Monday, June 8, 2009


Hiz'B'Allah was held at arms length in the week end's election in Lebanon.

Let's review:

In a hood where shame and honor seem to run everything from the nuclear family on up - Hiz'B'Allah (one of the many creepy creeps on Great Satan's Official Enemy List) won some hearts and minds with their bizarro retarded rocket war of '06 fighting Little Satan, then provoked a political crisis in 2007-2008 with demands for veto power over government decisions.

They staged protests and installed an encampment in downtown Beirut that paralyzed the commercial heart of the Lebanese capital. The showdown culminated in street battles that brought the country to the edge of another civil war.

An agreement to end the violent confrontation gave Hiz"B'Allah veto power over major government decisions.

This time around, the pro-Western coalition vowed not to give HBA a mix queering, blocking minority in the new government if they won, maintaining that the arrangement paralyzed decision-making. Hiz'B'Allah claims that sharing power ensured peace.

Turnout nationwide was about 52.3 % up from 45.8 % in 2005

The interior minister announced the final results for the 128 parliamentary seats from all 26 districts at a news conference. The tally showed the winning coalition with 68 seats versus 57 for the Hiz'B'Allah. Three seats went to independents. The allocation was largely unchanged from the outgoing legislature, ensuring that the same disputes will continue to roil the political scene.

HBA's creepy Body Part Collector General is to make a televised statement on Al Manar "The Suicide Channel" later today, though one of HBA's current members of Parliment has been making smartasstic semi threatening commentary something like "Dream all you want - Hiz'B'Allah will never surrender our weaponry plus we will continue to fight Little Satan"


Art - "One army, one armed group, one police power, one capability to control your own country"


Z said...

Great piece, Girlfriend...there's MORE GREAT news, almost too much for one day, at my place..I hope you have time to come see it.

Lebanon stunned me...this is huge! but it gets better..!

Debbie said...

You would think that Obama could have mentioned Lebanon in his big speech, but noooooo...

This is huge, along with the Conservative, Right wing wins in Europe.

Debbie Hamilton
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