Thursday, January 31, 2008

Marine Nationale

Darling Nikki's hot, sticky, sweet make up hook up with Great Satan whispered hot, sticky, sweet, down right sexed up promises of creating a real future world that couldn't help but to annoy, annihilate and marginalize creepy time traveling intolerants and unfree missile millionaires anywhere on earth

"Today, as in the past, we stand at the begining of the 21st century, it is
together that we must fight to defend and promote the values and ideals of
freedom and democracy"

A true player (oh, he got game!) France's Pres proves it by putting steel on the target with an updated fleet setting sail with a berth in Naval history. Since 911, France has executed a crash naval programme to create, update, deploy and maintain a NATO navy compliment that not only could fight but could also command with allies in the New Millenium. France will soon sortee with:
"...a strategic ocean-going force consisting of four SSBN, a group of twenty-six
destroyers and frigates including four AAW (anti-surface and anti-sub) and
eight ASW ships, overseas forces consisting of six surveillance frigates,
eleven patrol boats and five light transport ships (BATRAL), a mine warfare
force consisting of fifteen ships and a command ship, a maritime patrol
aircraft wing consisting of twenty-two Atlantique aircraft and ten maritime
surveillance aircraft, about fifty ship-borne helicopters - This represents
a total of 80 warships, 130 naval aircraft and five commandos (Marine
Amphibious) units."

France's Navy has been teaching the Russians a thing or two about maritime ops and recently picked up NATO command and control stats for the first time ever - all in 3 weeks.

"On January 1st 2008, following Great Britain, for the first time France took
the command of the NATO Response Force, for 6 months, under the orders of the
Rear Admiral Hinden. Being deployable under very short delays, wherever
actuality demands it"

For the pièce de résistance, France is hooking up with Great Satan in the Persian Gulf. Until now, Only Great Satan had bases in places like the strategically saddled United Arab Emirates.

Trying to downplay Great Satan's recent Persian Chess Tour and her avec de guerre with a France Military base in their own back 40, Ebtisam Al-Kitbi, associate professor of political science at UAE University points out that unfree regimes that may or may not be fiddling about WMD or may or may not be destabilizing neighboring turf and that publicly threatens neighbors or may or may not deploy stealth subs to sabotage the internet in the ME isn't really a problem.

She lays the blame squarely on America Unbound in the new millenium

"The U.S. has been causing a great deal of concern among Arab Gulf countries
because of conflicting and dangerous statements and policies made by
Washington that have led to the current situation in Iraq and to a mounting
tension with Iran. Moreover, the U.S. image in the region has deteriorated
as a result of the global war on terrorism and the failed Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

The U.S. must notice this change, and subsequently improve its foreign policy and reconsider its actions in order not to miss the major strategic shift that seems to be happening. French military presence would help restrain the Bush
administration from making irrational, unilateral moves that could lead to war."

Au contraire mademoiselle! Dr.Theodore Karasik, Middle East security analyst at RAND Corp. in L.A. says even trying to drive a zero sum wedge betwixt two freedom loving allies is totally retarded

"The United States should welcome this move because its current relations with
Paris have never been stronger. In case of a confrontation with Iran, the French
military presence would be a complementary package to the U.S. forces there."

French Defense Minister Herve Morin hooked up with Def Sec Gates at the Pentagon today and spelled out the bloodtests of history confirmed

"The bloodlines uniting the United States and France are much more powerful than
discrepancies we might have experienced"

Riad Kahwaji, a part timer at Agence Presse France, cites undisclosed 'officials' that admit Great Satan and France have been buddying up for a while military wise.

"French forces in UAE have been giving support to NATO operations in Afghanistan
since 2002. The only thing new is that it has been made official and public."

Darling Nikki agrees and points out that wielding a future Navy on Freedom's behalf and being magically drawn to wherever the banner of Liberty is unfurled is a really cool signal and is totally legit, after all she's just like Great Satan.

France is totally jazzed about flexing muscle in unfree, scary parts of the world where baby democracies could be strangled to death in their cribs. President Sarkozy starts off nearly every analysis

"... with the assumption that the US is not involved, either as a problem or as a solution.

Imagine, there is no US. Are the European nations threatened by radical Islamism or not?

Imagine there is no US, does the European Union depend on oil and gas imports from the Greater Middle East?

Imagine there is no US, is the acquisition of nuclear weapons by the Khomeinist regime in Tehran good or bad for France and the European Union?

Imagine there is no US, isn't Europe safer if Afghanistan and Iraq are transformed into friendly democracies rather than a safe haven for terrorists?

France responds to its friends. This is a sign to all that France is
in the stability of this region of the world."

Monday, January 28, 2008

Cyber Media Blitz

In the essential "Rise of the Vulcans" James Mann shares that the Great Satan's 30 year in the future Military was actually a crazy cool chaotic orderly march set in motion way back in the last millenium. Back in the day, when Ex Def Sec Donald Rumsfeld was Pres Ford's White House Chief of Staff he literally wore people out about a new magical future thinking missile. Way over the top, peers and subordinates joked about

"...sending Rumsfeld on a cruise..."
Still cruising in service to something larger than self, the Ex Sec is still at it, with an au currant demarche' that is totally in sync with the idea of constant confrontation and selective intervention.

Since Great Satan cannot change what she is (and honestly would never want to) and since certain Axis', blocs, Caliphating fanboys, leagues, Presidents for Life and rocket rich rejects fear everything Great Satan is all about (and they honestly should) - all of these unfree regimes and their intolerant resistence movements, militias and bombsquads use their unfree state controlled media to diss Great Satan and her irresistable ideals.

The ex Navy Fly guy and Regime Changer Rumsfeld is absolutely correct in his latest idea championship that it's time to put the 'world' in

"...America ain't what s wrong with the world..."
Essentially, since no one can defeat Great Satan on the Battlefied - and they all know it, perhaps it's time to pump up the volume in communications using every trick in the book to increase, maintain and crank down pressure on self imposed media that tends to glorify destructive penchants like
"... the fact that they blow up mosques, kill women and children and publicly
behead their foes..."

The outgoing #3 at State, R. Nicholaus Burns agrees and points out that would be easy to

"explain who we are and to show the goodness of America to the rest of the
world. I mean, there are some countries where the state-controlled press in
authoritarian countries spew out lies about us; I mean, pictures of us that you
would not recognize."

No doubt! After all, certain blocs have a bizarro double standard like in Pakistan where it's ok for girls to learn to fly military jets but totally controversial for girls to drive cars in Saudi.

Totally flipping off any foreign concerns about Great Satan imposing alien ideas on hapless time traveling intolerants Ex Marine and supersmart guy Gary Anderson of GW University disses any reasoning of 'blowback' or publicising inner ethical wrestling matches

"A big part of the reason is that we spend too much time wanting to be liked
rather than turning Muslim anger on our enemies.

We preach some values that are viewed as alien and threatening to the traditional order of things. Our popular culture is seen as decadent at best and downright threatening at worst in traditional cultures.

We can't change what we are, nor would we want to. No matter how much the government may disapprove, the government's official propaganda will be overwhelmed by the deluge, both positive and negative, from the popular media. We need to accept this fact and move on, rather than waste more millions on strategic communications "charm campaigns."

