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Little Satan"s Persian Panty Raid

 Ra Am!!

"Jet! I can almost remember their bloody faces!"

As the chatter gets all crunk up beyond repair on Little Satan"s pre planned implausible deniability Persian panty raid to, uh, smite - Preacher Command's new clear naughtiness und rowdy raison d"guerre

As noted in "Strike Package", Little Satan doesn't really have to have Great Satan's goodies or permission to render a rowdy panty raid on sensitive portions of Iranian prestige, capital and brainpower to render enrichment interruptus a reality.

Prob the best look at Target Sets (regime killing talk for vaporizing precious assets) and what it would take to knock them out - all the way out - is the SSP Working Paper by done by aviation sci spy guys Whitney Raas and Austin Long.

This exhaustive (yet fun and light to read dossier - perfect for the beach - and available in pdf) details naughty details.

"To have a reasonable chance of success, both in the mission and in
the ultimate goal of rendering Iran’s nuclear program impotent, the target set must be narrowed to concentrate on the critical nodes in Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

The most difficult part of nuclear weapons development is obtaining the nuclear material itself; thus, if the means of fissile material production can be destroyed, the set back for Iran will be maximized.

The total number of weapons needed to have reasonable confidence
in destroying all three target sets is thus 24 5000-lb weapons and 24 2000-lb weapons."
84 tons! Such precision, intelligent weaponry - and Little Satan - even avoiding Iraqi airspace - has the means to put steel on target.

Even more better are those magical mythical Jericho III Inter something something missiles. Thus far - cats have spec spec speculated and gamed Little Satan"s IAF conducting a 30 day air campaign.

Center for Strategic and International Studies extra sextralicious piece provocatively entitled "Study on a Possible Little Satan Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Development Facilities " this hefty (114 pages PDF) details naughty details like "Strike Package" did and includes Little Satan's magical mythical missile cadre.

Put together by the indomitable Dr Abdullah Toukan this not so brief brief includes:

Little Satan's Air Force: Aircraft Mission Capabilities (which includes the following sexyful see thru bit)

"Mission Analysis:

Approximate range to the furthest target Esfahan is some 1,110 nmi. When approaching the 550 nmi range, the F-15Es and F-16Is need to refuel on the way to Iran and on the way back.
Refueling can be done menage a troi:
Refueling from KC-135A and KC-10 tankers.
Buddy Refueling betwixt F-15Es and F-16Is (Whoa!)
A temporary landing strip, along the Syrian, Turkish and Northern Iraq region, where aircraft refueling is available.
The total maximum strike package was around 80 aircraft, all the 25 F-15I in the Little Satan's Inventory and 55 F-16I/C. The F-15E would then need 5 to 6 KC-130s to refuel from, and the F-16Is would require 6 to 7 KC-130."
Also included are Syrian and Iranian Air Force capabilities, inventory and au currant Order of Battle - plus anti aircraft batteries of missiles and artillery. 

Most cats enjoy pointing out it's gon be a loooong air campaign. Scary pics of hapless captured Little Satan pilots in the untender clutches of the Revo Guard, wads of missiles and rockets flinging in from Hiz'B"Allebanon and rowdy Strippers  like HAMAS and assorted rocket rich rejectionists in Little Satan"s near abroad.

And that is where Little Satan"s family missile may come into play, player

 'Jericho' I and II have a limit of about 500 and 1500 kilometers respectively.

Neither could hit any targets in Persia.

Unless there is a Jericho III!

"There are reports that Little Satan is developing a Jericho III missile, based on a booster it developed with South Africa in the 1980s. Jane‘s estimated that the missile has a range of up to 5,000 kilometers and a 1,000-kilogram warhead. This estimate is based largely on a declassified Defense Intelligence Agency estimate of the launch capability of the Shavit booster that Little Satan tested on September 19, 1988."
42 Jericho III's armed with a 750 kg Warhead would be required.

A double entendre of aircraft and missiles could very well shrink up any time frames featuring a long air war like Battle of Britain, clawing Luftwaffe out of the sky or Berlin Airlift

Pic - "If they pulled it off it would be an impressive display of power projection against a difficult and dispersed set of targets."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Friends Of Syria

Suriya al- Kubra!

See, Syria - like Little Satan - punches far above her weight class in diplopolititary deals.

 Instead of cool stuff like Hooters, literacy rates off the charts or creating advanced avionics - Bashar Bay Bee follows poppa Assad's script utilizing asymmetrical assets creating a slave trading Syria, abusing Palestinians as a strategic minority resource, literally bombing an Arab sister's political cadre out of existence, fiddling about with new clear WMD witchcraft, hanging with the most wanted terrorists in the world while maybe or maybe not enabling official enemies like Hiz'B'Allah with wmd delivery systems and frightened of Facebook. 

Now that the illegit Allawicious regime has been fighting a bloodier, meaner Battle of Tienanmen Square for a while now (and co opting the Friends Of Syria wordpress thingy)- the sirens of Syrialicious Interventionus Maximus are sweetly sirening. 
 “If the Assad regime refuses to allow this life-saving aid to reach civilians, it will have even more blood on its hands. So, too, will those nations that continue to protect and arm the regime. We call on those states that are supplying weapons to kill civilians to halt immediately"
 Whoa! Friends of Syria indeed - Madame HRC scores a glancing hit off of Commonwealth and Collectivist China - that have twice queered the mix on UN actionable action and activity at the dysfunctional UN. Reports that Russia has restocked and resupplied Bashar Bay Bee along with Persia - even unverified gossip that Hiz"B"Allah is reverse engineering supply methodology with their Syrian patrons.
"It's quite distressing to see two permanent members of the Security Council using their veto while people are being murdered - women, children, brave young men - houses are being destroyed. It is just despicable and I ask whose side are they on? They are clearly not on the side of the Syrian people."

