Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Saudi King's Swinging London Song and Dance

The coming war with Iran looms on the Persian Gulf Horizon. The absolute ruler of the world's original He Man Women Hating Kingdom hits Swinging London. Especially sweet since the First Lady used valuable prime time state controlled media on Sacred Turf - no less - to advance the decidely unIslamic concept of breast cancer pre emption.

Times are unsure for the Guardian of the 2 Holy Places. Saudi Arabia has just racked up with the best weaponry the Great Satan can provide. Long in the making, this deal underscores the figleaf coalition that will strike the Islamic Republic's regime anytime now.

Especially interesting is the inclusion of items that make a Saudi amphibious assault across the Gulf a very real threat - Bradley combat vehicles, M 1 tanks and all the accoutrements. Fighter jets in the deal make a lot of sense - especially since Israel sent a very scary message to the Mullah's air defense commanders that air defense is now a subjective term - like jihad.

Since the King is the CiC of the Saudi Military he came to Great Britain for more than an offhand comment about British attitudes to terror or to advertise Saudi warnings about recent terror attacks that had been unheeded. Interestingly, his meeting with the Home Secretary had been cancelled for nonaffairs of state. Not a total loss, as he'll get to have Tea with the Queen.

"But one of the Saudis' prime concerns today is how to contain their giant neighbour Iran and its suspect nuclear programme.
So sensitive is this issue that King Abdullah declined to discuss so this week's visit is unlikely to see any new announcements in that area. "
No doubt - The Great Satan 'rosins' up her bow for the Lo Down Ho Down.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

America's Asymmetrical Hudna

The Annapolis Awakening features the Great Satan at her finest as Secretary of State Rice so directly, so eloquently so American announces the "non-negotiable demands of human dignity"

-- the rule of law, limits on state power, free speech, religious liberty, equal
justice, property rights, tolerance of difference and respect for women. These
values are a source of success for nations across the world and they are the
only ideas that can give people in the Middle East a future of modernity with
dignity. This will ultimately defeat the ideology of violent extremism

Internal polls in Israel and Palestine both show a desire for peace though both doubt it will happen. Most Palestinians don't want to live in a Sharia law loving Preachers Paradise either.

Inviting the HAMAS drives a wedge between Gaza Command and Tehran.

Will Annapolis work? That's not the point. This sends a brazen reminder to Iran about how isolated she is now and what could lie in store.

Hudna is a loaded term in Islamic jurisprudence. During the Muslim conquest of Mecca, instead of a rapid victory, Muhammad made a ten-year treaty with the Kuraysh tribe. In 628 AD, after only two years of the ten-year treaty, Muhammadists concluded that the Kuraysh were too weak to resist and were promptly annihilated.

America's ME Hudna is in full swing - enlisting the Little Satan, Israel's client state Palestine and former Presidents Carter and Clinton complete the deployment of the smokescreen.

This is part of America's Encirclement Strategy.

America disses the UN, bypassing that unproductive corrupt collection of thug huggers, blocs of creepy regimes and Leagues and tightens the vice with sanctions that target Iran's billfold and muscle. This inspires the EU - the very same cats who couldn't even take an 8 hour tank ride to Belgrade to put Milosevic out of biz, to plot their own sanctions on Iran.

The Great Satan and Great Britain buddy up and launch 'proxy wars' in Iran. Attacking, stalking and abducting the Islamic Republic's precious assets, munitions and minions with old school special ops. The rather unstealthy stealth bomber upgrades reinforce Israel's point that spending precious cash reserves on Russian Air Defenseless Systems is like throwing your money in a dumpster. Special thanks to Robert Ignatious of the Washington Post for making my case that asymmetrical warfare waged on a terrorist regime that made asymmetrical warfare an art form is wickedly clever, and has the added benefit of being the best option out there.

The Great Satan bears her fangs as the mullahs rapidly cover and revamp theirs. Sacking Larajani, installing a new IRGC commander and building a new improved corrupt politcal leadership to replace the current corrupt political leadership.

Amazingly ironic that the totalitarian descendents of pre Islamic Persian chessmeisters are in check by the free technomeisters that invented strip poker.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hollywood's Surge Defeated?

Desperate to counter the victories General Petraeus has fought, won and earned in Iraq and Washington DC, Hollywood's Hitlerian type Ardennes Offensive may be just as doomed as the vaunted Waffin SS Panzer Armies that the Lucky Strikes smoking, gum chewing, Garand totin' GI's of yesteryear took the 'Panzer' out of in WWII.

