Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Hit Me Bay Bee One More Time"

"Oh Bay Bee Bay Bee!"

Perhaps the most boring thing in the world ('cept for maybe having to ride shot gun with paw paw to the hardware store to fetch sump called 'Dryer Hose") is a front row seat watching two academics flail about in unconvincing debatery about diplopolititary concerns, convictions and casus coolus au courant. 

1st off - the guy at Weenie Hut Juniors (and in the spirit of confrontation let it be known perhaps the 4th worst best realist apologist on earth) one of the self anointed High Priests in the sad, played, amoral corrupt Cult of Stability's 'Forever Quest" for stability and status quo (unless of course it jams up Great Satan and any of her hot league of democrazy little sisters - then, of course, he's totally hot to trot) recently kinda semi sorta made the connection betwixt those wild wascally daemoneocons, the 'Umanitaian Interventionists and R2P.

A hit piece of sorts, it painted a funny pic of neoconistas and the Progressive FoPo brainiacs being hot in the sack en flagrante delicti. It also distorts, misrepresents and offers up fictious fictions about the daemoneoconic, most correct FoPo Outlook (the truly first Made in America foreign policy meme since Pearl Harbor ended Isolationism) as only the most notorious Great AND Little Satan Hating cat can.

Dissed beyond repair and fearful that R2P could be applied to knocking out the largest Arab army in history in 20 days then sticking around to experiment with constructing a semi secular democrazy in the heart of Araby like Iraq (***SPOILER ALERT*** - it sho am can bay bee!), the Progressive Fix guy at Progressive Policy Institute launched a counter attack decrying all interventions are not the same.  

One of several LOLable LOL's readily available in this titanic match amongst the Cult of Irrelevance is that both cats - either by unhappy accident or wicked designs - totally demonize the cool kids with the ever boring assetted handwringing about American Military Power, war mongers, 'got a lot of hammers - every prob looks like a nail' and how 43 ruined the world and every American principle on earth chiz, blah frakking blah, blah, blah.

Using terms like 'soft power' and 'smart power' alone are a wonderfully crunk hello to Great Satanism - after all - without hard power cruising just over the horizon - smart soft power is about as doable as finding out the absinthe pledge you just signed is actually an abstinence pledge





The real quiz watching both cats wax fellowquent about their totally incorrect definitions and sloppy observations about neoconservia is actually shocking awful:

Are they truly soo uninformed or are they deceitfully diabolical'ing their readers are?

Rather than simply make realist calculations about what is in Great Satan's shorty short term foreign policy interest at any given instant, the demonized neoconservatives ('daemoneocons") believe there is incredible intrinsic strength in alliances among democrazies, that friendship matters in foreign policy, and that true long-term security (and stability - nicht wahr?) derives from xformative diplomacy. Human rights and individual freedom in foreign policy are a nat’l sec interest.

Add a dose of realism - about the nature of some adversaries. Far from being the Utopians as some may claim, neoconistas see adversaries pretty dang clear. While many sad proponents of realisms 'forever quest for stability' foreign policy, embrace engaging adversaries (thug hugging), and that is a dangerously tarded leap of faith in a diametrically opfor'd adversaries' sincerity.

Neoconservatives (and most Americans) refuse to accept such illusionary illusions and are hot to hook up diplomacy with military power. While neoconservatives are not trigger-happy, we totally recog a strong defense can both deter would be actor outers AND bulk up diplomacy.

Neoconservatism also provides a way more better answer to dealing with terrorist creeps than realism or progressive FoPo. Too many cats misunderestimate terrorism. Terrorism is a tactic. Terrorists make a cost/benefit thingy and determine if they can get away with horrific behavior while gaining diplopolitical objectives by murdering innocents.

When diplomats and academics wring hands about "root causes" and 'seek constructive engagement" (talking to you Dr. L), compromise and concession, they actually enablize and embolden terrorism and make relative costs easily bearable.

Daemoneocons (and most Americans) feel the threat of air attacks, drones gone wild and targeted assassination prove a way more better disincentive than internat’l conferences and mini-bars at 5-star resorts.

Autocrazy will pass (again a hearty LOL at Professor Mearsheimer). Despots should NOT be toasted in the West, even if they are fully crunk with oil. Diplomats, policymakers and academs shouldn't diss the totally correct ideas that ppl around the earth are hot for and deserve the benefits of democracy, like Persians and Arab Leaguers demanding freedom.

Realpolitikers (and isolationists) have caused terrible harm to innocents suffering at the hands of dictators and terrorists by goofy theory rich/fact free calls for 'engagement' that may sound cool in a climate controlled environment like a classroom – yet get ppl killed in the real world

When ordinary peeps suffer under unfree, unfun and nigh unhinged regimes, the West should implement all manner of coercions. R2P is one of several. The cost of pretending that engagement with dictators is cool, or desirable is way more higher than a broader strategy with tactical  Xformative diplomacy and democratization as its goal.

Most Americans - and American Primary voters - embrace these ideals.

Pic - "Oh Bay Bee Bay Bee"

Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Ex Captain X and über smart Zach H  (oh! he got game bay bee!) fire up the plowshears into the famous Red Mist Making A 10 Thunderbolt II production centre at the world famous CNAS with a Libyavention Policy Paper.

