Friday, April 1, 2011

Winning Pretty


As vClausewitz (or maybe it was Batman) once hotly whispered (mmm, sticky too), "...winning pretty is the continuation of sitting pretty by other means..."

ex State Sec Powell's doctrinaire about buying broke stuff is still prett powerful meds for certain mindsets

"...You can see the sequence clearly: American and Western aid tips the scales and helps the rebels oust Gaddafi. Gaddafi loyalists resort to an insurgency against whatever fragile government steps in to fill the void. There are urgent calls from the international community to stabilize the new regime which was, after all, too weak to capture Libya on its own and thus too weak to govern and provide security for the country.

"...Then what does President Obama do? The threat to civilian lives in Libya will be no less severe in a condition of post-war anarchy. If the U.S. had a "responsibility to protect" Libyan civilians before it played any role in their endangerment, that responsibility will only increase having played an active hand in subsequent events.

Otay - a minor point - R2P isn't a declaration that Great Satan or any of the fun free choice hot little sister democrazies have a responsibility to protect anything. It actually means the regimes in question have the burden of protecting their own peeps from torment like genocidal cleansing, atrocities, terrorism and even genderapartheid. Tons of cats who know better are queering the mix on that def.

If Great Satan could truly live with some amazing sitches end gaming the diplopolititary ends (as justified by l'hyper psychic - he's also kinda hot) avec intelligentsia think tanking) -

"...In Libya, a simple cease-fire (rather than a peace deal formalizing Qaddafi’s continued role) might be acceptable... 

"...The ultimate U.S. goal would explicitly be reunification but with an understanding that it could take months or even years to achieve that outcome, since Qaddafi's departure from the scene might be a necessary prerequisite and the United States would be using only economic, diplomatic, and legal means to achieve it

"...Accept a government of national unity between the Qaddafi loyalists and the rebels that would give Qaddafi some symbolic role, provided that international monitors are allowed in the country and that loyalists in the military are removed so that Qaddafi would be less able to relaunch war. 

The money shot (with a shout out to Starbuck) is 

"...Libya might become a bleeding ulcer that al Qaeda could try to exploit. In war, it is not enough merely to make a good effort; a good outcome is also a necessity. 

44's totally correct of course 3 D doctrinaire doctrine  'defeatin' disruptin' and dismantlin' aQ anywhere they appear (with or with out kindred spirits) means  - like it or lump it - Libya has cracked open another front to fight in.  

The bootylicious intell gossip and hot! deets about the haj of murderous foreign jerks and creeps captured at Sinjar in Iraq back in Surge Time is proving invaluable yet again. A serious series of especial dossiers and fully crunk pdf concrete conclusions brainiac'd by Great Satan's Warcraft Academy

"...The enemies of our enemy in Libya may not be our friends. But the danger that they pose to U.S. interests in the future will be determined in no small part by what the United States and its allies do in Libya today. There is no doubt that the choices facing policymakers are extremely difficult -- intervention is often a lose-lose situation (GsGf Editorial note - italics, mein, schatze).

"...But the international community better get used to that ambiguity sooner rather than later -- in Yemen, Bahrain, and Syria, the choices will not get any easier. 

News that 44 signed off on exporting pain and heartache to certain elements in and amongst the home towns of hajies who trekked en masse to Iraq to impose a truly cold blooded cruel effort to torment and slay ppl that dined on cucumbers and tomatoes at the same ungodly moment means it's on bishes!

The rebel rebels should be infiltrated first - arming desirable cats if it's cool - if not - killing or capturing every flicking aQ, Hiz'B'Allah or enemy element Great Satan can sink her shiny shiny razor sharp claws into.

Winning is winning. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder, bay bee.

Pic - "A key challenge now is to identify the j!hadi networks inside Libya and measure their strength within the broader rebel coalition.