Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The 'HO' in Holy Land

Beaches and Biotches - Little Satan has it all!

This lighthearted prong of Little Satan's
recent charm offensive is aimed at American men 18 -25 (I bet it's more like 13 - 80!) and Jewish American males in the same age bracket who might be enticed to move to Little Satan. Raising awareness that Little Satan has more to offer than being surrounded by 350 million hostile Arabs and antique holy places.

These girls are hot! Built like a
Merkava panzer, sleek and sexyful.

They are smart - they can field strip an M 16 blindfolded, intercept enemy communications and any one of them could out fight a platoon of Syrian conscripts.

Maxim Magazine's recent issue features
"Girls of the Israeli Defense Force". In Little Satan, every one gets to do National Service - the very definition of egalitarianism.

Wonder if these grrls ever ask their guy comrades "Hey! Is that a grenade in your pants or are you just glad to see me?"

Tel Aviv has a Hooters coming soon - with 5 more planned throughout Little Satan.

Unverified rumors whisper hot talk about a Strip Club franchise called "Twin Peeks TBA soon.

After attending and writing about the Islamic Nazi Awareness event, this unbridled fun and love for life may show why arabic and mohammedist tyrannies (where fun of any kind can get you thrown in jail, killed or worse) use the term 'Little Satan' to describe our allies.


Roger W. Gardner said...

You are so baaaaaddd! Rut you're right about that 13 to 80!
Ain't the West grand! The mullahs would love it!

Keep hitting them where it hurts, girl!


Findalis said...

She is the result of living in a free nation. A lovely healthy woman.

The Mullahs must be foaming over this!

Findalis said...

The mullahs must be foaming over this and quite a few Haradi.

But she is very lovely. A product of a Free Society!

Unknown said...

die semetic