Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Britney's Back!

It's official! After what seemed like forever of being in the failure inducing clutches of sissy sycophants, dope, liquor and an eternal 28 day crazy cycle, an ex and soon to be again role model for girls is back on top.

Over the past five years, our hearts have broken again and again for Spears. No, not because of her career (she continues to be a hit-making machine), but because of everything else. To recap: two failed marriages, a custody battle and what seemed like a slow-motion breakdown. In 2006 she called herself an “emotional wreck” in an interview with Matt Lauer, then flashed the entire world in numerous panty free paparazzi shots.

In 2007 she stunned us by shaving her head for the cameras, made several visits to rehab and attacked a photographer’s car with—remember this?—a green umbrella. She attempted a sexy “See, I’m OK” performance on the VMAs that September,only to be ravaged by critics and fans for her drowsy dancing and off-time lip-synching.

Within a month, Spears was charged with a misdemeanor hit-and-run and lost custody of her kids to K-Fed. Then, on January 3, 2008, the pop star was carried out of her L.A. home on a gurney and whisked to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Her diagnosis was widely rumored to be bipolar disorder, but her mother, Lynne Spears, has a different opinion. “I believe Britney had postpartum depression, which [in addition to]…the end of her marriage to Kevin and the enormous pressures of her career, brought her to the breaking point,” Lynne claims in her tell-all book, Through the Storm. “Something inside of her had broken and needed to be healed.”

Glamour's bit on Brit reveals how she got her groove back on and it is all about the real things in life - family and a family's unconditional love that straightened her out.

"I fix breakfast for my kids and then we’ll go for walks. During the
day I spend most of the time with my children. At night is when I go to work.

This whole year has been a hell of a year for me. I have been working so hard on my album, but I didn’t know exactly where I stood with everyone. When I received the awards and the audience stood for me, it showed me how much love is out there."

Britney's latest CD "Circus" is doing great - hitting #1 on the charts and hanging out in the top ten, future tour dates looks sweet and her hit "Womanizer" is the spiritual followup to last years killer hook hung single "Piece of me"

"Womanizer" especially is prescrip meds for Britney fans that hooked on to her way back before 911 time when many of us were literally 9 or 11 years old.

"There are so many guys who take advantage of girls and play girls all
the time. The song is basically saying that we’ve got your number—we know what you’re up to."

Glamour Mag chronicles Britney's comeback and is inspiring in the all American tradition of being the best in your field. And she looks - well - radiant!

This is significant.

For millions of girls in Great Satan - and by extension - the entire world - this is living proof that you can stumble, fumble make down right idiotic choices and still overcome them with hard work, self imposed discipline, talent and luck.

Congrats Britney!

Pic "Misses OMG! That Britney's Shameless!"

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Truce Or Dare?

Catching breath after blistering Ezzedeen al Qassam Brigades hide, and totally decimating smuggle tunnels, rocket stashes and air conditioned offices and war rooms of HAMAS Strip the non Western way of War surfaces again with the term 'Truce'.

France's Darling Nikki and his EU buds are crafting such a device and Little Satan is alledgedly considering a truce to allow humanitarian aid into the Strip.

Little Satan herself is sending out conflicting signals too. Regime change HAMAS, don't regime change HAMAS.

Fact is, Operation Cast Lead is all about a delish mix of hudnaesque sincere blocs of insincere smokescreens.

Gloir's "Worst Case Scenerio" site hints that Little Satan used Pyramidland contacts to reassure HAMAS Little Satan wouldn't be acting out on a Saturday. Thus, creepy leaders hosted a graduation ceremony for rookie intolerant future killers and were granted instant, easy acess to the perfumed gardens of paradise.

That particular Corleone Family style Pearl Harbor blitz resulted in over 200 dead Ezzedeen al K'Ssams grads, cadre, teachers and leaders.

Snap intell reveals that HAMAS was totally caught off guard and totally unprepared for a Little Satan attack against the world's very 1st freely elected suicide regime.

"On Day 3 of the conflict, Hamas overcame the havoc Israel's electronic warfare wrought to its communications system by deploying runners using every means of transport, from bikes to donkeys, to maintain connections within their force.

"Hamas' most pressing problem now is morale. The top level of Hamas, government heads and commanders, including their "chief of staff" Ahmed Jabari and chiefs of divisions, battalions and companies, are hunkered down in underground bunkers, afraid to surface for fear of being struck down by Israel bombers alerted by Shin Bet intelligence spotters. Resentment of this is growing in Hamas ranks, including the missile crews who operate in the open and whose numbers have swelled the death toll rising now to almost 400."

Civilians are also bitter at being forced to house operatives and missiles and exposing themselves to collateral damage. "

IDF General Staff at the shiny shiny MoD digs near Tel Aviv mentions

"The campaign has just started. It won't be quick. The worst part is not behind us but still ahead and we must be ready."

Pic - "If Cease Fire is my donkey, then truce my ass"

Monday, December 29, 2008

Strip Blitz

Since Saturday morning (Dec. 27), the IDF has struck approximately 210 sites utilized by the HAMAS in the Gaza Strip. These attacks, collectively known as Operation Cast Lead, are a part of operations aimed at destroying the HAMAS' infrastructure that has enabled continued terrorist attacks from the Gaza Strip on Little Satan's south 40.

In addition to the sites attacked on Saturday, 30 HAMAS sites were attacked by IDF forces last night. The targeted sites include command centers, training camps, rocket manufacturing and weapon storage facilities, and other sites crucial to HAMAS' command, control and communications - like Gaza's HAMAS University.

HAMAS' militarized fanboys are called the Izz Ad-Din al-Qassam Brigade, their HQ was actually the first hit by multiple 500 Lb guided weapons just as senior staff arrived for coffee and doughnuts.

Target lists hit including a cool description (available here) makes the case that Little Satan has been casing the Strip for just such an eventuality.

Little Satan also attacked over 40 tunnels in the Rafah area which are a part of the tunnel network used by the HAMAS for smuggling weaponry as part of their terror activity in the Gaza Strip. The tunnels were also used for the transfer of terror operatives from Egypt to the Gaza Strip and back.

Little Satan's Deputy PM (she also holds the Foreign Ministry portfolio) and candidate for Prime Minister in Little Satan's 'lections coming up in Feb, Tzipi Livni danced around a quiz about trekking into Gaza proper or about utterly destroying HAMAS.

"Our goal is not to reoccupy Gaza Strip. We left Gaza Strip. We took off for the south. We dismantled all the settlements. But since Gaza Strip has been controlled by the extremists and since Gaza Strip has been controlled by Hamas and since Hamas is using Gaza Strip in order to target us, we need to give an answer to this."

"Right now Hamas didn't accept, is not willing to accept the requirements of the international community, is not willing to accept the right of Israel to exist. It violates any kind of understandings and is using terror against Israeli civilians. So it cannot be legitimate and acceptable right now."