The cinema surge with three movies that try to make the case America is more evil than her enemies is getting a response all right - just not the one Hollywood moguls expected - and certainly not earning the cash to finance them. "Rendition" stars Meryl Streep and Reese Witherspoon. "Elah" stars Tommy Lee Jones, Susan Surandon and Charlize Theron. These cats don't act out with their art for cheap. So far, Hollywood has met defeat.

"Rendition," which features three Oscar winners in key roles, grossed $4.1
million over the weekend in 2,250 screens for a ninth-place finish. A re-release
of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" beat it, and it's 14 years old.

Whoa! Say it ain't so! Aren't all Americans supportive of a retreat at any cost defeat in Iraq?
Brandon Gray of Box Office Mojo isn't so sure.

"Many of these recent dramas fail on all those fronts," Mr. Gray says. "They're
too heavy handed in their presentation."

Even soon to be released anti war surging movies are looking weak. Like Brian De Palma's "Redacted".

Scheduled for a December release, the low budget/no stars movie is based on real
events involving American soldiers who raped a 14-year-old Iraqi girl, then
killed her family. Mr. De Palma has been complaining publicly that disturbing
photos, which run at the end of the film showing dead and dying Iraqis have,
ironically, been redacted by the distributor, Magnolia Pictures.

Now that's irony for you - in it's sweetest form and from De Palma's own peers - no less. There is hope though, maybe it's like redefination. If you constantly say GOP=Taliban, or Kfed = Sir Paul McCartney, Americans may actually start to believe it.

Not even documentaries are collecting much cash.

Beyond the fiction features, the anti-Iraq war documentary "No End in Sight"
(box office: $1.4 million) couldn't capture the indie crowd, beating a swift
retreat to DVD next Tuesday despite glowing reviews.

Any chance of a movie about Americans being the good guys? Not anytime soon.
Hollywood's antiwar drive continues Nov. 9 with "Lions for Lambs," in which Tom
Cruise, Miss Streep and Robert Redford spar over matters of patriotism and war.

Yawn. Robert Redford is a tired old man whose recent inappropiate.boring handwringing seems disjointed, weak and almost pitiful. Naive, out of touch and encouraging to our enemies it may be, yet the funny thing is most American really don't care how ex Al Qaeda or Taliban are faring at Gitmo. Or give a heck what people in countries with no free media and a very unimpressive 38% literacy rate may think. And Americans certainly don't seem concerned about killing our enemies in Iraq - to the point of extinction. Can an all star cast rescue the stalled offensive?
Mr. Gray remains skeptical, citing a lack of clarity from early peeks at the
" 'Lions' will be an interesting test," Mr. Gray says. "Is it simply
them sitting in rooms giving speeches? That's what it looks like."

Americans don't like to lose. The surge has turned things around in Iraq, indeed, Iraq has lost headlines to the upcoming Mullah mashing mayhem the Great Satan is prepping for Iran.

The current crop of antiwar films simply don't offer new insights into the Iraq

True enough. Hollywood's out of touch insights are essentially that America is led by evil capitalists, her armies fielding hillbilly white trash, out of control ho's and murderous playas. Americans who attend movies don't buy it. Unless Hollywood gets her act together and starts realizing victory could be a box office blockbuster.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Atlanta Burned Again Last Night

My gf's must have asked 10 times what we were going down there for. Halfway through my explanation I could see their eyes glazing over. "Is this about your Devil's Daughter thing again?" I finally gave up on the explanation and told them it was a keg party at Emory U called the Boxer Rebellion where all the guys are wearing boxer shorts. Instantly Megan added another 8 MPH as she slangshot over to the fast lane. It didn't help - we were running really late.

We hit Atlanta and got turned all about, finally found the campus, acted lost and helpless and instantly ensnared two gallant young men, who had the added benefit of being HOT, guided us right into the hall. And right into campus security who were making everyone leave because the IF Awarenss event was cancelled after "Outsiders" had shouted down Dr. David Horrowitz and he had split.
SNAP! is not the word that was repeated loudly, repeatedly, without restraint or modesty. The 4 of us had not only splurged precious cash and our combined Strategic Petroleum Reserves for the next few days, but had also wasted a perfectly good Wednesday night.
A handful of fascist intolerants had killed free speech after we had just driven past bloodsoaked Civil War Battlefields like Resacca, Kenesaw and Marietta. That is unreal.
Here's an excerpt from the Emory Wheel with Dr. Horowitz just before :

You're visiting four schools this week and Emory is one of them.
Why did you choose to visit Emory?

