Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ancient history. Not long after Lebanon's fav son Rafik Hariri's death in a bombing was traced back to Syria's bloody hands (right to the bro in law of the Dr General President for Life Bashar al Assad -- Great Satan withdrew her ambassador to Basharopolis.

Since 44's new era of happy happy joy joy began and blurring the line between buds and arch enemies into 'frenemies' is all the rage -- Great Satan may be hooking up with Syria ala a new ambassador.

1st thought -- natch -- is why should dozens of political assassinations in the service of a geopolitical power grab be allowed to get in the way of hope and change?

"This is in line with the president's desire to engage Syria diplomatically to resolve a number of issues of concern to the United States." The State Department official said the process was in its "very early stages" and the administration had not yet selected who it may nominate to fill the post...

Washington withdrew its ambassador from Syria in 2005 to protest the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri. Syria denies any involvement in the killing. A U.N. investigation into the assassination initially implicated several Syrian and Lebanese officials, but later reports have been more circumspect. A special U.N. tribunal set up to try suspects in Hariri's killing began work in The Hague in March.

Actually TIME reported last March that 44 might shield Syrian officials from the Hariri tribunal. Because bringing them to justice for the murder would presumably get in the way of "resolving a number of issues of concern."

Impressions that Syria's continued interference in Lebanon was one of Great Satan's central issues of concern, but apparently it's not as important as it once was.

And just for the record, because every time 44 makes one of these gambits the pretexts churned out by academics and diplomats are the same:

Congressional envoys have been reaching out to Assad for months with no tangible tangibles. The talks haven't peeled him away from Iran. They haven't moved him from his absurd conditions on a Little Satan peace deal. And they haven't even gotten him to lighten up a little on human rights.

So those "issues of concern" are presumably off the table.

Or are they? In light of the horrific violence Syria's patron Persians have visited upon the heads of their own dear people -- human rights -- has gotten a boost in the Free World's internat'l pysche.

Perhaps a rapproachment with Syria may have a chance of further isolating and pressuring Iran.

Dont laugh -- savvy cats in the ME are scratching their heads over Bashar's recent
"Hello!" about Iran's murderous electile dysfunction -- proclaiming Iran's regime is stronger than ever after the fake believe election and a homie shout out to Saudiland's King Abdullah.

"Another Arab source who is familiar with the details of what is happening in many Arab countries that have links to Iran as well as Lebanon, said that "paying tribute to Iran in this manner is strange as nobody is saying that the regime has collapsed" even if Tehran is suffering from serious problems that will have consequences on the regime.

"The source added that the Syrian praise of Iran is "by way of not speaking ill of the dead" as he believes that the Syrians have made a choice to move away from Tehran, opening the door to the Americans, which is something that can be verified by the recent diplomatic action taken by Syria. "

Hopeful maybe yet totally doubtful.

But hey, now that the IAEA has found even more proof of a Syrian nuclear program - maybe we can talk about that.

44's Diplomacy's been working so well with NoKo and Iran.


Scott McLean said...

I like your blog.

It's interesting what qualifies as an 'election' in some countries. Maybe someday they will realize counting the vote correctly and honestly matters.

I hope and pray for the good people of Iran and other countries without democracy or 'real' democracy.

Raedwulf said...

Don't forget that the President of Syria is from a minority ethnic group within his own country. His daddy had to crack down hard on the Sunni majority back in the 80's. It will be very difficult for the Syrian government to distance themselves from the Iranians. Dr. Phares Lebanese background may give him particular insight into this subject.