Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hey Jealousy!

"We can drive around this town - and let the cops chase us around"

Not unlike hanging at the Food Court with a posse of BFF's and the most choice in house spies a near field competitior from a 100 metres away. Sexy, sassy - obviously ovulating (seriously - a plunging neckline that would seem to require rapelling gear of some sort to circumnavigate the globes) - and shorty shorts so tight they look painted on.

"I effing hate that bish" (only she doesn't say 'bish') "She thinks she's all that"

Hey Jealousy!

Such a delightful little ditty from the Before Time could also semi kinda sorta serve as a soundtrack for the hot desire for total and complete attention in the above shared true tall tail tale - an excellent aperitif for certain events au courant in the magical mythical ME.

While Arab Leauge is the back seat driver in Libya (ooh can't stand those guys - back seat drivers - always 'slow down,' 'watch it,' "does the radio have to be that loud" or 'put your phone down") as Arab League itself implodes from East to West and NATO fractures over worrying about the wrong thing (seriously - Deutschers don't wanna fight? Old vMellenthin must be twirling in his grave - nicht wahr)! 

Recent events are a chance to zoom in on recent events regarding the Forever Quest for something something betwixt the two client states of Palestines and Little Satan.

The bus bombing in J'Lem, desecrating ancient cemeteries, the busted Persian provocateurs flying in illicit weaponry to Syria, the ever rowdy rocket rich rejectionists in the Strip shooting off wads of imported GRAD's and homemade K'Ssams plus Little Satan's naughty nautical interdiction of assorted rocketry delivered by Iran's two 'war' ships that sweetly left the Med.

It's about attention. Getting it and keeping it - driving the narrative that Palestine is the end all be. 
Currently - for whatever reasons - Arab Leaguers are way more interested in themselves  singularly as nation/states than any collective concerns over al Aqza, illegal apartments (that so far - haven't - you know - killed anyone), pinpoint air strikes that annihilate human shielding  (truly a warcrime, bitte - shrouding rocketeers with innocents) or Little Satan putting the 'Ho' in Holy Land.

Essentially - Persia and Syria along with their proxilicious minions have lost the attention of the world (Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue strikes again!) and are desperate to attack Little Satan and drive her to act out ala Goldstone's fictitious fictional fictions to try to make terms like 'war crimes,' 'occupation,' or whatever safe words again. And get the attention of the world.

Pic - "We have no interest in escalation, but let's not forget, that was the largest number of mortar attacks we've sustained since the end of Operation Cast Lead"