Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The World That Got Away

Oh snap!

Say it ain't so!

Only it is so! Wicked gossip shares that 44 bemoans it would be way more easier to be top cat collectivist in unfree China than Great Satan's leader of the Free World.

This is significant. And a wonderfully example of why book savvy cats can swing in a climate controlled environ like a classroom's clique of irrelevance yet bury the suckmeter in any real world endeavors.

While 44 should be acknowledged for getting AFPAK fully crunk - that's about the only FoPo faux pas free deal worth mentioning.

The rest of 44's extra continental curricular activities are horribly embarrassing - like surprising your BBF getting all smush face with a guy she knew you liked 

 Mainly 'cause 44's classroom phantasies of the world and Great Satan's place in it have been totally bass ackwards.

"...The model of the world 44 held in his mind upon taking office is no more. The states of Europe, with their bottomless entitlement structures, were the ideals. The countries of the Middle East, with their post-colonial resentments, were America’s moral creditors."

On nigh any subj (except maybe Pakistan and Afghanistan) - Little Satan/Palestine, The Middle East revolutions, Colonel Khadaffy's killing fields and the weird By Stander In Chief act when Persia's illegit - enemy - regime enjoyed a near death experience - all highlights 44's theory rich - yet fact free  - enemy centric foreign policy. 

Sucking up to enemies and dissing allies may sound cool in class, Starbucks or campus library - alas - in the real world - it gets ppl killed. And for what?  A maybe baby engagement handshake state visit sometime?

Even the unnaturals abhor a vacuum - and the 1st Post American president's hyperpuissance AWOL maneuver will bear certain costs.

"...In all the foregoing areas, Obama is daily acting out his worldview, and the prospect of more of the same should be deeply troubling to America's global allies. The conceptual road map until at least 2012 is now plainly in evidence, if only incompletely realised to date. Obama simply does not see America's strength as a particular asset, or its causes and interests as more than many other causes and interests competing in the world out there somewhere between Albania and Zimbabwe.

"...Long after global 44mania has worn off, the geostrategic consequences of this insouciance will be sorely felt. Of course, by then it may be too late.

Pic - "And now he confides the Oval Office's crown of responsibility does not fit him. Much of the world shares the sentiment"


Anonymous said...

Nobody turns a phrase as you do:
"FoPo faux pas free "
Gotta love it.

Michal said...

While we're focusing on how lightly 44 treads in international politics, perhaps it would be worthwhile to remember the policies of his predecessor as well. Remember back when Iran offered everything to the US, from recognition of Israel over stopping of nuclear program to cessation of support for Hamas, and Bush refused because he thought the regime was going to crumble?

That near death experience?

And how 43's hardline stance worked out?


Obama should have supported the protesters, I agree with that, but only because Iran hates the US anyway. Sadly, the regime is more durable than US thinks.

Render said...


That's not quite how I remember it.


Not at all.


Who is to say that four more years of Dubya circa 2001-2005 would not have been enough to crumble the Mullahs?

Who is to say that eight years of cowboy Dubya didn't postpone all or some of the bloody revolutions that we see currently?


GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Michal.
Yeah. What a dang shame. Or should we say Karine A? Grand Bargain was and is - a myth. Iran could never have make up sex with Great Satan under Preacher Command - cause Great Satan hating is like the main leg of the regime's tripod support

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Thanks Libertarian soldier!