Sunday, December 30, 2007


The officially proclaimed 3 days of mourning is really looking like a week or month or eternity of violence. The Nation's Mansoor Khan confides The Land of the Pure is ripping her own living guts out purely by herself

"Stick-wielding gangs roamed the deserted highways of Karachi, the country’s
normally teeming economic hub of 12 million people, trying to stop anyone who
ventured out of the house.The government imposed a ban on public meetings and
rallies. the army have orders to shoot at sight any miscreant."
This popular uprising is blazing out of control - curious since 'control' and her hand maiden 'stability' are the raison de existence' for concepts like martial law, presidents for life and faux elections.

Mourners of the slain policial Bhutto dynasty's fave daughter has nearly everyone blaming a government that doesn't want infidel experts looking into the assassination. And the list of suspects range from Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Pakistan's terrorist sympathising spooks in the ISI. This nebulus and nefarious militant club spyguy would have much to lose influence and prestige wise. The BBC leaks
"Indirectly through the ISI, Pakistan has been supporting terrorism and
extremism—whether in London on 7/7, or in Afghanistan, or Iraq."
Reinforcing President for Life Musharrif pleaful reminder to a fragmented nation that the Internat'l view of the Land of the Pure ain't so pure:
"All the terrorist activity in Afghanistan had its base in Pakistan, All the
freedom struggle in Indian Held Kashmir was Cross Border Terrorism from
Pakistan, All nuclear proliferation in the world had its source in Pakistan,
Pakistan is an intolerant militant extremist society."
Aside from accusations that the "killer General" and "Dog Musharrif" is the brainianc behind Bhutto's murder, the unhappy truth is that the successful hit on Benazir is as much an attempt to overthrow Pervez Musharrif and the Deathly Hallows as it is a trainwreck to concensual representative politics.

Just like in Iraq - chefs of 'Hot Pocket Caliphates' use suicide bombings, terror and assassinations to create chaos and to make Pakistan ungovernable - allowing the Red Mosque guys and friends the chance to impose their authority ala Taliban, the HAMAS, Hiz'B'Allah or Mahdi Army.

Threatened the most by a likely electoral victory of the PPP in January that most likely would have hooked up an informal alliance with Musharrif would be the kiss of death to intolerant mohammedists and given new life to embattled (and entrenched) pro west and Anti Taliban alliances in secular sections of Pakistan. Such a legitimate powerbase would in theory be free to launch military force against insurrectionists in urban enclaves and Federal No Go zones, without much concern.

And now? Musharrif's assassination would be the last straw. He must act and act now. Today. Presidents for Life traditionally beat critics with the nerf baseball bat of 'leadership'. Musharrif had best add substance to that word - allowing the Great Satan's and Great Britain's experts in to ascertain exactly what the heck happened.

Pres Pervez will have to demonstrate decisiveness and impartial tri partisanship that has been non existent recently - to regain control and attempt to regain respect - not only from rightfully disillusioned Pakistanis but the entire world.

Musharrif still has the backing of the Great Satan and Great Britain (though his one man 'Deathly Hallows' act is about to totally PO his only buds in the world). Time to repay that investment that legitmate democratic veto powered UN members have provided. First off - Speed is essential. Recent announcement of postponing the election must be honored. The political parties must be on board with this.

Musharrif will have to blitz enemies of democracy to prevent civil war. This means deploying real troops and cops to halt riots, provide real and impartial protection of all Pakistan's political leaders and rallies and a real military response to threats by Al Qaeda and intolerants like the Taliban Fan Club in the Federal Tribal No Go Zones.

The precarious Pres of the Land of the Pure will have to impose force with a much better success rate then he has so far and reneg on deals cut withdrawing troops from hot pocket caliphates. After all, democracy restoration often requires destruction of democracy's enemies.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ceaser's Women?

Pakistan's girl leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party was taken out in a Syrian/Russian style double tap hit today that included at least one gunman and a bomb. Weapons fire at close range and the ensuing explosion killed 20 people.

Benazir Bhutto - like girls everwhere was one complicated person. Oxford, Yale - speaking better English than most Americans she also had the canny knack for imbibing projections and magically transforming herself into what ever her sitch or audience or constits required. She could appear like Golda Meir or Joan of Arc and often invoked Indiri Ghandi's model.

Despite all the image, spin and sweet talking Western talk, Benazir may have been little different from politicians through out history - cutting deals for buds and homies and occasionally sort of dipping in to the kitty for personal chicanery.

Surviving multiple botched assassination attempted hits never really sank in to her - riding about in open cars and speaking at massive polit rallies. An everyday thing in her world - after her dad and brother were murdered - maybe it was like the norm.

Slate commissioned her to write a diary for publication a decade ago. In a very prophetic bit that has a new meaning today, she referred to Ceaser's Women by Colleen McCullough:

"Here we are heading towards the third millennium, and the conduct of men and
women still mirrors the style of Caesar's age. Does time go forward or backward
or just stand still? Do we fight the same demons in each era and in each century
only with different methods and in different styles? Are we condemned to a cycle
of patterns that keeps turning and ending up where it started?"

Great Satan's Hootchie of the Year 2007

It's time! In 2007 there were many entrants in the Great Satan's Hootchie of the Year award. Space doesn't permit listing them all so here are the top six.

#6. Miley Cyrus made it through a combination of good luck, good genes and real talent to become the super hot super cool true blue girl next door. Strong on hard work, study and family values Miley credits her success to the Lord. No wild parties, police chases, predator hot guys in her shadow, babies on the way or wickibit pics. Her talent and brainpower, rooted to reality mentality are shared with the Great Satan's nobility, youthful vitality, and eternally optimistic outlook. Sweet, clever and super classy Miley Cyrus is a super role model for younger girls.