Hitting them where it hurts, Ex Sec Rumsfeld is correct that Great Satan is irresistable and just like her ideals, a super cyber www all media campaign would include a

"21st-century agency for global communications, a valued tool to help tell the
story of a nation that was carved from the wilderness and conceived in

Not only that - Dr. Anderson insists on taking it a bit further - using the enemies own words against them is a battle of ideas that would be a sure thing for sure.

"...collecting photos of the Muslim innocents al-Qaeda has killed and putting
below them quotations from the Koran decrying such practices. These
advertisements would appear in every newspaper and TV station in the Muslim
world where I could buy print space or air time..."

In the New Millenium, Great Satan could checkmate old school, played rhetoric and put the "O!" in offensive cyber blitzes that would render any counter truly counter productive - winning friends and influencing people in a way that ye olde 'Hearts and Minds" campaign with it's find a friend frenzy that never really took off .

Deploying everything from blogs, online dating social networks to old school radio and TV. Like the Ex Sec says

"Necessity is the mother of invention. And the necessity is there."

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Border Of Disorder

Land of Pharohs, Pyramids and Pres for Life Hosni Mubarrak, Egypt is also good at pretending. Using his best Relax y'all this is part of the show tone Egypts Foreign Ministry Spokescat H'Ssam Zaki says getting an estimated 750K ex colonists and their rowdy children gate crashing sovereign borders is all part of the plan.

"We are not opening the Rafah crossing just for everybody to cross - we're
opening it because it's a very dire humanitarian situation The current situation
is only an exception and for temporary reasons. The border will go back to
Good Luck! Day 4 of the Strip stampede is like a mass exodus . Even as Egypt deployed more units to the border and issued invites for HAMAS and Fatah to an Order at the Border tete' a tete', HAMAS was bulldozing huge gaps through the Rafah crossing and nearly half the Strips 1.5 million surged right through. Violence was off the hook - nearly 20 casualties a day.
Egypt's Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit tried to explain why all this chaos was actually a good thing.

"These provocations cause us concern and our Palestinian brothers should note
that the Egyptian decision to host them and ease their suffering should not
result in threats to the lives of our sons in the Egyptian forces"
This flood also reflects HAMAS' penchant for intelligent human shielding for cover as waves of ex colonists are magnetically drawn to Cairo like Muhammad al-Hirakly, 22
"I tried to go there, to see the big city and our family there, and also the
While Little Satan scored with a sweet missile hit on HAMAS's "military commander" of Rafah, Muhammad Harb along with his personal posse, IDF sources confess this may have been HAMAS's plot all along.
Nigh unstoppable civilian heavy traffic masks intense efforts by Palestinian terrorists like HAMAS, Jihad Islami, Fatah-Al Aqsa Brigades, the Popular Resistance Committees, any number of the nearly 2 dozen security forces, intolerant militias as well as al Qaeda to establish a base in northern Sinai.

Indeed, the only way to stop anybody would be for Egypt to violate her treaty with Little Satan and deploy about 30K troops with all the goodies like armoured vehics, spotter jets and helicopters 24/7 on the border.

This type of show of force would really put Hosni in a bind - calling up reserves to fend off waves of ex colonists - a real risk since violence would most likely escalate and put a military face on Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue.

Totally jazzed up with victory, HAMAS's Ahmed Youssef giddily dreamed of trying this Border busting tactic with Little Satan

"The next time there is a crisis in the Gaza Strip, Israel will have to face
half a million Palestinians who will march toward Erez."

Cairo's regime would most likely not survive a battle with civilians or even risk it because of the catastrophic impact it would have on Pres for Life Hosni 's street creds on the Arab street.

Cutting deals with HAMAS and their new bases in Sinai may be a non starter - everywhere it's been tried - Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine - it's always like the Kiss of Death. Hosni's one chance may actually be cutting a deal with Little Satan.

Violence could possibly be managed in the press with a state controlled media and bribes to neighboring turf. It would also mean starring the HAMAS as the villan in Arab press and trying to evacuate civilians from Gaza..

The interesting point no one has yet brought up is, with all this chaos and border deconstruction - what might be sneaking in to the Gaza Strip?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Last Stand In Pakistan

The au currant Pakistani Pres for Life (the former General Pres for Life for the undespotic) Musharraf pointed out great reasons for the Great Satan to put the "OH!" in No Go Tribal zones in Western Pakistan.

"All the terrorist activity in Afghanistan had its base in Pakistan. All the
freedom struggle in Indian Held Kashmir was Cross Border Terrorism from Pakistan
All nuclear proliferation in the world had its source in Pakistan. Pakistan is an
intolerant militant extremist society."

Until recently, Pres Pervz didn't cotton much to the idea of Great Satan stomping about in Pakistan. And true, he had good reasons - pre Surge Iraq was totally stocked in terrorist head choppers, Iran fanboys and Syrian minions.

Even certain pols were totally freaking out. That was weird. Never sounding like any ex boxers or former Marines personally met or on TV. Plus, Afghanistan suffered a Taliban comeback (actually better PR wise than Brittney's) every spring offensive. Quagmire was the word de jour. Al Qaeda was like a mythical beast totally indestructable hanging in safe zones in Pakistan and magically transporting anywhere in the ME.

That is so last year. Great Satan's Old Ironsides (which has quite a history of ripping the living guts out of her enemies) is cruising with a bruising. Gen Mark Hertling (with 2 PHD's) teaches that: annihilating wretched time traveling Al Qaeda (8th Century - no less) on the run is sweet, crunchy and almost like devouring certain snack chips - you can't kill just one.

"They are trying to get away or find new safe havens. And every time they think
they have them, we attack"

Celebrating Surge's very first Happy BDay bash, "Rock of the Marne" is no stranger to danger either. Literally vaporizing Great Satan's enemies with literally 2 tons a minute called in from on high, courtesy of the Great Satan's literally global air superiority. Iraq really is a quagmire for creating caliphates, emirates or theocracies (your choice Taliban or Iranian style).

Real life Super Villans are either running for their lives, snitched on by a tormented pop, held securely by Great Satan in controlled environments, incinerated on scene or left dead on the side of the road for a stranger to bury.

Great Satan has fine tuned the Land between the Rivers from a giant, sucking irresistably magnetic trap for wanna be jihadis, Syrian agents and Iranian minions into a giant, sucking, irresistably magnetic killing machine for wanna be jihadis, Syrian agents and Iranian minions.

"Send all you want - we'll kill more" In Afghanistan, 10th Mountain Division's General David Rodriguez explains that Great Satan's 10th Mountain Division is driving the Taliban into kill zones and into Pakistan's Federal Tribal zones.

"I don't think there'll be a big spring offensive this year. I base that on the
fact that the Afghan security forces and the Afghan governance and Afghan
development has moved forward. The people of Afghanistan don't want the Taliban

AQ gets no caliphate or theocracy in Iraq or a Taliban Afghanistan. No surprise - any version of Caliphating totally sucks. All death and blood and shame and honor but little staying power. Gary Anderson led a study of al-Qaeda from 2003 to 2005 for a Defense Department contractor. He lectures on "The Revolution in Military Affairs" at George Washington University.