I've got kind of a relationship with Emory, don't I? I ran an ad in your
paper last year, and it was attacked by all the religious life professors and
administrators. That is the problem. There is an embargo on discussing who we're
fighting and I think that's crippling in a war, not to be able to discuss who
the enemy is, what the nature of your enemy is. And I always said what I
believed and my professors never harassed me — the way some professors do harass students these days — and it was a great privilege. So, even though you know I'm a conservative, I'm a hot-button guy on many issues, a university is really a
time when it's a rare privilege when you have that time to think about things.So
I did that ad in The Emory Wheel and saw that [the dialogue] is going to be shut
down. I mean, nobody wants to be called a religious bigot, which is basically
what the religious life people said about the ad. And there was nothing bigoted
about the ad. I saw a repeat.

Dr. H must have known there would be tension on campus. Check out this bit where he says

By the way, the flier that's being handed around, that says Emory students are half-educated. I gave a speech here a few years ago, and my tagline was you can't get a good education if they're only telling you half the story. I said liberal students were getting the short end of the stick because you never hear the conservative argument. I was way into the question period, and somebody came up with a question about racial profiling, something that was pretty complex. And I said, that's the problem with being half-educated. I understand the issue. The hypersensitivity, it's heightened. When minority kids come in here — whether they're Muslim or black — they go through these orientations that say there's this racist world we live in. And so they're geared to being upset about things. It's terrible for them, it just completely closes their minds. Every time somebody challenges you, it's a racial thing.

You go Dr H. Real fascists are jamming Free Speech. The Night Atlanta Burned Again.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The 'HO' in Holy Land

Beaches and Biotches - Little Satan has it all!

This lighthearted prong of Little Satan's
recent charm offensive is aimed at American men 18 -25 (I bet it's more like 13 - 80!) and Jewish American males in the same age bracket who might be enticed to move to Little Satan. Raising awareness that Little Satan has more to offer than being surrounded by 350 million hostile Arabs and antique holy places.

These girls are hot! Built like a
Merkava panzer, sleek and sexyful.

They are smart - they can field strip an M 16 blindfolded, intercept enemy communications and any one of them could out fight a platoon of Syrian conscripts.

Maxim Magazine's recent issue features
"Girls of the Israeli Defense Force". In Little Satan, every one gets to do National Service - the very definition of egalitarianism.

Wonder if these grrls ever ask their guy comrades "Hey! Is that a grenade in your pants or are you just glad to see me?"

Tel Aviv has a Hooters coming soon - with 5 more planned throughout Little Satan.

Unverified rumors whisper hot talk about a Strip Club franchise called "Twin Peeks TBA soon.

After attending and writing about the Islamic Nazi Awareness event, this unbridled fun and love for life may show why arabic and mohammedist tyrannies (where fun of any kind can get you thrown in jail, killed or worse) use the term 'Little Satan' to describe our allies.

Monday, October 22, 2007

OBL Admits Al Qaeda is Losing

Hot on the heels of his last release, OBL ups the ante with a new anthem aimed at Uniting the Ummah. Obviously concerned over the failure of Sunni Arabs in Iraq to hook up with Al Qaeda's imported head choppers, OBL was very open in his most candid single to date.

"I advise myself, Muslims in general and brothers in al-Qaida everywhere to
avoid extremism among men and groups," he said, saying leaders should not build
themselves up as the sole authority, and that instead mujahedeen should follow
"what God and his prophet have said."

OBL's Al Qaeda is being destroyed faster than he can reload it and is a sign that going to Iraq for jihad is now a dumb thing to do. OBL was open to admit this in his 007 Super villanesque way.

"Everybody can make a mistake, but the best of
them are those who admit their mistakes," he said. "Mistakes have been made
during holy wars but mujahedeen have to correct their mistakes."

Mistakes like killing anybody in town because thugs found a dvd of Baywatch? Using intolerant Islamic Courts, Islamic Police, and of course, Islamic executioners. Mistakes? Like the fact that people in Anbar and provinces all over Iraq are saying no thanks to OBL's dark, 8th century version of a caliphate? Rebelling against his inspired pocket theocracies?

Or maybe turning those towns into something more hellish than the californicating Great Satan could ever do with casino's, strip bars and churches?