Read more here:
 Pic - "A critical factor is the concentration of power in a single family, political party, and religious sect.

Monday, February 27, 2012

All Apologies

"What else could i be? All apologies"

As best understood, the semi sorta fratricidal mayhem wracking Afghanistan stems from the inadvertent burning of a book. Yes, it’s the K"Ran, but it’s a book all the same — and one that, moderate cats never tire of telling us, doesn’t really mean everything it says anyhow.
The facts are that the K"Rans were seized at a jail because jihadists imprisoned there were using them not for prayer but to communicate incendiary messages. The soldiers dispatched to burn refuse from the jail were not the officials who had seized the books, had no idea they were burning K"Rans, and tried desperately to retrieve the books when the situation was brought to their attention.
If our government believes the Taliban and other factions are our enemies, allied with al-Qaeda to kill Americans, then we should unleash our military to destroy them. This should not be an endless counterinsurgency experiment that prioritizes the protection of Afghan civilians and the construction of Afghan civil society; it should be a war that our vast might enables us to win rapidly and decisively.
 It is immoral to keep our young men and women there as sitting ducks in a place where the people hate Americans but we are not trying to vanquish them. We routed al-Qaeda years ago. We don’t need to defeat the Taliban or waste time negotiating with them, Karzai, the warlords, and the rest.
Yet it is conscious avoidance — okay, willful blindness — to claim that flaming K"Rans is causing the threat to us, the troops, in addition to the threat of other attacks and riots (of the sort seen with the Danish cartoons, the fake believe tales of K"Ran aquatic adventures at Gitmo, the school teacher who named a teddy bear after the PBUH guy, etc.).
Those are all pretexts. The cause is  ideology, which is dehumanizing of non-m"Hammedists (or, in the case of the Ahmadi, even of cats who reject parts of mainstream doctrine). It is the ideology that puts certain elements on a hair trigger.

Pic - "Choking on the ashes of her enemies"

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The West's Epic Fail

At a recent lo down ho down, populated by all the populars, an event occurred.

Essentially (and btw - j'ever notice that guys' attention spans seem only about as long as whatever object they are threatened with?) A certain chauffeur began eyeing a certain element that was way too tall and even worse - very pretty - at the expense of his own arm candy.

Not for long!

Said chauffeur's consort totally freaked and caused a scene. Tired of the games, nonprofit jawflapping, failure of leadership and sincere blocs chock full of insincerity, she felt her hand was forced.

And it was ballistic!

May such true tales of love, lust and lack of leadership be applied like kini way to l'diplopolititary au courant bewtixt Iran and rumours of a Little Satan strike? 

One of the smartest cats in Great Satan"s intelligentsia makes a killer case
That more and more people, both inside government and outside of it, are raising that possibility is a telling indicator of growing international concern over Iran’s nuclear ambitions - and the lengths to which it might be necessary to go in order to stop them. It also is a testament to the West’s strategic failure to prevent a nuclear Iran. For, while rhetoric about serious sanctions against the Iranian regime has reverberated for years, real economic warfare capable of crippling the regime in Tehran has materialized only very recently.

Since the start of the year, Great Satan and its allies have passed a flurry of new sanctions against the Islamic republic. Those include penalties against Iran's Central Bank, a European ban on future imports of Iranian oil and, most recently, massive multilateral pressure to further proscribe transactions by Iranian financial institutions.

These steps, moreover, seem to be working. In recent weeks, as sanctions have begun to bite, the Iranian rial has plummeted, Iran has begun to experience serious problems paying for food imports, and it has begun switching to barter in its dealings with foreign suppliers such as Malaysia and India. Inflation is rising, too, thanks to sanctions, and now officially stands at about 21 percent and rising. (Unofficial tallies, meanwhile, put the number much, much higher.)

But so far, this pressure has not succeeded in spurring a serious strategic rethinking in Tehran. Despite expanding fiscal pain and mounting domestic discontent, Iran’s ayatollahs show no signs of backing away from their nuclear endeavor. To the contrary, new technological advances unveiled in recent days by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad provide a telling indicator that the Iranian regime remains undeterred in its efforts to get the bomb - and is making significant progress toward it.

That leaves Great Satan and its allies on the horns of a familiar strategic dilemma. During the 2008 presidential cycle, then-candidate 44’s Republican counterpart, Sen. John McCain, famously noted that the only thing worse than the idea of bombing Iran was the prospect of a nuclear Iran.

That is still the basic strategic choice confronting the West. Over the past three years, the 44th administration has been desperately attempting to avoid it - first through “engagement,” then stern diplomacy and, finally, financial sanctions. 

None of those measures has succeeded in stalling Iran’s nuclear drive. And as Tehran gets closer to crossing the nuclear Rubicon, the understanding that more serious measures might be needed has gained ground steadily.

Chances are, however, it won’t be Great Satan that implements them. Politically, the 44th administration is fast turning the page on the Middle East. Recent months have seen the administration “pivot” toward Asia in pursuit of much-needed foreign-policy victories. America’s strategic footprint in the region, too, is fast receding. With the withdrawal of troops from Iraq complete, Washington shows little interest in the type of extended political and economic engagement necessary to secure our long-term interests there. 

