Monday, March 28, 2011

Caliphate Accompli?

 The devil we know is the devil, you say!

Devilish tho'ts about a sunnilicious Aegypt Autocrazy are nigh undeniable as Future Pyramidland looks like a lookalike to the old Pyramidland. The chilling V Checks Egypt's allegedly awesome army resorted to with detained girl protesters seems to reflect a somewhat crazy place where gender apartheid is not only sanctioned, condoned and enjoyed - it's a quasi state policy.

And it may become Official State Policy if Ikwan totally seduces the state's guarantors - the military - into doing ye olde switcheroo - effectively subbing a secular despotry with a religious despotry.

Despite the twisted raison d'etre about rushing into the new constitutional amendments or Ikwan's LOL about creating a theocrazy lite it's looking like the birth pangs of a sunni caliphate.

Such a putsch d'tat would be a significant coup - especially if it's done really really fast - before the same ppl who appeared en masse in Tahiri Square realize they've been had. Unless they want to be had - recent polls seem to indicate most Pyramidlanders kinda sorta want a Persian Version of a preacher command.

The urge to purge would be tough to resist - getting rid of non m'Hammedist designs like women's rights, tolerance for intelligentsia or dissent in the world capitol of horrific horrors decorum prohibs mentioning - would be kinda easy in a place where the lit rate is an underwhelming
83% for guys and 59% for girls.

The fact that Persia or HAMAS may have queered the mix on holy regimes may not be so true. The allure of a mythical m'Hammedist preacher's paradise is still powerful meds to the wretched realities of cats suffering under secular autocrazies - though in the Strip and Iran - the preacher's paradise IS the wretched reality. 

A somewhat suspect implication could be something something shia inspired govs are fine for others - yet the mommieland of all of Araby could do it way more better with a rival sunni caliphate accompli.   

How long could a supercaliphatedocious regime hang on in a nation state about to bust with kids without devouring their young? 

"...You want to brew a revolution? There's no faster way than keeping young men from getting their just desserts, if you know what I mean. Put them off long enough, and some will resort to a strap-on — you know, the kind that allegedly wins you 72 virgins in the afterlife."

Plus, a Caliphate by design would attempt to time travel way back to when m"Hammedism was superior to the wicked women worshipping West:

"That goal is impossible to achieve. It is inconceivable in this modern world that a whole country could wall itself off from modernity, even if the majority wanted to. Could the great theocrcy that al Qaeda and others hope to erct ever completely block out the sights and sounds of the rest of the world, and thereby shield their people from the temptations of modernity? The mullahs have not even succeeded in doing that in Iran. The project is fantastic"

Aside from Clashing Smashing caliphates - any caliphate would be doomed to a struggle they couldn't win - the extreme goals hotly desired by even a semi extreme regime can never be satiated simply because Great Satan, Europa, Commonwealth Russia, China etc, etc are just not capable of retreating as fast and far as a caliphate would require.

Great Satan should ideally announce a temp suspension of military aid (billions per annum)  and launch a high profile fact finding commission about inadvertently funding V Checks (or the ever popular Pantie Police) which seem more like aggressive sex attacks than any sane vetting procedures. 

Also couldn't hurt to wonder out loud why Egypt's mighty mighty military - complete with an M1 panzer factory - cannot for whatever reasons put it to a real use like oh - say, Libya, Darfur, Somalia or Sudan. 

Pic - "These were some of the richest regions in the world guarded by powerful militaries—and they fell into Islamic hands in a heartbeat."