"Forging a Libya Strategy: Policy Recommendations for 44"

Consisting of four main points co - existing conterminously in the space time continuum - and

"...Argue that U.S. interests in Libya
, which include the protection of civilians and providing momentum to the revolutionary fervor sweeping the region, come at a potentially high cost to the United States. In addition, continued engagement may detract focus and resources away from other critical issues in the region and globally

X's nom d'guerre at
Abu Moqawama heats up the forge to cold rolled steel stats: 

"...The following bullet points will not do justice to the arguments Zack and I advance, so, again, read the entire thing before making a comment. In summary, we argue:

1. No matter what anyone else says, the United States and its allies are at war in Libya.

2. The United States has very few interests in Libya.

3. Unlike with respect to Afghanistan in 2009, the Obama Administration went to war in Libya without a deliberate planning process that forced policy makers to articulate U.S. interests, goals and assumptions. This helps to explain why the administration has had so much difficulty articulating, for the American people, our interests in, goals toward and assumptions about Libya.

4. Now that we're in this mess, a policy of regime change in Libya makes the most sense.

5. We see two possible outcomes in Libya: either a rapid collapse of the regime, or a stalemate. We assess the latter as more likely.

6. In order to avoid the latter and in light of U.S. interests, we believe the United States should establish a structure of incentives to get Moammar Gadhafi to leave. Kinetic military action by U.S. forces is not part of our proposed incentive structure. In fact, we think the United States should halt direct military action and work to broaden the international coalition to include more countries who do have interests in Libya.

7. We should be prepared to accept the status quo antebellum, though. Why? See #2.

The X and Zach score some direct hits yet the ancient meme vClausewitz schwerpunkt'd in Vom Kriege seems...MIA. While policy recco's are not a set piece battle, maybe they should be:

Every instinct will cry out to the commanders for pause, rest - refreshment.

"Once the great victory is gained, the next question is not about rest, not about taking breath, not about considering, not about reorganising, etc., etc., but only of pursuit of fresh blows wherever necessary, of the capture of the enemy's capital, of the attack of the armies of his allies, or of whatever else appears to be a rallying point for the enemy. "

Libya's Odyssey Dawn is a chance to Forge an Opportunity, to shape the battlefield far beyond Colonel Khadaffy's possible mash up with the Clash.

Despite any lolable tho'ts of fracturing the fragile coalition one goal should simply be getting to see the Colonel hauled off for a trial of some sorts - or youtubing vids of flies walking on his eyeballs. Either is fine.

Libya could also be turned into a giant sucker trap for al Qaeda and kindred creepy spirits - another quagmire for the haj by deploying those unique assets like covert special forces/SEALS/Rangers/D Boys/Teufel Hunden Recon, spies and Drones Gone Wild.  

If the forge's flickering flames reveal a flicker of Great Satan's blood sworn enemies in Libya - like aQ and forward elements of the overtly robust girthy Body Part Collector General of Hiz'B'allah's rocket rich rejectionist creeps it should forge an opportunity to close, engage, capture and kill them.

And hope it's both slow and painful as Great Satan visits righteous payback on their heads - repeatedly, without modesty or restraint.

Pic - "Forge the Future"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Syria Slipping

Suriya al- Kubra! 

Not unlike being trapped in the family ride as a captive listener to the White Album (Why don't we do exactly what in the road?) when certain elements ignite the old Missouri Meerschaum with "Devil's Holiday"

Friendly, frienemy and enemy sec sec secular despotries (hereditary Royals or jumped up Presidents For Life) are shakier than party posse appearing at a late night Highway Patrol roadblock.

And the lesson these illegit leaders have internalized is to get all mean and scary right off the bat.

So, if saving civies is the end all be for Libyavention - and if every illegit ruled nation state is truly unique - what about al Assad actually fulfilling his own Benghazi cleansing activity in Syria?

Anarchy on top and anarchy on the bottom!

Both Colonel Khadaffy and the Lion of Syria are long time enemies of Great Satan with American blood on their hands, it is impossible to create a list of all the cool things that will happen if they remain in power.

Doing a No Fly Zone over Syria and acting out in acts of war like annihilating sensors, air defense systems and even hotjacking old Soviet school style conscript panzer columns are actually more better in Great Satan's interests than doing Libya.

"...Yes, every nation is unique. In Libya, Obama administration officials have cited the vital interests of our European partners in the North African nation. They have, interestingly, shied away from citing as a justification for military intervention the one American interest for getting rid of its mercurial leader—he killed Americans in a series of horrific terrorist acts in the 1980s.

"...Syria, in contrast, is far more important to us at this moment. Assad is a key ally of American adversaries Iran and North Korea and has been trying to covertly build nuclear weapons in violation of his country’s obligations under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Moreover, by backing the terrorists of HAMAS and Hiz'B'Allah, Assad is a direct threat to Israel.

And regional stability.
"If all our problems were as easy as Syria - the War on Terror would have been won long ago."

"...With the Syrian leader gone, the theocrats in Iran would be stripped of a key friend and would therefore look especially vulnerable. And with the Iranian ayatollahs gone, all sorts of good things could happen in Iraq, the Gulf states, Afghanistan, and perhaps the rest of Asia. So what interest do we have in seeing Assad stay in power?