#5 - Hillary Rodham Clinton - Heck hath no fury like a hootchie scorned - and this is one scorned hootchie. Electoral "negatives" hovering around the 50% range, the Senator from the Empire State is slugging her way through to the highest honors her Democratic party can bestow. Senator Clinton relies heavily on her ex President spouse for true executive expertise, substance, cash and votes. HRH is the first girl candidate for president for a major political party. The only elected hootchie on the list for 2007, Senator Clinton hangs with disbarred legal eagle security risk (clearance revoked for stealing critical documents from the Nat'l Archives) Sandy Berger for some of her Foreign Policy formulas.

#4 - Paris Hilton - Despite nigh unsurmountable obstacles like anti party Police, unsympathetic DA's and papparazzi who focus their pics on the wrong things, Paris singlehandedly put the "ooo" in hootchie. Owner of 4 different companies that gross $28 million in profits in 2007, Paris the Heiress uses the Ronald Reagan method of surrounding herself with experts. Saavy biz people, greedy playboys, and doped up starlets. Paris' recent junket to Red China showcasing unbridled capitalism and the just desserts and instant gratification that shopping spree's can bestow are excellent reminders that in the Great Satan good looks and cash can be as awesome as brain power and hard work. Greed is eternal and Paris has it all. And she flaunted it all right in the face of the worlds largest, oldest, played Collectivist style Communistic unfree nation, where unrestricted internet access is a crime against the state and all computer printers are registered with the State. Totally retarded. A State with state controlled media control hosting Paris? A mega host server crasher like the fun, free Paris Hilton with 20 million hits overwhelmed filters and access. Paris is irresistable - just like the Great Satan.

#3 - Condoleeza Rice - America's Sec of State is so smart - she's beautiful. Advising Presidents, policy makers - elected and appointed. Dr Rice, one of the world's most powerful women recently announced the 'Non negotiable demands of human dignity "...the rule of law, limits on state power, free speech, religious liberty, equal justice, property rights, tolerance of difference and respect for women..." Sweet words indeed - and heck - it is America. Constantly disproving cries of "Bakerization", she constantly faces down presidents for life and corrupt royalty in ray bans. Dr Rice remains the best role model for the Great Satan's daughters in the last decade.

#2 Gwen Stefani - the Orange County girl with legs right up to her neck has taken talent, hard work and a dream and made it to the top. One of the Great Satan's treasures, Gwen was determined not to sit about in tolerant societies making cash and fans. Gwen took her "Sweet Escape" tour with the Harijuku Girls right into the only semi Mohammedist nation that was brave enough to have her. Malaysia - withering under the weight of constant assaults from hotties, hootchies and ho's got more than they bargained for when Gwen totally dissed fatwas, death threats and militant Mohammedist 'student' groups. Blitzing over 60K concert goers out of their minds with sexyful drenched beats, moves and music. Gwen flipped off intolerant girl fearing preachers and made off their bling, cash and lust.

And the Great Satan's Hootchie of the Year is:

1st Lady Laura Bush - Ex School Teacher, mom of two girls (who made it to 18yo with out babies - this speaks volumes in itself) Brazenly, without modesty landing on the sacred soil of Hijaz's original he man women hating kingdom of Saudi Arabia in October. Joyfully unh'jab'd in broad daylight - no less - the 1st Lady, raised awareness of Breast Cancer pre emption - a most unmohammedist concept - and shared stories and hope with the handful of Saudi lady doctors on precious prime time state controlled unfree media. An especially built and funded screening facility (that is rumoured to appear 'breast like' when viewed from a certain altitude) right in a retarded kingdom where girls driving a car could collapse a backward society chock full of oil, unemployed young people and a not so impressive literacy rate. Always in service to something larger than self - 1st Lady Laura Bush is the Great Satan's Hootchie of the Year 2007.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Paris Pushy Pic

Gotcha good!

Monday, December 24, 2007


The Nuke Free since '03 NIE presents an unexpected especially sweet advantage for the Great Satan that amoral cultist refugees from the state dept's thug hugging despot fanboy fraternity never saw coming.

The Syrian Semtex style old school 'splosion that assassinated the 8th Pro Lebanese politician - (in less than 3 years no less) - may very well be the 'splosion that assassinated the last gansta style (old school) hit regime Bashar Al Assad is running. And Bashar Al Assad may also very well be the last Dr General President for Life Syria - indeed, the entire ME may suffer. Simply put, the Great Satan has lost interest. Flat out wore out in allowing maintainance of Assad's unproductive destabilizing stability as

"The reason why is because he houses Hamas, he facilitates Hezbollah, suiciders
go from his country into Iraq and he destabilizes Lebanon"
Syria is also a world leader in human trafficking. Unclean! Slave trading Syrians enjoy a weird legitimate glow of illegitimacy, profaning by presence the very ideals and soul of the UN's ancient institutions like Human Rights Commission.

Syria is totally isolated with over 19 million Syrians - average age 21 and a literacy rate of
nigh 80% (76.9 for those who collect such information). A totally controlled, computerized Police State with 1.5 million online. A Facebook account can get you thrown in jail, killed or worse.

Like all control freaks, Al Assad has a built in and inherited dependent population - 1.5 plus million. Over 300K displaced persons and a true underclass of fellow arab 'foreigners' (foreigners who all share nigh identical dialects, customs and values). 700K plus Iraqi's, over 400K Palestinians.