Pic - "Paradise is in the shadow of the sword"

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Great Satan's Hoochie of the Year 2008

Forget Britney's awesome come back, or Angolina Jolie telling Hollywood that Surge totally rocked or HRC's amazing campaign to clinch the oval office.

It was dusk on April 25, 2007, when Monica Linn Brown, a medic from the 82nd Airborne Division’s 782nd Brigade Support Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, was on a routine security patrol along the rolling, rocky plains of the isolated Jani Khail district in Afghanistan’s Paktika province when insurgents attacked her convoy.

“We’d been out on the mission for a couple of days. We had just turned into a wadi (empty river bed) when our gunner yelled at us that the vehicle behind us had hit an (improvised explosive device).”

I only saw the smoke from the vehicle when suddenly we started taking small-arms fire from all around us. Our gunner starting firing back, and my platoon sergeant yelled, ‘Doc! Let’s go.’”

“Everyone was already out of the burning vehicle. But even before I got there, I could tell that two of them were injured very seriously.”

In fact, all five of the passengers who had stumbled out were burned and cut. Two soldiers, Spcs. Stanson Smith and Larry Spray, suffered life-threatening injuries.

“There was pretty heavy incoming fire at this point.”

With help from two less-injured vehicle crewmen, Sgt. Zachary Tellier and Spc. Jack Bodani, Brown moved the immobile soldiers to a relatively safe distance from the burning Humvee.

“Rounds were literally missing her by inches”

Attempting to provide proper medical care under the heavy fire became impossible, especially when the attackers stepped up efforts to kill the soldiers.

"We took off to a more secure location several hundred meters away, where we were able to call in the medevac”

Two hours after the initial attack, everything was over. In the darkness, Brown recalled standing in a field, knee-deep in grass, her only source of light coming from her red head-light, trying to piece together the events that had just taken place.

“Looking back, it was just a blur of noise and movement.What just happened? Did I do everything right? It was a hard thing to think about.”

Before joining the Army at the age of 17, the bright-eyed young woman said she never pictured herself being in a situation like this. Originally wanting to be an X-ray technician, she changed her mind when she realized that by becoming a medic, she’d be in the best place to help people.

"When people I’ve treated come back to me later and tell me the difference I was able to make in their life is the best part of this job.”

During her rest and recuperation leave in May, Brown visited Spray in the hospital and met his mother. “I almost cried,” Brown said.

“Spray’s mother was so thankful, and she hugged me. That was the moment that made me feel the best about what I did.”

Monica Linn Brown earned the Silver Star that day

"Bravery, unselfish actions and medical aid rendered under fire saved the lives of her comrades and represents the finest traditions of heroism in combat."

Congratulations on earning the Silver Star. America is VERY proud of you Monica, your service and character.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Valkyrie is an ancient viking superstition. When brave Norsemen fell in battle (often raiding parties) these hotties with their mammoth shields would appear on winged horses and tote off the fallen to heathen heaven - Valhalla.

Despite oathbreaking, defacing images of gods and wickedness in general - all would be forgiven by success in combat - especially if the offender died a heroic saga inspiring death.

Claus Schenk was a real European blue blood aristocrat. Awarded nobility back in the Holy Roman Empire days ( funny though - HRE was a triple no go - it was neither Holy, Roman or an Empire) the family became von Staffenberg.

In WWII time Deutschland, Valkyrie was code for the Nazi party to maintain control of the Reich in the event of a catastrophic disaster that killed or incapacitated the leadership.

By summertime 1944, 3rd Reich was facing the horrible modern era manifestation of von Gneisenau and von Scharnhorst's ultimate nightmare - the multi front war.

Allies had captured Rome and were grinding their way up the bloody Eyetye boot of Italy, Allies were fixing to bust out of the Normandy bocage and unleash Great Satan's panzer General Patton. And the largest defeat in modern history - the destruction of Armee Gruppe Centre saw the annihilation of 20 irreplacable German divisions in a massive Soviet blitz that drove Germany out of Russia and vaulted the Red Army right outside Warsaw.

Despite Allied claims that only unconditional surrender would satiate the Allied and Russian thirst for righteous payback, a clique of Wehrmacht officers plotted a coup d'tat' against 3rd Reich in an effort to spare Germany ultimate defeat and dismemberment using the contingency plan of 'Valkyrie'.

Germany's armed forces had to swear a 'holy oath' - not to the state or nation or a constitution - but to der fuhrer personally. In order for the plot to work - der fuhrer had to be killed. Valkyrie also planned trying the wartime leaders of 3rd Reich for war and humanitarian crimes, working out reparations with the allies and bringing Germany back into the family of nations.

Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg was a panzer officer that had fought in Poland, France, Russia and with the famous 'Afrika Korps'.

Suffering debilitating wounds from combat - losing an eye, a hand and three fingers, Claus and his co conspirators - facing the truth of the regime they so valiantly served - tried in their own way to rectify their sins - singular and collective.

Valkyrie energized the evil leaders of 3rd Reich, anyone connected with the cats of the coup were ruthlessly hunted down, tormented and slain. The ground ran red with German blood. The regime was determined to fight to the last and like Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" heralded the final lo down ho down like Wagner's viking final, apocalyptic battle - "Gotterdammerung"

In the next 9 months Deutsche military fought until there was literally no country left to defend. The Third Reich - she died kicking and screaming, finally crashing down in an orgy of pulverized, burning cities and a river of blood — civilian and military, German and non-German. Military history knows no year quite like 1944 -45 and if lucky, will never see another.

The new flick "Valkyrie" aside from portraying real events from long ago also serves as a very cool antidote to the sooo last year factless, boring inappropriate and incorrect rant that Great Satan during 43's trip equals Nazi Germany.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Original avuncular Vulcan, the nigh indestructible cardiac wise regime changing fan VP Cheney took his gig deadly seriously after 911. Mainly, discover items brother Vulcan and then Def Sec Rumsfeld called 'known unknowns and unknown unknowns' in regards to blood oath enemies like super villan OBL's Al Qaeda.

"There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know."

Like future plans, plots and organizational/operational methodology. Hop on the way machine for a sec and try to remember the aftermath of 911.

It was frightening. Scary new words like 'Ground Zero', "anthrax", "Taliban", "sniper" and "weapons of mass destruction" were intro'd to kids across America - live in our living rooms with a horrific huge smoking 20 acre crater in the heart of the world.

And the seemingly most unravelable rats nest of all - "Al Qaeda"

It was only a matter of time before a repeat attack occured. Truly, AQ brought Great Satan to her knees.

Despite fleets of stealth bombers and satellites the most important prevention tool in the shed was and is known as 'human intelligence'.

"Humint" in spy talk.

The recent ABC IView with the refreshingly unrepentant VP shared a bit of humint .

"I think, for example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was the number three man in al Qaeda, the man who planned the attacks of 9/11, provided us with a wealth of information. There was a period of time there, three or four years ago, when about half of everything we knew about al Qaeda came from that one source."

Whoa! So as recent as 2004 and 2005 nearly 50% of known knowns about AQ came from a single source.

This is significant.

