims' and they're treated like the Ahmadis in Pakistan or the Bah'ai in Iran. Its not like in Libya where the Army has be be convinced and cajoled into thinking the country is being attacked by al-qaeda, or flat out hired from the rest of Africa.
The Syrian Army is probably more like the bittereinders in the Boer War (except that their cavalry are tanks and their kommandos are, well, actual commandos)

prasad said...

The U.S. and other countries have to do something to stop this destruction and killing in Syria otherwise the Syrian forces will so many people who fight against them so the Syrian government leaders should be punished.