What the heck? Palestine - (your choice - phased planned PL Old school Fatah WB or HAMAS brand Caliphate rocket brigades in Gaza) - is less than a 2 day bus ride from the furthest reaches of Syria - no less. Is Suriya al B'Ath exploiting and horribly using these people as resources?

"Syria is a destination country for women from South and Southeast Asia and
Africa for domestic servitude and from Eastern Europe and Iraq for sexual
exploitation; women are recruited for work in Syria as domestic servants, but
some face conditions of exploitation and involuntary servitude including long
hours, non-payment of wages, withholding of passports and other restrictions on
movement, and physical and sexual abuse; Eastern European women recruited for
work in Syria as cabaret dancers are not permitted to leave their work premises
without permission and have their passports withheld; some displaced Iraqi women
and children are reportedly forced into sexual exploitation."

Realistically cramming notes from the fallout from the Great Satan's best guess, Syria's Dr General President for Life unrealistically refuses the ultimate temptation for ultimate control. Al Assad's

"not interested in nuclear weapons or a nuclear facility"
Veto powered Democracies with saavy tech minded real military projection are through being played. too. Dissing Darling Nikki's democratic dire

"I have reached the end of the road with Assad. Words alone won't suffice, I
want actions."
For years Syria has played the game and may now be played out. Blowing bridges in Annapolis, host of the 2007 Axis of Evil WMD Fest (such a shame - all those irreplaceble techs from NoKo, Iran and Syria - dying and disappearing in tragic accidents, IDF Commando raids and IAF airstrikes) bunker building, troop training deal with oathbreaking nuclear NoKo - Syria is using up favors at an alarming rate.

Totally dissed and proven to NOT be in control Al Assad is desperately trying to maintain some - any - type of command over her semifree neighbor Lebanon.
Bashar calls on Vlad (hoping success in retaining power rubs off) and books bail on the strangely off course Black Sea Flotilla docked Syrian seaside - just in case.)

Expanding AOE ties by hooking up with Hiz'B'Allah and swearing an oath of inherited allegiance to Iran,

"... relations will not be shaken for any reason or under any circumstance."
A three year open reason for the season on Lebanese politicians may bear a frightening price:
Especially since Syria's best buds in pragmatic preacherville Tehran were just let off the hook.

Will the mullahs dare risk open involvement - or covert (since in every case Irans bloody hands have been uncovered) even as their isolated strategic assets and allies are dismantled, disarmed and regime changed?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Divine Intervention and the Date Police

Preacher Command in Tehran blitzes a ton of internet cafe's, computer clubs and tech saavy kids in their desperate doomed attempt to control socialising in a nation fixing to bust with young people.

Colonel Nader Sarkari of the Mullahs Online Posse explains during a well earned break from targetting almost 500 online hot hook up spots why the regime is freaking out at unbridled internet access. Lawless hoods and out of control ho's are frequenting these shady establishments for a myriad of wicked purposes:

"Using immoral computer games, storing obscene photos ... and the presence of
women wearing improper hijab were among the reasons why they have been closed

Goodluck. In a increasingly prohibitive society, fun of any kind is outlawed, contact with hotties (h'jabed or not) and hot guys severly limited, and no free media. This Achilles heel is exploited by kids in Iran right now.

Filter busters appear scrawled on the back of bus seats in Tehran's Mass Transit System - risible' rich as the current hand picked Pres of Iran has a PHD in traffic management and as mayor tried to segregate bus lines.

One of the Regimes top 20%ers, cleric Ahmad Khatami's announcement lends heavy despotic weight and talks plainly to kids - in a language they can easily understand. The regime desperately wants to dial in ancient days on the way back machine. Explaining that all mullahs in the Islamic Republic desire the very same

"Our people want their women to be able to go in the streets with respect and
want their dignity to be protected, Our people want the society to be morally

Only prob - "Our people" means the Mullahs. In their 'clean society' concepts are not easily upgraded to the New Millenial standards of free choice. The Mullahs clean society is a medievel society that sometimes considers concepts like shame and honor so dear (note these dear concepts often reside between the legs of their daughters, sisters, nieces and girl cousins).

In an illegitimate theocratic regime like Iran's, their particular brand of Sha Ria law, alas, is as unpopular as any law, tradition or time honored practice that by design tends to crush the human spirit. And when spirit crushing is in demand - break out the secret police.

Newly appointed Police Chief Brigadier-General Ahmad Reza Radan is no stranger to crisis or extremis. As a young Revo Guard commander in the Iran Iraq war he's dealt with the human spirit and young people too.

Using 1000's of "Besiji's" - essentially teenage boys - many volunteered by their families to fight at the front as a Martyr's Battalion - Radan saw 1st hand the very creative use of human wave attacks when the Armies of the Ayatollah drove the Iraqis out of Iran and began payback counteroffensives that beseiged Basra for nearly six years.

Despite the utmost in faith, tons of plastic keys to the gates of paradise and some of the very first duct tape Red China built - multi groups of boys bound together tended to have the same horrific failed effect when pitted against entrenched tanks, mustard gas and fixed machine gun kill zones.

Even faithful Guard NCO's might suffer a slip of faith now and then. The waste of lives for gains measured in yards totally depressed a younger comrade who openly asked why Allah would allow such carnage among faithful children armed only with a plastic key and unlimited faith in Ayatollah Khomeini. Radan's answer was quite esoteric: "How do you know Allah doesn't require these measures?"