Syria - like Little Satan - punches far above her weight class in diplopolititary deals. Instead of cool stuff like Hooters, literacy rates off the charts or creating advanced avionics - Bashar Bay Bee follows poppa Assad's script utilizing asymmetrical assets creating a slave trading Syria, abusing Palestinians as a strategic minority resource, fiddling about with new clear WMD witchcraft, hanging with the most wanted terrorists in the world while maybe or maybe not enabling official enemies like Hiz'B'Allah with wmd delivery systems and frightened of Facebook.

 Syria has long been considered a hot target for the j!hajies and their quest to time travel back to the before time - seems only fair that Great Satan exerts her diplopolititary power to ensure her interests, designs and delights  - and collect some righteous payback at the same incredible instant.

Pic - "She's on the verge..." 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Caliphate Accompli?

 The devil we know is the devil, you say!

Devilish tho'ts about a sunnilicious Aegypt Autocrazy are nigh undeniable as Future Pyramidland looks like a lookalike to the old Pyramidland. The chilling V Checks Egypt's allegedly awesome army resorted to with detained girl protesters seems to reflect a somewhat crazy place where gender apartheid is not only sanctioned, condoned and enjoyed - it's a quasi state policy.

And it may become Official State Policy if Ikwan totally seduces the state's guarantors - the military - into doing ye olde switcheroo - effectively subbing a secular despotry with a religious despotry.

Despite the twisted raison d'etre about rushing into the new constitutional amendments or Ikwan's LOL about creating a theocrazy lite it's looking like the birth pangs of a sunni caliphate.

Such a putsch d'tat would be a significant coup - especially if it's done really really fast - before the same ppl who appeared en masse in Tahiri Square realize they've been had. Unless they want to be had - recent polls seem to indicate most Pyramidlanders kinda sorta want a Persian Version of a preacher command.

The urge to purge would be tough to resist - getting rid of non m'Hammedist designs like women's rights, tolerance for intelligentsia or dissent in the world capitol of horrific horrors decorum prohibs mentioning - would be kinda easy in a place where the lit rate is an underwhelming
83% for guys and 59% for girls.

The fact that Persia or HAMAS may have queered the mix on holy regimes may not be so true. The allure of a mythical m'Hammedist preacher's paradise is still powerful meds to the wretched realities of cats suffering under secular autocrazies - though in the Strip and Iran - the preacher's paradise IS the wretched reality. 

A somewhat suspect implication could be something something shia inspired govs are fine for others - yet the mommieland of all of Araby could do it way more better with a rival sunni caliphate accompli.   

How long could a supercaliphatedocious regime hang on in a nation state about to bust with kids without devouring their young? 

"...You want to brew a revolution? There's no faster way than keeping young men from getting their just desserts, if you know what I mean. Put them off long enough, and some will resort to a strap-on — you know, the kind that allegedly wins you 72 virgins in the afterlife."

Plus, a Caliphate by design would attempt to time travel way back to when m"Hammedism was superior to the wicked women worshipping West:

"That goal is impossible to achieve. It is inconceivable in this modern world that a whole country could wall itself off from modernity, even if the majority wanted to. Could the great theocrcy that al Qaeda and others hope to erct ever completely block out the sights and sounds of the rest of the world, and thereby shield their people from the temptations of modernity? The mullahs have not even succeeded in doing that in Iran. The project is fantastic"

Aside from Clashing Smashing caliphates - any caliphate would be doomed to a struggle they couldn't win - the extreme goals hotly desired by even a semi extreme regime can never be satiated simply because Great Satan, Europa, Commonwealth Russia, China etc, etc are just not capable of retreating as fast and far as a caliphate would require.

Great Satan should ideally announce a temp suspension of military aid (billions per annum)  and launch a high profile fact finding commission about inadvertently funding V Checks (or the ever popular Pantie Police) which seem more like aggressive sex attacks than any sane vetting procedures. 

Also couldn't hurt to wonder out loud why Egypt's mighty mighty military - complete with an M1 panzer factory - cannot for whatever reasons put it to a real use like oh - say, Libya, Darfur, Somalia or Sudan. 

Pic - "These were some of the richest regions in the world guarded by powerful militaries—and they fell into Islamic hands in a heartbeat."

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Girl Power!

 Well, wail wail!

The past week saw some stunning girl power flaunted within 44's Admin - as the neocons in humanitarian couture manned it up via the full lipped Libya libations.

The guy at Weenie Hut Juniors did the kiss and tell about the naughty hottie hook up while the dynamic duo of Sam Pow and Ambassador Rice get some decent press.

Lost in the Libyavention - and all the funintended consequences - is the unhappy fact that 44's seeming inaction in the earliest days of l'Libyan Revolución could be easily (and most likely correctly) interpreted as emboldening Colonel Khadaffy to announce the Benghazi 'cleansing.'

See? See? Great Satan really is the indispensable nation.

Pic - "Small World"

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sun Kissed WoW!

Here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sectarian Wars

al Mahdi!

The commotion that Great Satan's Divine Interventions in and around Arab League has brewed up a noxious brew (think Grey Goose, Dr Pepper and Kaopectate) is a presumption of Western intelligentsia — (and a not particularly impressive brew either - ala Frankreich).