"Everyplace where al-Qaeda has gained some measure of control over a civilian
population, it has quickly worn out its welcome. No one likes to be brutalized
and dominated. Its members have killed more Muslim civilians than have
misdirected coalition airstrikes in Iraq and Afghanistan combined."

This is significant. Al Qaeda and their Taliban Allies are retreating to Pakistan, capturing turf, hostages and defeating a military Great Satan personally funded to the tune of 10 billion bucks. The Land of the Pure is a land of Red Mosque insurgencies in the capital and a former Federated Tribal zone horribly disfigured into hot pocket caliphates and Super Villan lairs. Like Afghanistan and Al Anbar - torment, control and misery are all in stock out to the dock. This is their last stand.

"nine of the twelve districts in the picturesque Swat Valley, 100 miles from
Pakistan's capital, have been taken over by militants, who have torched music
shops, barred girls from going to school, forced women to wear burqas and
decreed that men must grow beards."

Great Satan is moving in for the kill - and this is not her debut in the Land of the Pure either. A real magical mystery tour escorting enemies to the perfumed Gardens of Allah and straight into the arms of the dark eyed ones has been running for years in an overt covert war that's featuring future high tech.

Like that stealth drone that may or may not have been the culprit for cashing in nearly a dozen caliphaters. Or old school special ops combinations that will only increase as America, unbound by commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan, expertly applies every weapon in her armoury to devour her shrieking prey.

Deploying risable decoys about Pakistan's sovreignity and Great Satan's Polite Intervention since 911, Adm. William J. Fallon, CENTCOM promises the future will be way more.

"More robust. There is more willingness to do that now"

Repeatedly tested, repeatedly victorious in combat for years against Al Qaeda, Talibanis, Mahdi Armies and Republican Guards Great Satan fields the most de luxe, all weather killers of killers in history - in pursuit of a goal most de luxe American arrogance is mean, scary, crazy and unpredictable (check Luftwaffe Bomber Command debriefs about that one) openly reminding the entire world that a 30 year in the future military could pretty much do whatever the heck she wanted, whenever the heck she wanted.

And this time, Great Satan is taking a hard look at Pakistan. And, just like ex General Wesley Clark laughingly proved to the horror of NATO cats, Serbian cutthroughts, unfree regimes and militias worldwide:

"And there's nothing they can do about it"

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Great Fire Wall Of China

Red China is huge! In fact - they don't get any bigger. China also has the Great Wall - one of the wonders of the ancient word. Built to keep out invaders and traders - it eventually failed. In the new millenium China is building a new wall to fight a wonder of the modern world. Over a billion people trapped in a despotic police state that is starting to crack from the inside out.

The Great Satan's infernal internet and the universal values of the human spirit like freedom of choice are downright scary to unfree regimes. 220 million online comrades spent over 8 billion bucks shopping on line last year in China - current filters were only able to handle less than 6 billion.

Unbridled capitalism hooked up with unbridled inquiry could very well spark the most awesome of all regime changes - from the inside out. China's illegitimate rulers are well aware of this. Reuters' Ian Ransom in Hong Kong admits that unfree, controlled media this size really needs to field an army to censor it noting that nearly a thousand arrests alone in 2007 is totally because

"China employs tens of thousands of human Internet censors and a vast network of
filters to control online information."
Good luck! Psychics project capitalist opportunities in 2008 to be way more than last year - nigh unto 20 billion bucks. Wasting resources on trying to monitor and control people's biz or free time fun is totally retarded. Unverifed sources claim China's net suffered several breakdowns when Paris Hilton hit Shanghai last month and 20 million hits for one of the Great Satan's premier hootchies was literally too hot to handle.

Last millenium, illegitimate regimes used ye olde 'crimes against the state' jazz to shut away and silence political opponents, honest dissent and selfish people who embraced undespotic concepts like capitalism or freedom of choice.

Being PR Saavy, regimes in the new millenium use different phrases - in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the theo cons and their secret police crack down on the everpopular 'unislamic activity'. Their best bud 4 ever Bashar's Syrian Computer Society prefers terms like political and internet crimes.

Jonesing around for new school terminology trying to totally smush a free wheeling nation of tech saavy smart people from delving into fearsome concepts like consensual representive democracy, China's handpicked ruler Hu Jin Tao floated several terms to a government censored, unfree media
"Efforts should be made to advocate things that are helpful to the prosperity of
the country, the rejuvenation of the nation, the happiness of the people, and
the harmony of the society."

Harmoniously hitting on indecency as a tyrants term for online crimes against the state is actually quite weak. The "P" word turns off decent comrades and all girl comrades in China's socialist paradise. Is it true or is it code?"

"Human Rights groups have said the campaign has been used as a thinly veiled pretext to crack down on dissent and round up online dissidents ahead of the Olympics."

China's Internet spokescat Mu Xuequan admitted it was tough work. Shenzhen City also first introduced the "Net Police"—a couple of cute animae police figures who follow all of a surfer's movements on the Internet. When they catch someone accessing banned material the terminal is immediately connected to the monitoring system and the offender is thus "caught".

"authorities shut down 44,000 domestic websites and homepages and arrested 868
people while investigating 524 criminal cases. The authorities will give special
to websites that deal in audio and visual programs, blogging, videos,
point-to-point services, and mobile phone sites."

This is significant - China is desperately fighting to keep control in a police state. And like Chancellor Palpatine in Star Wars III is totally frightened of losing absolute power. Despite the best despotic efforts - The Great Dragon is defenseless before the Great Satan's irresistible creation.

Firewalling online chats and critique of the ruling Communist Party and any friendly give and taken, open or honest chatting like the 3 T's - Tiananman Square, Tibet and Taiwan. Illegitimate laws ordering Web sites to register with authorities And all for naught.

Filter buster builder American Xiao Qiang laughs off Red China's risable attempts to control:

"And the great firewall, no matter how great it is, it just is like the Great
Wall in China. It's not going to stop the history going towards a freer, more
human society in China."

Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment Minxin Pei confirms the internet is Great Satan's secret weapon - a real high tech, regime changing wall breacher than cannot be stopped,

"allowing more Chinese to have access to more information. And in the long run,
such information will undermine the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party"

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Faking It

Faking it. Everyone's done it - pretending to enjoy something not all that enjoyable. Or acting out unbearably about something really quite bearable. Faking it.

