Tuesday, January 8, 2008


It was late summer in 1999, and I was in Israel. President Bush was still Governor Bush, and I was traveling as his foreign policy adviser. In a meeting with Ariel Sharon, I met one of his advisers—a confident and impressive woman, roughly my age (well, actually a little younger), named Tzipi Livni.

Little did I know how intertwined our lives and work would become! Last May, Tzipi, like me, became the second woman ever to hold her nation's top foreign policy job. Those early months were anything but easy: violence in Gaza, a war in Lebanon, a radical President in Iran. Tzipi's strength to endure, indeed to excel, in what were difficult, often heartbreaking, conditions was a testament to her character.

Tzipi and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert have the foresight to know that a Palestinian state is in Israel's greatest interest, and that they must pursue the cause of peace with their Arab neighbors. President Bush and I deeply share this goal. And for Tzipi and me, it is now the focus of our work together.

Tzipi has not just been my colleague; she has become my friend. We have sat together for hours debating ideas—freely, openly, even combatively at times. I have learned of her deep pride in her children. We share an abiding respect for our now deceased fathers—mine, a successful son of the old segregated American South; hers, a defender of the Jewish homeland in its first days of independence.
Tzipi, 48, is a woman of conviction, intelligence and peace. I deeply respect her. I like being around her. And I know that long after we have both exited the world stage, we'll still be friends.


Karen said...

Now I've got the Bette Midler song in my brain. Thanks.

"Oh, ya gotta have friends..."

Sunny said...


Ha ha ha....

You know, I had a dream not too long ago...our asshole Congress finally impeached Bush and Cheney--both resigned--at gunpoint.

And Condi became the Prez-- first black, first woman--history made, problem solved, no more spin.


(She wasn't reelected in my dream, 'er nightmare....)

Donald Douglas said...

Courtney, check out this low down dis of Rice at WaPo:


State employees aren't hangin', I guess.

Rastaman said...

Let's see. The one on the right is the Great Satan, right?


Debbie said...

That's great. They both started out getting high marks, but I think they have dropped a few notches in some folks eyes. Time will tell. I really like Tipi's bold speeches. The two of them together could get a lot accomplished if the men would get out of the way.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

American Interests said...

Thanks for the write up Condi...