"It means that three to four years after 9/11, everything else the
U.S. Government did to learn about al Qaeda equaled, in terms of overall value, the intelligence collected from the interrogations of a single terrorist.

This means that all of the other techniques and intelligence programs
put in place to understand al Qaeda have been, comparatively speaking, less effective (in terms of a basic cost-benefit analysis).

While these other programs certainly led to some successes, they
clearly did not produce a relatively large amount of actionable intelligence if KSM’s interrogation alone produced half of what they knew."

Ex CIA cat Geo Tenet's "At the Center of the Storm" reveals that after one especial session with the Korean war era Chinese refined water torture, quizzing KSM ignited a chain of events that gave AQ's planners and operatives a nasty surprise that pre empted and prevented the 2nd wave of attacks.

Obviously, AQ has more gossip and secrets stashed than KSM knew, knows, could or can guess at. Kinda makes you wonder what all Great Satan didn't know then or doesn't know now.

A few future quizes remain - after charges of torture and rendering hapless murderous jerks, creep and retards uncomfortable, how should Great Satan conduct leisured, thorough investigations and interrogations?

How and what techniques will be used? Will any procedures be as effective or as controversial in the future as certain ones are now?

And what about such magical humint enhancing locales like Gitmo?

VP Cheney admits that is a great question.

"One suggestion is, well, we bring them to the United States. Well, I
don't know very many congressmen, for example, who are eager to have 200 al Qaeda terrorists deposited in their district."

Pic - Gitmo Dick

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tahdiya Or Not Tahdiya?

In Mohammedist jurisprudence -'tahdiya' is a somewhat loaded term. Essentially, meaning a moment of calm. Like calm before a storm?

Maybe. The hudnaesque Tahyida officially ends today. HAMAS claims they have no interest in maintaining or extending a mini truce that benefits Little Satan

Facing a serious threat from the Mohammedist Brotherhood affiliate in the Strip, Pyramidland brokered a deal between Little Satan and HAMAS' Strip in which the benefits to Little Satan are as dubious as wearing a thong to church.

Nevertheless, neither side seems to have been happy with how tahdiya played out.

Little Satan has been vocal about her view that the calm has not served her interests. To be fair, HAMAS' launching 109 rockets and 97 mortar rounds in November alone seem to bear this out.

HAMAS claims it is totally uncool for Little Satan to act out and blow up smuggle tunnels, vaporize home grown rocket artillery squads (often before they could launch), queering the mix on the slow trickle of goodies into the Strip and Pyramidland's closure of Rafah Crossing.

Actually - HAMAS is reacting to 2 very clear double dares.

First - Great Satan's coveted umbrella covenant. It kills the last 'No' of the nigh century old '3 No's of the Khartoum KKKonference' (No talks with Little Satan, No Peace with Little Satan and No Recognition of Little Satan).

Lottie dottie everybody in the ME has 'talked' with Little Satan - even HAMAS. Palestine's dual daddies of Jordan and Egypt have consistently maintained their cold and semi cold Peace Treaties.

And Saudi Initiative has teased Little Satan with Arab League's delish official recognition persuasion since 2002. Nigh impossible now for Arab League to pretend Little Satan isn't in the house with an officially unknown number of deliverable Nagasakis sweetly snuggled up in Great Satan's blanket of ultimate deterrence.

2nd signal?

Great Satan also pushed UN against the wall and made UN's Palestinians Only Club (UNRWA in UN speak) blame HAMAS' arsenal of rockets rendered supplying Little Satan's client state of the Strip as undoable

" due to rocket fire, hence the mills have run out of flour and
UNRWA has been forced to suspend food distribution. Food distribution for both emergency and regular programs will be suspended from Thurs 18th December until further notice.

All crossings for goods into the Strip are closed and no humanitarian
supplies, fuel and other needed commodities are being allowed to enter. A total of 750,000 refugees out of a population of 1.5 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip depend on food assistance from UNRWA."

Oh Snap! Say it ain't so.

Aside from inflicting even more misery onto the voters in the Strip that freely elected the world's first suicide death cult government there are perhaps several benefits HAMAS has acquired during tahdiya.

Zooming out of Holyland for a sec, the regional rush is on.

Hiz'B'Allah, Syria and Iran have all hooked up, sounded off, re armed, upgraded and regrouped HAMAS during Tahdiya. Evidently - so much so - that HAMAS - feels totally free to totally diss 44's future nuke powered umbrella and resume the most favored nom de guerre of the anti Little Satan gangstas - "Enemy Entity"

This is significant

Despite recent claims that rushing into Palestinian statehood for an erratic unproductive radicalized peace partner is essential, a far different picture is emerging.

In the event of an escalation in the Strip, Great Satan's 44th admin should be prep'd to shape the violence especially on a regional scale - so, when the fighting ends, formation of a new, terrorfan free Palestinian unity gov and an advance into a 2 State deal can be sweetly escorted into the ME with full recognition of Little Satan from the entire Arab league.

Art - "Green Eggs and HAMAS"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tete' A Tete'

Way back in the day Great Satan skirt flirted with the concept of engaging and talking with the unelected, illegit regime in Tehran. The delectable Madame Sec of State Dr Rice pointed out that engineering such an event was not magic - in fact it could be easy.

"The Iranians know full well what they need to do."

This is significant.

Dr Josh Muravchik (Oh! He got game!) drew a very nice picture for the wave of designer dialogue that kinda sorta crashes the party.

Newsflash! 44 may very soon be talking with Iran! Whee!

So what?

"So did the Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan and Carter administrations.
These talks will produce nothing, however, just as those earlier efforts did (and as the talks conducted by the European Union-3 this decade and the EU's diplomatic outreach to Tehran in the 1990s, called "Critical Dialogue," which was sweetened with material incentives to Iran, did).

The idea that two countries that are at odds can lay to rest
their dispute by talking and resolving their misunderstandings is a myth.

Can anyone think of a single case in which this has happened. Can anyone name one?

Yes, enemies do sometimes reconcile, as did Egypt and Israel,
the United States and the People's Republic of China, and the United States and the Soviet Union.
But in none of these cases did the
crucial breakthrough come as a result of conversations between the parties.

Rather, in each case, dictatorial rulers first decided to
undertake a drastic shift in policy. After that, negotiations served to work out the details."

Dr M goes down the list of actual jawflapping that produced profit -
"President Anwar Sadat decided to end Egypt's conflict with Israel.
Then he proved he meant it by traveling to Jerusalem. Then a treaty was hammered out at Camp David.

Similarly, Mao Zedong and Chou En-Lai decided that the USSR was
China's most threatening enemy and so they decided to draw closer to the US. Secret negotiations with National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger, capped off by a painstakingly choreographed visit to China by President Richard Nixon, formalized the new policy. "

And even more that were non profitable -

"As for the ending of the Cold War, the various summits and
negotiations were secondary. What was decisive was Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev's decision that the USSR should no longer see itself as the enemy of the "capitalist" world.