The same situation is playing out in Afghanistan, where Mr. Panetta’s recent revelation that the Great Satan plans to unAss Afghanistan in 2013, a full year ahead of schedule, has sent fatigued coalition allies scrambling for the exits. Against this backdrop, repeated pledges by White House officials that “all options are on the table” in dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions ring hollow to everyone - and to the Iranians most of all.

That leaves Little Satan. For years, officials in Jerusalem have cautioned that Iran’s nuclear ambitions and its expanding strategic arsenal make it a global - rather than local - problem. For just as long, they have opted to take a back seat to the West, hopeful that a multilateral consensus to seriously confront Iran would emerge. Such a consensus, however, has been exceedingly slow in coming, and today - while they continue to hold out hope that sanctions might cause Iran to reverse its current destructive course - they clearly are contemplating other options.

That they have been forced to do so is a reflection of the flaws in our approach to Iran, which relied on diplomacy too heavily and for too long and embraced serious economic pressure far too late. That a Little Satan strike on Iran is an increasing probability is a product of the West’s failure to lead on one of the most pressing strategic challenges of our time.

Pic - "Strike Package"

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Secret Somali War!

She is the master of multi texting. Able to round up a posse of credit score worthy players and enablers at a moments notice. Her pre programmed msgs feature terms of endearments like sweetie...LOL.. Miss You Bunches and she never does the kiss and tell.

Ah - perhaps one of the more hotter signals that hyperpuissance signals is the amazing ability to enjoy multiple conflicts in multiple nation/states (of sorts) in the sunny sunny climes of the CENTCOM Gap.

Like the super secret War in Somalia that Great Satan and Great Britain have been indulging in!!

While the action has been all combatty for a decade - the last year has seen the action ramped up to uh, intense, levels!

April 3-6 2011
1-36 reported killed
After a reporting gap of 18 months, US air attacks may have resumed. Reports of intense fighting for control of the town of Dhobley between al Shabaab and Somali forces mention an air strike, which Shabelle reports killed several militants. Somalia Report stated: ‘on April 6, shortly after the exploitation of data from captured al-Qaeda cell phones and laptops, three dozen al Shabab members were killed‘, although later reports say only one commander was killed.
Jabreel Malik Muhammed was killed in the strike, according to the Observer (Uganda).
Type of action: Air operation, airstrike
: Dhobley
References: The Observer (Uganda), AllAfrica, Long War Journal, Somalia ReportAl ArabiyaSomalia Report

June 23 2011
2+ reported killed
♦ 2-3 reported injured

In the first known lethal drone strike in Somalia, Predators struck a militant training camp 10km south of Kismayo. Further missiles hit a second target near the airport. The attacks were aimed at two senior militants who were planning an imminent terrorist attack on the UK, US officials told the Washington Post. Abdirashid Mohamed Hidig, Somalia’s deputy defence minister, told AP the strike killed ‘many’ foreign fighters. ‘I have their names, but I don’t want to release them,’ he claimed. Ibrahim al Afghani, also known as Ibrahim Haji Jama Mead, a senior leader in al Shabaab, was reportedly wounded or killed, although Strategic Forecasting claimed on August 11 that Afghani was alive and had replaced Ahmed Abdi Godane as the emir of al Shabaab. Al Shabaab has not responded to either report, and Afghani has not appeared in public since. Two militants were wounded, according to a local al Shabaab leader, Sheik Hassan Yaqub, while resident Mohammed Aden reported seeing three wounded militants. Among them was British citizen Bilal al Barjawi, killed in a subsequent drone strike, SOM052. US helicopters reportedly landed after the attack, with troops retrieving some dead and injured. The strike was the first joint mission conducted by JSOC and the CIA, CNN claimed.

Type of action: Air operation, drone strike, helicopter raid
 Long War JournalWashington PostDaily BeastAl JazeeraSomalia ReportBoston Globe, Strategic Forecasting via Critical ThreatsBloombergAssociated PressNew York TimesAll AfricaCNN

Russia Today reports on the first US drone attack in Somalia
June 28 2011
In a piece looking a drone strikes in Somalia, Somalia Report stated that on this day, ‘another attack occurred in Taabta village in the Afmadow District of Lower Juba’. However, it is unclear whether this was a US strike, and Somalia Report was not able to provide further information.
Type of action: Air assault, possible drone strike
 Somalia Report
June 2011
Britain’s Special Boat Squadron, in conjunction with French special forces, reportedly finished an eight-week programme mapping ports used by Somali pirates. According to a UK defence source, ‘There are countless ports where hijacked ships are docked. SBS troops built up a security picture.’
Type of action: Naval and ground operations
Southern Somalia
The Sun
July 6 2011
♦ Unknown number killed

US drones or planes reportedly hit three al Shabaab militant training camps in Afmadow. ‘Early in the morning and before the sunrise, we heard more than five heavy blasts not far from the town. We believe it was an airstrike,” said a resident. ‘Minutes later, we saw three military vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed to Kismayo. We believe they were carrying victims of the attack.’ However, then-Somalia Report editor Michael Logan told the Bureau by email it is simply not known if US drones were behind this attack. ‘This is one of those that cannot be confirmed as a drone. Lots of witnesses and a TFG official do confirm an attack, so some kind of strike took place (but as you know, there are a variety of actors capable of launching missiles),’ he said. Somali deputy defence minister Abdirashid Mohamed Hidig said at the time: ‘The foreigners and senior officials of the terrorist group are afraid. They secretly hide amongst the civilians. The airstrikes will continue until we minimize the enemy from our country.’ But Dr. Omar Ahmed, an academic and Somali politician, told Somalia Report airstrikes would increase local support for al Shabaab: ‘There is no reason for the western countries to use airstrikes against al-Shabaab. It will only increase the generations supporting al Shabaab.’

Type of action: Air operation, either drone or airstrike
 Somalia Report

July 9 2011
British Royal Marines reportedly landed at Berbera in northern Somalia to liaise with and transport a Somali tribal elder to talks. The troops, from 539 Assault Squadron attached to Exercise Somalialand Cougar, reportedly landed with Viking armoured vehicles and met with the elder some miles inland. He was then ferried to ‘a very important meeting‘ with MI6 and Foreign Office representatives.
Type of action: Ground operation
Daily MailSomaliland TimesBBC

August 1 2011
The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill revealed the CIA was operating a secret base in Mogadishu. According to the award-winning reporter, the CIA had its own aircraft at the site, and operated underground interrogation cells. He stated:
At the facility, the CIA runs a counterterrorism training program for Somali intelligence agents and operatives aimed at building an indigenous strike force capable of snatch operations and targeted ‘combat’ operations against members of Al Shabab, an Islamic militant group with close ties to Al Qaeda.
References: The NationMSNBC

Jeremy Scahill discusses his investigation on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

August 19 2011 

Security officials in Somalia reported a drone had crashed in Mogadishu, but provided no details about who was operating it. Officials told Voice of America the drone crashed into a house near the Libyan Embassy. Small surveillance drones were known to be operated in the capital by both the US and AMISOM, according to a well-informed Bureau source.

Location: Mogadishu
 APHiiraanVoice of AmericaCritical ThreatsGlobal Post
August 22 2011

Radio Andalus, an al Shabaab-run radio station, reported that five American surveillance drones had crashed in southern Somalia ‘over the last two weeks‘. Two of these drones fell in Mogadishu, one in Kismayo, and the others around Merka town of Lower Shabelle. The radio station claimed the US had confirmed some of these drones crashed in Somalia for technical reasons. However there is no other source for this.

Location: Mogadishu, Kismayo, Merka
Radio Andalus, via Somalia Report

 Phantom drone strikes
In September 2011, Iranian broadcaster Press TV began reporting the deaths of civilians and others in alleged US drone strikes in Somalia, as well as a number of drone crashes. A three-month investigation by the Bureau failed to find independent corroboration for any of these supposed strikes, which Press TV claimed killed more than 1,300 civilians. These alleged strikes are listed separately here.
Read the Bureau’s full investigation of Press TV’s Somalia ‘drone strike’ reports

September 15 2011
♦ Unknown casualties
AFP reported that residents of Kismayo heard ‘the sound of aircraft and heavy explosions… We heard planes flying over Kismayo and minutes later there were at least three explosions,’ resident Mohamed Ali told AFP by phone. ‘The aircraft fired heavy missiles into a jungle area where the Shebab established training camps, but we don’t know more,’ Abdikarim Samow, another resident, told AFP. There were no further reports of a strike.

Type of action: Possible air assault 

September 21 2011

Armed drones were operating from Mahe in the Seychelles (along with those used purely for surveillance), the Washington Post reported: ‘In the Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean…a small fleet of “hunter-killer” drones resumed operations this month after an experimental mission demonstrated that the unmanned aircraft could effectively patrol Somalia from there.’ Seychelles foreign minister Jean-Paul Adam denied the drones were armed. However, a 2009 diplomatic cable stated the US ‘would seek discrete [sic], specific discussions … to gain approval’ to arm the Reapers in the Seychelles ‘should the desire to do so ever arise’.

Location: Seychelles
 Washington PostChannel 4 NewsWikiLeaks cable

25 September 25 2011
♦ Unknown casualties 

The United States launched a series of drone attacks on al-Shabaab in Kismayo, according to residents, who reported attacks on three locations. The BBC claimed that ‘al-Shabaab are patrolling the streets, preventing locals from using the hospital, which is treating their wounded.’ A large drone was said to have crashed. Al Shahbaab official Sheikh Ibrahim Guled told Reuters:

This plane was a spy for the American government and by the will of Allah, it crashed near the airport. We did not target it but it fell down.
Type of action: Air operation, drone strikes
 BBCVoice of AmericaReutersGlobal PostAntiwarThe ScotsmanAllAfricaMareegSomalia TodaySomalia ReportCritical Threats

October 6 2011

♦ 4 total reported killed
♦ 4 civilians reported killed
♦ 1 person injured
Four Somali farmers were reported to have been killed in a possible drone strike in Dolbiyow Village, 35km east of Dhobley, said Somalia Report, while one was reportedly injured. The farmers and their camels were killed moments after al-Shabaab fighters fled the area in vehicles, witnesses said. However, a TFG official told Somalia Report Al-Shabaab had mortared the village.

