Thursday, January 3, 2008

Chechnya Caveat

Dr Yossef Bodansky returns after his super controversial "Secret History of the Iraq War" with a very interesting nonfictional docu drama about the future of Jihad. Using history, high level contacts and a bit more open on sources, Dr. B shares lessons, tactics and strategies that the Russians used to salvage an almost total defeat in Chechnya (despite leveling the capitol Grozny - twice) into a managable draw and a likely marginalization of the destructive appeals of militant mohammedism. It's "Chechen Jihad - Al Qaeda's Training Ground and the Next Wave of Terror"

When the Soviet Union regime changed herself into the Russian Commonwealth, Chechnya became a laboratory for years, featuring a weird hook up of native Chechen separatists and militant jihad Joes.

From all over Central Asia and the ME, rejectionists with an evil penchant for victims, sharia law and explosives have joined forces to replenish al Qaeda and the world wide mohammedist movement to continue the attack on anything not remotely resembling a romanticsed reactionary 8th century fantasy.

"Chechens are professional fighters—disciplined and responsible, with a
combination of skills, expertise, and character that has made them the most
sought-after 'force multipliers' in the jihadist movement."
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Kurdistan, Caucasas, Algeria, the Balkans, Sudan, Kashmir and Azerbijian. To name a few. Chechens appear wherever Jihadi mini theocracies are in danger of collapsing. Chechens also appear wherever Jihadi theocracies are exporting murder, mayhem and torment to their neighbors. Secular mercenary Chechens appear whenever Vlad needs some military influence in old school Soviet Republics that have splintered into an astounding number of provinces, peoples and independence movements.

Bodansky shares secrets and actually does the kiss and tell routine with secret histories of the two Chechen wars, caveats about "Chechenization" - a Russian style 'hearts and minds' campaign that failed and transformed the fight from a secular nationalist campaign into a holy war against Mother Russia and the secular, wicked, woman worshipping West.

And, in the most instructive message for Western audiences, reveals how the Chechen rebellion was eventually crippled by a schism between Mohammedists and the Chechen people whose nationalist rebellion they had co-opted—an object lesson in the vulnerability of imposed Caliphatic campaigns around the world.

Great writing, action and real life twists that rival anything from Hollywood. Especially sweet is the revelation of Putin's payback kill on El Bastardo of the horrific Beslan School Massacre . Bodansky presents a convincing pic from military and intelligence sources throughout the ME and Central Asia, as well as senior officials, spies, mercs and survivors in many of the affected nations.

"Chechen Jihad" offers an intimate look, chilling possibilities and possible solutions.


Yehudi said...

Great article! Chechnyans have been found in Iraq and Afganistan, and have proved to be tough fighters. No match for our Rangers, but they are worthy of respect.

Right Truth said...

" ... the revelation of Putin's payback kill on El Bastardo of the horrific Beslan School Massacre." That does sound juicy because we all know the stuff that Putin is capable of.

They do seem to be everywhere. What they did in Beslan was a horror the current world had not seen before. It shocked, but apparently not enough. Eyes are beginning to open.

Thanks for the great article my friend. Keep up the great work.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Hellfireblogs said...

Consider this Dugg. I've really been enjoying your stuff.