Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ultimate Ally

Blowback, be otche!

The most dangerous cat in DC used FoPo Online to deliver a fully crunk op ed opus about the cool 'lationship betwixt Little and Great Satan and shot the asset end off the Little Satan Posse guy at Weenie Hut Juniors  in the process:

"...Rather than viewing Little Satan as a vital American asset, an increasingly vocal group of foreign-policy analysts insists that support for the J'ish state, including more than $3 billion in annual military aid, is a liability. Advocates of this "realist" school claim that the United States derives little strategic benefit from its association with Israel. 

"...The alliance, they assert, arises mainly from lobbyists who place Israel's interests before America's, rather than from a clearheaded assessment of national needs. Realists regard the relationship one-dimensionally -- America gives Little Satan aid and arms -- and view it as the primary source of m"Hammedist anger at the United States. American and Israeli policies toward the peace process, the realists say, are irreconcilable and incompatible with relations between true allies. 

Faster than one could say "Faith and Fantasy"  or "6 Days of War," the wickedly risible realist Lobby guy lobbed off a few boring assetted pages of incorrectly inappropriate l'raison celeb rounds about hating on Little Satan that will zonk you out faster than watching the Golf Channel or Canadian Parliament.   

"...Israel ought to be doing everything in its power to help create a viable Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza before it is too late."

Uh - what, now?

"...First, increased popular sovereignty in Arab states gives heightened attention to the lack of popular sovereignty for Palestinian Arabs living under Israeli occupation. 

"...Second, continued (and even intensified) criticism of Israel from Arab states that are more responsive than before to popular sentiment belies the Israeli contention that animosity toward Israel is chiefly a device used by authoritarian rulers to distract attention from their own shortcomings. 

"...Third, the emergence of new Arab democracies in the Middle East will remove the single biggest rationale—that Israel is the only democracy in the region—for the extraordinary special relationship that Israel enjoys with the United States. 

LOLZ - Actually - that is NOT the biggest rationale!

Pic - "Distinguish it clearly from the country that has always been and will always be the Great Satan - the United States of America."