Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Coming War With Hiz'B'Allah

Oh! It's true! Just ask the rowdy rocket rich Body Part Collector General!

Seems that diabolical Little Satan is plotting an attack on the Lebanese Resistence Movement (which seems more adept at resisting the legit gov in Lebanon than any 'occupiers' who split the hood like nearly a decade ago.)

Plus - Little Satan's nation wide civilian rocket drill puts a sinister spin on things.

Though it could be said that Hiz'B'Allah is totally mis reading this exercise - after all - it ain't Little Satan that uses innocent civilian rich shields or casualties as a tactic - more like HBA's spiritual sisters in HAMAS or Mahdi Army.

Since Great and Little Satan have semi sorta agreed to a "Wait and See" attitude in regards to Iran (which as previously opined is often considered non profit jaw flapping) Little Satan may be considering the future.

If Hiz'B'Allah wins big in the Lebanon elections coming up soon - HBA may be incorporated into the Lebanon Army - a move to legitimacy that it has so far never really attained. If that happens - Lebanon could look to Tehran to modernize her military - and by extension Hiz'B'Allah.

In other words:

"In the meantime, Israel will focus on Iran-related problems that it can address directly, like the threats posed by Hezbollah and Hamas, before these groups benefit from the added political leverage their ties with a nuclear Iran would generate.

"In short, Israel fears that once Iran has achieved nuclear status, Hamas and Hezbollah will feel emboldened to take a more aggressive approach toward Israel.

"Better to deal with those groups' offensive capabilities now, some Israeli officials reason, than to wait until US/European diplomatic efforts fail and Iran crosses the nuclear threshold. "

Easier said than done? After all the last Little Satan - HBA war wrecked Olmert's Admin and cashiered the Defense Minister.

Though the recent Little Satan HAMAS Strip Tease was very popular in Little Satan and enhanced the current Defense Minister's bona fides.

How could such a shooting match start?

"Following this weekend's Lebanese legislative elections, Hiz'B'Allah might make good on threats to avenge the killing of member Imad Mughniyeh, which the group blames on Israel.

"For the moment, Hiz'B'Allah is concentrating its time and resources on its performance at the ballot box, but its leadership is unlikely to let his death go without a response.

"A wrong step from Hiz'B'Allah in coming months would provide Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government with the pretext to strike at HBA's capabilities.

"Rocket fire across the Lebanese-Israeli border could provoke Israeli retaliation, just as it did in 2006 when a Hiz'B'Allah campaign unexpectedly drew a massive Israeli response.

"And the current Israeli government is much more hawkish than the Ehud Olmert-led government of 2006.

"A successful strike on Hiz'B'Allah would be significantly more difficult to achieve than the recent attacks on HAMAS. But if the Netanyahu government sets clear, attainable goals and successfully manages the Israeli public's expectations, it could improve its standing."

Pic - Hiz'B'Allah/Lebanese Army Playset. Civilian shields and UN Blue Helmet man available in Expansion Pack


mauryk2 said...

I think you can make book on US/Israel war w/Iran.

Skunkfeathers said...

A shooting war with Israel and HAMAS/HEZBOLLAH is as certain as a sunrise/sunset; a more far-reaching war involving a Barry-run US and Iran...I see Barry and Hillary bending over backward to appease Iran. Will they bend so far to sell out Israel as Neville Chamberlain bent to sell out Czechoslovakia? That's where we wait and see.