If any of it were truly true then why cause that meme is

"Rejected by Arab protesters, the majority of whom have not uttered anti-American slogans - the springtime of the Arab world offers Great Satan an opportunity to reclaim her values and redeem her interests. America has a stake in the future of the Middle East and should not shy away from cultivating the nascent democratic movements sweeping the region. 

"...Many in the West presume that once m"Hammedist parties are integrated into the political order, the burdens of governance — compromise, coalition-building and constituency maintenance — will inevitably lead them to dispense with their ideological past. Such liberal conceits do a disservice to the Muslim Brotherhood and its many offspring, denigrating their commitment to their dogma."

And dogma deigns danger, darling.  

Unlike fun friendly sectarian sects - like the Beatles, Batman, Creddie or Seddie  l' shia/sunni schismimus maximus is bleeding bloody.

Every since Ali got bushwacked in Kufa Iraq way back in 661 AD - the sectarian chiz has been off the hook - y'all! Currently - Shiaism seems to be the hot combatty faith d'resistance.

Of either sect - only shia's can claim to have stalemated the wicked, woman worshipping West and the never ending cadre of Crusaders, Zionistas and Hindus. Hiz'B'Allah's  'Divine Victory' over Little Satan - shia fed and funded rocketeers that succeeded the suicide bombers of Palestine in HAMAS and Mookie's shialicious Mahdi Army in Iraq.

Iran's Preacher Command is the self declared protectors, enablers and emboldeners of shia stuff and is not particularly fearful of using asymmetrical revolutionary warfare to keep the pressure up on sunni nation/states - uh - 'blessed' - with large amounts of shia.  

Yemen is a good example, just perhaps the most scary flashpoint of the coming Sectarian Wars ready to explode like ancient Soviet era panzers encountered enroute to downtown Baghdad is Bahrain 

"...With centuries of Persian rule up to about the mid 18th century, the majority of Bahrainis profess the Shia sect of Islam. 

"...Unlike other rulers in the Persian Gulf, the Al-Khalifas have had to contend with four major handicaps: (i) Bahrain has no oil or natural gas wealth to speak of, (ii) it is literally a stone’s throw away from the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, where most of Saudi Arabia’s 15 percent or so Shia population live, (iii) the Al-Sauds, who financially support the Al-Khalifas, viscerally hate the Shia and have subjugated and deprived them for decades, and (iv) the Sunnis are, at most, 30 percent of Bahrain’s population.

"...Iran and Iraq, both majority Shia countries, is about four times that of the six countries that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council. Iran and Iraq are respectively 90 and 60 percent Shia, while Bahrain is about 70 percent Shia. Iraqi Shia know what it is like to be discriminated against after decades under Saddam Hussein. In fact Iraqis already protested in Basra last week in support of their brethren in Bahrain. 

"...One thing is for sure. Iran, Iraq and their surrogates, such as Hiz'B'Allah, will not stand idly by and let this persecution against Shia gather momentum. They will intervene with ominous implications not only for Bahrain, but also for the rest of the GCC and for the future of the United States in the Persian Gulf.

Pic - "Great Power pretensions and paradoxical polices"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hey Jealousy!

"We can drive around this town - and let the cops chase us around"

Not unlike hanging at the Food Court with a posse of BFF's and the most choice in house spies a near field competitior from a 100 metres away. Sexy, sassy - obviously ovulating (seriously - a plunging neckline that would seem to require rapelling gear of some sort to circumnavigate the globes) - and shorty shorts so tight they look painted on.

"I effing hate that bish" (only she doesn't say 'bish') "She thinks she's all that"

Hey Jealousy!

Such a delightful little ditty from the Before Time could also semi kinda sorta serve as a soundtrack for the hot desire for total and complete attention in the above shared true tall tail tale - an excellent aperitif for certain events au courant in the magical mythical ME.

While Arab Leauge is the back seat driver in Libya (ooh can't stand those guys - back seat drivers - always 'slow down,' 'watch it,' "does the radio have to be that loud" or 'put your phone down") as Arab League itself implodes from East to West and NATO fractures over worrying about the wrong thing (seriously - Deutschers don't wanna fight? Old vMellenthin must be twirling in his grave - nicht wahr)! 

Recent events are a chance to zoom in on recent events regarding the Forever Quest for something something betwixt the two client states of Palestines and Little Satan.

The bus bombing in J'Lem, desecrating ancient cemeteries, the busted Persian provocateurs flying in illicit weaponry to Syria, the ever rowdy rocket rich rejectionists in the Strip shooting off wads of imported GRAD's and homemade K'Ssams plus Little Satan's naughty nautical interdiction of assorted rocketry delivered by Iran's two 'war' ships that sweetly left the Med.

It's about attention. Getting it and keeping it - driving the narrative that Palestine is the end all be. 
Currently - for whatever reasons - Arab Leaguers are way more interested in themselves  singularly as nation/states than any collective concerns over al Aqza, illegal apartments (that so far - haven't - you know - killed anyone), pinpoint air strikes that annihilate human shielding  (truly a warcrime, bitte - shrouding rocketeers with innocents) or Little Satan putting the 'Ho' in Holy Land.

Essentially - Persia and Syria along with their proxilicious minions have lost the attention of the world (Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue strikes again!) and are desperate to attack Little Satan and drive her to act out ala Goldstone's fictitious fictional fictions to try to make terms like 'war crimes,' 'occupation,' or whatever safe words again. And get the attention of the world.