Recently at one of the regimes fake showcase "Police Fairs" Radan was available for questions by concerned citizens about Police crackdowns on music, dress codes and essentially unIslamic activity. One of the reporters of ISNA (Iranian Students News Agency) was brave enough (this source has since disappeared) to quiz the General about a conversation betwixt cops and a girl which he had recorded a few days ago. Here are some parts of the conversation. (The girl is arrested in her car with her date.)

Police officer: Allah has sent me to arrest you and prevent a crime.

Girl: What are you talking about? What crime?

Police officer: You have sat together at this unusual time, inside a dark car, in a deserted area of the city.

Girl: Is it our CRIME? Allah has sent you for this?

Police officer: yeah, Allah knows if I wasn't here on time what a scandal could happen to your family.

Girl: It is not deserted here. There are many people there in the park and so may cars pass by here.

Police officer: I don’t know. I just know Allah has sent me…

ISNA then asked Radan about the admittedly unIslamic concepts of civil rights and if cops should treat people like this. Radan's answering question was quite esoteric

"How do you know that officer was not sent by Allah?"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Persian Puzzle

In the essential "Persian Puzzle" (Random House - 1st Edition de Luxe in gorgeous gunmetal Union Blue with Gold gilt designed by Victoria Wong. ) Military Spy Guy, Foreign Armies Persian Gulf Dept, Ken Pollack shares that his Iranian epiphany was truly double.

First off, back in the days of Realpolitik, the horrible Iran - Iraq war had just ended. Twisting the armistice into a victory (uncharacteristic for the Mullah's particular victimistic/mohammedist martyrdom death cult) The Islamic Republic vowed to

"...never be defenseless again."
Instead of refreshing or rebuilding shattered units with fresh armor, heavy weaponry like artillery and ground attack choppers - Iran was dragging her feet with

"prolonged and bizarre negotiations with a whole variety of arms manufactures
over rather minor issues that dragged out..."
and retarded desperate replenishment.

Iran began a crash bling and book learning course on snap best used as stand off weaponry against targets like Carrier Battle Groups. Not really gearing up for a remix with their fellow despotic neighbor that had invaded their turf, trashed the place - leaving it as barren and blasted as the surface of the moon - and bled an entire generation dry.

Pollack's parables of preacher practiced pragmatism presents that back in Operation Enduring Freedom - some elements in Iran openly aided and abetted the Great Satan's sweet Taliban Smackdown while high level liasons sweetly whispered sweet nothings right out of Realpolik's Lexikon - Rapprochment.. At the same time other elements in Iran's crazy High Command were stalking, tracking, targeting and turning America's Afghanistan assets of all kinds - intell or logistical. Rapprochment la mort?

When the Islamic Republicly alledgedly 'practically' freaked as America Unbound utterly regime changed the living daylights out of their semi sunni fellow illegitimate leader with the largest Arab army in history in 20 days, The NIE2007's Mullah's eschewed nuke chicanery.

Practical indeed. 'Guadacanal' was like a 6 hour tank ride away from Iran's strategic Zagros mountain passes, and still other elements used Al Qaede resources (kept safe and sound in a compound not unlike the one that Mookie Al Sadr and H'ssan Nasrallah shared as roomies back in the day) like an Al Qods type Green Beret Special Forces to launch ye olde A.Q. simultaneous bombings in Saudi.

Is Pollack's prophesy of pragmatic self ensnaring practical preachers coming true right now? A face to face 'dialogue' or as really marque'd - "4th Round of Iraq Stability Talks" likely to be a victim of self sabotage? The tete' a tete' may be on as Iraq's Foreign Minister (who has a super phat dossier marked IRAN on his desk - next to a dual core Dell, Ipod dock and a AEK-919 K "Kashtan") hopes

"It doesn't mean there wouldn't be in the future further meetings at different
level, maybe even ambassadors or higher than ambassadors."
Iran's Foreign Mullah Ministry Fanboy Mohammad Ali Hosseini bears dripping, rotting fangs - certainly certain topics may develop the regimes Shi ite Crescent from Persia to the Med in happy hegemony. To snag that dreamy goal:

"We would like to emphasize the fact that there must be a plan for the pullout
of American forces from Iraq."
The fiesty "3rd Round of Talks" with Ambassa Crocker were short and bittersweet as the Great Satan's regime killing regime changing General Ray Odierno pointed out Iran's involvement with the murderous sha ria law loving, Mahdi Army while surging the living daylights out of Mookie's minions - practically running the wanna be mullah's asset right out of the combat zone and into an arguably safer environment like a seminary.

Evidently such robust activity rendered high level discussions and dialouge, as spokescat Philip Reeker puts it:

''frank and serious.''
Will the upcoming '4th Round' unveil another of Pollacks's proverbs? Consider: of all the books out on Iran since 2004 - Dr. P's has been totally correct in nearly every idea or prediction - even when he remarks that nobody really knows how the heck dysfunctional despotries think or react. Indeed - they will scramble to survive and provoke at the same instant.

Almost funny. Amar Hakim, secretary-general of Iraq's largest political party finds little to laugh about.
"We joke around here that we don't want to be stuck in a war between the 'Axis
of Evil' and the 'Great Satan' ."