Throughout the Cold War there were voices in the West arguing that
if only we would talk more with Soviet rulers we could settle our differences. In practice, every US president - Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush - met with Soviet heads of government.

Not one of those meetings yielded beneficial results, and a few,
notably Kennedy's, which emboldened the Communists to erect the Berlin Wall, and Nixon's, which ceded nuclear supremacy to the Kremlin, were downright harmful."

The Cold War was symmetrical in that each side tried to best the
other. But it was not symmetrical in origins. Revolutionary ideology drove the Soviet Union to seek global supremacy.

"When the US grasped this in 1947-1948, it fought back. Thus, the enmity did not result from "misunderstanding" but just the opposite.

Virtually the moment Gorbachev decided to end the USSR's struggle
against the West, the "war" ended.

There had never been any desire for hostility on the Western side."

Pretty much sums up events au courant ala Persia. Great Satan really has no desire with a cold or hot war. Preacher Command on the other hand wants to export her mohammedist "revolution around the globe" and dominate Persian Gulf with a nuke armed arsenal for a bonus. Natch, Great Satan disses these despotic designs to defend herself and her allies.

Iran's official chant is "Death to America" - it's everywhere - official graffiti - even opening and closing Friday 'Prayers' with that most uncool and uncatchy rant. Nobody in Great Satan says "Death to Iran."

"If Iran relinquished its ambitions for regional dominance and
global revolution, and sought only to develop its economy, enhance the lives of its people and live in peace, the conflict with the US would be over immediately.

Negotiations at that point would be easy and largely technical: how
many consulates to open here and there, the modalities of renewed commerce, and so on. When Iran's leaders are ready for such a change in course, there are a thousand ways they can let Washington know, ranging from secret diplomatic channels to speeches splashed across newspaper headlines. (Sadat revealed his new direction in a speech to Parliament and a television interview.)

If there were something Iran wanted from the US for which it was
willing to trade away its imperial and revolutionary ambitions, it would have made that known long ago. Until Iran abandons those goals, no diplomatic acrobatics will narrow the gap between the two countries any more than did the negotiations between Washington and Tokyo in the 1930s that ended on the day of Pearl Harbor.

Then, the US opposed Japan's ambitions to create a "Greater East
Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere," in other words a regional empire much like the one Tehran dreams of today.

Eventually the United States and Iran will be reconciled. This will
happen not as a result of diplomacy but in one of three ways: a change of heart by Iranian rulers, replacement of the Iranian regime, or in the way that the US and Japan finally became friends."

Nothing magic about it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shoe Wars

-- U.S. occupation forces comb areas throughout Iraq in search of terrorist shoe factories.

-- A man wearing a shoe-belt around his waist has been arrested by a U.S. patrol in Baghdad as a would-be shoe-icide bomber.

-- Washington adds footwear to its terror list and passes a bill allowing wire taps on shoe stores and factories.

-- Several international shoe manufacturers deny U.S. charges of aiding terrorist organizations.

-- A top U.S. intelligence official, saying Zaidi's shoes were made in Syria and Iran, calls for their invasion.

-- Bush asks Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his accompanying delegation to remove their shoes in the White House, and provides them with soft long-haired bunny slippers.

-- An emergency Arab League meeting elects to shut down all shoe stores when Western officials visit.

-- By presidential decree, Hosni Mubarak is now to hold all his press conferences inside mosques [where shoes are taken off outside].

-- Actually, the last one could be applied to any of the 22 leaders of the Arab League.

Pic - My Big Girl Shoes

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

World @ Risk

Great Satan's Commission on the Prevention of WMD and T ism just unleased their report and it is pretty scary.

"Our research encompassed travel from the Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico to London to Vienna. We traveled to Moscow to assess U.S. nuclear cooperation initiatives with Russia.
We were en route to Pakistan, a country of particular interest to this
Commission and to the United States, only to hear that the bombing of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad had occurred. We had been hours from staying in that very hotel."

Aside from nearly getting vaporized in the horrible Marriott attack, the commission points out several 'nonstate actors' who seem to live for the chance to actually carry out murderous mayhem like Ba'Athist Iraq's failed attempt in Manchester with WMD quality ricin.

Uncool cats like "... al Qaeda in Iraq, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, and the Algerian al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, formerly the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC)."

Semi and full blown states like NoKo and Iran get a serious going over too:

Great Satan should

"... stop these programs through direct diplomatic engagement
with the Iranian and North Korean governments, it must do so from a position of strength, emphasizing both the benefits to them of abandoning their nuclear weapons programs and the enormous costs of failing to do so.

Such engagement must be backed by the credible threat of direct
action in the event that diplomacy fails."

And the scary part? An uncool psychic prediction:

"The Commission believes that unless the world community acts
decisively and with great urgency, it is more likely than not that a weapon of mass destruction will be used in a terrorist attack somewhere in the world by the end of 2013"

Monday, December 15, 2008

Syria Theory

In Foreign Policyland there is a train of thought that choo choos up and down a very short piece of rail road called the "Syrian Track".

If and when Syria track ever reaches the depot - look out! Peace, love and tolerant understanding will softly fall across the ME. Syria's uncool hook up with Iran will be coitus interruptus, the Golan will magically become Syrian again, Lebanon will be free of meddling Syrians and Hiz'B'Allah will be looking for a new hood.

Like a hot phantasy that will never be requited, Syria track bears some tough looks and in depth quizes like Dr Jonathan Spyer laid out at Gloria Center for Research in Internat'l Affairs:

"Could Israeli concessions to Syria prove a sufficient prize to lure Damascus away from its 25-year alliance with the mullahs in Tehran? Answering this requires taking a closer look at the Syrian regime's interests in the region.

Syria lacks the size of Egypt and the resources of Saudi Arabia. But it has been able to project power and influence in the region because of its willingness to support radicalism, act as a disruptive force and thus create a situation in which it cannot be ignored. Thus, Damascus backs a host of Palestinian groups opposed to a peaceful settlement of the conflict with Israel - including Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, PFLP-GC and others.

Syria offered significant support to the Sunni insurgency in Iraq. That totally failed as the Sunni tribes hitched their wagons to the Great Satanmobile. And most importantly, Damascus maintains influence in Lebanon - following its ignominious departure in 2005 - via its relationship with the pro-Iranian Shia militia, Hiz'B'Allah.

The ability to foment chaos and project influence in Lebanon is key for the Assad regime. The expulsion from that country was a personal humiliation for the young president, and its loss is exacting an economic cost on Damascus.

Furthermore, the regime seeks to prevent at all costs the commencement of the work of the tribunal into the killing of former prime minister, Rafik al-Hariri. Its chosen method for doing this is the fomenting of instability in Lebanon and the instrument it chooses to use is Hizbullah.

The mainstream Arab states - most importantly Egypt and Saudi Arabia - are frightened by the growth of Iranian influence across the region. They are furious with Syria for its backing of non-Arab Iran. But only by backing the radical power in the region can Syria maintain its powerful role as mischief-maker."

