Thursday, June 4, 2009

Supreme Leader Day!

In the gay free Republic of Iran, the nation's Preacher in Chief celebrates 20 years as "Supreme Leader" today

Despite a some what wobbly start - the jumped up Ayatollah managed to obtain the clerical bona fides to become the handpicked successor the old Grand Ayatollah Khomeini envisioned him to be.

Dr Mehdi Khalaji at the Washington Institute (which btw is the most recent hang out for Great Satan's Especial Envoy Dr Dennis Ross) gives it up:

"In the traditional monarchic despotism of Iran, the shah or king was not omnipotent; he was forced to balance power with other social authorities such as clerics, landlords, and tribal heads. Such rulers used the royal court to establish and maintain their preeminence in all aspects of governance. Following Khomeini's revolutionary break with this tradition, Khamenei has reproduced this prerevolutionary, patriarchal structure of political leadership.

"During his twenty years in power, Khamenei has managed to overcome his initial obstacles and transform the conventional house of religious authority into a bureaucratic powerhouse. As a result, Iranian decisionmaking is no longer shared, as it was in the last years of Khomeini's life, especially with regard to war.

"The house of the leader makes the main decisions today, whether political or military, domestic or foreign policy related, and Khamenei is the principal decisionmaker. Khamenei relies more on his own hand-picked men when making major decisions than on elected members of government.

"Khamenei readily admits that he has the final say on foreign policy issues. As his advisor Ali Akbar Velayati wrote last year, "a European asked me recently 'Who rules Iran?' The response is clear. If something is related to strategic and fundamental issues, according to the constitution, which was approved by a referendum, the leader has the final say."

"The United States must keep in mind the authority of the leader as it begins a new approach to dealing with the Iranian regime. While President Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad is the public face of Iran, the real power lays with Khamenei, a skilled behind-the-scenes operator.

"Finding a way to directly engage Khamenei, while not letting him hide behind the more visible president, will be a critical challenge for Washington in the months ahead.

Art "Supreme Leader Day!"


Findalis said...

Either way 5 MTs would destroy his ambition too.

oh brother said...

Quit trying to deal with these monsters.
Destroy this damn regime already.
Let the Iranian people REALLY choose the head of their country.