Monday, June 1, 2009

Girl Power

The ever influential 'democrazy is for lottie dottie everybody" neoconic Dr Josh Muravchik recently unveiled "The Next Founders: Voices of Democracy in the Middle East"

Sweet reading for true believers and proof that despite pitiful literacy rates, gendercide condoned by 'states', tribes, militias, preachers and controlled gov media - control freaks are being marginalized by fun and free choice.

Intolerant time traveling girl fearing creepy 'political' movements are headed to the dumpster faster than yesterdays diapers.

Despite gains by Hiz'B'Allah in their last year semi coup, the semi return of Mookie al Sadr, and the election of rowdy rocket rich death worshippers like HAMAS in the Strip

"What sapped the vitality of the "Arab spring" was the triumph of Islamists -- the Muslim Brotherhood's strong showing in Egypt's 2005 parliamentary election, Hamas's victory in Gaza, and Hezbollah's ascendance in Lebanon. In response to these election results, the Bush administration muffled its advocacy of democracy in the Middle East. Some democrats in the region even took a go-slow stance."

"To put it bluntly, these outcomes renewed questions about whether the Arabs were ready for democracy. If elections produce victory for parties that are not themselves democratic in practice or philosophy, then democracy is at a dead end. But the Kuwait election, following those in Iraq and Morocco, suggests that such fears may have been overblown."

Dr Muravchik's recent follow up hit piece in WSJ highlights an especial candidate right on the edge of the Persian Gulf in Kuwait.

The Kuwait election of Rola Dashti - a hot! Great Satan educated hottie who dissed the idea of marriage - lives with her mom and deploys her brothers (let's face it - in a supportive - not a control role) as campaign and legislative staff
is significant.

"Her victory was remarkable for several reasons. Half-Lebanese by birth, Ms. Dashti speaks Arabic with a distinct Lebanese accent that stamps her as an outsider in a relatively insular country. She is also proudly secular. She wears no head covering and makes no effort to conceal the fact that she remains unmarried although she is in her forties.

"This flies in the face of the custom that is the essence of women's subordination in the culture of the Gulf. The system of "guardianship" requires that women be under the supervision of some male -- father, uncle, husband, brother or even son -- at all times. Ms. Dashti lives with her divorced mother in a household devoid of males. She has brothers, but they serve as campaign aides rather than as guardians.

"The fact that Kuwaiti voters sent Ms. Dashti and three other women to parliament suggests that the Arab world may be ready for democracy after all. The Obama administration should take heed."

Pic - Rola Dashti


heidianne jackson said...

take heed indeed. they are launching head long into whatever they feel like it with total disregard to the facts on the ground. this is generally the case with leftists, but more so with this administration. personally i believe it's there ties to the muslim world and the one's seeming belief that he has a date with destiny.

here's hoping that date will NOT be what he's expecting. and that the sheeple here wake up in time to thwart at least SOME of his efforts.

and great work on this piece courtney. she is HOT!!! but i want to point out that you said "in her forties" like that's old or something. :)

Z said...

oh, GREAT, Heidianne sends me over to your blog with the most glowing recommendation (also told me about you at lunch the other day)..and I come for the first time and weep.

"WHY WEEP?" Who the H knows? Maybe it's because we don't realize how deep this arab /muslim/terror fear stuff runs inside us.......I read something like this, so positive and encouraging, and lose it with RELIEF!!?

ixnay on the "in her forties" stuff, Girl!

nice to meet you, GSG. (I'd give Satan back his ring if I were you!!) heh

"Gendercide" that yours? wonderful.

courtneyme109 said...

Hi Heidi Anne! Thanks for the commentary. Sorry about the 40's - i actually didnt bring it up it was Dr Muravchik that did - yet still i'll endeavour to edit a little better in the future.

Thanks for the PR too!

courtneyme109 said...

Z - ah, the pleasure's all mine. Geting a killer Rec from Heidi Anne is significant.

Am reliably informed my audacious optimism is somewhat contagious. Certainly hope so - there are tons of gloom and doom sites out there so a grrl's gotta be diff youo know?

Alledgedly some of my more emotion driven stuff can be found here:

and here:

The gendercide term - i honestly cant remember if i started that one or co opted it. I think it was with this esssay: