Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mad Dog's Land Of The Pure Tour

Nishan E Haider!!

In the realm of the diplopolititary betwixt Great Satan and her crazy hook up with her only client new clear army with a semi literate nation state (of sorts) attached- perhaps the most awesome event is clear signal signaling.
Pakistan is finding it harder to convince outsiders it is not helping the Afghan Taliban and giving safe haven to its leaders. 

In effect, the accusation is that Pakistan is betting on the insurgents being the strongest power in Afghanistan and most likely ally once Nato leaves - something Islamabad of course strenuously denies.

The leak of this report comes at a particularly sensitive time. Pakistan is already blocking the supply route to coalition forces in Afghanistan, following a Nato attack in which 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed. 

With increasing pressure being heaped on Pakistan, public support here for formally ending co-operation with the West simply grows. 
 And now hot gossip that Great Satan is sending her one and only Teufel Hunden Generalis Giganteus to the hallowed halls of Rawalpindi.

 PAK Army cats are acting like CENTCOM's Mad Dog will be all apologizing about NATO's lethal panty raid on rowdy uninformed Pakistani Army Outposts hanging in the same impact area as righteous Talibani targets, certain cats in or near ISS struck a diff tone
“We have to meet, we have to talk, we have to bring this relationship back on track. Both of us need each other. But from now on there will be no free rides, no carte blanche — things need to be institutionalized.”  
 This is significant - 1st off sending Mad Dog to Land of the Pure speaks volumes. Mad Dog doesn't spare fools gladly and often enjoys spitting razor blades designed to be provocative amidst the easily provoked.

And after tea is served in General Kayani's sumptuous office/setee' - Mad Dog will undoubtedly read the Highest Levels of Land of the Pure's Military Command the riot act in a down to earth language that everyone in range will easily understand.

Pic - "I come in peace. I didn't bring artillery. But I'm pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f with me, I'll kill you all"