Deploying a medical brigade at the the make believe border with ex colonial Masters (who share the very same language, dialect, culture and military track record) of Egypt, the world's very first freely and openly elected suicide regime in history attemps to overcome the worlds acute case of Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue. Gaza Strip Chief cat Mahmoud Zahar diagnosed the reason for a massive medical display

"We are asking Arab and Muslim nations not to leave the Palestinians alone to
face the terrorist country of America and the Zionist entity"

Risable rich - since HAMAS's isolation was self inflected and openly embraced by the fiery rocketeers of the Gaza Strip. Back in November, (when the power was on and Little Satan faithfully fed her client state electricity and everything else) HAMAS dissed honest invites to Annapolis and deployed intelligent shielding for morters, missiles and everything else.
Completing and celebrating total illegitimacy as sovereigns is entirely self defeating. Abdel Rahman Rashed (the unofficial Official Saudi Royals' spokescat) of Arab Arabiya News insists:

"Hamas committed a stupid act when it gave the Israelis an excuse to launch
attacks in retaliation for a few antique rockets. Prior to that, Hamas committed
a big crime against the Palestinian people by overthrowing the Palestinian
Authority in Gaza Strip. Palestinians have suffered a lot because of Hamas's
actions. Hamas is bringing Israel back into the Gaza Strip after it was
liberated by the Palestinian groups."
The EU's bona fided rep at HAMAS' Field Artillary Impact Area ( The town of Sderot for civilians) was Nederland's Foreign Minister Max Verhagen. Max caught an eyefull and was totally stessed - not only as a live target on tour (civilians after all are prime kills for missile militias) Max was fired up as Europa's man on the scene and most unsympathetic about hudna's, cash, or furniture. Pointedly presenting Palestinian projectile proficiency:

"makes clear and proves that there is no place for Hamas at the negotiating
The Gaza 'crisis' is really a fake. HAMAS is faking it in a fake war that only wounded 10 Israelis, while Little Satan is killing off rocketeers regardless of patronage including celebs like Islamic Jihad's brain trust Walid Obeidi - literally shot to pieces (like a true Sha Heed) and Hamas' Mahmoud Zahar dear son rocketed straight to paradise on a ride really meant for his old man.

Saudi King's fanboy defines all this as Nakbah Part II and quized the righteousness and wit for shooting off ancient morters and obsolete missiles, exponentially enhancing misery of the Palestinians in exchange for wounding 10 Israelis. Unverified sources in Fatah's West Bank Capital in Ramallah admit
" Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are paying a heavy price for Hamas's
irresponsible actions."
PA Infoboy Riad al-Malki said the latest crisis was the result of Hamas's
"insistence on creating an Islamic republic in the Gaza Strip."

Hot Pocket caliphates (Gaza style) have a very short shelf life. Little Satan indicates that blockades of power and/or goodies is totally up to HAMAS. Future shipments would hinge on regular assessments of Gaza's humanitarian needs and on the number of rockets fired by Palestinian militants. The Gaza power plant normally provides only 30 percent of the territory's electricity, but its closure affected a far greater proportion of the population because of the way the power grid system works. The bulk of Gaza's electricity, which comes from Israel and Egypt, was not cut off. Little Satan's PM Olmert shared no signs of relief for the HAMAS

"As far as I'm concerned, all the residents of Gaza can walk and have no fuel
for their cars, because they have a murderous terrorist regime that doesn't
allow people in the south of Israel to live in peace"

Max, still dissed about being down range at firing time was unwilling to hit the Strip and jaw with the HAMAS anytime soon:

"Before we can speak to Hamas, it must recognize Israel. It must renounce
violence and hand over the authority in Gaza to the Palestinian structures, and
the Netherlands will strictly adhere to this position also within the European

That would be the Kiss of Death for a death cult whose very reason for existence was to fight Little Satan's 'occupation." Since Little Satan split the strip nearly 3 years ago - HAMAS really is on borrowed time.

Cranking up the heat Little Satan's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni laughed off tales of Hudna's, Collective punishment and boring UN talk of sessions.

"The Gaza Strip is a problem. The Gaza Strip is controlled by Hamas, which is a
designated terrorist organization not only in Israel but also in Europe. They
abuse the fact that they control the Gaza Strip, a place from which Israel
withdrew. We left the Gaza Strip, we dismantled all the settlements in the Gaza
Strip, we took our forces out, yet we are being attacked on a daily basis from
the Gaza Strip.
We need to address this challenge and to address these terror
attacks and to act against terrorism coming from the Gaza Strip."

HAMAS, choked by a blockade of their territory and by their own design, find it increasingly difficult to hold on to power. Attempting to raise sympathy, faking a humanitarian crisis only to pressure Fatah to end the Jerusalem Jaw flapping joust.

Stopping rockets and missiles may take more than blockades, and fake events, a full-scale turf capturing blitz by Little Satan won't be a fake.

Hamas can't govern effectively because of the crippling economic sanctions, and Gazans are becoming increasingly vocal in their complaints about their rulers' failure to provide basic services.

The next time HAMAS screams out - it may not be a fake out - but a take out - all the way out.

Little Satan's PM explained:

"We have no desire to harm the residents of the Gaza Strip, but we
will not accept this reality
; we will continue to fight the Jihad and the
Hamas, and all those who join them, without compromise and without pity."

Monday, January 21, 2008

Way Off Target

Target. Tone. Lock. Fire.

Totally off target about Target's recent sexy, sassy ad that may or may not center a girls secret weapon on a bullseye, certain femms are now into mindreading
"Yup. we're ready for it. Ready for everyone to tell us we're reading way, way
too much into this Target Ad that places a certain area of a woman's body highly
targeted by men right in the middle of its signature target logo. But you can't
tell us not a single soul at Target or its agency looked at this and didn't see
a certain interpretation that could be construed as objectifying to women.
There's just no way."
Target's response may be cutting to uppity old women who probably haven't been give that "Yowza! Love to Target THAT with a semi intelligent heat seeking cruising missile" Look since the ancient old school bra burning days (to be fair though - compared to the super soft and squishey, sexy and soft asset deployment enhancers in the new millenium - who can blame them for torching questionable gear that often appeared to look as if it dual functioned as a medieval torture device?).

Target laughed in the face of complaints. (Perhaps not enough Femmes shop at Target?)

"Good Morning Amy,
Thank you for contacting Target; unfortunately we are
unable to respond to your inquiry because Target does not participate with
non-traditional media outlets. This practice is in place to allow us to focus on
publications that reach our core guest.
Once again thank you for your
interest, and have a nice day."
Well, heck hath no fury right? Depends - Target's subtle message is essentially that Target doesn't think that elderly cranky old school girl psychic non traditional media outlet bloggers get the advertising game.

What makes this total nonstory quite a tale (no pun there y'all) is actually quite significant. In ancient texts by P.J. O'Rourke called "Parliment of Whores" there is a doctrine of sorts about mixing naughty Hotties with cutting edge movements as well as mixing not so Hotties with cutting edge movements. In Great Britain attending a Housing Now! rally, O'Rourke considered why it was a bust - totally lame eyecandy wise.

"...there were hardly any beautiful women at the rally. I saw a journalist
friend of mine in the Mall, and he and I pursued this line of inquiry as
assiduously as our happy private lives allow. Practically every female at the
march was a bowser. "We're not being sexist here," my friend insisted. "It's not
that looks matter per se. It's just that beautiful women are always on the
cutting edge of social trends. Remember how many beautiful women were in the
anti-war movement twenty years ago? In the yoga classes fifteen years ago? At
the discos ten years ago? On Wall Street five years ago? Where the beautiful
women are is where the country is headed," said my friend. "And this," he looked
around him, "isn't it."

Target's art is actually a fun and free invite. More like a pic really -just like fashion. Sexiness and the allure and ideas of what makes something - or someone - especial - is always changing. Concepts of hotness may time travel, evolve, devolve and culture span - and there will always be something appealing, familiar, comforting and desirable - universal - as au currant considerations of beautiful women.

