Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Freedom Online


One of the weapons in the old despotry annihilation/marginalization (either way is totally fine) arsenals is the high tech savvylicious brain embiggening effects of l'net l'inter.

Twidder, Facebook, streaming vids, live vid - instant real time communications with cats all about the globe.

And that means despots, autocrats and the uncool who despise fun and free choice are getting hip to it

"...According to a new Freedom House report, (pdf) as internet usage has grown exponentially in the past five years, cyber attacks, politically motivated censorship, and government control over internet infrastructure are among the diverse and growing threats faced by internet users.

"...These encroachments on internet freedom come at a time of explosive growth in the number of internet users worldwide, which has doubled over the past five years. Governments are responding to the increased influence of the new medium by seeking to control online activity, restricting the free flow of information, and otherwise infringing on the rights of users. 

“...These detailed findings clearly show that internet freedom cannot be taken for granted. Nondemocratic regimes are devoting more attention and resources to censorship and other forms of interference with online expression.”

Pic - "Send me a copy of your last three tax returns and a copy of your credit report no less than 10 days old"