Pic - "We have no interest in escalation, but let's not forget, that was the largest number of mortar attacks we've sustained since the end of Operation Cast Lead" 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hoochie History Hump Day

Ah! Whatcha gon do with all that junk?

Gonna get you drunk on Hoochie History Month.

It's true bay bee - March Madness means it's Hoochie History Month and no better day than Hump Day to lay it out to play it out (in the back and in the front - check it out!)

Girls have staked out literally killer stabs in history every since Deborah staked General Sisera's head to the floor in one of the earliest Zionistas Gone Wild! adventures.

In the New Millennium, hotties like Silver Star Super Stars Sgt Leigh Anne Hester and Spec 4 Monica Lynn Brown have earned places of honor in the hearts of Great Satan fans worldwide.

From the last Millennium - back when Europa still enjoyed open combat on theatre wide scales - comes an awesome story from the collectivist Mommieland.

 Anna Yegorova was born into the worst years of the Bolshevik life/death experience. Lucky to use her innate flying skills, the semi egalitarian Red Air Force snatched her up and she quickly became a flight instructor.

When NSDAP time Deutschland's leaders became as hot as strippers in the dressing room to do "Operation Barbarossa" - she volunteered for combat recce/ supply duty. Shot down in her ancient PO-2 double winger plane, she survived and went straight to ground attack missions in the infamously nigh indestructible Sthurmovik "Flying Panzer" 

Anna sexed up over 270 combat sortees in her ground attacking Ilyushin Il-2 (nicknamed "Kitty Boy") - literally blasting the Werhmacht out of Russia and into Poland.

In the desperate fighting around Warzawa, Red Army hoped to cut off and destroy elements of the feared and hated 3rd Waffen Ss 'Totenkoph' Panzer Division by knocking out key bridges and escape routes. Anna led a flight of Sthurmovik's straight through pure heck - as nasty Deutsch Flakpanzers literally turned the air black with flak. 

Her "Kitty Boy" was shot to pieces - flak scored a near hit that killed her tail gunner just after releasing her deadly payload, she struggled to maintain control - no use - out of control, she bailed out upside down - right into enemy lines.

She was so low to the ground, her parachute only partially opened and she suffered broken bones and internal injuries on hitting the dirt.

She was given first aid by her captors, then taken to a POW camp where her wounds were tended by captured Soviet Docs. Back at her air base, Anna was Officially declared KIA and 'posthumously' granted the status of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Liberated when Red Army's juggernaut steamrolled into Kustrin in January 1945, she was  immediately arrested by 3CP's dreaded NKVD. Any Russian POW's were automatically considered potential traitors until 'properly' vetted. Intense interrogation followed for 11 days.

Consistent testimony by fellow freed POW's confirmed her injuries and conduct - granting her release - though suspicion and occasional persecution followed for years after wards.

Anna's service to the State was formally recog'd in 1965 and she was finally awarded her well deserved Hero of the Soviet Union medal.

Anna Yegorova passed away in October 2009 at the ripe old age of 93 years old. Yet, her example of girls in service to a nation in extremis liveth evermore
 Pic - "We love, we nurture - we can create life with our bodies and we can also kill in national service"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birnaum Woode Comes To Dunsinane


Before the Bard rapped 'Fear not, till Birnam wood Do come to Dunsinane:' there is another one liner worthy of diplopolitary endeavor considerations - something something - "If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well it were done quickly” quoth MacBeth evermore.

44's semi abdication on events au courant got yanked back in the drivers seat by hoochie fatales like Madame Sec HRC, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, Sam Pow (who seems to have repaired her monster foot shooting off adventure with Madame Sec) and NSC babe Gayle Smith. All hooked up to fix up 44 getting all magically all manned up.

Maybe a week ago - but now? 44 may be all Penny Lane "feel as if he's in play - he is anyway"

"...To act or not to act? That has been the question. The results of his indecision have been unhappy. Hosni Mubarak, for so long an American ally, has been overthrown in Egypt. Colonel Khadaffy, the erstwhile sponsor of terrorism so foolishly rehabilitated by the West just four years ago, has—until now—lived to fight another day in Libya. Meanwhile, in Bahrain, another insurrection is being quelled with the help of Saudi Arabia—an American ally even more important than Libya.

Kinda  like amateur night at the strip club  (don't open this link at work!) - and to quote Best Defense " is not done that well, yet one is surprised to find it done at all." 

44's inability to learn it live it love it and enjoy Great Satan's world leadership role at the same incredible moment she exacts righteous payback on the world's very first (and longest lasting) terrorist regime is simply mind numbingly tarded in the real world (also a urine poor example of hanging out in climate controlled classrooms - allegedly surrounded by 'smart ppl - as opfor'd to standing up to creeps at the mall or bullies at a Little League game).

This is significant - Colonel Khadaffy owes Great Satan a blood debt that has no statue of limitations - he's been incredibly lucky to last 40 days let alone 40 years - and here's a tip - if anyone in your august presence gets all inappropriate and boringly handwringing, worrying about the wrong thing - feel free to grant them a dose of American military history - Great Satan is not only unpredictable - she's also kinda crazy. 

Any raison d'etre to annihilate Libya's illegit Regime should be celebrated.