Type of action: Possible air operation, drone strike  
 Somalia Report

October 11 2011

US and British naval and marine units freed the hijacked crew of the Italian ship Montecristo and captured 11 Somali pirates. British defence secretary Liam Fox said of the operation:
Such was the show of strength displayed by RFA [Royal Fleet Auxilliary] Fort Victoria, alongside a US navy frigate, that the operation was conducted without a shot being fired.
Type of action: Naval operation
Indian Ocean off Somalia
 The GuardianAssociated PressBritish Ministry of Defence

October 13 2011
♦ Unknown casualties

♦ Possible civilian casualties

A single source, Somalia Report, claimed there had been attacks on an al-Shabaab base near Taabta village, Lower Juba, though it is not clear who was behind the strikes. Drones targeted an al-Shabaab base used to train new fighters, according to TFG military official Mohamed Hassan Bule. ‘We are aware of the operations. It completes today’s operation on the group by the Somali National Forces. The airstrikes were carried out by drones from a friendly nation and destroyed a very important and large base ten kilometers east of Taabta. They used the base to train a misguided generation’, Bule told Somalia Report. Casualty numbers were unknown, with some local sources saying that civilians were also affected.

Type of action: Air operation, drone strike 
 Somalia Report

October 23 2011
♦ 11 total reported killed

♦ 11 civilians reported killed

♦ 20 civilians reported injured
At least 11 civilians died and more than 20 others were wounded after a possible US drone attacked on Afmadow town in Lower Jubba region, according to a single source. ’
I have seen 11 bodies and we believe that it was a US airstrike,’ Mohamud Abdirahman, an eyewitness, told Somalia Report. Locals said they had sighted what they believed to be US drones hovering above the area in the previous few days.
Type of action: Possible air operation, drone strike
 Afmadow, Lower Jubba
Somalia Report

October 27 2011
The US confirmed a new drone base at Arba Minch in Ethopia was now operational and that flights had already started from the site. The Washington Post reported armed Reapers were flying from the site, although US officials told the BBC and Al Jazeera the base was being used for surveillance flights only. The US government was reported to have spent millions of dollars adding drone facilities to Arba Minch’s small civilian airport. The Ethiopian foreign ministry denied a the facility was a military base: spokesman Tesfaye Yilma told the Washington Post, ‘We don’t entertain foreign military bases in Ethiopia’. Captain John Kirby of the US Department of Defence told Al Jazeera: ‘There are no US military bases in Ethiopia. It’s an Ethiopian airfield.’

Location: Arba Minch, Ethiopia
 Al JazeeraWashington PostBBC

November 14 2011
1-2 reported killed
Missiles were fired at a training camp in Afgoye, Lower Shabelle, according to al Shabaab. An initial report from the Sunatimes stated: ‘[a] US drone attack killed leaders Ahmed Godane and Hassan Dahir Aweys.’ But Michael Logan, then editor of Somalia Report, later tweeted ‘Looks like the deaths of al-Shabaab leaders were greatly exaggerated by the TFG, as usual.’ A junior al Shabaab member allegedly told Somalia Report that the group suffered ‘some casualties.’ Associated Press debated who was responsible for the alleged strikes, with both French and US officials suggesting the other nation may have carried out the attacks.

Type of action: Air operation, likely drone strike 
: Afgoye
 SunatimesSomalia ReportAssociated Press

December 13 2011

Addressing American troops in Djibouti, US defence secretary Leon Panetta said US operations against al Qaeda were concentrating on key groups in Yemen, Somalia and North Africa:

Al Qaeda is what started this war and we have made a commitment that we are going to track these guys wherever they go and make sure they have no place to hide, and that’s what the effort here is all about – to make sure that they have no place to hide, whether it’s Yemen or it’s Somalia or anyplace else.
References: Washington PostAssociated PressUS Department of Defense transcript

Looks like the deaths of al-Shabaab leaders were greatly exaggerated by the TFG, as usual’ – Michael Logan 
December 13 2011
A US surveillance drone crashed in the Seychelles during a routine patrol, reported the Telegraph.
 ’The Seychelles-based MQ-9s, which are used to monitor piracy activities in and around the Indian Ocean, don’t carry weapons, though they have the capability to do so… The US has used drones to hunt down al-Qaida-linked militants in Somalia and Yemen, among other countries. Their humming is a constant feature in the sky in many of the major towns in southern Somalia, especially the capital city and the militant-controlled southern port of Kismayo.’
Location: Seychelles
Daily TelegraphAssociated Press (via NY Times)

December 28 2011
A major report in the Washington Post examined drone strikes sanctioned by the Obama administration. The Post reporters spoke to a ‘senior administration official’ who stated that in Somalia, ‘the US administration has only allowed a handful of strikes, out of concern that a broader campaign could turn al-Shabab from a regional menace into an adversary determined to carry out attacks on US soil.’

Reference: Washington Post


January 13 2012

British naval forces captured 13 Somali pirates. The operation involved Royal Marine snipers in Lynx helicopters, and Royal Naval and Royal Marine commandos in speedboats. Speaking about the operation, defence secretary Philip Hammond said:

This operation off the coast of Somalia is a clear demonstration of Britain’s ability to tackle piracy that threatens our interests. The Royal Navy and Royal Marines are playing a crucial role in securing and protecting international sea lanes that are vital to global trade.
Type of action: Naval operation
Indian Ocean off Somalia
 British Ministry of Defence

January 21 2012
♦ 1+ reported killed

Three missiles fired from a suspected US drone killed British-Lebanese militant Bilal Al-Barjawi, also known as Abu Hafsa. Al-Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage said:

