Saturday, June 27, 2009

Leaving Town

"Rejectionists fear Iraq is going in the right direction" declares Great Satan's Madame Sec the one, the only HRC.

Oh Snap! Tell us something we don't know.

While much attention is focused on unarmed rowdy rejectionists rejecting a militarized, computerized police state ran by time traveling, intolerant control freaks just to the east of Iraq - fact is the site of the blitzing defeat of the largest Arab army in history in 20 days has a red letter day fast approaching on 30 June.

HRC's commentary seems kinda deja vu -- ish. After all, defeatists, retreatists and Great Satan haters often mocked the avuncular (and nigh indestructible cardiac wise) Vulcans like VP Cheney -- who pointed out rejectionists in Iraq were signalling desperation or when brother Vulcan Def Sec Rumsfeld termed them "Dead Enders"

So when "Al Ameriki" tribe splits the hoods, bazaars and warrens of Iraqi cities, villages and towns to hang out in off site, climate controlled bases -- an Anti Surge of violence is expected -- As Dr Stephen Biddle (Oh! He got game!!) @ CFR recently pointed out tons of maybes baby about how Iraq could return to the edge of the Abyss pre Surge and maybe even hop on off the precipice.

Thankfully - he offers a reminder that, as suck as Iraq has been, there are many ways that it could become much worse if Great Satan gets in too big a rush, over reacts to "rejectionists" - or worse -- doesn't react at all.

"The most effective option for prevention is to go slow in drawing down the U.S. military presence in Iraq. On balance, paying the cost of a slower withdrawal, while expensive, may ultimately be the cheaper approach."

June 30th is the deadline for Grat Satan's combat troops to leave urban areas. The deadline was contained in the Status of Forces Agreement (SoFA) that 43's admin negotiated and that the incoming 44's admin embraced back in March.

Violent Anti -- Surges in Iraq do seem date driven - every previous major Iraqi milestone such as an election, referendum, or anniversary -- and the new Iraqi army guys are way better now than they were back in the day. Still, violent violaters gained the initiative -- albeit for a very short time -- and their game plan could be tried again.

Bad, Bad Basra comes to mind and they are probably hot for fun and free choice enough to seek out, pre empt and annihilate foreign creeps, local creeps and terroristic bombers who seem to have regressed to the old school AQ in Iraq plan to target shi ite people, sites and stuff to kick start a sectarian civil war.

Even though anti surge was expected -- the current spasm of the rejectionists --is a rude dude metaphorically speaking -- mainly because the starting point for measuring murder in Iraq is way lower than it was in the past on other anniversaries -- and thus dramatic.

Also helps to note Coalition and Iraqi forces conducted mini-surges of their own to preempt the violence, but now the catalyzing event is arepositioning of combat power, thus making those preemptive tactics more difficult.

Yet not impossible.

Pic "Great Satan can come back to town anytime She wants"


Findalis said...

I predict the level of violence towards the Iraqi civilians will climb, that chaos will reign over many parts of the country. And the idiot liberals now celebrating will cry out" "We left too soon!"

Winston said...

44's exit strategy sucks.