Sunday, January 27, 2008

Border Of Disorder

Land of Pharohs, Pyramids and Pres for Life Hosni Mubarrak, Egypt is also good at pretending. Using his best Relax y'all this is part of the show tone Egypts Foreign Ministry Spokescat H'Ssam Zaki says getting an estimated 750K ex colonists and their rowdy children gate crashing sovereign borders is all part of the plan.

"We are not opening the Rafah crossing just for everybody to cross - we're
opening it because it's a very dire humanitarian situation The current situation
is only an exception and for temporary reasons. The border will go back to
Good Luck! Day 4 of the Strip stampede is like a mass exodus . Even as Egypt deployed more units to the border and issued invites for HAMAS and Fatah to an Order at the Border tete' a tete', HAMAS was bulldozing huge gaps through the Rafah crossing and nearly half the Strips 1.5 million surged right through. Violence was off the hook - nearly 20 casualties a day.
Egypt's Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit tried to explain why all this chaos was actually a good thing.

"These provocations cause us concern and our Palestinian brothers should note
that the Egyptian decision to host them and ease their suffering should not
result in threats to the lives of our sons in the Egyptian forces"
This flood also reflects HAMAS' penchant for intelligent human shielding for cover as waves of ex colonists are magnetically drawn to Cairo like Muhammad al-Hirakly, 22
"I tried to go there, to see the big city and our family there, and also the
While Little Satan scored with a sweet missile hit on HAMAS's "military commander" of Rafah, Muhammad Harb along with his personal posse, IDF sources confess this may have been HAMAS's plot all along.
Nigh unstoppable civilian heavy traffic masks intense efforts by Palestinian terrorists like HAMAS, Jihad Islami, Fatah-Al Aqsa Brigades, the Popular Resistance Committees, any number of the nearly 2 dozen security forces, intolerant militias as well as al Qaeda to establish a base in northern Sinai.

Indeed, the only way to stop anybody would be for Egypt to violate her treaty with Little Satan and deploy about 30K troops with all the goodies like armoured vehics, spotter jets and helicopters 24/7 on the border.

This type of show of force would really put Hosni in a bind - calling up reserves to fend off waves of ex colonists - a real risk since violence would most likely escalate and put a military face on Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue.

Totally jazzed up with victory, HAMAS's Ahmed Youssef giddily dreamed of trying this Border busting tactic with Little Satan

"The next time there is a crisis in the Gaza Strip, Israel will have to face
half a million Palestinians who will march toward Erez."

Cairo's regime would most likely not survive a battle with civilians or even risk it because of the catastrophic impact it would have on Pres for Life Hosni 's street creds on the Arab street.

Cutting deals with HAMAS and their new bases in Sinai may be a non starter - everywhere it's been tried - Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine - it's always like the Kiss of Death. Hosni's one chance may actually be cutting a deal with Little Satan.

Violence could possibly be managed in the press with a state controlled media and bribes to neighboring turf. It would also mean starring the HAMAS as the villan in Arab press and trying to evacuate civilians from Gaza..

The interesting point no one has yet brought up is, with all this chaos and border deconstruction - what might be sneaking in to the Gaza Strip?


Beaman said...

Looks like the Olmert govt has gone onto the appeasement road again. They are letting in fuel to the Gaza Strip again now. Ridiculous.

(ps. thanks for the MBL message. I cannot sign into my account for some reason.)

Miss Beth and Carla said...

Great article--I love reading your site, you mix facts with satire and its great. Soooooo...HAMAS might actually be exposed for the violent sect they are and Mubarrak's in a bind--boo hoo.

Reality comes around to bite them--hard.

Miss Beth