This universal bond certainly lives in the universal appeal of what Great Satan's Coolest Uncle Ever championed

"There is a myth that though we love freedom, others don't; that our attachment
to freedom is a product of our culture; that freedom, democracy, human rights,
the rule of law are American values or Western values; that Afghan women were
content under the lash of the Taliban; that Saddam was somehow beloved by his
people; that Milosevic was Serbia's savior. They are the universal values of the
human spirit, and anywhere--anywhere, anytime ordinary people are given the
chance to choose, the choice is the same: freedom, not tyranny; democracy, not
dictatorship; the rule of law, not the rule of the secret police."

This sexyful freedom hook up took up politically with Delacroix's risque "Lady Liberty leading the people". Topless, large and in charge fashionably hOt! back in 1792 was most likely based on a hootchie from real life. Delacroix's real life model mirrors of art totally proves unfree, despotic barricades are helplessly weak when at the mercy of hotties. This out of control ho was in control and giving the old heave ho to a regime change.

Just like Target's fully clothed eagle spread snow bunny pic, this long term, long distance relationship is made even easier in the new millenium with new media. And like Delacroix - a great case could be made Target's ad is based on real life hootchies.

Like hot as fire Nordic Viking Babe, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko . Totally loud and proud during recent crisis with foreign meddling. She put the "OOOO" in Ukrainia, built a coalition and campaigned for those universal values - model material in more ways than one. Hotties risked it all in a homegrown rebellion at the idea of control by the Moscow Assassin Guild's time honoured poison league (Ex KGB). Yulia got game and smarts and charms.

Weaponized musically like last winter's runaway CD "The Duchess" by Fergie. Sweet, petite with kitty cat eyes, Stacy Ferguson's break out solo debut blitzed radio friendly hits, video faves and dance floor essentials. One track in particular "Fergilicious" could be choosen to be a sexyful lament - like a cat in heat - a killer cool soundtrack totally representing the universal desirability of these universal values

"So delicious It's hot, hot So delicious I put them boys on rock, rock And they be
lining down the block just to watch what I got. So delicious they wanna slice of what I gott t-t-t-t-tasty, tasty"
This irresistability could also be known in advertising, PR and regime changing as the Eyecandy Effect:
Essentially - when and where hotties appear an exponential number of men
will appear: If hootchies and ho's are totally hooked and hanging with a
political movement (universal values like freedom), it has a far greater chance
of succeeding
. If there are no hotties loose, the odds of a winning
movement totally fail dramatically.
If and when hot bods are forbidden from demonstrations, expect greater chances of strife, rioting, and guaranteed failure.

When President for Life Bashar Al Assad was legally and legitimately ran out of Lebanon, Hootchies and hotties deployed for cutting edge change and the universal values of the human spirit made a sexy appearance in a tormented land.

Functional democracies also deploy eyecandy in pursuit of choice in politics. Like in
"Armed to the teeth with blood-red lipstick and a killer smile, Yuriko Koike
stormed the streets in a working-class neighborhood here with rapid-fire
handshakes and a brigade of young campaign aides wearing hot-pink T-shirts and
waving rose-colored flags. One of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's hit squad
of female "assassins," the former anchorwoman vowed to take no prisoners in
Japan's nationwide elections a week from Sunday."
Eyecandy and defense of democracy can be sexy, free and lethal. Putting the "Ho" in Holy Land, Little Satan shows off beaches and biotches recently.
This charm offensive that leaves HAMAS or Fatah in the 8th century eyecandy wise, proves Little Satan truly is a daughter of the Great Satan. Military intell (in more ways than one) agents tap enemy communications, fly drones and engage in covert chicanery - some kind of hush hush hankey pankey
"My job was top secret. I can’t talk about it other than to say I studied some
Feminists are missing this cutting edge timeless phenom. Like MS Magazine - who bailed on a cool chance to dress up grrrl power in the new millenium with brains and achievements.
Worrying about Target's ad is retarded. Old school fems have better things to worry about since the day history began. Instead of sounding like intolerants in Maylasia who mourn marginalization or Mullahs in Iran fearful of sexy boots and sexy books.
'Femisim' may be about to have a revolution herself.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Where Ever The Banner Of Liberty Is Unfurled, There America Should Be"

O.K., I think we just have to understand that with great power comes sometimes adverse action. I'm not apologizing for it. I do think that we have to make a much better effort to explain who we are and to show the goodness of America to the rest of the world. I mean, there are some countries where the state-controlled press in authoritarian countries spew out lies about us; I mean, pictures of us that you would not recognize.

And so in those situations, you have to stand up and make the argument. That means you have to talk to people, even people you don't like; people who might be on opposite sides of the barricades and try to communicate a more true picture of who we are.

Despite all the anti-Americans in the world today -- yeah, and there's a lot of it, and we face it personally, all of us, when we go overseas -- people vote with their feet. We still have several million people who try to come in legally or illegally in this country. Why? Not just because we're rich and life is good here. It's because we're free.

And so I guess I would say, as someone involved in foreign policy, we should never shrink from supporting democracy. And we should never be bashful or embarrassed to stand up and say we don't support dictatorship in Russia; we don't support massive human rights violations in Zimbabwe, which is occurring right now; we don't support the massive violations of the rights of the people in Burma. I think Americans need to stand up for those values.

Read that quote from John Quincy Adams: "America should not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy." The preceding clause is that we should -- whenever the banner of liberty has unfurled, there should America be. And I think that he was right.

We also have to understand that anti- Americanism is not a mass global phenomena. In India, for example, the United States is very popular, as is President Bush. We are well regarded in China. In general, we have a fairly good reputation in East Asia and the Pacific. If you look at the recent Pew public opinion poll, the United States has high favorability ratings in most African countries.

There is a higher degree of anti- Americanism in the Middle East, in most of the Muslim countries of the world, in Europe and in parts of Central and South America. We have to understand that it’s not just a massive global uprising against American power, but it tends to be centered in certain regions of the world. We need to do our best to combat it, and we have to convince people that we as a country can speak to their aspirations and their interests and be a good and reliable friend.

The United States is the greatest power in the world. Part of the unhappiness with the United States in certain parts of the world is because of the very fact that we are powerful. They see our military, they see Starbucks, they see Microsoft as ever present in their societies. Yet we can convey a sense that we’re not arrogant, that we’re not unilateralist, that we don’t think we can go it alone in the world, that we need friends and allies, that we depend on friends and allies and we do have shared interests. Over time, that kind of a more open and positive spirit can help to address a lot of the anti- Americanism.

We also need to convince people that we’re not going to be isolationist. Those are the two twin tendencies of our policy that go back 231 years—isolationism and unilateralism. Most of us in the career Foreign and Civil Service understand that we have to be centered on multilateralism, that America has to lead in the world. Sometimes you have to lead alone, but more often than not we’re much better off by trying to win friends, by trying to act multilaterally and by creating alliances so that our soldiers don’t have to do all the fighting and our taxpayers don’t have to do all the spending around the world.