At around 1400, a US drone targeted our mujahideen. One foreigner, a Lebanese with a British passport, died.
A witness who gave his name as Osman told the New York Times there were two strikes: ‘One hit a car, which I believe held explosives.’ The strike was confirmed to AP by a US official in Washington. Barjawi was known to have been injured in airstrikes in June 2011 (SOM031) and was suspected to have sought medical assistance in Nairobi at that time. The Guardian reported Barjawi’s wife was understood to have given birth to a child in a London hospital a few hours before the attack, prompting suspicions that his location had been pinpointed through a telephone conversation between the couple. The killing caused a rift within al-Qaeda, reports suggested, with al-Shabaab calling an emergency meeting after the drone strike, amid accusations that leaders ‘may be involved in this latest killing to pursue their own goals’.
Type of action: Air operation, drone strike
Elasha Biyaha, 15km south of Mogadishu
 Somalia Report, Al Shabaab press, Long War JournalAssociated PressThe GuardianSomalia ReportNew York TimesThe TelegraphReutersLong War

January 21 2012
♦ 6 reported killed
Further south, another airstrike killed six people near the insurgent stronghold of Kismayo, according to Sheikh Mohamud Abdi, a senior al-Shabaab commander. It is not known whether the strike was by US or Kenyan forces. Kenya sent troops into Somalia in October amid concerns that Somalia’s 21-year-old civil war was spilling over the countries’ border.

Type of action: Reported air operation, possible US airstrike
 The Guardian

January 22 2012

People fled their homes in the rebel-held area of Elasha Biyaha on the outskirts of Mogadishu, ‘for fear of drone attacks targeting foreign and Al-Shabaab militants in the area‘, Somali radio station Bar Kulan reported. The station’s correspondent said most were women and children who had earlier left the capital and camped in Elasha Biyaha, but had returned following the previous day’s strikes. Somalia Report stated they spoke with a resident who lived near the site of SOM053. ‘We are scared of more strikes because Al-Shabaab fighters live around here and they might be potential targets … Shrapnel and dust was flying away from the impact area and if it happens again it might be fatal,’ he told Somalia Report.

Location: Elasha Biyaha
Bar KulanSomalia Report

January 25 2012

Reported killed: 9 pirates
A US special forces raid freed two aid workers, American Jessica Buchanan and Dane Poul Hagen Thisted, who had been kidnapped by pirates. NBC News, citing US officials, said two teams landed by helicopter and rescued the hostages after a gun battle with the kidnappers. The freed hostages were taken by helicopter to an undisclosed location. According to Associated Press, the task force involved in the rescue was Navy Seal Team Six – the team that killed Osama Bin Laden. Galmudug leader Mohamed Ahmed Alim told Reuters nine pirates were killed and five captured during the rescue operation. President Obama said he authorised the operation to rescue Buchanan:

Thanks to the extraordinary courage and capabilities of our Special Operations Forces, yesterday Jessica Buchanan was rescued and she is on her way home. As Commander-in-Chief, I could not be prouder of the troops who carried out this mission, and the dedicated professionals who supported their efforts.
Type of action: Ground operation, rescue mission.
ReutersNBC NewsAssociated Press video, Associated PressBBC

AP report on hostage release

February 3 2012

A surveillance drone reportedly crashed in a refugee camp in Mogadishu. There were no reported casualties and nothing to indicate the origins of the drone. According to AP, refugees and soldiers in Badbado camp said they watched the drone crash into a hut ‘made of sticks, corrugated cans and plastic bags‘.

Location: Mogadishu
 Associated Press

February 9 2012

In a video posted on Islamist forums, Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri said that Al Shabaab had officially joined the al Qaeda global network. According to the Telegraph, ‘analysts said the move appeared partly a propaganda gambit by an al Qaeda leadership weakened by drone strikes and a failure to carry out a major successful attack in the West since 2005‘.

ReferencesSomali War MonitorThe TelegraphReuters, New York Times

February 21 2012
Britain is to contribute £20m to a ‘stability fund’ for Somalia, which will pay for a civilian force of ‘chino-clad warriors’ to assist the Somali government, the Telegraph reported. In addition, the Guardian reported that Britain and other EU countries were ‘considering helicopters from warships to mount off shore raids on the logistical hubs and training camps belonging to pirates and al-Shabaab militants in the country’. A Whitehall source told the newspaper: ‘We don’t have the assets in place…that does not mean we could not get them in the air quickly.’ Another official added, ‘there was no political will on this to begin with, but that has been changing. We know where the camps are, where they set up and where they launch from.’ In an interview with the BBC Somali service, David Cameron explained the threat he believed al Shabaab posed: ‘Al-Shabaab encourages violent jihad not just in Somalia but also outside Somalia’, he said. ‘And there is a very real danger of young British Somalis having their minds poisoned by this organisation.’

Location: throughout Somalia
: the Guardian, the Telegraph, BBC Somali Service via al Arabiya

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Clear No No"s

Ahhhh, ebberdobby knows the ancient meme -

"...Well, look - she has her own ride, cell and apartment so why can't i?"

She also has an incredibly high GPA, a full time gig and often does gigs for others through school and church with an amazing variety of non profit charities too - instead of wasting her substance in riotous living, luv.

Such immortal truths should be applied to Persia's hot hegemonic new clear lustful lust too.

See, beleaf it or don't - some cats in diplopolitiary discourse au courant deign that since other cats are amped up with new clear weaponry - why cause Preacher Command should be denied neutronic naughtiness?

Ooohh! Pick me!! Pick me!!

That type of amazingly brazen uncritical thinking is easily LOL'd via Strauss' iconic "Which one of these things is not like the other?"

Consider: One of the nation/states often decried as a raison d"etre for martyrlicious mayhemers, Barbie and girl hater Persia to get dosed up beyond repair ala atomic arsenals.