Internat'l Strategic Affairs points out that Bashar's Syria is perhaps at her weakest point - ever:

"Syria has had a bad run in the last year, and that bodes ill for a tyrant whose survival rests on an image of omnipotence. Syria now faces pressure along several fronts, in addition to the ones noted in Israel’s press, for which it would need to “change the subject” to buy a strategic respite and counteract international pressure.

Syria came out of the 2006 Lebanon war with a newfound confidence (and belligerence), a strong suspicion that Israel as a regional force was spent, and even threats to take back the Golan Heights by force. But the two years since have not been good for Damascus. "

Those several fronts include:

"After a half century of Ba'ath Party rule, the Syrian economy remains an inefficient, heavily regulated socialist command economy. Because the country's oil sector provides a quarter of its GDP, half of the government's revenues and some two-thirds of its export receipts, declining oil prices are having devastating effect. The International Labor Organization has estimated Syria's unemployment rate at almost 18 percent. "

But most of Syria's weakness, which has become ever more apparent since Bashar Assad assumed power in 2000, is political. It was forced to withdraw from Lebanon, following the assassination of Rafik Hariri in 2005.

It has endured humiliating incursions into its territory, like September 2007's strike on a nuclear facility that North Korea was helping to equip. (Assad refused to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to conduct a follow-up visit to the site, despite its recent report confirming the presence of uranium there.)

And in late October, American special operations forces made a raid into eastern Syria to target militants responsible for running weapons and fighters across the border into Iraq.

Then there has been the spate of assassinations in Syria: Gen. Muhammad Suleiman, a top Assad adviser; Imad Mughniyeh, the operations commander of Hizballah; Muhammad Suleiman, a senior military officer killed last month in the port town of Tartus; and Hisham el-Badni, Khaled Mashaal's top aid, who was taken out of his car and shot in the city of Homs earlier this month.

In late September, meanwhile, a car bomb exploded near a Syrian intelligence agency office in Damascus, killing 17.

If all this weren't telling enough, Assad's recent crackdown on dissidents offers yet another sign of his growing insecurity. In May, Tarek Bayassi, aged 24, received a three-year sentence for publishing "false news" on the Internet. After reporting on riots in an industrial town near Damascus, Mazen Darwish, president of the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression, was given a short sentence for "defaming and insulting the administrative bodies of the state."

Essentially for Bashar - Syria track realises several points:

"First, breaking with Iran would imply a break with Hizballah as well. For Syria to turn its strongest asset in Lebanon into a mortal enemy would be a strategic blow of unimaginable proportions for Damascus.

Recogging Little Satan would also tear from Syria its leadership role on the Palestinian issue. Without these allies, Syria would be in a difficult position to continue to assert itself as the guardian of Arab pride and defiance, which continue to be the cornerstones of its governing ideology and the justification behind its militarization and sacrifice.

Second, Syria is a minority regime ruling through terror. Natan Sharansky taught in the essential "Case for Democracy" that regimes cannot survive any crack in the façade of their brutality, since it is the only currency which keeps them afloat.

Bashar understands that Great Satan will eventually demand improvements in human rights and majority enfranchisement, both of which can threaten not only his regime but the survival of his broader Alawite community.

Bashar needs Iran's mullahopolis to simply survive. Indeed, it is so much so that it is inconceivable that Damascus would see any money or security assistance as capable, grand, or clever enough to counteract the deadly, massive and sophisticated Iranian structures which operate in Syria and have entrenched themselves over nearly three decades. It was one thing for Sadat to expel intrusive Slavs in 1972, but quite another for Syria to expel Iran’s agents of influence.

Fifth, Damascus is not as interested in the Golan Heights as it is in Lebanon. Bashar al-Assad labors under the burden of losing his father’s signal achievement—the successful takeover of Lebanon in 1975-1976. Trying to get the Golan back, which his papa never did, is a distant second priority.


Ultimately, the Syrian regime cannot escape its fate as an Alawite government in a Sunni land. The moment it fails the Sunni majority, it delegitimizes its stewardship and puts its stability in peril. Any move to acknowledge Little Satan's right to exist would trample on the key mechanism through which this regime (and the Alawite community upon which it is built) has justified itself among Sunnis since 1969: pan-Arab nationalism.

In short, Syria’s pan-Arab nationalist rhetoric is an essential part of its legitimacy to rule over its Sunni majority. The regime cannot cede pan-Arab or Sunni “rights” in the name of the Sunnis and still expect to be considered legitimate, let alone to survive.

Indeed, Syria is acting consistently with previous rounds. Its peace feelers today, as in the mid-1990s, are tactical diversions designed to restore to Damascus the initiative it has lost in recent months to pursue its strategic aims. And that, more than anything else, would explain why Tehran is signaling that “it is not worried by the talk about the resumption of talks between Israel and Syria over the Golan Heights.”

Pic - Bashar al Assad - Lion of Syria

Friday, December 12, 2008


"When the sun Shine -We shine Together Told you i'll be here Forever -
Said I'll always be your friend come on and stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more then ever We'll still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella"

So sang the sexyful sultry siren - one of Great Satan's little hottie treasures - Rihanna in her smash break out single "Umbrella"

And if leaky leaks are correct - this is a break out of sorts for foreign policy that the recent hook up with CFR and Brooking's Saban Center never took into account.

A guaranteed nuclear snuggle blanket may be interpreted as a sign that Iran is past the point of enrichment interruptus - which gives real sharp sharp pointy teeth to Pyramidland's Pres for Life Hosni recent proclamation that any Shia crescent stretching from Persia to the Med and Red seas is an Iranian plan to "...devour the Arab world."

Evidently, Iran is unsatiated after her proxies munched on huge bits of Lebanon and is staring to bite Egypt. Fake riots in Tehran storm the Egyptian embassy over Egypt's wicked abandonment of nearly a million and a half Egyptians that magically became Palestinians in the Strip

Much of the dramarama is quite retarded: One of the main disputes between the two states was the naming of a Tehran street after the assassin of former Egyptian President for Life Anwar Sadat, which Iran later agreed to change to Intifada Street in reference to the Palestinian resistance in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.

In return, Supeme Leader wants Egypt to change the name of a street in Cairo named after the late Shah Reza Pahlavi, who is also buried in the al-Rifai mosque in the Egyptian capital.

Iran leaked a few leaks too - namely that 44's soon to be under fire Chief of Staff is actually a spy guy for Little Satan - cementing control of Great Satan for those naughty land snatching, honor besmirching, despot dissing, nigh indestructable Zionists sweetly snuggling with Great Satan like a cat under that warm, comfy and soft nuclear blanket.

1st - it is totally corrct to embrace all democracys that hang out in tough hoods. Soko, Nippon, Taiwan, not just Israel.

Umbrella is also forward thinking. Arab League for nearly 60 years has followed the retarded Khartoum Conference with the "3 No's" - No recog of Israel, no negotiations with Israel and no Peace with Israel.

All it has gained them is a resurgent enemy, a militant shia crescent from Persia to the Red and Med seas that unlike Arab League - has a track record of success in battling Little Satan and spouting up regime threatening rocket rich proxies.