I think in this administration we have very much focused on that commitment to multilateralism over the last two to three years. That’s certainly been a great priority for Secretary Rice; since she came into office, she has tried very hard to rebuild our regional alliances and to communicate this sense of commitment to the rest of the world.

Let's think of it this way. Politically, we are the indispensable country. That's not an arrogant statement, I think that's a factual statement. Whenever a country is called to mediate a difficult crisis, whether it's Darfur or Kashmir or Jerusalem or Taiwan, they call us. And whether people love us or not, they want the United States in the middle of the world's hot spots and we really can't avoid that major political role in the world.

Economically, we have the largest economy. We have the most innovative private sector. We're still the world technology leader, although India, especially, and China are creeping up upon us. And the world economy can't run without the United States at the wheel.

Militarily, and here's where it really becomes interesting, and think of it in historical terms, we may just be the strongest country relative to all the others since the Roman Empire 2000 years ago. Now think of the huge strategic advantage that gives us. But also think of the huge responsibility it gives us to use that power effectively.

So this unprecedented power demands that we embrace our status as a global leader. And we haven't done it for 230 years, and we need to now. That's my first challenge for our country.

Second, we must simply reject the lure of isolationism, which has too often been our reflex at great international turmoil. We need to choose instead a policy of permanent engagement in the world; it's our overriding national interest and priority.

And if there's one central lesson that we can learn from 9/11, and there are a lot of them, and they're mostly bad and negative, is that you can't live apart from the world. You can't turn away from challenges.

Submitted by R. nIcHoLaS

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Great Satan's Persian Chess Tour

Great Satan's 8 day ME Tour was a steady warning about and to the Islamic Republic's

"regime that sits in Tehran. Iran is today the world's leading state sponsor of
terror. It sends hundreds of millions of dollars to extremists around the world
-- while its own people face repression and economic hardship at home. It
undermines Lebanese hopes for peace by arming and aiding the terrorist group
Hezbollah. It subverts the hopes for peace in other parts of the region by
funding terrorist groups like Hamas and the Palestine Islamic Jihad. It sends
arms to the Taliban in Afghanistan and Shia militants in Iraq. It seeks to
intimidate its neighbors with ballistic missiles and bellicose rhetoric. And
finally, it defies the United Nations and destabilizes the region by refusing to
be open and transparent about its nuclear programs and ambitions. Iran's actions
threaten the security of nations everywhere."
Kuwait's Parliment Member (Islamist Party) Nasser al-Sane pleaded with Great Satan to go easy on the little fiefdom which has served as a launchpad to regime change Iraq back in '03. Worried about the possibility of
"the use of force against Iran ... We don't want our region to be an area of
wars and bloodshed."
Bahrain's Dr. Nizar Al Baharna, chief cat minister for foreign affairs, admitted how awesome Great Satan was yet also subtlely noted that Iran's 11 thousand missiles a minute could really turn Bahrain into a surface as devastated as the moon. Hoping this trip might
"steer the region away from the specter of war."
Great Satan was relentless, disregarding and dissing NIE 2007 fans and totally heck bent about
"strengthening our longstanding security commitments with our friends in the
Gulf -- and rallying friends around the world to confront this danger before it
is too late."
While the Mullah's Revo Guard Motorboat game of chicken recently proved that Iran is aggressive, confrontational and generally up to no good. Def Sec Gates confirms the Persian Annihilation Day Redux was an indicator that indicated it was only a matter of time before the Mullah's acted out and got more than they bargained for.
"Two or three of these events — maybe not quite as dramatic as this one — has
happened over the last year. A reminder that there is a very unpredictable
government in Tehran."

Little Satan agrees - being a democratic member of the UN that Iran has threatened to wipe off the map, she makes her own plans - regardless of an Arab coalition
"It’s up to the international community to act in a determined way to stop
Iran’s nuclearization. But at the same time, we have the responsibility to
prepare for any scenario in the event that international efforts do not
Prince Saud al-Faisal of Saudi is in a tight spot, playing a risable game as a JDAM jazzed up pacifist
"Saudi Arabia is a neighbor of Iran in the Gulf. We are keen that harmony and
peace should prevail among states of the region."
F. Gregory Gause III, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Vermont makes a good case that even with smart bombs
"The Saudis are playing a sophisticated game here. They see Iran as a rising
power in the region—in Iraq, in Lebanon, and among Palestinians. They fear that
Iran [the major Shiite power] will be the ultimate beneficiary of the Iraq war
[because of Iraq’s large Shiite population] and so they do want to contain them.
But they want to contain and embrace at the same time. They don’t want a direct
confrontation with Iran. They had those direct confrontations during the
Ayatollah Khomeini period during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s and they didn’t
like it."
Shibley Telhami at Brookings Saban Institute points out this could apply to the entire Arab Leauge
"They are less worried about a military confrontation with Iran than about
Iran's growing influence in the Arab world. In other words, what Arab
governments truly fear is militancy and the public support for it that
undermines their own popularity and stability."
Def Sec Gates laid it on the line - discussing stability, instability and Iran's longevity in her wicked, hegemonic game.
"There can be little doubt that their destabilizing foreign policies are a
threat to the interests of the United States, to the interests of every country
in the Middle East, and to the interests of all countries within the range of
the ballistic missiles Iran is developing.

That said, there may be some in the region who believe that the staying power
and strength of the United States have been diminished or undermined by the wars
in Iraq and Afghanistan. They may believe our resolve has been corroded by the
challenges we face at home and abroad.
This would be a grave misperception.

Over the past century, many nations and empires and movements have looked to our shores in search of signs of vulnerability – signs that Americans are weak or
undisciplined; that we are stretched thin and unable to fulfill our commitments;
that we do not have the patience or the will to face a long-term challenge; that
open and vigorous debate in our democracy reflects underlying divisions and
irresolution with respect to defending our vital interests.

Imperial Germany, Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, the Soviet Union, Ba'Athist Iraq, the Taliban and the Mahdi Army – all made this fundamental miscalculation. All paid the price. All are on the ash heap of history."

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Never Fight Fair"

Hot on the heels of last weeks potential Persian Navy Annihilation Day reprise, Great Satan's great navy unveiled future ship desires at the Surface Navy Association’s annual conference. Chief of Naval Ops Admiral Gary Roughead revealed the goal and methodology of the Navy's 'Balanced Fleet'. Fully crunk with hi tech this fleet will be insuring a technological ovematch for potential enemies, real or imagined: for the next 100 years

"We never, ever want one of our sailors in a fair fight."
This is significant. And so is the soon to be released DDG 1000 Zumwalt class. Of all the things that Great Satan's potential or future enemies could list about fighting DDG 1000, the word fair AIN'T on the list.

This desire for continued total supremacy will be totally off the hook with Great Satan's latest, greatest 30 years in the future Zumwalt Class - the DDG 1000(Guided Missile Destroyer for the non nautical). Super intelligent cannon fire with a range of nearly 90 miles. DDG 1000 will also tote au currant and future cruise missiles and two helicopters.