Yes, yes and yes. Little Satan has new clear weaponry with a fun to be with new clear ambiguity (ain't no telling what all could happen captain if rowdy intolerant neighbors try again to sortee conscript inf, panzers and combat jets to try and annihilate her in old school set piece battles)!

So what?

Little Satan also has a tolerant, egalitarian society with a penchant for periodic, transparent elections, a free uncensored press, a nat'l treasury under public scrutiny, a military under civie control, an independent judiciary under elected gov oversight and the ability to enforce Writ of State with a literacy rate off the charts. 

See -
 The danger is not the bomb per se, but rather who has it. Most of us do not worry about a democratic Britain, France, India, or Little Satan possessing nuclear weapons. The fright instead is over a Communist authoritarian China, an unhinged North Korea, an unstable Pakistan, or an unstable Russia having nuclear weapons. 
Transparent democrazies ain't the problem. They are the most reliable new clear guardians; non-transparent autocrazies well, not so much. If Australia, Nippon, SoKo, Taiwan or Canada get hot to go new clear, few privately would care; if cats like Cuba or Zimbabwe get hot to go there, everyone would publicly care. 
 It is always wise to limit the nuclear club, given the chance of accident or change of government; but wiser still to limit the non-democratic nuclear club.

 Soooo how do all these rules apply to Iran? 
Persia knows that she has enough natural gas for over a century of electrical-power production. She builds nuclear facilities only to gain prestige, expand its influence beyond what she otherwise would be, and engage in blackmail — always exaggerating the pace of her nuclear acquisition to convince potential preemptors that she may already have the bomb and therefore will retaliate in nuclear fashion. 

Likewise, Preacher Command believes  that the loonier and more suicidal it sounds, the more likely other countries are to grant concessions — successful states cannot afford to wager all that they have created on the likely hunch that a failed state like Iran is bluffing. 

If Great Satan and new clear NATO cannot guarantee our allies deterrence from a nuclear Iran, then they will find a way to obtain it on their own — whether through preemption in the case of Little Satan or through nuclear acquisition in the case of the Gulf monarchies. Finally, Iranians understand the importance of knocking out an enemy’s nuclear facility — not least because they were the first ones to try it themselves.
30 September 1980: 2 Iranian Phantom jets, part of a larger group of aircraft attacking a conventional electric power plant near Baghdad, also bombed the Osiraq reactor. Minor damage to the reactor was reported.

Pic - "If you don't dig how Iran acts out now - just wait'll she be all new clear unbound!!" 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

At 30...

Choice bits from RAND"s aQ at 30: Irreversible Decline or Imminent Victory?

Whether al Qaeda is in its third decade or third century matters little to its leaders, who see the current conflict as the continuation of centuries of armed struggle between believers and infidels, and who expect it to transcend their lifetimes.

 Lack of Consensus on al Qaeda's Current Condition
  • Al Qaeda's operational capabilities have been reduced.
  • The architects of 9/11 have been captured or killed.
  • Al Qaeda today is far more decentralized than it was ten years ago and far more dependent on its autonomous field commands, its affiliates, its allies, and its ability to inspire homegrown terrorists.

The Arab Spring

  • The street protests that sparked uprisings across North Africa and continue in the Middle East are changing the political landscape. The turmoil offers al Qaeda some immediate opportunities, but for the long run, it is not clear how these events will affect either al Qaeda or U.S. counterterrorist efforts.

Al Qaeda's Perception

  • Al Qaeda sees itself engaged in an existential struggle with Western infidels determined to destroy m"Hammedism.
  • Al Qaeda sees Great Satan as weakened economically and weary of a costly war — as the Soviet Union was before its withdrawal from Afghanistan and subsequent collapse.
  • Al Qaeda believes that its superior spiritual commitment will eventually defeat America's superior military technology.
Every war must end, or so we would like to think. Terrorist campaigns end in victory by the terrorists, their suppression by the authorities, or some form of political negotiations. None
of these seems likely in the current contest with al Qaeda. It is easier to see how the conflict
could persist for decades. 

This has persuaded some to argue for unilaterally declaring an end to the “war” against a severely weakened terrorist foe. It would not end all U.S. counterterrorist efforts, but it would alter perceptions at home and signal a reduction in the military component of the effort abroad, while preventing the expansion of a military role in domestic security.

At the same time, such a declaration would raise questions about the status of the enemy
combatants who remain in U.S. custody and the use of lethal force against enemy commanders
and militants abroad.

What Americans may really be seeking is the official termination of terror. This cannot be delivered by counterterrorist operations. It is a mission of all Americans and their leaders.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents' Day!

It's like the ultimate clique! Uber exclusive and tough to get into!

Only 44 cats have sworn the oath to solemnly swear and faithfully gig the gig in the Office of President, and with their super powers to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

Even way more exclusive are the ones whose names become living embodiments of Great Satan's brain power, will power, and fire power

USS George Washington (CVN-73) - actually the 2nd warship nom d'guerr'd after #1. A new clear sub eons past and a sailing ship sloop gun platform as well as a transport in WWII

 USS Abraham Lincoln CVN 72 the 2nd ship in Great Satan's history that makes "Shall not Perish" a world wide phenom

USS Dwight D Eisenhower CVN 69

USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71

USS Harry Truman CVN 75

USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76

USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) Last of the Nimitz Class

Gone,  yet never forgotten

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB/CVA/CV-42) - "Swanky Franky" made nautical history with the first ever jet take off landings. Decommissioned in 1977 

USS John F Kennedy CV67 Last of the Kitty Hawk Class - decommissioned  August 1, 2007.

