Saturday, December 8, 2007

Shinshin Nippon

The land of backward comics, Harijuku Girls, and cool robots - Japan is HOT! Instead of scary missiles and secret police - Japan built a fun, rich democratic tech saavy, tolerant, egalitarian society with a free, uncensored press, transparent, periodic elections, and independent judiciary that hasn't bothered anyone in over six decades A literacy rate of over 99%, Nippon is a wonderful example of the human spirit unbound.

The Great Satan nurtured, protected and traded with Japan as she forsook Bushido, Shinto and aggressive semi totalitarian style military rule. Hooking up with constitutional pacifism after the Great Satan's very first nuclear regime change, she rehabed from a horrible war and begat global economic power.

A true ally, her petite de luxe Navy protected and provided logistic and support ops in the India Ocean since 911. Hitting her up for Peace Keeping duties brings drama. Japan's skirt flirt with pacificism (like the old 10th grade adage - it's Ok to dress like a hootchie, and act like a hootchie - just don't be a hootchie) finally flopped as constituents and polls change political power - the very def of an enlightened society.
Continuing Japan's enlisted support is more like a ho than a hootchie. Ichiro Ozawa, opposition party legislature explains
"We need to have principles, which means that unless it's part of UN operations,
it would not be possible."
Totally Legit, she's the second largest contributor to the UN - Japan could be up for a seat on the new improved Security Council. The Great Satan's Ex UN guy John Bolton points out plenty of reasons why, concluding:
"From a purely Platonic perspective, debate on UN government can last
Another ally enhances America's clout. NATO courted Japan.

Japan's 'geeky' new Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba reveals his charge:
"It's to maintain the logistic mission of the Maritime Defense Force in
the Indian Ocean."
This is significant. The Land of the Rising Sun is in a rough hood, Japan is very close to nuke power veto powers like Russia and China. Six Scuds and a Dud Day last year by a wicked absolute despotic oathbreaker in nuclear NoKo also tests constitutional pacifism and UN legitimacy.

Mitsubishi makes more than super sweet shorty sporties - rec'ving a government contract by the Japan Defense Force to launch R&D to create a stealth air superiority fighter.

Nihon Koku Jieitai, Air Defense Force Ministry spokescat says the FX 1 project (named 'Shin Shin' or Spirit) reveals
"Preliminary TRDI (Japan Defence Agency's Technology Research and Development Institute) design proposal for FI-X showed twin-engined configuration with
canards, low aspect ratio tapered wings, twin fins and rudders and
thrust-vectoring exhaust nozzles. Construction of up to four prototypes
originally expected to begin in FY99 and to include co-cured composites,
radar-absorbent materials and digital fly-by-light and engine control systems.
Wing span and length provisionally 9.15 m (30 ft) and 13.40 m (44 ft)
respectively. Avionics to include conformal radar and IR seeker. First XF-7
engine was delivered for static testing in June 1998, but FI-X programme has
been stretched, and TD-X demonstrator not now expected to fly until 2007."
Avionic experts in the Great Satan are semi concerned - though Japan guards her secrets well - stealth tech may fall in despotic, terrorist feeding hands in the not too distant future. Since the Great Satan keeps her secrets close to heart, Japan has so far not been granted priviledge to purchase the F22 Raptor - now online with the USAF.

Defense officials hope to have a test flight of the prototype, unofficially nicknamed "Shinshin" or spirit, by the end of March 2014.

Japan has got the bling to bling it on - best guesstimates are around $419.8 million

Looking a lot like an F22 - Shin Shin got game -sleek, sexyful and stealthy. Just like Gwen Stefani's hip homage to the Japanese fashion scene in her dance hit "Harijuku Girls"
"Style is style. Fashion is fashion. Girl, you got style."


Jeff Wills said...

It took 17 years to deliver, but it's never too late for 1st class aircraft. We need these weapons to maintain our imperial role. I mean that in a good way.

AmPowerBlog said...

That's a nice post!

Japan really is the world's greatest underestimated great power.

The technology and economic prowess are there; what Japan's neads is a combination of political leadership and cultural change, away from post-WWII pacifism, to breakout into the ranks of the hegemonic big boys.

That FX-1 looks wicked!

heidianne jackson said...

courtney, this is great information, but japan may fall into the wrong hands for one other reason as well - they are a dying civilization. they do not produce enough babies to maintain population, let alone grow it... i hope they turn it around, but it will take a huge culture shift for that to happen.

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

It does look awesome. I agree with Donald’s remarks about the need to break from post-WWII pacifism and Heidianne is on the mark about population growth.

Incidentally, like the image of the Raptor (weapon of the week Pt 2). I posted on the F-22 back in August, see.

Lord Nazh said...

Sweet plane(s) :) We need much more technology from the military, that way it will filter down to us civilians.

Hope you're doing well GSGF.

Right Truth said...

Japan is our friend, but things can always change in this world. Japan is not the only Western/democratic nation that is not producing enough babies to keep up with our enemies.

Another great post my friend.

Right Truth

Seane-Anna said...

Japan just goes to show that the best thing that can happen to a country is to lose a war to The Great Satan.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Jeff. Rome in the Mirror, eh? I thought it significant that though Japan's constitutional pacifism is highly reguarded, Shin Shin shows Japan is able to come to grips with an aircraft that - by design- is aggressive and like a ninja, violates sovereign airspace without detection.

Hi Donald. All the research I've done on Japan and speaking to net buds there is that a change is national pacifism is unlikely.

If Japan had a seat on the new improved Security Council - she may be more obliged to wield more than cash on the world's stage. You're right - Shin Shin got game - very sweet looking aircraft.

Heidianne - Hey! You are correct -reckon Japan's declining birthrate is the reason she leads the world in robots - that are begining to mimic humans more and more?

Otto! Hey - don't blow my cover! Honestly, I snagged it off the USAF's site. I wanted to mention something about Japan's birthrate but being easily distracted works against me - I never could seem to make it fit.

Lord Nazh - Hey! You are spot on of course - most of this awesome tech the Great Satan consumes originally had origins in military applications. I wish I had a stealth Mitsubishi 300GT!

Hi Debbie - absolutely correct . Mark Steyn's 'America Alone' points this out in chilling detail as does Claire Berlinsky in the "Menace from Europe." Scary indeed.

Hi poorgrrl! Thanks for coming by. Man, I wished I had thought of that phrase - that would be sweet to use sometime - I'll credit ye of course.