Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Syria Slipping

Suriya al- Kubra! 

Not unlike being trapped in the family ride as a captive listener to the White Album (Why don't we do exactly what in the road?) when certain elements ignite the old Missouri Meerschaum with "Devil's Holiday"

Friendly, frienemy and enemy sec sec secular despotries (hereditary Royals or jumped up Presidents For Life) are shakier than party posse appearing at a late night Highway Patrol roadblock.

And the lesson these illegit leaders have internalized is to get all mean and scary right off the bat.

So, if saving civies is the end all be for Libyavention - and if every illegit ruled nation state is truly unique - what about al Assad actually fulfilling his own Benghazi cleansing activity in Syria?

Anarchy on top and anarchy on the bottom!

Both Colonel Khadaffy and the Lion of Syria are long time enemies of Great Satan with American blood on their hands, it is impossible to create a list of all the cool things that will happen if they remain in power.

Doing a No Fly Zone over Syria and acting out in acts of war like annihilating sensors, air defense systems and even hotjacking old Soviet school style conscript panzer columns are actually more better in Great Satan's interests than doing Libya.

"...Yes, every nation is unique. In Libya, Obama administration officials have cited the vital interests of our European partners in the North African nation. They have, interestingly, shied away from citing as a justification for military intervention the one American interest for getting rid of its mercurial leader—he killed Americans in a series of horrific terrorist acts in the 1980s.

"...Syria, in contrast, is far more important to us at this moment. Assad is a key ally of American adversaries Iran and North Korea and has been trying to covertly build nuclear weapons in violation of his country’s obligations under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Moreover, by backing the terrorists of HAMAS and Hiz'B'Allah, Assad is a direct threat to Israel.

And regional stability.
"If all our problems were as easy as Syria - the War on Terror would have been won long ago."

"...With the Syrian leader gone, the theocrats in Iran would be stripped of a key friend and would therefore look especially vulnerable. And with the Iranian ayatollahs gone, all sorts of good things could happen in Iraq, the Gulf states, Afghanistan, and perhaps the rest of Asia. So what interest do we have in seeing Assad stay in power?

Syria - like Little Satan - punches far above her weight class in diplopolititary deals. Instead of cool stuff like Hooters, literacy rates off the charts or creating advanced avionics - Bashar Bay Bee follows poppa Assad's script utilizing asymmetrical assets creating a slave trading Syria, abusing Palestinians as a strategic minority resource, fiddling about with new clear WMD witchcraft, hanging with the most wanted terrorists in the world while maybe or maybe not enabling official enemies like Hiz'B'Allah with wmd delivery systems and frightened of Facebook.

 Syria has long been considered a hot target for the j!hajies and their quest to time travel back to the before time - seems only fair that Great Satan exerts her diplopolititary power to ensure her interests, designs and delights  - and collect some righteous payback at the same incredible instant.

Pic - "She's on the verge..."