Saturday, June 13, 2009

Milad-e Nour-e Velayat

"Prophet one niner this is Bandar Abbas Control"

"Go ahead control this is Prophet one niner"

"Be advised radar shows alternate aircraft approaching - about 60 kilometres direction (inaudible) No transponder signals (inaudible ) Intercept and Verify"

"Bandar Abbas Control this is Prophet one niner will intercept and verify"

30 seconds later

"Bandar Abbas Control! Bandar Abbas Control! This Prophet three seventy! Emergency! Multiple aircraft are (inaudible) Engaging (end Transmission)

"Prophet Three Seventy this is Bandar Abbas Control say again?"

5 seconds later

"Prophet Three Seventy this is Bandar Abbas Control. Respond"

"Prophet One Niner this is Bandar Abbas Control. Do you have radar confirmation? Respond" (Off mic - "are we being jammed?")

Yeah yeah, everybody knows. Gossip is that Great Satan pleaded with Little Satan not to queer the mix with a naughty hottie panty raid on Iran's sensitive, tender portions like the 3 hot spots in Persia quest for nuclear power, weaponry and status.

Fair enough.

Yet -- could such brazen moves sweetly be applied to other opportunities totally unrelated to nuked up stuff?

Heck yeah!

Consider: Little Satan recently freaked out Iranian Air Force cats by rumouring to crash the Gay Free Republic's Air Force flyover.

So, if Iran's unfree Revo Guard fansite's media are correct about Iranian Air Ops and exercises to be conducted soon (Milad-e Nour-e Velayat in Persian AF talk) a nasty surprise may not be such a surprise.

Persia's Junior Sky Marshal Mohsen Darrebaqi explains about low-altitude flight operations and bombing tactics in the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman:

"Our domestically-produced Saegheh fighters and Russian-made Sukhoi-24 jets will stage tactical operations to test new ammunitions and hone their defensive capabilities"

A surprise appearance by Little Satan's AF could expand the Milad-e Nour-e Velayat sexercise to include high speed pilot ejection and Air/Sea Rescue Ops.

Pic - "F 16 Dogfight"


Findalis said...

It would make them a lot more realistic.