Thursday, March 17, 2011

Regional Strategery


One of Great Satan's biggest fans - even in the Before Time - a famously infamous Hyperpuissance Lovers Signatory on the hot! blunt Churchillian action packed "Action This Day!" text to 42 - sagely saged that 44's curiously unconvincing activity ala the ME is because of a lack of Strategic Vision.

"...Instead of crafting a regional plan, the United States will deal with protests for democracy and freedom in each state on its own terms. This approach is inadequate to both the challenges and the opportunities arising from the political turbulence..."

To be fair - the upside is that Aegypt and Tunisia seem to be xforming into democrazy stats of somekind - with a mostly unviolent ushering out of Presidents For Life out of the scene and into exile.

"...Events elsewhere are more troubling. Protests are escalating against American partners in Yemen, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan and some of the Gulf states. It is unclear whether these regimes will be able to reach understandings with their opposition movements without greater American involvement. The arrival of Saudi forces in Bahrain suggests that 44's admin is losing influence to those in the Gulf who advocate a crackdown. 

"...Moreover, the administration has failed to offer opposition movements in countries with anti-American regimes — notably Libya — sufficient support to prevail. The administration has also shown little inclination toward a comprehensive support strategy for the opposition in Iran and Syria.   

While nation specific strategery at 1st glance seems to uphold Great Satan's flexible flexibility ala l'diplopolititary concernes au courant - that thinking is actually tarded.

"...First, it discounts the link between U.S. policy in one situation and outcomes elsewhere. Just as protests beginning in Tunisia inspired revolts across the Middle East, so too will the American approach to each uprising have ramifications in other countries.

"...Second, the strategy is inherently reactive. It allows us to manage breaking developments but undermines our ability to shape events proactively even as regimes and reformers are watching our actions and drawing lessons. If we are to avoid instability while putting hostile regimes on the defensive, we need a strategy that allows us to take the initiative.

Instead, Great Satan should get professionally proactive - using every trick in the book to sweetly light the way to fun, free choice societies where disagreeing with someone won't get you and your family shot to death in the streets. Legal chicanery, leveling playing fields between new born ideas and old school preacherism and ensuring democratic institutions are hot, and handy.

Why not? After all - Preacher Command in Gay Free Persia is hot jacking events in the ME and twisting them to their unfree, unfun and nigh unhinged advantage

"...We can follow up with a variety of steps to foment democratic revolutions against Tehran and Damascus, beginning with clarion calls for change. These include: training and support for opposition forces in and outside the countries; pressure directed against regime officials who attack their own people, including targeted sanctions and referrals in international tribunals; surrogate broadcasting and other pro-democracy messaging; funds for striking workers; and covert efforts to induce defections by regime and security officials.

"...We are at a key juncture. As in Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the dysfunction of the Middle East today generates the most threatening challenges to the international community. The largely peaceful, youth-oriented, democratic revolutions across the region present an opportunity to catalyze a fundamental transformation. Partnering with other responsible actors, we should take reasonable steps to facilitate and consolidate this shift in the Middle East.

Pic - "Pop it like a hood - show me how you work it out"