Sunday, April 3, 2011


According to news reports, at least 11 UN workers have been killed in Afghanistan by a band of thugs protesting Pastor Terry Jones’s recent Koran burning. Two of the victims have reportedly been beheaded.

This is an appalling tragedy. And it’s made worse by those who pathetically try to excuse the actions of murderers by placing the blame on the shoulders of others.
“Eleven people lost their lives so Terry Jones could burn a Koran and feed the 24/7 news monster,” wrote NBC reporter Luke Russert on Twitter.

The problem is where that line of thinking leads. If Jones is responsible for these murders, then Jyllands-Posten is responsible for the deadly Mohammad cartoon protests back in 2006. And Salman Rushdie is to blame for the rioting and fatalities that greeted the release of his Satanic Verses in 1989.

No, 11 people didn’t lose their lives so that Jones could burn a Koran. They lost their lives because some religious fanatics – driven by a twisted, feverish ideology – decided to murder them. And by failing to hold the true culprits responsible, we invite attacks on our freedom of expression – not just the freedom to burn a Koran, but to write, say, or do anything that offends their fragile sensibilities in the future.

written by Alana Goodman


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Blaming Terry Jones and Salman Rushdie and the Danish newspaper for the rioting, rampaging, murdering done by the sick, savage Muslims is like blaming the KKK for the fact that of 140,000 murders here in the U.S. last year, 80% of them were committed by blacks and hispanics.

Some cultures and races are just depraved and violent and atavistic. Saying so(or in this case burning their book) may be seen as provoking them to more widespread and/or concentrated outbursts of violence, however real onus is on the inferior savages to grow up and join the civilized world.

The only correct way to approach the situation is to ramp up the Koran-burnings and "provocations" until they are commonplace and so non-remarkable that Muslims are used to them, are more-or-less numb to them, and stop their rampaging over them. Similarly, whites should begin using the word "nigger" at every possible occasion until it is no big deal, and once again is aptly called upon to describe the murderous, inferior depravity of ghetto blacks who boil their own babies when a welfare agency rejects claims for more money based on their existence.

Freedom Re-Founders said...

Hard to blame Terry Jones' burning the Quran for the deaths of these people, when these barbarians burn Bibles and kill Christians all the time anyway.

Daniel Griffin said...

Sometimes intent does matter.

SecondComingOfBast said...

It just occurred to me that if we went out and killed a bunch of Muslims every time one of them offended us, pretty soon there would be no Muslims.