"DDG 1000 is in an advanced state of development and will influence ship design
worldwide for the remainder of the century."
Super stealthy - nigh invisible to look down radar like aircraft, nonexistent sonar return pings, and see thru to satellites DDG 1000 kinda makes any defense, well, defenseless.
An effective counter for Red China - who is downright dissed still about the Dali Lama and the super sweet best friends forever deal Great Satan granted Tiawan with D Day style invasion vaporizing missiles. Freaked over getting the finger that Great Satan flipped back in November after being denied righteous port of call in Hong Kong. Describing how Kitty Hawk Battle group sailed right between Red China and Tiawan, the Chinese read a lot into that.
"China expressed grave concern to the U.S. and requested the U.S. to take
prudent moves in this highly sensitive area."
China's future (as in next week versus Great Satan's next century) tactics and strats argue that deploying ship killing missile zones backed up with submarines to force Great Satan to stand off helplessly as China amphibiously blows off horrible lossess to force sweet, tiny Tiawan to give up her independence and submit to the wicked desires of Red China may be about as effective as deploying Barbies and Hot Wheels.
"Zumwalt features increased stealth through a composite superstructure,
integrated multi-function mast, and reduced acoustic signature. DDG 1000 will
have a 50-fold radar cross section reduction as compared to current
destroyers and 10-fold the operating area in shallow water regions against

DDG 1000 puts the 'multi' in force multiplier - DDG 1000 will have a crew of 140 compared to current DDG's which deploys 330 or for every 2 old school DDG's, nearly 5 DDG 1000's could sortie.

Like her forward thinking namesake - Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, this DDG class will make Naval Strategic Forcasts, Options and Policies powerfully paramount, as true as Great Satan's 'Maritme Strategy'

"A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower binds our services
more closely together than they have ever been before to advance the prosperity and security of our Nation. The demands of an uncertain world and the enduring
interests of the American people require nothing less."

Monday, January 14, 2008

Madame Maddy's Ten Commandments

EVERY incoming president faces full-blown crises and an impending dust-up or two, but the winner of this year's campaign will confront headaches unmatched since at least Vietnam.

In addition to the grinding struggle against Al Qaeda and ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the new administration will be tested by a belligerent Iran, a splintered Middle East, a still-dangerous regime in Pyongyang, Pakistani turbulence, Russian truculence, rising Chinese power, and the tantalizing unknowns of a post-Fidel Cuba. Nor should the next president be able to avoid tackling such interrelated global perils as climate change, the frenzied scramble for oil, or the growing split between rich and poor.

More challenging, the 44th chief executive will lead a nation that has - over the past seven years - seen its military stretched taut, its finances depleted, its credibility diminished, and its reserves of international popularity scattered like grains of sand in a desert wind.

The new president must come equipped with programs to match problems, but also with the necessary temperament and character to handle the world's most important job. He or she must realize that good intentions and pious hopes will avail little in the absence of analytical skill, an aptitude for global strategy, and the ability to persuade countries to do what we want or, even better, to want what we want. Above all, the next president must be in the habit of thinking critically - which means asking questions, never being satisfied, considering every option, and recognizing and correcting mistakes.

It is almost a year before the next president is sworn in. By then, some campaign promises, fresh now, will have passed their sell-by date. The same is true for free advice. I venture, nonetheless, to offer in advance 10 servings of advice for the next president.

To begin, Mr. President or Madam President: You must honor our troops by always keeping their sacrifices in mind, limiting them to essential missions, equipping them to do their jobs, and bringing them home safely and as soon as circumstances permit.

Second, you must recognize that the American flag includes both red and blue and that bipartisanship is not a four letter word. Neither Democrats nor Republicans have a monopoly on wisdom.

Third, bear in mind that our country is exceptional because of its resources, traditions and ideals, not because we carve out exceptions for ourselves to the rules we insist that others obey; torture is not a weapon with which to fight terror; on the contrary, it has been a humiliation to us and a gift to Al Qaeda.

Fourth, understand that, to many overseas, America today is identified more with violence and arrogance than justice and liberty - more with Guantanamo than Omaha Beach. Your actions and words can change that, but you are not the only story-teller on the street (or Internet). This means that you will have to work hard to resurrect confidence in the American brand. Speak carefully; listen patiently; earn respect without assuming or demanding it; and do battle each day with the axis of evil: poverty, ignorance, and disease.

Fifth, attack Al Qaeda at its weakest point. These terrorists are not warriors but murderers who kill the unarmed, children, and Muslims. They offer no vision for the future except the sword. They should not be accused of Islamic terrorism for their crimes are profoundly un-Islamic. As president, you should make reference frequently and with favor to the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition.

Sixth, don't allow President Bush's mistakes to dissuade you from promoting democracy. Subtract the passion for liberty from America and we would not be America. Remember, though, that democracy must evolve; it cannot be imposed. It is forged through the blending of lofty ideals with street level experience, as people dare to entrust their rights to others while gaining confidence in the rule of law.

Seventh, believe in the American people. We're not cowed by danger and we are far more willing to sacrifice than most politicians suspect, provided we're treated like adults and told the truth.

Eighth, reward honesty, not flattery; the advisers you need most are those who will be unafraid to warn you when you are about to go astray.

Ninth, learn from the past, but don't rely on historical clichés to dictate future actions. The world never stops in the same place twice. Not every enemy is Hitler and intelligent acts of diplomacy should not be confused with appeasement.

Finally, forget Mt. Rushmore; if you are to leave the White House with your head held high, you must be ever mindful of your own capacity for error and that the voters, not God, made you president. Greatness doesn't come by pursuing greatness; it comes through the steady application of intelligence, guts and nerve to the pursuit of honorable ends.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Appropriate Actions"

History came wildly close to repeating itself recently when Five French-made speedboats flying the colors of the Islamic Revo Guard Corps - the theocratic regime's praetorian fanboys (just like the Waffen SS), approached a US warship in a "threatening posture."

The 1st Grand Ayatollah Kamikaze Motorboat Flotilla sortied in the face of the Great Satan's Naval superiority (kinda ironic that a certain inappropiately handwringing 'wish I was on the wayback machine' ex Sec o' State madame literally missed the boat).

U.S. Navy ships USS Port Royal (CG 73), USS Hopper (DDG 70) and USS Ingraham (FFG 61) were steaming in formation at approximately 8 a.m. as they finished a routine Strait of Hormuz transit when five boats, suspected to be from the Revo Guard Navy (IRGCN), maneuvered aggressively in close proximity. Pentagon spokescat Bryan Whitman (looking sharp in Jos. A. Banks) explained
"Small, Iranian fast boats made some aggressive maneuvers against our vessels
and indicated some hostile intent. This required our vessels to issue warnings.
The U.S. Navy vessels were prepared to take appropriate actions, but there was
no engagement of the vessels."

Lucky for them, the Ayatollah Admirals chose discretion as the best bit of valour and split the area. Had they been conducting naval martyrdom ops history could have been repeated - just like 18 April 1987 in the Iran Iraq war. On that crazy day, the Sinbad's of Persia actually drew beads and fired on the Great Satan and her navy.

