Friday, March 18, 2011

Strip Search

Strip search!

A loaded term in any jurisprudence.

With all the chiz going on RE: Nipponese nightmares, Libyan libations or the new improved Wings Over Iraq - may have been easy to miss an almost act of war with Persia, Little Satan and Little Satan's client state (one of two!) in the Nakbah West aka the Strip.

Obviously watched like a hawk - the German-owned, French-operated, Romanian- captained and Liberian-chartered cargo ship Victoria  sweetly sailed from Syria after being lucky enough to be dock mates with Iran's 2 military navy ships that just sailed through Suez.

Enroute for The Strip - Victoria got all boarded by those rascally blockade enforcers in Little Satan's naval contingent and gave up casus belli booty:

Chinese Anti Ship missiles like the infamous C - 704. Sporting a 35k range and a minute 130kg warhead - a battery of these would have been a nasty surprise in the arms of HAMAS - an official terrorist organization - not to mention supplying them is quite possibly a war crime   

Little Satan's IDF was proud of the bust but noted no one could say how many illegit shipments had evaded Little Satan's interceptions.  

Pic - "She couldn't scream while I held her close - I swore I'd never let her go"