Monday, March 7, 2011

The Black Watch

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit!

The awful news that half a squad of Great Britain's vaunted SAS cats, escorting a 'junior diplomat' has been captured by opposition forces. is asymmetrically ironic. After all, the junior diplomat was on the Queen's biz to make contact with Colonel Khadaffy's enemies.

It is also a casus belli.

As best understood, Great Britain has legit interests with Libya's illegit gov - or whatever replaces it in an exponentially increasing civil war now raging back and forth betwixt Tripoli and Tobruk not unlike the ancient  Afrika Korps' see saw battles eons past.

And not to mock the afflicted, Great Britain's jumped up aggressive stance is kinda cool proof that Kaganite ideals - as laid out in "Return of History" is absolutely correct. 

"International order does not rest on ideas and institutions. It is shaped by configurations of power. Such order as exists in the world rests not merely on the goodwill of peoples but on a foundation provided by American power"

Hot gossip that Great Britain is about to intervene with one of her hottest battlefield assets in the hard power arsenal!

The spiritual great great grandsons of huge, hairy legged clansman giganteus that scant centuries ago were armed with the infamous Claymore - a large exploding 2 handed sword used in perimeter defense - and crafted water bongs from the bones of hapless bog travelers - has been alerted to head for sunny sunny climes just west of Suez.

The Black Watch.   

The Ladies from Hell have an incredible history spanning nigh constant conflict for nearly 300 years. Formed in the before time of 1881, the kilt clad cats of Black Watch have been all over the world - Aegypt in several teeth cutting campaigns, the First World War in France, Balkans,  Mesopotamia, and Palestine. WWII activity included Egypt (El Alamein, mein schatze!) and Palestine again, Chindits, Crete, and Sicily.

Since NSDAP time Deutschland screamed "GOD! PLEASE! STOP!", Black Watch has served in India, desperate battles in Korea, mauled Mau Maus in the Mau Mau uprising, the Malaysian Emergency, asymmetrical warfare in Ireland and was the last unit to depart Hong Kong when the Empire returned it to collectivist China.

In the new millennium, Black Watch has been lavishly equipped with tons of heavy weaponry, future battlefield meds and 24 hour all weather on call air support. Black Watch kicked off "Operation Telic" seizing Basra, sat in for Great Satan's forces sweetly redeployed from the Triangle of Death in the 2nd ("He's dead now") Fallujah Battle. 

Black Watch fought in the AF end of AFPAK with literally killer ops multiple times, including Operation Panchai Palang  (Panther's Claw).

Black Watch fraternity members have earned an incredible array of Victoria Crosses,
the highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy Great Britain can bestow.
News that Black Watch is fixing to get all crunk up beyond repair to sortee in a legal Libyavention   means the Ladies From Hell are fixing to return.

Pic - "No One Provokes Me With Impunity"


Winston said...

UK? With what equipment or budget? Nah, they won't.
They just retired their Harrier jets and aircraft carriers. The UK's defense/military is now as bad as a 3rd world nation. Tony Blair and Gordon Clown killed the UK military and David Cameron is now overseeing the funeral. Socialism doesn't pay. It kills.

Anonymous said...

Well, they are. Great Britain isn't out just yet.