Umbrella gives Arab League the impetus for officially recognizing Little Satan which would put HAMAS and Hiz'B'Allah in the interesting light of being pretty good at resisting - yet totally suck at anything else like running a government.

Syria would have to reconsider serious negotiations, and Arab League would have a chance to hook up, man up and stand up to protect their own regimes for Iranian hegemony.

Great Satan's extension of Nuclear Deterrrence to Litle Satan is as significant as Otto v. Bismarck's interlocking alliances that created and maintained Europa's dominant power and peace for decades, establishing ala Linus, a security blanket that allows all actors in the ME to prep for the future instead of wallowing in the the past

It also combines Great Satan's ME policies (and that of enemies, frienemies and friends) under one overarching roof.

Or umbrella.

Pic - Daemoneoconia Magazine December 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Signs and Wonders

So sweet indeed is the proclamation of Great Satan's Foreign Policy gurus that any tete' a tete with Iran should be directed at the top cat - Supreme Leader.

Non profit jawflapping with Rafsanjani, Larinjani or even the fiery little rocketeer A Jad means nothing.

Ex (and perhaps future) Ambassador Dennis Ross drew a pic for 44:

"Everywhere you look in the Middle East today, Iran is threatening
U.S. interests and the political order. One Arab ambassador told me recently that the Iranians are reminding Arab leaders that America didn't help Fuad Siniora, the prime minister of Lebanon, or Mikheil Saakashvili, the president of Georgia, when they got into trouble -- that in fact Washington left them high and dry.

Iran, by contrast, is close by and not going anywhere."

If Preacher Command acts out like that now - reckon the havoc a nuke powered Mullahopolis harbinges.

"Tehran clearly wants nukes for both defensive and offensive
purposes. But it's not clear the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, would sacrifice anything to get nuclear weapons.

In fact, history shows that his government responds to outside
pressure, restricting its actions when it feels threatened and taking advantage when it judges it can. "

A sweet hook up between 2 of Great Satan's premier think tanks - CFR and Saban @ Brookings unleased a massive missive "Restoring the Balance". All the superfly stars are out - including Ken Pollack, Michael O'Hanlon (these 2 cats were the first cats to tour Iraq and report Surge totally rocked) Richard Haass, Stephen Biddle, and Martin Indyk.

Suzanne Maloney and Ray Takeyh tackle the Persian problem in chapter 3

"Any new approach to Iran must be grounded in the recognition that no
movement on the core issues of interest to the United States will be possible without the approval of Iran’s supreme leader."

Understanding that Khamenei is the appropriate starting point for any
American engagement clarifies the task but also underscores the challenges.

Although Khamenei has condoned talks with Washington in recent
years, his writings and public rhetoric since 1979 contain nothing that
would suggest he harbors any positive sentiments toward Washington."

Supreme Leader's Foreign Policy site reveals quite a few hints:

Seyed Sadeq Kharrazi, the former Iranian ambassador to France

"The truth is that solving the problems between Iran and the US needs
a mutual understanding. A three decades old crisis cannot be solved overnight.

The most important step that the US can take in this regard is putting an end to confrontation with Iran, freeing Iran’s blocked assets and ending the sanctions imposed on Iran."

Hamid Reza Dehqani Poodeh, the head of Persian Gulf and ME studies center in Iran’s foreign ministry gives pretty clear bounderies on that 'understanding'.

Essentially recognising Iran's shia crescent from Persia to the Med and Red Seas.

"Saudi Arabia doesn’t support full intervention of U.S. in the region for
security establishment; Iran believes it deserves to be the chief regional

"Iraq, once vying for Arab leadership, doesn’t have the potential to reassert the claim because of its geopolitical limitations in the Persian Gulf, passing of its oil pipes from rivals’ territories and most important of all, internal problems emerged after invasion.

Iran's Foreign Policy recent study "The Iranian Role in the Regional Stability"

"It is undeniable that Iran plays and will play a key role in shaping the
new regional balance in the Middle East, and even more so considering that the Iranian political stability is a factor that few states in the region can show."

Art - "Mehdi Mind Trick"

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Coercive Diplomacy

Sir Harold Nicolson taught the classy definition of "diplomacy" in the historically essential "Peacemaking 1919" as

"the management of international relations by negotiation."

A century later, Great Satan's Madame Sec HRC 's diplomatic philosophy is pretty classy too.

"I believe in coercive diplomacy. You try to figure out how to move bad actors in a direction that you’d prefer in order to avoid more dire consequences."

Moving bad actors about on fun, free concepts like internat'l peace, nat'l security, and humanitarian justice can be done the fun friendly way - like with Libya - or the old school regime heave ho at the point of a thousand cruise missiles followed quick time with heathen hellions heralding hard won combat bona fides - the most proficient, high tech all weather killers of killers in recorded history.

Either way is fine.

Coercive diplomacy sweetly applies pressure in an irresistable manner and magnitude that

"seeks to persuade an opponent to cease aggression rather than
bludgeon him into stopping…just enough force of an appropriate kind to demonstrate resolution and to give credibility to the threat that greater force will be used if necessary."

Soft Power is never really soft. There is always Hard Power cruising the hood.

Why did Japan fall in love with baseball?

Why did Deutschland dig The Beatles?

Or Mommie India cotton to cricket?

Coercive diplomacy by definition includes - coercion.

Like in 1999. Milosevic dissed Madame Sec Madelaine's sweet talk to split from a bloody rampage in Kosovo and much to his dismay, ruin and death, rued the day he called Great Satan's bluff (though not before forcing a European war that Nato nearly lost).

Force and diplomacy reinforced the future credibility of threats.

Like in Libya. Jumped up junta Colonel/President for Life Khadaffy totally freaked when Great Satan defeated the largest Arab army in history and regime changed the living daylights out of Iraq in 20 days.

Opting for a policy change instead, Libya required firm and repeated reassurances that concessions on terrorism and WMD would not be the harbinger of doom that a full blown regime change often presents. Great Britain and Great Satan's secret talks, crucial communications with 3rd parties and verifiable supervision ensured desired behavior progressed as desired.

Sudan's Field Marshall President for Life Bashir (the International Criminal Court is set to issue an arrest warrant for Bashir on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes) and his posse of intolerants are starting to freak too.

Soon to be Madame Secretary HRC has called for a NATO-enforced no-fly zone to sweetly "blanket" Darfur to keep Sudan from bombing villages. Future U.N. ambassador and cabinet member, Susan E. Rice has pushed for airstrikes and a naval blockade of Sudan's major port to prevent lucrative oil exports. Rice has vowed to "go down in flames" providing the 'coercive' in coercive diplomacy.

Military intervention could have dangerous consequences for Sudan - the largest nation in all of Africa and all nine of her neighbors.

Unnamed UN cats plea

"As revolting as this government may be, they are indispensable to solving the problem of Sudan. They are part of the problem and part of the solution. If the Obama administration is going to be driven by anger, then really, really it is going to be tragic, naive politics."

