Thursday, April 14, 2011



Been a crazy bleeding week so far - heck what day is it, you know?

Yours truly has been night gigging over at Starbuck's Wings Over Iraq (check it out - it ain't paw paws WoI!) and a few other spots (oh! it's true! Courtney don't kiss and tale)!

Also getting suckered into babysitting a 1/2 squad's worth of rowdy asseted little boys always wanting to 'rassle' (here's a tip - don't get cornered in the kitchen after tormenting them they are more like the Pink Power Ranger instead of the guy Power Rangers).

They grow up fast tho! The big thing now is to watch tv shows where '...girls have that line on their chest..." betwixt bouts of noise making and energetic outbursts of violence.

Czech out the hot collective of mindcandy to get all voted on today at WoW and make your brain more bigger with FPI's hot deet sheet too.

Any wrought, tons of stuff coming up, including a lo down ho down knock down drag out with some Axis of Evil fanboys - so, stay tuned, stay blond and never. Give. In.


Anonymous said...

God, I just love your upbeat, always positive, always on ten attitude. You are quite the handful.