Monday, December 17, 2007

Early Winter

Gwen Stefani is one of the Great Satan's treasures. Hard, heartbreaking work, honing her craft and perfecting her art with No Doubt. Gaining fans, fame, and superstar stats the Orange County girl with legs right up to her neck breaks out on her own. Her second solo album "Sweet Escape" features a prophetic caveat. Gwen's latest video details an oathbound hot hookup drifting with the season into a detente' amor. Lines are drawn, positions are fixed it's an Early Winter. Mournfully melancholy, there is a forbidding franticness about the track that realizes this semi life/love sitch (like the tune itself) may never resolve.
"It looks like an early winter for us It hurts and I can’t remember sunlight An
early winter for us The leaves are changing color for us"

Just like a seasonal change - the NIE 2007 fallout has shifted the worlds axis. Pretty, pretty colors turn - many disappear. Chilling inevitability. After tons of analysis and disections, the Great Satan's preimer fashion 'stache' grande' is most likely the most "moderately confident"
"Rarely has a document from the supposedly hidden world of intelligence had such
an impact as the National Intelligence Estimate released this week."
Impact indeed. Like catching a long time BFF hanging with the weeded out rock band down the street, the ripples of impact reverbrate and develop into determinded disbelief. Demands and denouncements demand a call for a Congressional investigations. Senator John Ensign points out
"Iran is one of the greatest threats in the world today. Getting the
intelligence right is absolutely critical, not only on Iran's capability but its
intent. So now there is a huge question raised, and instead of politicizing that
report, let's have a fresh set of eyes -- objective, yes -- look at it."

Totally correct - and totally in touch - after all, 3 out of every 4 Americans think the NIE is "...Make believe..." In the Great Satan, smart people openly quiz and openly wonder if strategic supposition sold by supposedly smart people warrant dropping the 'Intelligence' from the Central Intelligence Agency.
Now what?" is hit up repeatedly re: respected realpolitikers, think tank Hank's and their bona fided Missuses. Kissing cousins idea wise - unreal realism with the same ancient played pre911 playbook "We are so last year" Containment, isolation and encirclement abandoned and upgraded to
"Dialogue, compromise, and commerce"
Dialouge? Rapprochment? Really?

Maybe it is time for dialouge and realism. Like, realistically ask why does Iran ally with Lebanese politician killing Syria? Why the joint support and hook up of HAMAS/ Hiz'B'Allah? Heck fire, HAMAS is totally psyched to home wreck honest brokering of the ME's raison de retarde' between the Arab League, the Little Satan and her client state Palestine. Zealously successfully coup'ing against the equally wicked Fatah in Gaza, HAMAS leader K'Leed Mesha'al hangs hoodwise in Damascus, redeems friendly flyer miles to Tehran - the very def of internal interferrence. Just like the CRS release citing NoKo training and stashing expertise in Lebanon How do realists respond to that kind of dialouge?
"...insistence that Arab states array against Iran could further destabilize an
already volatile region..."
Destabilize? Realspeak for sure - totally Bakerized - like the Study Group deal - Iran and Syria might help out stabilizing Iraq as soon as they got through destabilizing Lebanon, Gaza, the West Bank, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Chechnya and of course - Iraq. Dialouge with Syria hasn't resulted in a blizzard of stabilization or compromise with targeting Lebanon's dwindling population of politicians.

Perhaps the concept of destabilization may actually make a better case for confronting, containing and ultimately regime changing an illegitimate murderously meddlesome oath breaking uranium enriching theocracy.

Fall out from the Nat'l Intell may indeed prove the old school Straussians and Pentagon Vulcans correct about many things. Neocons collectively since the ancient days of PNAC were totally jazzed on creating, sustaining and upgrading a future super cyber military. This fully crunk muscle power - about 30 years ahead of any unfree or semi free state - ever - is maxed to the max.

Boots on the ground, GPS eyes in the sky with worldwide line of sight and communications, fingers on the triggers, weilding high tech enemy annihilation on call with the utmost humanitarianism (brainiac drones that can fly and kill are intelligent weaponry - by def the ultimate in preventing innocent fatalities - also has the added benefit of putting paid to illiterate nonpatriots fave faux equation of American GI = terrorist formula). Facing down regimes that fear FaceBook or unlimited access to the internet could be fun and easy.

Or as an upgraded paraphrase from past UN Ambassador Albright might realistically read

"Why the heck have this 30 year in the future military if we can't use it to
eliminate corrupt petty Hitlerian regimes? Regimes that torment their own people
and export torment?"
Sec Def Gates pointedly points out realistically that
"The reality is that a number of countries, over the past 29 years, have engaged
economically with Iran. There are many companies that do business in Iran; many
countries that do business in Iran; that have hosted Iranian banks. There have
been significant economic ties and I see no evidence that any of that has
exercised any kind of a moderating influence on Iranian behaviour whatsoever. "
Why are these cats so hot for Cold War? Why the addiction to their amoral Cult of Stability? And why the resurrected interest in a diplomatic defeatist mind set? And why not apply a healthy dose of realistic redefinition to realpolitik realism? Stefani's soundtrack sweetly serenades, sorrowfully bows to absurdity
"Looks like an Early Winter. Why? Why? Why? Why do you act so stupid? Why? Why? Why? Looks like an Early Winter"

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Web Wars

Ahmadinejad After Dark - Iran's missile man's very own website, is actually a let down. No fiery bombast associated to the little guy handpicked to preside over a computerized police state. Proppaganda pregnant intermittant posts months apart and a lively sectione la commentarie'.

It's also fake as heck - no way near the scary rhetoric and provocative drama dramatically dramatized by the gay free Islamic Republic's pirate president's personal appearances.

About as exciting as clicking over to the Golf Channel or Canadian Parliment TV, it serves as a bizarro example of life and communcations in a society ruled by an illegitimate, unelected regime.

The Supreme Leader is online even as Iran leads unfree lands in ruthlessly pursuing dissent, restricting info tech, freedom, "Western Influences" and of course hot bikes.

