Saturday, September 22, 2007

Operation: Great Satan

America, the Great Satan once again sharpens Her weapons. The Taliban and Iraq are intensive rehearsal for the upcoming battle in the War On Terror. Facing down the Islamic Republic of Iran with every tool in the shed.

Project Checkmate looks like America may just hit Iran with more than stealth bombers and cruise missiles. Especial, hyper unconventional warfare that supersedes the old school, 2003 Shock and Awe' campaign that decisively and without modesty defeated the largest standing Arab army in history in 20 days.

Checkmate’s job is to add a dash of brilliance to Air Force thinking by countering the military’s tendency to "fight the last war" and by providing innovative strategies for warfighting and assessing future needs for air, space and cyberwarfare.

Now that is more than ye old Blitzkrieg expansion pack 6.0 And how about that timing? Hot off the annual "Imagine: A World Without America" seminar - including the late Grand Ayatollah Khomeini's fave quote about wiping a democratic member of the United Nations off the map, so recently remixed by the latest figure head Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, - just to plug the last day of Ramadan, the Islamic Republic's Official State Holiday International Al Qods Day, Columbus Day for the Great Satan, October 12th 2007.

Attack the Regime itself. Launch a massive blitz on the Islamic Republic's precious assets - like the top 20% of Iran's ruling clerics - including the Supreme Leader and Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Waging a Lalafallujah on the mullahs and their proxies - internal and external, apparantly uses more than cruise and conventional missiles, aircraft, old school special ops and dirty tricks like the naughty IDF's recent snatch and grab on hapless Syrians and their NoKo buddies ( in a controlled area - of all places) .

What would the "...cyber warfare...'' bit look like? In a massive attack on the regime. America may take a page from theSupreme Leader's own propaganda playbook. If they really believe that America is the 'Great Satan", in pre islamic Persian-'Shaitan' - the adversary, the cause of all UnIslamic activity then they may get more than they were looking for. Co opting every satellite, television and radio frequency with all the unbridled Californication the Great Satan has to offer.

  1. Fergie Ferg's sexyful beats, crunked up Hip Hop, Rock, Pop

  2. Endless loops of Madonna's French kissy with Britney (w/ super imposed cries of Allahu Akbar)

  3. Playboy's 'Girls Next Door" or "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", Paris Fashion Match, Billy Graham Crusades, infomercials, a cyber blitz, Hannah Montana - all in perfect Farsi, Baluchi, Arabic, Pashtun .

  4. Iranian Exile and Dissident broadcasts uncensored, unfiltered

Since the Surge began - all those dying, disappearing and defecting Revo Guards, the giant sucking killing machine in Iraq grinding up volunteers, cash and resources has truly shown who is stuck in a quagmire - with no theocracy or caliphate in Iraq or in sight in the future. Not even a super Iranian leaning majority in Iraq's gov.

America is crazy, unpredictable, mean and scary, and kind of PO'd at the thought of the figure head of a terrorist regime paying homage to 19 terrorists who killed 3K Americans whose only crime was showing up for work that day.

Detonated at the same moment a devastating decapitating strike is launched could help convince Iranians this is no invasion - it's an all out to the death attack on their murderous, intolerant, corrupt, illegetimate, gender apartheiding leaders. A regime change courtesy of the Great Satan and their syntax manglin', cowboy in chief.

While Iran's rulers have some redundancy in their command and control posts, these are actually quite few in number as are the few calling the shots. Any wanna be 'supreme leader' had best think fast before his own people stomp his guts out in the street.

While Iran may possess some smart weaponry, the regime is hated (remember - nearly 80% of the population is under 35 years old) and with a figleaf coalition in place, the only flak America would catch would be from other weak despots who see their number rise up on the hit parade.