"...Once a critic of American military intervention in the Middle East, once a skeptic about the chances of democratizing the region, 44 now finds himself with a poisoned chalice in each hand. In one there are the dregs of the last administration’s interventions: military commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan that he is eager to wind down. In the other is a freshly poured draft of his own making.

"...Make no mistake. Whatever the wording of the United Nations Security Council resolution, the United States is now at war with the Libyan government, and the aim of this war is the overthrow of Gaddafi. In the words of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “If you don’t get him out and if you don’t support the opposition and he stays in power, there’s no telling what he will do.”

"...This was the right thing to do. Was. But it should have been done weeks ago, when it first became clear that Gaddafi, unlike Mubarak, was able and willing to unleash military force against his opponents. 

"...Now, with loyalist forces approaching the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, it may well be too late. It certainly seems unlikely that an exclusively aerial intervention in Libya’s civil war can topple the mad dog of Tripoli. And even if it’s still possible to tip the balance in favor of the rebels, then what?

"...The more likely outcomes are (a) 1848-style restorations of the old regimes; (b) a descent into protracted civil wars; (c) Islamist takeovers; (d) a regionwide Sunni-Shiite conflict. By the way, (b), (c), and (d) are not necessarily mutually exclusive. They may be a sequence of events.

Pic - "Look like the innocent flower, But be the serpent under it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Operation Odyssey Dawn

Better late than never! (Unless, of course, talking bout that 28 day cycle thingy - uh, yes ma'am!)

It's on bay bee - coalition air power shredded an ad hoc armor column belonging to Colonel Khadaffy's forces just to the east of old Benghazi - smoking and smoldering panzers and charred corpses make a wickedly wrecked monument to RAF's Sturzkampfflugzeug Stuka moment l'geurr.

Hot gossip rumours most of Libya's ancient Collectivist Union made and cloned air defenseless systems have been marginalized, destroyed and totally rendered ineffective.

Cruise missiles shrieked by the hundreds to devastate airfields and as best understood - the Libyan Air Force is now consigned to the same loser pile as Waffen Ss or Confederacy.

Now is the moment to consider how, uh broad, the mission actually is.

UN Sec Reso #1973 doesn't just call for a no-fly zone; #1973 also authorizes attacks on Libyan army vehicles and artillery on the ground. It focuses on preventing a humanitarian disaster, but it also calls for "the political reforms necessary to find a peaceful and sustainable solution."

Protecting the civies is very noble sounding but the mission constraints seem to render this totally bass ackwards 

As awesome as NATO air power is - it's not the end all be all to estab a No Fly Zone

"...Once coalition aircraft begin attacking conventional military targets,
Khadaffy will switch to irregular warfare techniques. His soldiers and mercenaries will abandon their uniforms and travel by bus, accompanied by civilians, refugees, and friendly media for shielding against air attack. 

"...Once inside cities like Benghazi and in close quarters with the rebels, Khadaffy's infantry will similarly be immune from air attack, especially if the coalition is prohibited from deploying ground troops as forward air controllers.

"...Finally, Khadaffy is a particularly unscrupulous and ruthless adversary with long experience using terrorism as a strategic weapon -- Libya was a large source of suicide bomb volunteers during the Iraq war -- so members of the coalition should expect terror retaliation in various forms.

Operation Odyssey Dawn is kicking off to a rocking start but a true quagmire free solution is NOT to sweetly nibble about the Colonel's periphery of power - it should be to annihilate the entire regime (and all their precious assets).

Protecting the pop pop population is a wonderfully sounding centric - yet aerial sorties alone are hardly convincing - and announcing ground forces are verboten by design is just asking for trouble.

 Arab League's casus belli carte blanche' has an expiration date yet projections of perception about the mighty mighty (impotent) collective of failing autocrats and freshly fallen despots or what they may or may not think about fiddling about with gross violators of R2P Clause is lolable to the nth

"...After all, nothing—nothing!—could be worse than the perception that the United States was “invading” another Muslim country.
"...Rubbish. Our “invasions” have in fact been liberations. We have shed blood and expended treasure in Kuwait in 1991, in the Balkans later in the 1990s, and in Afghanistan and Iraq—in our own national interest, of course, but also to protect Muslim peoples and help them free themselves. 

"...Libya will be America’s fifth war of Muslim liberation.

Pic - "Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn is commanded by U.S. Navy Adm. Samuel J. Locklear aboard the command ship USS Mount Whitney" 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Global Po Po

The world once again has a global policeman. The six Canadian fighter jets and many more warships and aircraft that are being sent to Libya are taking part in a most controversial form of warfare: the bombing of a sovereign state to protect its people from their ruler.

As any cop will tell you, police operations are rarely quick, easy, clean or surgical. The United Nations Security Council resolution reached Thursday night is far more than a “no-fly zone,” as it authorizes UN members to take action against any of Moammar Gadhafi’s air or ground forces to stop his killing of Libyans. We have now taken a side in this war.

What the resolution doesn’t say – but what it certainly means – is that, after the conflict has ended, the world will be playing an active role in Libya’s transition to democracy, probably for some time to come, possibly for years.

The Arab Spring, in other words, is now our business. This could be a history-changing moment, in which the U.S. and its allies are once again seen in much of the Muslim world as supporters of the people. But there are many ways it could go wrong. We need to learn from the few times this has been tried.