An unnamed advisor to 44 pointed out the naive move would be to think it is possible to trust Bashir's regime, a historical oathbreaker and highly unpopular across much of Sudan.

Military options, including covert operations and regime change, are likely to remain under serious discussion in the new administration.

"These people have been in power for almost 20 years. I doubt that the
majority of Sudanese would cry if they were ousted."

Pic "The world is a ho, beotch. And Great Satan is da pimp"

Monday, December 8, 2008

Peshawar Noir

Pakistan's Talibanistan recently scored big, striking two of Great Satan's motor pools/goodies depot and destroying enough battlefield transport to equip a mechanized infantry company in 2 different - simultaneous attacks.

Tactical chicanery with strategic import. Khyber Pass - the 'Top of the World" is a vital supply line from Karachi sea ports all the way into Afghanistan.

Khyber Pass was closed briefly two times - once in a makebelieve protest about Great Satan's cruise and heckfire missiles violating the inviolate turf (that appearantly only Taliban and al Qaeda can transgress with impunity) and once before when it got hit by a Taliban attack that alledgedly resulted in Pakistan's military to start riding shotgun.

No such Pakistani security was available when the Taliban attacked.

This is significant and on top of Mumbai massacre, offers a very uncool analysis regarding Land of the Pure and the bumper crop of heavily armed missile magnetic intolerants that seemingly run amok from the tips of mountain ranges to the floodplains of Pakistan and all the towns in between.

Taliban, al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba and a host of murderous agents of mayhem, sympathizers and fanboys are seemingly totally up to the necks in Pakistan's military and intell establishments.


"Terror groups aren't just based in Waziristan and Kashmir. Much of
the Northwest Frontier Province and Baluchistan are under siege.

Last year, the Musharraf government had to launch a military assault on the Red Mosque, in the heart of Islamabad just one mile from the parliament building, to clear out rampaging Islamists enforcing sharia on the streets.

Rawalpindi, a supposedly secure military garrison and sister city
to Islamabad, has been rocked by terror attacks. Lashkar-e-Taiba's headquarters in Muridke is located just outside of Lahore in eastern Punjab province. The port city of Karachi is infested with extremists groups. These problems are merely the tip of the iceberg."

Taliban has launched a clever combat campaign to cut 70% of NATO's logistical link that stretches from Karachi to Peshawar to Khyber Pass to Kabul.

Despite gloating about a Pakistani military offensive against Taliban in the Khyber Pass area recently - multiple attacks in the last week in Peshawar indicate something else.

Taliban maybe about to take control of Peshawar itself. Northwest Frontier gov pleaded for some military relief in a Taliban controlled town of Jamrud

"The government has to take action or we shall see Iraq-like
situation in the area in the coming few months."

Pic - "Taleban Noir"

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Infamy Day

The 7 December 1941 Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor was one of the great defining moments in history. A single carefully-planned and well-executed stroke removed the United States Navy's battleship force as a possible threat to the Japanese Empire's southward expansion. America, unprepared and now considerably weakened, was abruptly brought into the Second World War as a full combatant.

Eighteen months earlier, President Franklin D. Roosevelt had transferred the United States Fleet to Pearl Harbor as a presumed deterrent to Japanese agression. The Japanese military, deeply engaged in the seemingly endless war it had started against China in mid-1937, badly needed oil and other raw materials. Commercial access to these was gradually curtailed as the conquests continued.

In July 1941 the Western powers effectively halted trade with Japan. From then on, as the desperate Japanese schemed to seize the oil and mineral-rich East Indies and Southeast Asia, a Pacific war was virtually inevitable.

By late November 1941, with peace negotiations clearly approaching an end, informed U.S. officials (and they were well-informed, they believed, through an ability to read Japan's diplomatic codes) fully expected a Japanese attack into the Indies, Malaya and probably the Philippines. Completely unanticipated was the prospect that Japan would attack east, as well.

The U.S. Fleet's Pearl Harbor base was reachable by an aircraft carrier force, and the Japanese Navy secretly sent one across the Pacific with greater aerial striking power than had ever been seen on the World's oceans. Its planes hit just before 8AM on 7 December. Within a short time five of eight battleships at Pearl Harbor were sunk or sinking, with the rest damaged. Several other ships and most Hawaii-based combat planes were also knocked out and over 2400 Americans were dead.

Soon after, Japanese planes eliminated much of the American air force in the Philippines, and a Japanese Army was ashore in Malaya.

These great Japanese successes, achieved without prior diplomatic formalities, shocked and enraged the previously divided American people into a level of purposeful unity hardly seen before or since. For the next five months, until the Battle of the Coral Sea in early May, Japan's far-reaching offensives proceeded untroubled by fruitful opposition.

American and Allied morale suffered accordingly. Under normal political circumstances, an accomodation might have been considered.

However, the memory of the "sneak attack" on Pearl Harbor fueled a determination to fight on.

Once the Battle of Midway in early June 1942 had eliminated much of Japan's striking power, that same memory stoked a relentless war to reverse her conquests and remove her, and her German and Italian allies, as future threats to World peace.

Source - US Navy Historical Center

Pic - "Pearl Harbor"

Saturday, December 6, 2008

2 State Illusion

In Foreign Policyland, there are tons of problems and opportunities that are chomping at the bit for 44 and the super powered League of Rivals.

Perhaps the most enduring of these must solve issues is one that seems invulnerble - the seemingly always on battle about Little Satan and Palestine's two bits - the Strip and West Bank.

Ancient avatars of the corrupt cult of stability, Brent Scowcroft and Zbigniew Brzezinski ritualize a rescue for the always just out of reach fakebelieve concept of the "2 State Solution".

"The major elements of an agreement are well known. A key element in any new initiative would be for the US president to declare publicly what, in the view of this country, the basic parameters of a fair and enduring peace ought to be.

These should contain four principal elements:

1967 borders, with minor, reciprocal and agreed-upon modifications;

compensation in lieu of the right of return for Palestinian refugees;

Jerusalem as real home to two capitals;

and a non-militarized Palestinian state. "

This is significant. And a problem.

Despite Oslo, Madrid, Sharm al Sheik, Roadmaps, quartets, duets, Pyramidland and Saudi Iniatives the fact remains the entire raison d'etre' has been twisted nearly beyond repair.

Consider: The 2 State solution is based on a deadly incorrect belief.

Way back in 1993, Great Satan and Little Satan first recog'd the Palestine Liberation Organization as the single legit representative of Palestinians and the Satans' view of the underlying cause of the Little Satan-Palestinian confrontation totally xformed.


Before that unhappy time, world view was divy'd up roughly into two outlooks.

For cats like Arab League, Collectivist Union time Russia and impotent Europa any conflict was not a refusal of the Arab world generally or the Palestinians specifically to accept Little Satan's right to exist, but Palestinian statelessness itself.

Great Satan and Little Satan both believed (and subsequent events seem to bear this out) that the casus belli for rowdiness in the ME was that nearly 350 million Arabs in the world steadfastly refused to recog the state of Little Satan, her right to exist, her battlefield victories or could even say the name "Israel" out loud.

