Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little Satan

Little Satan rolls out the red carpet for the Great Satan. And it is blood red too! Little Satan goes out every day - even nights. Presented with killer successful kill rates, classified intell and
cries for a 'hudna' that couldn't possibly be for real - (cutting Peace deals would be like the kiss of Death for HAMAS whose entire raison d' existance' would magically disappear) Little Satan plans and presents her kills early a.m. like a cat. Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilna'i is totally jazzed about taking the 'Jihad' out of Islamic Jihad's Missile Martyrs on a 24/7 humanitarian trip
"very pleased with our achievements - may I add though the air strikes are not
an alternative to a ground operation."
Real estate wise, including after the show hoes like West Bank and Gaza Strip - even the hotly contested 13 acres of hottie Har Dov (Shee Bah Farms in Arabic) Tiny tiny Little Satan 'occupies' less than 1% of the Arab world and less than a /10th of 1% of Islamic turf. What the heck is it about 7 million people that drive almost 300 million absolutely bloody batty?

At war from the day she was born, halfway through the magical month of NakBah (15 May for the Gregorians) Little Satan hit the hood and pretty much took over. In every measure of economic, political, social, and cultural measurements, Little Satan is a success. Thriving - totally off the hook - amid a hood fully stocked with misery. Without oil, without a large population, without friendly homies on her borders, without vast real estate, and without the Suez Canal, she is far superior, far more humane than Hosni's Egypt, Abdullah's (v2.0) Jordan, Bashar's Syria and ex colonies like Abbas' West Bank and HAMAS' Gaza Strip.

In fact, Little Satan is so magical - so irresistable - that recent internal Palestinian polls reflect that an amazing 62% of Palestinians would prefer being citizens in Little Satan than any future Palestinian state.

Little Satan got Game! Like all democracies Little Satan actively and energetically pursues academics, the arts, business, commerce, communications, industry, medicine, science and tech. World Economic Forum rates Israel at genius level for the last two years - 1st for availability of scientists and engineers, 2nd for venture capital availability, 3rd in the world in Technological readiness, 5th in patents pending amd 7th in innovations.
"Israel has become a world technology powerhouse, and this is beginning to have
favorable demonstration effect on the rest of the economy. Israel has benefited
from the development of culture of innovation, supported by first-class
institutions of higher education and scientific research."
When conflicts disrupt these pursuits, Little Satan actively and ruthlessly pursues the absolute defeat of her enemies. Just like Great Satan - Little Satan's armoured blitz by General Sharon in 1967 and 1973 faithfully followed General Sherman and General Patton's model of killing the most enemies, capturing the most pows, liberating the most turf in the least amount of time while suffering far fewer casualities.
In a wonderful homage to Great Satan's Total War Master - many times Little Satan blitzed in Sherman tanks - just like Patton. Victorious without modesty, repeatedly and at will. Many times all at once and all by herself until the Yom Kippor War in 1973. The Great Satan did indeed intervene to ensure the ME's only Democracy did not perish - if only by replenishing armor and passing on Soviet Union's request to Little Satan: Please Don't park your tanks in downtown Cairo and Damascus.

Having personally witnessed right before his eyes Little Satan's fangs in action as a small boy when the first King Abdullah's best friend and Air Force fighter commander was shot to pieces trying to lift off during Little Satan's pre emptive jet blitz of 1967 (the Summer of Love - no less) that annihilated the combined Air Forces of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and any Iraqi air forces in range before lunch time, King Abdullah (v2.0) recently hosted Little Satan in Jordan and shared gossip. Unverified intell claims
Have something in writing drawn up with Abbas ready to show Bush – even if it
means nothing. That in a word was the advice Jordan’s King Abdullah II gave
Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert when they met in Aqaba Thursday, Jan. 3.
Olmert offered to go along with the advice, but said he was worried about the
Palestinian leader. Last week, Abbas confided to Abdullah and Egypt’s Hosni
Mubarak that he was totally infected with Palestinian Sympathy
(though not a 62% er) and way ready to hit the escape hatch and bail
out for his beach front villa in Qatar.

After all, the real problem in the ME has never been just a K or 2K acres of disputed land, occupied turf or Holy sites. Complete absence of a legitimate government — and played arabic, Palestinian, mohammedist, and socialist foreign subsidized myths and make believeologies - Palestinians may be to blame. Rowdy foreigners, who learned the hard way not to send in THEIR jets and panzers to conquer Palestine from the river to the sea, feed failed ideas. That inhumane tactics, illegitimate leaders, suiciders, rocket brigades would grant sweet fruit like the honor, prosperity, and victory that they could never receive through war, tribal dictatorship or public opinion.
Little Satan greets Great Satan amid rocketry and retardation with class, grace and style:
"You are our strongest and most trusted ally in the battle against terrorism
and fundamentalism and a staunch supporter of our quest for peace and
Great Satan - totally pleased - responds with class, grace and style:
"The alliance between our two nations helps guarantee Israel's security as a
Jewish state."
HAMAS acknowledges Great Satan's field trip to Jerusalem (flying in - just like Mohammed!) signals scary signals. Mustafa al-Barghouti, top cat of the political movement the Palestinian National Initiative fears that
"Israel's impunity has increased after Annapolis, and we fear further Israeli
military escalation after Bush's visit."


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Smooth said...

After all, the real problem in the ME has never been just a K or 2K acres of disputed land, occupied turf or Holy sites. Complete absence of a legitimate government — and played arabic, Palestinian, mohammedist, and socialist foreign subsidized myths and make believeologies - Palestinians may be to blame.

You nailed it, GF. The fact of the matter is that 21 Arab states and the PLO leadership are not interested in Palestinian well-being. Rather, they have used the palestinians as political pawns as part of their plan to destroy Israel.

The PA has not spent one cent of the millions of dollars that it receives in foreign aid to improve their living conditions. It does, however, have sufficient funds to purchase weapons from Iran and Syria. Why? Because the world has accepted the outrageous scheme that only palestinians have a right to self-determination, Jews do not. The world has accepted the outrageous scheme that would permit Arabs to have an ethnically cleansed geographical region where no Jews can live.

Just as Germans can live in France and French in Germany, Jews should be able to live in their homeland and remain in Hebron and Gaza as Arabs remain in Jaffa and their Galilee villages.

The fact that Jew haters still charge that the Gaza Strip is still "occupied" even though the palestinians exercise self-government and the Israeli civilian and military presence in this territory have been removed is revealing.

It means that the charge of "occupation" was always been just a ruse to serve the Islamic agenda to destroy Israel.

No concession will ever be enough for the imperialistic land-grabbing Muslims. That fact could not be any clearer and their arrogance could not be any more abominable.

Avi said...

Bush is no friend of Israel. He is coming with the hope of establishing a terrorist state in the heart of Israel (G-d forbid). The media never reports on how thousands of rockets have fallen on Israel and that the Arabs are clamouring for genocide. They deserve nothing and anyone who helps them is complicit in our murder.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Hey, Girlfriend....
Bar Kochba is right.
When are you going to give us a full blown rant about Bush insisting that Little Satan return to pre-1960's borders? (i.e. - return their enemies' launching pads.)