You know what they say about global policemen: They’re never there when you need them, always there when you don’t. There are many who feel President Barack Obama waited too long to commit the U.S. to taking military action to stop Colonel Gadhafi, and to support a democracy movement that seemed to reflect core U.S. values. In this view, he dithered.

But there were even more compelling reasons for him to avoid rushing into Libya – even though the leaders of the anti-Gadhafi rebels, and many of the world’s humanitarians, were begging Washington to take action.

This was done the right way: through a Security Council resolution, following the rules the world agreed on after the horrors of the 20th century, in a motion initiated by Lebanon and supported by several key Muslim nations (and with active military involvement by several Arab states). It was worth waiting to get it right.

If the Iraq war had been organized this way, as an action of the whole world, we might remember it as a democratic and humanitarian success. But it was the lack of such co-operation in Iraq – and the complete lack of any intelligent action once the brief period of regime-change conflict was over, leading to a post-conflict catastrophe – that meant Washington could not possibly have been the leader on Libya. The sight of American soldiers on Arab soil would be sure to provoke the worst sort of response across the region, and would be used by other Arab dictators as a rationale for crushing democracy movements.

Could that perception change? Yes. We forget how recently things were different.

The second time a no-fly zone was authorized, after the one to protect the Kurds in Iraq in 1991, was to protect a largely Muslim population of Bosnia from being slaughtered by a largely Christian force bent on putting an ethnic Serbian stamp on the former Yugoslavia.

That was repeated in 1999 – without Security Council authorization – when NATO bombed Belgrade to protect the mainly Muslim population of Kosovo from Slobodan Milosevic’s forces; it worked, and was followed by vital support to Serbia’s democracy movement, which unseated Mr. Milosevic the following year.

For a while, the U.S. and its allies were praised as defenders of Muslims; the Kosovar capital of Pristina still has a main street named Bill Clinton Boulevard in honour of their hero. It seemed that the quick, sharp international action was the formula for global peace.

It was the confidence created by these comparatively successful (if tragically late) interventions that led many world leaders to back the ill-considered 2003 invasion of Iraq (whose 1991 no-fly zone had been an expensive failure) and to overextend themselves in Afghanistan. The wars of the 2000s taught us that quick regime-change strikes can become tragedies of epic proportion, not to mention nearly destroy the image of the U.S. and its allies.

History has turned with astonishing speed. In Benghazi on Thursday, young Arabs waved U.S. and French flags in joy, welcoming Western planes as liberators. It’s a great moment, and the world ought to seize it – but we should remember how fast, and how badly, things can turn.

Submitted by Doug Sanders from Saturday's Globe and Mail for Courtney who is apparently too damn busy reveling in her, frankly, hedonistic lifestyle to write one up for today:(

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break WoW

 Too tore up from the floor up to talk right now


 Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Strip Search

Strip search!

A loaded term in any jurisprudence.

With all the chiz going on RE: Nipponese nightmares, Libyan libations or the new improved Wings Over Iraq - may have been easy to miss an almost act of war with Persia, Little Satan and Little Satan's client state (one of two!) in the Nakbah West aka the Strip.

Obviously watched like a hawk - the German-owned, French-operated, Romanian- captained and Liberian-chartered cargo ship Victoria  sweetly sailed from Syria after being lucky enough to be dock mates with Iran's 2 military navy ships that just sailed through Suez.

Enroute for The Strip - Victoria got all boarded by those rascally blockade enforcers in Little Satan's naval contingent and gave up casus belli booty:

Chinese Anti Ship missiles like the infamous C - 704. Sporting a 35k range and a minute 130kg warhead - a battery of these would have been a nasty surprise in the arms of HAMAS - an official terrorist organization - not to mention supplying them is quite possibly a war crime   

Little Satan's IDF was proud of the bust but noted no one could say how many illegit shipments had evaded Little Satan's interceptions.  

Pic - "She couldn't scream while I held her close - I swore I'd never let her go" 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Regional Strategery


One of Great Satan's biggest fans - even in the Before Time - a famously infamous Hyperpuissance Lovers Signatory on the hot! blunt Churchillian action packed "Action This Day!" text to 42 - sagely saged that 44's curiously unconvincing activity ala the ME is because of a lack of Strategic Vision.

"...Instead of crafting a regional plan, the United States will deal with protests for democracy and freedom in each state on its own terms. This approach is inadequate to both the challenges and the opportunities arising from the political turbulence..."

To be fair - the upside is that Aegypt and Tunisia seem to be xforming into democrazy stats of somekind - with a mostly unviolent ushering out of Presidents For Life out of the scene and into exile.

"...Events elsewhere are more troubling. Protests are escalating against American partners in Yemen, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan and some of the Gulf states. It is unclear whether these regimes will be able to reach understandings with their opposition movements without greater American involvement. The arrival of Saudi forces in Bahrain suggests that 44's admin is losing influence to those in the Gulf who advocate a crackdown. 

"...Moreover, the administration has failed to offer opposition movements in countries with anti-American regimes — notably Libya — sufficient support to prevail. The administration has also shown little inclination toward a comprehensive support strategy for the opposition in Iran and Syria.   

While nation specific strategery at 1st glance seems to uphold Great Satan's flexible flexibility ala l'diplopolititary concernes au courant - that thinking is actually tarded.

