Monday, June 29, 2009

Realism = Regime Change

Recent events in Iran -- exposing the illegitimacy of Mullahopolis (and by design all unfree regimes) rather realistically proves any attempts to negotiate, find common ground and indulge in friendly give and take would never work to convince theocrats in Tehran to join the fun, free, functional free world.

Au contraire! Persia's regime would use any happy happy joy joy dialogue to maintain power at home and project it abroad.

Clearly, it's clear -- for all who care to see it -- what the Ayatollah/Revo Guard regime will offer if it survives: A severe suck fest of harsh repression at home and unrelenting hostility toward the West.

If the regime chooses to "engage" at all with Great Satan, it will be to bolster its shaky legitimacy, not to surrender its nuclear program or its support for terrorists like HAMAS and the most proficient killers and serial tormentors of Americans in history -- Hiz'B'Allah.

The only real deal for annihilating such threats is that demanded by the demonstrators: regime change.

Great Satan's avuncular PNAC signatory, the ever cool Great Satan Fan Ambassador Dr John Bolton gives "3 Major Reasons:"

"First, the regime's economic mismanagement has brought the economy of a country rich in oil and natural gas to near-gridlock. Periodic but piecemeal strikes have been put down, but the prospect of a simultaneous, sustained, nationwide strike remains a potent threat

"Second, Iran's young people -- two-thirds of the population is under 30 -- know they could have a much freer life if they could only overturn the mullahs' strict rule. The young are educated and sophisticated, and they know there are alternatives to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's velayat-e faqih, the system of "guardianship of Islamic jurists" that imposes harsh Sharia law on Iran today.

"Third, Iran is only about 50% Persian. Arabs, Baluchis, Azeris, Kurds and others resent the ethnic, political and religious discrimination they face constantly and have little or no love for the Islamic revolution. "

That is not just the moral course; it's the most realistic.

Art "Realism=Regime Change" by Seok Chan Yoo


Winston said...

John Bolton has always been right about the Iranian regime. I am afraid Hussein Banana will not listen and the US will end up in a very bad place vis a vis Iran in the next few months or yrs. 44 is a disgrace