"The plan to act against various motorcyclists in Tehran’s main routes has
This is significant - Iran's pop is experiencing a youth bulge - historically dangerous for cliches and cabals that rule by control of the masses. Currently able to contain Iran's periodic student outbursts - more tech hungry and saavy kids in an unfree land with a literacy rate nigh 80% argue the future is change.

Nearly 65 million people can testify that living in a preachers paradise totally sucks. Strong medicine for Ayatollah' s, mullah's and by extention - corrupt royalty in Ray Bans and Presidents for Life in Ray Bans.

By flaunting faux government hip cred online, while denying hip cred on her own streets the mullah's make a real case for defining their two faced leadership as an Islamic Reactionary Revolutionary Republic. This is totally retarded. How much hip, street cred can a regime project when the interior features the Mullah's Fashion Posse launching

"operations" against boots over the trousers and using hats instead of scarfs

Media control - access and content - in the New Millenium is crucial. Desperate unelected leaders (who offer only wars, weariness and want) need online control to survive.

"The government is trying to create a digital border to stop culture and news
coming from abroad-a vision of the Net which is worrying for the country's
7.5 million online (2nd only to the Little Satan in all the ME) and best guess at 100K blogs might be the way to spead the news. Web security in Iran is vital. Ramazanali Sadeqzadeh perfectly illustrates by listing targets - online - no less -

The Supreme Cultural Revolution Council monitors the filtering of Web sites.
Intelligence and Security Ministry, the Islamic Culture and Guidance Ministry,
and Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Its decision to filter a site is
relayed to the Communication and Information Technology Ministry.
Fronting $75 million in a cyber regime change, the Great Satan knows the irresistable appeal and pull She effortlessly wields and spells it out loud

"to support the aspirations of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy in
their country."
Homegrown humanitarian Hadi Ghaemi reports Iran's Internet Police have their hands full, wastefully consuming resources, cash, hardware and brainpower

"They are obsessed with the perception that the U.S. is fueling a velvet
revolution through this money."

The Great Satan's military cyber warfare brigade is on the case - called "Project Checkmate" General Thomas McInerney confirms the Mullah's have a lot to worry about:
"There is no question that we can take out Iran. The problem is the follow-on,
the velvet revolution that needs to be created so the Iranian people know it’s
not aimed at them, but at the Iranian regime."
Despotic smoke screens desperate to acquire the net's core codes are overt covert ops that fool no one. Milton Mueller, a professor at Syracuse University, advises restraint. In the New Millenium despots are severely dissed, distressed and disadvantged

"Critical Internet resources are truly global governance issue."
Hypocritical as Iran's Mullah's online are - they are far more lively than their Best Friend For Ever Bashar website. Unlimited access to the world outside Syria is a terrible threat to al Assad's self imposed isolation.

Fear of another avenue of the Little Satan's espionage expertise cracking down on the web this incident inspires little confidence in the Lion of Syria. After all, if the regime in Damascus can't handle Face Book - it certainly couldn't handle free inquiry or a Syrian citizeny informed and independent.

Like Iran's two faced web - Al Assad shares another risable rich twist - the Dr. General President for Life is also the cyber caliphate for all online activity with his very own Syria Computer Society. A PR creation of his when he assumed power in Syria to reach out to the world and reform Syrian society. Ammar al-Qurabi, head of the National Association for Human Rights explains how the Computer Society operates now

"There is now an 'Internet political crimes' ward at one prison. Internet cafes
have been required to limit their communications services."

Other limited communication services include all foreign online activities from Hotmail to regional links like Lebanese daily an-Nahar, Al Jezeera and Palestinian al-Quds al-Arabi.

Creepy discrepancies, social crackdowns and simularities - fashion police, religious police, secret police, ministries of virtue and vice prevention, Supreme Leaders and Computer Societies. One regime secular in a semi practical cost analysis, illegitimate, intolerant dictatorship and one theocratic regime in a semi practical cost analysis, illegitimate intolerant dictatorship.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The 007 in NIE 2007

Who or what put the 007 in the NIE 2007?
Wicked MD literally blowing up in the faces of bona fided scienceguys from solidly sovereign illegitimate UN membered regimes at The Axis of Evil weaponizing Seminar.

Unverified gossip whispers that the IAF, expertly informed, with precision and at will destroyed 80% of Hiz'B'Allah's missile malls, strategic communications and precious reserves within 3 hours during the retarded missile war HBA kicked off in last years July August War with Lebanon and Israel. The only Target they didn't target was H'ssan Nasr'allah - comfy in the Iranian Embassy's combo compound and bunker complex. Super spy hanky panky at the highest levels of Iran's first born super villan secret command centers?
Little Satan's IAF striking suspect locations in Syria that may or may not include Iranian, NoKo and Syrian captives and equiptment.