"...First, it discounts the link between U.S. policy in one situation and outcomes elsewhere. Just as protests beginning in Tunisia inspired revolts across the Middle East, so too will the American approach to each uprising have ramifications in other countries.

"...Second, the strategy is inherently reactive. It allows us to manage breaking developments but undermines our ability to shape events proactively even as regimes and reformers are watching our actions and drawing lessons. If we are to avoid instability while putting hostile regimes on the defensive, we need a strategy that allows us to take the initiative.

Instead, Great Satan should get professionally proactive - using every trick in the book to sweetly light the way to fun, free choice societies where disagreeing with someone won't get you and your family shot to death in the streets. Legal chicanery, leveling playing fields between new born ideas and old school preacherism and ensuring democratic institutions are hot, and handy.

Why not? After all - Preacher Command in Gay Free Persia is hot jacking events in the ME and twisting them to their unfree, unfun and nigh unhinged advantage

"...We can follow up with a variety of steps to foment democratic revolutions against Tehran and Damascus, beginning with clarion calls for change. These include: training and support for opposition forces in and outside the countries; pressure directed against regime officials who attack their own people, including targeted sanctions and referrals in international tribunals; surrogate broadcasting and other pro-democracy messaging; funds for striking workers; and covert efforts to induce defections by regime and security officials.

"...We are at a key juncture. As in Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the dysfunction of the Middle East today generates the most threatening challenges to the international community. The largely peaceful, youth-oriented, democratic revolutions across the region present an opportunity to catalyze a fundamental transformation. Partnering with other responsible actors, we should take reasonable steps to facilitate and consolidate this shift in the Middle East.

Pic - "Pop it like a hood - show me how you work it out" 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Clear Nippon

 Shin Shin!

The land of backward comics, Harijuku Girls, future stealth fighters and cool robots - Japan is HOT! Instead of scary missiles and secret police - Japan built a fun, rich democratic tech saavy, tolerant, egalitarian society with a free, uncensored press, transparent, periodic elections, and independent judiciary that hasn't bothered anyone in over six decades A literacy rate of over 99%, Nippon is a wonderful example of the human spirit unbound.

"...First there was an earthquake, then a tsunami, then a meltdown, and now, possibly a volcano."

Not to mention radiating irradiating radiation and another earthquake 

Our hearts go out to Great Satan's fun, free choice spiritual little sister democrazy in her moment of extremis Scam free Nippon Relief is enroute thanks to America's almost unique heights of  compassion, empathy and sympathy.

And amazement. 

"...In the aftermath of a disaster, the strengths of any society become immediately visible. The cohesiveness, resilience, technological brilliance, and extraordinary competence of the Japanese are now on full display. One report from Rikuzentakata—a town of 25,000, annihilated by the tsunami—describes volunteer firefighters working to clear rubble and search for survivors; military personnel and police efficiently directing traffic and supplies; survivors not only "calm and pragmatic" but coping "with politeness and sometimes amazingly good cheer."

"...Thanks to these strengths, Japan will eventually recover.

It'll be a tough row to hoe.

Pic - "What's that you got on? Is it comte d'guerr ensembe?"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The World That Got Away

Oh snap!

Say it ain't so!

Only it is so! Wicked gossip shares that 44 bemoans it would be way more easier to be top cat collectivist in unfree China than Great Satan's leader of the Free World.

This is significant. And a wonderfully example of why book savvy cats can swing in a climate controlled environ like a classroom's clique of irrelevance yet bury the suckmeter in any real world endeavors.

While 44 should be acknowledged for getting AFPAK fully crunk - that's about the only FoPo faux pas free deal worth mentioning.

The rest of 44's extra continental curricular activities are horribly embarrassing - like surprising your BBF getting all smush face with a guy she knew you liked 

 Mainly 'cause 44's classroom phantasies of the world and Great Satan's place in it have been totally bass ackwards.

"...The model of the world 44 held in his mind upon taking office is no more. The states of Europe, with their bottomless entitlement structures, were the ideals. The countries of the Middle East, with their post-colonial resentments, were America’s moral creditors."

On nigh any subj (except maybe Pakistan and Afghanistan) - Little Satan/Palestine, The Middle East revolutions, Colonel Khadaffy's killing fields and the weird By Stander In Chief act when Persia's illegit - enemy - regime enjoyed a near death experience - all highlights 44's theory rich - yet fact free  - enemy centric foreign policy. 

Sucking up to enemies and dissing allies may sound cool in class, Starbucks or campus library - alas - in the real world - it gets ppl killed. And for what?  A maybe baby engagement handshake state visit sometime?

Even the unnaturals abhor a vacuum - and the 1st Post American president's hyperpuissance AWOL maneuver will bear certain costs.

"...In all the foregoing areas, Obama is daily acting out his worldview, and the prospect of more of the same should be deeply troubling to America's global allies. The conceptual road map until at least 2012 is now plainly in evidence, if only incompletely realised to date. Obama simply does not see America's strength as a particular asset, or its causes and interests as more than many other causes and interests competing in the world out there somewhere between Albania and Zimbabwe.

"...Long after global 44mania has worn off, the geostrategic consequences of this insouciance will be sorely felt. Of course, by then it may be too late.

Pic - "And now he confides the Oval Office's crown of responsibility does not fit him. Much of the world shares the sentiment"