Al-Jazeera did not say how it obtained the tape

Maybe, it's time for the Great Satan to meet with those cutting edge Arab journalists and make a deal. Without or without duress is fine either way. Time to find him, kill him and release the commemorative boxed set.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

11 Thousand Missiles A Minute

The Iranian Republic has been spooked by the Americans again. Response to recent American dialouge like the Vice President's:

Our country, and the entire international community, cannot stand by as
aterror-supporting state fulfills its grandest ambitions," Cheney said in
aspeech to the Washington Institute for Near East Studies.He said Iran's efforts
to pursue technology that would allow them to build a nuclear weapon are obvious
and that "the regime continues to practice delay and deceit inan obvious effort
to buy time." If Iran continues on its current course, Cheney said the U.S. and
other nations are "prepared to impose serious consequences. We will not allow
Iran to have a nuclear weapon."

The Islamic Republic's answer was quick and while it didn't exactly heap burning coals of shame upon the heads of the Great Satan, it still managed to sound overly fantastic and a little desperate:

Iran is capable of firing 11,000 rockets into enemy bases within the firstminute
after any possible attack, state-run television quoted a top Revolutionary Guards
Corps commander as saying Saturday. Gen. Mahmoud Chaharbaghi, the missile
commander of the Guards, said Iran has identified all enemy positions and was
prepared to respond in less than a minute to any possible attack. "Enemy bases
and positions have been identified. ... The Guards ground force will fire 11,000
rockets into identified enemy positions within the first minute of any aggression
against the Iranian territory."

This Commanding Officer of a Terrorist organization like the Guards may have his hands full:

The U.S. has 40,000 troops on various U.S. bases in other Persian Gulf countries
and 20,000 in Mideast waters. Another 160,000 U.S. troops are in neighboring Iraq
and about 25,000 are in another one of Iran's neighbors, Afghanistan.

Iran's military are unconcerned with being outflanked by the wicked Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq though.

Another top Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander warned last month that U.S.
bases around Iran would be legitimate targets. "Today, the United States is within Iran's sight and
all around our country, but it doesn't mean we have been encircled. They are
encircled themselves and are within our range," Gen.Mohammed Hasan Kousehchi told IRNA in September
Frightened by the Americans, who now appear mean and crazy, the mullahs clamp down again on their own people with the Morality Police. The Islamic Republic is getting scared.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Unreal Realism

The creators, supports and worshippers of 'stability' - as defined by the very unrealistic concept of 'Realism' in Foreign Policy are back again. These sad, tired old men in their dotage again dream the same old, always failing ME peace plan. Of course, it isn't the ME they are truly worried about. They tend to obsess on the one true secular, egalitarian democracy in the region - Israel.

It is weird to read this especially coming from the cat who got us into this mess to begin with. Baker, Scowcroft and other supposedly smart people are making a very real case for drug testing among former American statesmen.

A solution to the refugee problem that is consistent with the two-state
solution, addresses the Palestinian refugees' deep sense of injustice, as well
as provides them with meaningful financial compensation and resettlement

Does this include the true creators of Palestinian refugees? Egypt and Jordan should acknowledge their past failures of leadership with the Palestinian people. Failures like launching wars of aggression against a democratic member of the UN. And losing them. Then, cutting Peace deals with Israel - leaving their people stuck in misery in refugee camps for years, their failure to assimilate their own people into loyal, productive citizens.

The realists become even more unreal with this bit here;

In order to enhance Israel's confidence in the process, Arab states that
currently do not enjoy diplomatic relations with Israel should attend the

Shouldn't that read Arab states that currently do not enjoy diplomatic relations with Israel should officially recognise Israel as a Jewish state, establish embassies and exchange ambassadors?

A Real peace plan that offers real chances for success is easier than these seasoned vets of 'realism' would ever dare suggest.

Secretary Rice and Minister Livni must be thinking these tired old men, who have never produced peace, stability or security should be sweetly ushered out of the limelight and into Old Failures Home.

Realism's loser lobby is ready to lose again.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Al Quds Dud

12 October 2007 has came and went and contrary to what the proppaganda machine of the Islamic Republic threatened, there was no final response to allies of Israel (code for America).

Perhaps the IR's communiques should be considered like the 3RD Reich's statements in May 1944, wishful thinking and hoping for the best.

Death of the Mahdi Army v6.0

“Everything is changing,” said Ali, a businessman in the heavily Shiite
neighborhood of Ur, in eastern Baghdad, who, like most of those interviewed,
did not want his full name used for fear of being attacked. “Now in our area for
the first time everyone say, ‘To hell with Mahdi Army.’ “Not loudly on the street,
but between friends, between families. Every man, every woman, say that.”