Iran has fired and hired new Revo Guards commanders, and scored a psychic nuke negotiator. Saeed Jalili knew what was in the NIE 2007 before it was released - prophetically telling the EU, the UN - lottie dottie everybody -
“There is no longer an Iranian nuclear problem”.
Just to drive home that the Islamic Republic would bar the gates - made the French guy cry by pointing the last four years of nonprofit jaw flapping were all for nought. There was a new Nuke Negotiating Sherif in town. Starting now. Pardner.
Javier Solana, the EU's 'High Representative' for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, gets the message - no new talks. IAEA Director ElBaradei agrees with Resolution 1747. According to him, Iran's nuclear program has advanced so far so fast - it's retarded to try enrichment interruptus.
Other psychics include Iranian Ambassador to Paris Ali Ahani revealed to the French weekly Challenges -
"We are prepared to face the worst scenarios. In that case, the U.S. president
will have to claim the responsibility for a conflict that will influence the
entire world."
Essentially telling France that America does not know how to justify a 'get'em get 'em' attitude toward Iran.
Iran cried fowl at Annapolis, held hands in the Gulf with Saudi King. The Islamic Republic's Defense Minister no showed at a Internat'l Conferance in the Gulf hosted by the Great Satan - Did the regime huddle and connive in Tehran?
Recent domestic crackdowns faithfully create more dissent, another reminder of illegitimate regimes as protests disrupted Tehran U.
What put the 007 in the NIE 2007? So far - only a hint of a
"...great discovery, and they've analyzed the discovery, and it's now a part of our
government policy."

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Shinshin Nippon

The land of backward comics, Harijuku Girls, and cool robots - Japan is HOT! Instead of scary missiles and secret police - Japan built a fun, rich democratic tech saavy, tolerant, egalitarian society with a free, uncensored press, transparent, periodic elections, and independent judiciary that hasn't bothered anyone in over six decades A literacy rate of over 99%, Nippon is a wonderful example of the human spirit unbound.

The Great Satan nurtured, protected and traded with Japan as she forsook Bushido, Shinto and aggressive semi totalitarian style military rule. Hooking up with constitutional pacifism after the Great Satan's very first nuclear regime change, she rehabed from a horrible war and begat global economic power.

A true ally, her petite de luxe Navy protected and provided logistic and support ops in the India Ocean since 911. Hitting her up for Peace Keeping duties brings drama. Japan's skirt flirt with pacificism (like the old 10th grade adage - it's Ok to dress like a hootchie, and act like a hootchie - just don't be a hootchie) finally flopped as constituents and polls change political power - the very def of an enlightened society.
Continuing Japan's enlisted support is more like a ho than a hootchie. Ichiro Ozawa, opposition party legislature explains
"We need to have principles, which means that unless it's part of UN operations,
it would not be possible."
Totally Legit, she's the second largest contributor to the UN - Japan could be up for a seat on the new improved Security Council. The Great Satan's Ex UN guy John Bolton points out plenty of reasons why, concluding:
"From a purely Platonic perspective, debate on UN government can last
Another ally enhances America's clout. NATO courted Japan.

Japan's 'geeky' new Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba reveals his charge:
"It's to maintain the logistic mission of the Maritime Defense Force in
the Indian Ocean."
This is significant. The Land of the Rising Sun is in a rough hood, Japan is very close to nuke power veto powers like Russia and China. Six Scuds and a Dud Day last year by a wicked absolute despotic oathbreaker in nuclear NoKo also tests constitutional pacifism and UN legitimacy.

Mitsubishi makes more than super sweet shorty sporties - rec'ving a government contract by the Japan Defense Force to launch R&D to create a stealth air superiority fighter.

Nihon Koku Jieitai, Air Defense Force Ministry spokescat says the FX 1 project (named 'Shin Shin' or Spirit) reveals
"Preliminary TRDI (Japan Defence Agency's Technology Research and Development Institute) design proposal for FI-X showed twin-engined configuration with
canards, low aspect ratio tapered wings, twin fins and rudders and
thrust-vectoring exhaust nozzles. Construction of up to four prototypes
originally expected to begin in FY99 and to include co-cured composites,
radar-absorbent materials and digital fly-by-light and engine control systems.
Wing span and length provisionally 9.15 m (30 ft) and 13.40 m (44 ft)
respectively. Avionics to include conformal radar and IR seeker. First XF-7
engine was delivered for static testing in June 1998, but FI-X programme has
been stretched, and TD-X demonstrator not now expected to fly until 2007."
Avionic experts in the Great Satan are semi concerned - though Japan guards her secrets well - stealth tech may fall in despotic, terrorist feeding hands in the not too distant future. Since the Great Satan keeps her secrets close to heart, Japan has so far not been granted priviledge to purchase the F22 Raptor - now online with the USAF.

Defense officials hope to have a test flight of the prototype, unofficially nicknamed "Shinshin" or spirit, by the end of March 2014.

Japan has got the bling to bling it on - best guesstimates are around $419.8 million

Looking a lot like an F22 - Shin Shin got game -sleek, sexyful and stealthy. Just like Gwen Stefani's hip homage to the Japanese fashion scene in her dance hit "Harijuku Girls"
"Style is style. Fashion is fashion. Girl, you got style."

Thursday, December 6, 2007

NIE 2007 Box Set Bonus Feature

Like music - math is universal. 2+2=4 anywhere. Natan Sharansky's essential "Case for Democracy" shares how 'fear societies' can use anything to desperately try and apply a thin veneer of legitimacy to illegitimate regimes, rulers and Supreme Leaders. All despots know that blurring the line between honest nat'lism and absolute rule is especially effective for young people. Indeed, in a media controlled, police state with a high literacy rate - math can be a wonderfull widget.

Hasan invented 918 Kilograms of Uranium. He sent 213 kilograms to the Bushehr
Power Plant and 348 Kilograms to the Natanz. How much Uranium does he have?
918-(213+348)=358 (918-213)-348=358

Reckon this bit of Intell was included in the NIE 2007? Does this indicate that Sharansky is totally correct?

In a free society the leaders’ function is to improve the lives of the citizens;
in a fear society the leaders function to improve only the lives of the leaders.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Best Guess

Well, it's official - The latest Nat'l Intell Estimate confides in 2003 that Iraq wasn't the only cult of personality player tripping when the Great Satan's Operation Iraqi Freedom commenced.

