Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hoochie History Hump Day

Ah! Whatcha gon do with all that junk?

Gonna get you drunk on Hoochie History Month.

It's true bay bee - March Madness means it's Hoochie History Month and no better day than Hump Day to lay it out to play it out (in the back and in the front - check it out!)

Girls have staked out literally killer stabs in history every since Deborah staked General Sisera's head to the floor in one of the earliest Zionistas Gone Wild! adventures.

In the New Millennium, hotties like Silver Star Super Stars Sgt Leigh Anne Hester and Spec 4 Monica Lynn Brown have earned places of honor in the hearts of Great Satan fans worldwide.

From the last Millennium - back when Europa still enjoyed open combat on theatre wide scales - comes an awesome story from the collectivist Mommieland.

 Anna Yegorova was born into the worst years of the Bolshevik life/death experience. Lucky to use her innate flying skills, the semi egalitarian Red Air Force snatched her up and she quickly became a flight instructor.

When NSDAP time Deutschland's leaders became as hot as strippers in the dressing room to do "Operation Barbarossa" - she volunteered for combat recce/ supply duty. Shot down in her ancient PO-2 double winger plane, she survived and went straight to ground attack missions in the infamously nigh indestructible Sthurmovik "Flying Panzer" 

Anna sexed up over 270 combat sortees in her ground attacking Ilyushin Il-2 (nicknamed "Kitty Boy") - literally blasting the Werhmacht out of Russia and into Poland.

In the desperate fighting around Warzawa, Red Army hoped to cut off and destroy elements of the feared and hated 3rd Waffen Ss 'Totenkoph' Panzer Division by knocking out key bridges and escape routes. Anna led a flight of Sthurmovik's straight through pure heck - as nasty Deutsch Flakpanzers literally turned the air black with flak. 

Her "Kitty Boy" was shot to pieces - flak scored a near hit that killed her tail gunner just after releasing her deadly payload, she struggled to maintain control - no use - out of control, she bailed out upside down - right into enemy lines.

She was so low to the ground, her parachute only partially opened and she suffered broken bones and internal injuries on hitting the dirt.

She was given first aid by her captors, then taken to a POW camp where her wounds were tended by captured Soviet Docs. Back at her air base, Anna was Officially declared KIA and 'posthumously' granted the status of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Liberated when Red Army's juggernaut steamrolled into Kustrin in January 1945, she was  immediately arrested by 3CP's dreaded NKVD. Any Russian POW's were automatically considered potential traitors until 'properly' vetted. Intense interrogation followed for 11 days.

Consistent testimony by fellow freed POW's confirmed her injuries and conduct - granting her release - though suspicion and occasional persecution followed for years after wards.

Anna's service to the State was formally recog'd in 1965 and she was finally awarded her well deserved Hero of the Soviet Union medal.

Anna Yegorova passed away in October 2009 at the ripe old age of 93 years old. Yet, her example of girls in service to a nation in extremis liveth evermore
 Pic - "We love, we nurture - we can create life with our bodies and we can also kill in national service"


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