Pic - Washington's Birthday renamed Presidents' Day to honor the birthdays of both Washington (February 22) and Abraham Lincoln (February12)

Saturday, February 18, 2012


WoW - the Watchers Council - it's the oldest, longest running cyber comte d'guere ensembe in existence - started online in 1912 by Sirs Jacky Fisher and Winston Churchill themselves - an eclective collective of cats both cruel and benign with their ability to put steel on target (figuratively - natch) on a wide variety of topictry across American, Allied, Frenemy and Enemy concerns, memes, delights and discourse. 

Every week these cats hook up each other with hot hits and big phazed cookies to peruse and then vote on their individual fancy catchers.

Without further adieu - (or a don't) here are this weeks winners 

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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Friday, February 17, 2012

The World Great Satan Made

"Living in Amerika - Coca Cola - Wunderbra"

Rammstein"s timeless delightful little ditty (j'ever note they look a lot like ancient dead 3rd Reich cats - it's true der F himself along with a posse looking a lot like a younger healthier Reichsmarshall, Reichfuhrer and Org Todt"s Speer? Just saying) underscore the ancient fakebelieve Iraq War meme that Great Satan was single handedly jamming up the whole world beyond repair.

The world turned against Great Satan. Anti-American sentiments have swept the globe. Foreign leaders, pundits, and ordinary ppl decry Great Satan, at best proclaiming their heartbreak that the American values they once admired have vanished, and at worst condemning America as a criminal state beyond redemption

Regime changing Iraq (defeating the largest Arab army in history in 20 days!) on a guess no less, blowing off Kyoto, the spread of American movies, American music, KFC and Mickey D's unto the ends of the earth. Incarcerating especial creeps at Club Gitmo in those '4ever Detentions" - not to mention the barbaric practise of executing killers, often after years of incarceration.

Alla that unbound Great Satan Hating piled up faster on a girl than uncles at a Thanksgiving game of touch football and tend to create
"... a feeling that Great Satan, once a force for good in the world, is
abusing its position as the world's sole superpower. "
The meme has changed a bit into all that decline chiz - yet it is nigh imposs to LOL decline as anything other than a choice. Albeit a woefully weak minded, 2 dimensional choice, either deliberately deceitful or uninformed choice. (Not a cut - yours truly has made tonnes of suck choices - often while critical thinking  was dismissed in the uh, heat, of , uh, combat). 

Most cats in Great Satan never got the memo that decline is inevitable. In fact an amazing 70% of Americans today desire and enjoy globestomping, kicking assets and being the world's hyperpuissant hottie - unique - the only one of her kind!

Why cause?


1st off - most Americans - for whatever reasons - are alot like those wickedly delish uberselfish hotties - "Yeah. Guys have feelings too, but like, who cares!"

Americans simply do not care what all foreign haters, goobs, creeps, control freaks and girl haters think of Great Satan - and by extension - all her hot fun and free choice allies and little sisters like Taiwan, Nippon or SoKo etc too.

Plus -
“It is premature for us to conclude, after ten thousand years of war, that a few decades and some technological innovations would change the nature of man and the nature of international relations.”
See, Great Satan is as hot as she ever was - and let us speak plainly here - gon get even hotter!    

One-third of all the R&D in the world happens in Great Satan, one-quarter of the world's economy is America (with 6 percent of world population) and is increasing. Add the fact that the Great Satan"s military power is way more powerful than the next 12 largest militaries combined and hello Batman!  It magically creates what that French foreign minister cat nom d"guerr"d "l"hyperpuissant"

Great Satan is also undeclinable cause she were never as powerful as nostalgic politicians, foreign-policy wonks and commentators would like to believe  American stats on earth is still prett much where she's been for eons - an indispensable - extra sextra licious bay bee, extraordinary hook up of cats from all 5 corners of the globe and the most important, positive influence on the world over the past 60 plus years

A case could be made that all conflicts between nations happen because the world lacks an ordered and fair way for governments to resolve differences collectively. This view motivated both Woodrow Wilson to found the League of Nations after World War I and the Allies to form the League's progenitor, the UN, after World War II. The most violent and destructive century in all human history could have been avoided if the world worked this way.

An alternative view sees conflicts arising from the absence of one dominant, democratic authority tempering the natural tendencies of autocratic nations to take advantage of their neighbor. And such a power would use, and be credibly perceived as readily willing to use, overwhelming "soft" and "hard" power to back up that authority. Face it - this state of affairs has existed since the end of World War II and that authority has been and, importantly, must remain Great Satan.

A pure multipolar world would totally suck with the added chiz of being a very dangerous place, fast giving birth to conflicts far more devastating than the world has yet known, given the ever-growing proliferation of new clear weaponry. The fragile balance of power that helped the autocracies of Europe avoid war for a portion of the 19th century but ultimately collapsed, because autocrazies (think Napoleon or Otto Von Bismarck) do what they always do: perpet their power at all costs.

Imagine  what the world would look like now had Great Satan NOT done her gig on the world stage in the last century. Oh, it'll totally creep you out!

 Great Satan"s phantastique! current and future economic and, most bestes, overwhelming military power is an essential sweet reassurance to friendly and even not unfriendly nations. Great Satan must continue as this stabilizing influence while serving as the necessary opposing force to the autocratic tendencies of China, Russia and possibly others.

America has raised the living standards of the world while helping democracy grow and flourish and the League of Hot! Democrazies will most likely wanna keep it that way.
Pic - "Great Satan created the modern world - and she knows her away around b!tches!!"