The Islamic Republic's box seats got an eyefull as legitimate, democratic, veto powered Hoes were pimped, tricked and bribed into ultimately shielding nothing for the largest Arab army in history along with a hideously au currant absolute despot.

Utterly regime changed by the spiritual sons of Guadacanal and the Rock of the Marne in 20 days, it also sent a wonderful message:

Iraq proved that WMDepots often function magnetically and attract regime killing regime change.
The law of unintended sweet consequences totally kicked. Colonel K'Daffy 'fessed up and gave up - surrendering Libya's secret wmd to Great Britain. The NIE reports Iran was tripping too.

"...covert nuclear weapons program was halted at the same time the Iranians
publicly announced that they were suspending their public and declared
uranium enrichment program..."
The EU can testify to what a suspending failure the Enrichment Interruptus Cordiale' Paris was declared. Iran's brand new nuke dude dissed all previous public announcements, accords and left the UN and the EU depressed.

The NIE 2007 reveals the irresistable appeal of the Great Satan - her seductive powers are undeniable - super spies in the mix contributed mightily in August 2007.

Iran's Intelligence Ministry (busy with their own Nat'l Intell Guesstimate with terms like encirclement, isolation, defecting and missing Revo Guard Officers) proved Sharansky's model of unfree socities desperately needing internal enemies. After internal investigation they busted and

"...charged Hossein Musavian, a former senior nuclear negotiator, with passing
classified information to the British..."

Perfidious Albion! Passing the intell along influences the Great Satan's best guess 2007. American Intell calls it a

"...a great discovery, and they've analyzed the discovery..."
Without referencing the Little Satan's airstrike in Syria, The Great Satans intelligence community is busy employing such delish intell on many fronts including regime change by encouraging splits in the Mullah's powerbases.

"Ahmadinejad blasted critics of his nuclear policies as "traitors" and accused
them of spying for Iran's enemies, using his strongest rhetoric yet against
domestic opponents and raising concerns of a possible crackdown.

The NIE states that:

only an Iranian political decision to abandon a nuclear weapons objective would
plausibly keep Iran from eventually producing nuclear weapons—and such a
decision is inherently reversible.

International diplomacy that the Great Satan deals with India recently sheds interesting light. State department sources reveal that Nicky Burns India incident sends calculated, informed, signals:

"In short, the civil nuclear agreement serves the national security interests of
the United States. It has already become the symbolic centerpiece of the new
U.S.-India friendship and is wildly popular among millions of Indians who see it
as a mark of U.S. respect for India. It will also send a powerful message to nuclear outlaws such as Iran: if you play by the rules, as India has, you will be rewarded; if you do not, you will face sanctions and isolation."

Highly classified, unreleased portions of the NIE 2007 prove the Great Satan's words are carefully chosen and echo the Little Satan

"Iran was dangerous. Iran is dangerous. And Iran will be dangerous"

Created by the Great Satan's best - military, intelligence, diplomatic and economic in a climate controlled environment - no less - America's Best Guess 2007 alledgedly includes:

" lists in theaters where the use of force is a real possibility. The
devotion of intelligence to military uses also reflects the increasing frequency
with which the military is being called upon by policymakers in situations
ranging from countering classic aggression to dealing with the humanitarian
problems caused by failed states and civil war. It also speaks to the fact that
defense needs are rarely met by information produced by non-dedicated assets..."

Deflecting and defusing these designs are actually quite simple:

"Iran has to indicate a willingness to sit down and negotiate. And that's what
we have not yet seen."

Monday, December 3, 2007

Rodina Mat' Zovyot

Vlad's Russia is a supa playa. Crunk and disorderly, Rodina mat' zovyot is like the Great Satan's long time girl frienemy Fronting funk in semi functional democracy, Russian mid term elections are a victory for the lame duck Vlad and his President Putin 4 Life Peoples Populist Pocketbook Party.

At the recently renovated Naval HQ of Vladivostok, Russia's gateway to the Pacific navy base, Valentin Nenashev reports

"I voted for a better life, for stability. I voted for Putin"
Propelled by petro dollars - Putin's resurrection of Warsaw Pact time military capabilities is big biz - especially so for a nation covering 1/6 of the globe.

Iran's desperate attempt to upstage the Annapolis Awakening by announcing scary new 2K kilometer (1.2K miles for the uncivilized) range missiles effectively targets nearly every city in Mother Russia. And such weaponry deployed may arouse rather bearish reflexes. Iran's Weapon of the Week Double Feature reveal that Russian lasse fare with Iran may last only

"...until there is conclusive evidence showing that Iran has the capability to
launch long-range nuclear-armed missiles..."

This is significant. True best girlfrienemies often hook up on short threats. Like in WWII when American GI's and Red Army troops hooked up face to face in victory after ripping the guts out of Nazi time Germany and cutting her in half. Torgau 2007 is one of several military coalitions between Mother Russia and the Great Satan
"We need to pool our efforts together with our American counterparts to fight
existing common threats"
Common threats defined by veto powered members of the Iranian Enrichment Interruptus talks that fizzled in Paris? Iran's brand new nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili maintains the issue is closed.
"There is no longer an Iranian nuclear problem."
Sacre' blu!

"We can’t do business with these guys."

Russian Commonwealth General Yuri Baluyevsky pointed out this missile arch could reach St. Petersburg: And that Iran was running short on friends.
"I do not believe that the Russian military is obliged to defend the world from
the evil Americans."