Big mistake. Sparking a naval brawl that raged for 12 hours, Great Satan annihilated over 1.2 billion bucks worth of offshore oil platforms (they were also dual functioning as Revo Guard seaborne missile silos in the Gulf oil tanker war) and pretty much made the term 'Iranian Navy' truly past tense for like a decade. Ken Pollack's "Persian Puzzle" reads like a movie
"The Iranian Navy came out to fight. Light attack, F 4 Phantoms, even Iran's
largest warships sortied from Bandar Abbas to take on the American Forces. The
Iranian missile boat Joshan started the battle by firing an antiship missile at
an American cruiser (it missed) and was immediately sunk in a hail of missiles
and gunfire.
Iranian small boats and a pair of F 4's also tried to strike
various American ships in the Gulf, and several of the boats were sunk or
damaged as were both F-4s. The Iranian frigate Sahand fired on planes from the USS Enterprise, which was providing air support. Enterprise's air wing immediately
put two Harpoon missiles and four laser guided bombs into the Sahand, sinking
her. Finally, in a remarkable act of stupidity, the Iranians also sent out the
frigate Sabalan, sister ship to the Sahand, late in the day, and it two fired three missiles at a passing American A-6 Intruder. The Intruder promptly put a
500 pound laser guided bomb neatly down Sabalan's smokestack."
The 18 April 1987 Persian Navy Annihilation Day is in the Great Satan's textbooks at Annapolis - the Naval Academy - as one of the top greatest victories ever won at sea by the Americans. 

Somewhere after Midway, Leyte Gulf and the Battle of the Atlantic.

18 April is actually a state secret, hidden from The Islamic Republic's own people to this very day. This is significant. 

Proving that despotic absolute rulers and regimes are alot like teenage drivers - never really dig the brakes much. No fun to stop and most likely remaining nigh unstoppable until stopped. Dead in the water. Or dead in their tracks - like Iran's handpicked fiery missile man Ahmadinejad claimed
"The train of the Iranian nation is without brakes and a rear gear. We
dismantled the rear gear and brakes of the train and threw them away
sometime ago."
Khomeini's view of politics as a management tool for violence, funnily enough, became as pragmatic and responsible as his spiritual namesakes were around the moderately confident regime change fearing mullah's of 2003 were.

The risk of provoking a conflict that was more than Iran could handle, unlike the diplomatic protests Great Satan had employed reacting to land piracy at the embassy in 1979, hostages in Lebanon and Hiz'B'Allah's suicide truck bombing debut that killed US Marines in Beirut.

The Grand Ayatollah himself was publically forced to change course after vowing to conquer Iraq and then next stop Jerusalem.

Within hours, mullah minions in NYC at the UN were sounding out a stop to the war with Iraq, within weeks (after losing several battles that drove Iran out of Iraq after six years) mercifully ended a war that cost over a million lives, bled a generation white, generated 4 million refugees, turned Iran's largest port into a smoking crater and bankrupted Persia to the sorry tune of 200 billion dollars. The Grand Ayatollah compared the armistice to bitterly drinking a cup of poison. (He was correct - after all, he died less than a year later).

Since last weeks naval battle that almost was did not morph into a remix of 1987, the mullahs must have panicked and called the Revo Guards off. No diss - yet obviously, this wasn't a British patrol of waterborne Marines. The mullahs can indeed be very practical - no point in reliving the largest naval defeat since WWII. P.O. ing the Great Satan now may very well have resulted in a disaster with no stopping point save a violent, sudden, complete regime killing regime change.

Walter R. Mead's historically correct, brilliant and fun to read Op Ed in the WSJ points out that it's tough to find any American wars that didn't involve seaborne chicanery as the spark that consumed countless regimes in the last 2.25 centuries.
"Last weekend, the Iranians fled before shots were fired. Good for them. If
Iran wants a large-scale military conflict with a U.S. that is angry, aroused
and united, endangering American naval vessels in the Straits of Hormuz is the
right way to get one. "
Despite tons of weapons, Iran is more like a 'superpower' in asymmetrical warfare - hostage taking, terrorism and insurgencies than real military power to kill leaders, destroy precious resources, invading, occupation or regime changing.

This is why those little speedyboats were ordered to run away, leaving Great Satan with a tough call: like kicking off a major conflict or continuing to accept the drip-drip losses inflicted on her for decades by the Revo Guards and their minions in asymmetric combat.

Friday, January 11, 2008

2 Tons A Minute

Key players were all hanging at the very first Happy Birthday party for the Surge. Especially hosted by the very same regime changer that kicked off Operation Iraqi Freedom this celebration host with the most was Great Satan's "Rock of the Marne." Large and in charge (essentially an armoured division in all but name) - 3rd Infantry Division musters 270 Abrahm M1 MBT's (Modern Battle Tanks for the uninitiated) armored infantry brigades and can magically transform
"...rapidly into battle groups for any tasks demanded by the changing tactical
Current tactical sitch for Rock of the Marne on the Surge's B Day is especially fitting for a killing machine that made Imperial Germany scream "MERCY! PLEASE! STOP! a century ago.

Creating Sacred creds won in combat on shed red soil (in the defense of France no less), winning battles, regime changing militant Teutonicism and earning the highest praise of the Great Satan by old "BlackJack" himself for crafting

" of the most brilliant pages in the annals of military history"
"Marne Thunderbolt" creates brilliant pages in the New Millenium. IIIrd Infantry's Bravo Company drives shattered remnants of AQII before them, wretched rejects and creeps who are very different a year to the day from their unholy reign as horrific out of control caliphaters who victimized, tormented and abused hostage tribes.

The suspected insurgents broke contact, but in an attempt to thwart their
escape, Soldiers of Company B used a grenade launcher to discourage the enemy’s
movement. Firing three grenades, Spc. Carlos Lopez, an infantryman and team
leader for Company B, attempted to halt the enemy’s retreat by denying them
Forced into "Safe Houses' - a controlled kill zone really - Great Satan grants instant easy access to the banks of rivers of milk and honey, the embrace of the dark eyed ones and the perfumed halls of Paradise. Haj to Iraq for Jihad is a dumb thing to do, it's also down right deadly.(which may explain the appeal for death worshippers like al Qaeda in Iraq. A.Q. v4.0
"Precision air strikes supported Operation
Phantom Phoenix
, the overarching operation that includes Operation Marne
Thunderbolt."A joint operation between the Air Force and Soldiers of the 2nd
Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division required extensive planning to
prevent collateral damage."

Seduced and juiced, the Press is sucking up to the irresistable Great Satan and her fully crunk future infantry. AP's Hamza Hendawi almost faints describing the fury - the majesty - of America Unbould - true righteous vengence preceisely delivered on her enemies head after this episode in Marne Thunderbolt's:

"Fierce airstrikes, U.S. and Iraqi soldiers advanced through smoldering citrus
groves into areas that were important al-Qaida enclaves. Little initial
resistance was reported."

Surge's BDay shindig ended with a totally off the hook bang. 40K lbs of the world's most accurate, most annihilating - and in a most American way - the most humane methodology of intelligent tactical lo down ho down air strikes in the history of warfare:

"Two B-1 Bombers and four F-16 fighter jets, directed bombs at three large target areas. Each bomber made two passes and the F-16s followed to complete the set. Coordination between the Army and Air Force was essential in making the operation a success. Thirty-eight bombs were dropped within the first 10 minutes, with a total
tonnage of 40,000 pounds"

2 tons a minute!