UN Sec Reso #242, pretty much condenses into 2 deals for any “just and lasting peace in the Middle East.”

1st Little Satan should split the hood of embarrassing defeats for the Arab World - hard won turf sweetly acquired by desperate counter attacks that established Little Satan's military prowess - essentially and specifically the 6 Day War real estate booty.

2nd - Arab states must accept Little Satan's right to exist.

While Resolution 242 was kinda iffy about the extent of future Little Satan unassing territorial A.O. (areas of operation/occupation) withdrawals, the language on the 2nd part of the deal of a future Middle Eastern peace is quite sexplicit.

“termination of all claims of states of belligerency and
respect for and acknowledgement of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every state in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized borders free from threats or acts of force.”

Over the years, commitment to the Palestinians have become increasingly explicit and increasingly urgent.

Both Satans'seem to look at the fast creation of a magical Nakbah free nation state of Palestine regardless of the Palestinians’ unwillingness to accept Little Satan's right to exist as the primary aim of their Palestinian policies.

Hip and haunch with calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state seem to actually increase in direct proportion to the radicalization of Palestinian society.

The more radical Palestinian society becomes, the more intense the hot wicked desire to grant it sovereign statehood.

Sovereign statehood and Palestinians have never really seemed to hook up. Like their Arab brethern, Palestinians have consistently sour mouthed that Little Satan's property posse that 'occupied' precious Palestinian turf with an amazing immodestly, lack of restraint and blitzkrieg tactics is the main problem.

Fair enough - though it seems there are two different definitions for what exactly is the concept of occupation.

First glance, seems that only the lands the Palestinians claim are limited to Judea, Samaria and the sections of Jerusalem Little Satan conquered fair and square way back in the "Sgt Pepper - All You Need Is Love " summer in the 6 Day War, the Palestinians have never accepted this claim.

In fact, both symbolically and politically, the Palestinian Authority asserts that the areas under the so-called “occupation” include all of Little Satan.

General Scowcroft and Dr Brzezinski fail to mention any of this.

A renewed acknowledgement that Little Satan's battlefield gains way back in 1967 are not the raison de etre'of the conflict with the Palestinians. Rather, Palestinian and wider Arab rejection of Israel’s right to exist is the cause.

The reform and stabilization of Palestinian society depends on reorienting Palestinian society. Since the Palestinians themselves have never made the attainment of statehood their primary aim, whether a Palestinian state will ever get birthed is a weak guess.

It is totally clear that there is no chance that any Palestinian state that is a terrorist fiefdom at war with Little Satan will ever be established without reorientation, reformation and stabilization of Palestinian society first.

Celebrated recent arrival to the Dead Poets Society Nizar Qabbani's lustful demented lamented designs on Little Satan is an example:

"They left in our hands a can of sardines named Gaza, A dried bone
called Jericho An inn called Palestine, without a roof and without pillars. They left us a body without bones and a hand without fingers.

They granted us a homeland smaller than a grain of wheat. A
homeland we swallow without water like pills of aspirin!!"

Basing more polices RE: Palestine around mythic narratives of Little Satan's hedonistic appropriations for the Arab World's problems is retarded and are based on incorrect conclusions.

So far, the redux'd land for peace has not only totally failed to resolve the problem - it has made it worse. Everywhere Little Satan splits - intolerant (and currently Iranian fed and funded) rocket rich rejectionists tend to move in like HAMAS in the Strip and Hiz'B'Allah beyond Lebanon's 'Blue Line'.

High time to reassess, redress and stress that Little Satan ain't the problem.

Palestinian and Arab rejection of Little Satan's right to exist is.

Art - "2 State Illusion"

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Winning The Next War

Way back in the last millennium, when Europa still enjoyed fighting amongst themselves ( about the time flintlocks xformed into rifles) Deutschland finally got free of Napoleon for the last time.

Furor teutonicus begat Prussian militarism and became a Western text in the essential "Vom Kriege" by von Clausewitz.

Nom de guerr'd in English as "On War" von Clausewitz is fully crunk with timeless observations, literally killer quotes and doctrine about waging war.

"The fact that slaughter is a horrifying spectacle must make us take war
more seriously, but not provide an excuse for gradually blunting our swords in the name of humanity.

Sooner or later someone will come along with a sharper sword and hack off our heads."

Great Satan's 30 year in the future military knows all about keeping blades shiny and sharp. Army Lieutenant Colonel William Wunderle and Air Force Major Gabriel Lajeunesse serve in the Joint Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate (J5) of the Joint Staff as Political-Military Planners with especial responsibility for Iran and Syria.

These regime changing cats recently unleashed "Winning the Next War" and the trend line is clear:
In the future, Great Satan is more likely to undertake missions requiring irregular warfare capabilities, as opposed to traditional large-scale ground combat operations. These conflicts do not occur in a vacuum. Complex sectarian, ethnic, and tribal affiliations cross boundaries and require consideration of regional realities that impact the conflict.

In 2007, there were 30 armed conflicts in 26 countries. 40% were in Africa, 36.7 percent in Asia, 13.3 percent in the Middle East, 3.3 percent in Europe, and 6.7 percent in the Americas.
A key component of military kickassedness will be the ability to understand the cultures of, and communicate with, people from many regions of the world.

Increased language and culture training will ultimately prove to be a powerful weapon in the American military’s arsenal..

As the once and future Def Sec Gates recently revealed

“… In a world of finite knowledge and limited resources,
where we have to make choices and set priorities, it makes sense to lean toward the most likely and lethal scenarios for our military…Smaller, irregular forces—insurgents, guerrillas, terrorists—will find ways, as they always have, to frustrate and neutralize the advantages of larger, regular militaries…”

Stirred, never shaken, "Winning the Next War" draws on combatty ops, society creating and enemy killing events Great Satan has been involved in since 911 and though it is more intense than a first date - it is actually a fun, fast, clever and very worthy read.

Teasers like Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance:

"Understanding an adversary requires more than finished intelligence and satellite photos. It requires an appreciation of their interests, habits, intentions, beliefs, social organizations, and political symbols..

Fighting a counterinsurgency involves a spectrum of operations, from humanitarian missions, peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations to full-blown combat—all possibly within a single brigade’s competence..

To transition between these elements as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, military leaders need situational awareness.

The success of the mission depends on the ability to bridge the cultural gaps both in war-fighting and in intelligence-gathering.

From a military perspective, cultural intelligence provides a means of capturing the nonmilitary elements of information that are especially relevant in stability and support operations."

Future World is a scary scary place, as intolerant, murderous, illegit regimes and terror fanboys plot and connive, survival is way too modest. Victory is the real deal.

"To win the next war, America’s leadership must continue to
emphasize the need for the entire government to be prepared to fight global terrorism and related small-scale conflicts like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This requires the full integration of all instruments of national
power, the cooperation and participation of friends and allies, and the support of the American people."

pic - "Future Army"