Wednesday, June 10, 2009

By Order of the Commander In Chief

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Obama Orders Stephen's Haircut - Ray Odierno
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44 - the Commander in Chief, 4 Star General Odiermo (big as they get - in fact there hasn't been a 5 Star General since General of the Army Omar Bradley) and curious audio meatus wise Stefan Colbert have a great time and bring Iraq back to the mind's eye.

"I thought the war was over, because I haven't seen any stories about it in a month"

Seems a left handed answer to Fareed Zakaria's recent essay about staying the course (regardless of past hangups about how it all came to be) Great Satan has responsibilities.

"It is still occupying a proud and important land in the heart of the Middle East. It has 135,000 soldiers serving there. That country's fate still hangs in the balance, between failure and success.

" And American actions will make a crucial difference. "

Thanks sir. Already knew that. It was still sweet to hear Dr Z admit he was totally wrong about Surge.

And it's still sweet to see Iraq making strides towards a (crunk and disorderly - true) democrazy.

Interesting too to see events like Battle of Fallujah become icons in the new millennium.