Najaf, Karbala, Sadr City, Najaf again the Mahdi Army under their firey Iranian minion Moqtada Al Sadr hasn't really accomplished much - other than sucking Iran dry of cash, resources and volunteers . No caliphate, no theocracy and no driving out infidel occupiers.- Mookies 'Army' always had the unlucky knack of meeting up with hallowed names like"Old Ironsides" and "Rock of the Marne". These sons of the Great Satan ANIHILATE them, many times leaving their lifeless 'sha heed' bodies on the side of the road for a stranger to bury.
Now since he's either ran back to his mullah masters in Teheran or hopefully being very uncomfortable in the cluthces of Americans who have a gift for persuading misguided foes of the folly of their ways. Or, maybe he's in the perfumed halls of Allah with rivers of milk and honey and 72 little hotties.
Either way - the Mahdi Army is through. The NYT published this article and it does several things - It marginalizes Al Sadr, it confirms General Petraeus knows how to hammer an insurgency into the ground and it makes one wonder what the heck General Sanchez is talking about.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Dissing the Dictator

Me and the girls show our support of Iranian students who dissed the Supreme Leader's handpicked president Mahmoud Ahmadenijad at a speech at Teheran U .
We liked the part best that reports

The president ignored chants of "Death to the dictator" and gave his speech on
the merits of science and the pitfalls of Western-style democracy.
Now that is one double entendre! Yessir, that Western - style democracy is bad! Better to retain power in unelected hands enforced by their minions - like the ministry of righteousness and vice prevention.

Humiliation of the Ummah

Good grief! Here we go again - Palestinian Statehood. YAWN. All this on again off again talks, meetings, roadmaps and of course ye olde 'Peace Plans'. Supposedly smart people are making a big deal out of what could be very easy. While Dr. Condoleeza Rice seems to have NOT been 'Bakerized', well at least as much as old man 'realism' was.

So to save the Saudi's (who probably won't come), the Egyptians and Jordanians (who probably will show up) , the Syrians (who wouldn't dare show up), the Palestinians (who will have to show up) the Israelis and the Americans a little bit of time - I've drawn up a preliminary peace plan for their consideration.

Official Recognition from all 20 members of the Arab League and Palestine
of the State of Israel. This recog should include mention of Israel as a Jewish
state, and the establishment of Embassies, ambassidorial exchanges - the whole thing.

Egypt and Jordan should acknowledge their past failures of leadership with the Palestinian people. Failures like launching wars of aggression against a democratic member of the UN. And losing them. Then, cutting Peace deals with Israel - leaving their people stuck in misery in refugee camps for years, their failure to assimilate their own people into loyal, productive citizens.

Egypt, Jordan and Syria should pay reparations to the Palestinians, for causing all their grief and heartache. This could include land grants, citizenship and of course cash.

Palestine should renounce control of the Temple Mount and return the entire site to Israel. Jerusalem is only the 3rd Holiest site in Islam. For Judaism it's their only Holy site.

The Right of Return must be declared the evil., misguided myth that it is. After all, 8 million Germans haven't really said much, killed much, bombed much or protested much over the 'right of return' to Danzig or the lost provinces of Deutschland's failed 'Drang Nach Osten' .

Financial aid could be offered in return for Palestine's creation of a tolerant, egalitarian society, with a free, uncensored press, open, periodic, transparent elections, a nat'l treasury under public scrutiny, a judicary independent of the police, military or Sha Ria Law. Outlaw militias, gender apartheid and honor killings.

Otherwise it's a waste of time.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Al Qods Day/Columbus Day Surprise?

The Great Satan. "Shaitan" - the adversary. For some down right wicked, heinous, murderous regimes that means America.

Substitute the name America in place of the name SHAITAN in the Koran. It is Freaky!

67.5] And certainly We have adorned this lower heaven with lamps and We
have made these missiles for the Americans, and We have prepared for them
the chastisement of burning.

Is this a hint? This threat to "... the Allies of the Zionist Regime.." from the Islamic Republic's own Website.

How about that date? Columbus Day to America. International
Al Quds Day in the Islamic Republic
- the Last Day of Ramadan for
all muslims.

Will Iran have a wicked surprise for Israel's allies on this day? Did the IDF's snatch and grab in Syria last month jam up our enemies?

Will Iran detonate one of their two old school Soviet Era tactical nukes and proclaim it a test - Behold! Iran is now a Super Power!?