Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Funintended Consequences


Outrageous actually - to imagine in the Age of Stuxnet, Wiki Leaks is alive and well, while over 3 score illicit musical downloader sites (that never betrayed or killed anyone) are shut down.

 Complete incompetence and failure of 44's Attorney Brigade and Great Satan's Cyber Command seemingly AWOL on the battlefield "...defense of specified Department of Defense information networks and; prepare to, and when directed, conduct full-spectrum military cyberspace operations in order to enable actions in all domains, ensure US/Allied freedom of action in cyberspace and deny the same to our adversaries..."

"In wartime, we should expect enemies to seek to damage us in this way."

Aside from all the morning after regret, Assange should get sweetly renditioned into Great Satan's righteous clutches and instantly made uncomfortable with the heavy pentence of espionage charges doing Damocle's Blade's gig. An indeterminate time out of sight - and hopefully possibly enduring leisured, thorough, enhanced chats with especial cats about operational methodology  - would be nice too.

As the hot! gossip, juicy deets and sugar daddies jetsom and flotsom about, the ancient adage, that for every action - there always seems to be an equally opposite reaction.  

Funintended consequences.

L' docu drama au courant actually proves some stuff all the cool kids knew eons ago. 

Perhaps the most commonly percieved perception about the ME is that - for whatever reason - the Forever Quest for something something Palestine is key to any imaginable concern for Arab World. 

The ancient meme about Little Satan's new clear ambiguity, her amazing penchant for crushing her enemies (often all at once) on the battlefield - then audaciously retaining turf won fair and square in desperate counter attacks in wars waged against a democratic member of the UN automatically guaranteed nearly 300 million people, floating on a sea of highly desirable bootilicious resources, to be stuck in the pre modern age, where a wheelbarrow is a great invention.

The illicit State Dept Doc Drop details top priorities in the AO were not the Golan Heights, Little Satan's 'Apartments of War" or rowdy foreigners learning the hard way the def of the term 'blockade.'

 A New Clear Mullahopolis with all hegemonic accouterments attached are a way more bigger concern than finding a cure for Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue or fakebelieve thirst for avenging Nakbah Time  

Pic - "For every opposite and equal reaction there is a consequence"

Monday, November 29, 2010

Wiki Gossip

Hot dossier spillage prompted Great Satan to hello her friends to gird their loins - and now we know why!

Great Satan tried to snatch from Pakistani research reactor uranium that could be used in a nuclear device

Saudi donors are chief al Qaeda financiers

Wahabi Arabia urged some serious meds about preventively preempting and attacking Iran 

Yemeni govt tried to cover up US role in missile strikes against al Qaeda

Vladimir Putin was "alpha-dog"

Hamid Karzai "driven by paranoia"

Libya's Khadaffy is always accompanied by "a hot voluptuous blonde" Ukrainian nurse

Criticism of UK operations in Afghanistan

Campaign of computer sabotage by Chinese government

Iran has obtained missiles from NoKo capable of hitting western Europe

Pic - "Rumor's Mill"

Sunday, November 28, 2010


One of the coolest things about any of Great Satan's super democrazy little sisters - kindred spirits in every way - with hot! literacy rates, fun and free choice - totally into all the cool endeavors of the human spirit - Academics, Art, Biz, Communications, Meds, Technology and even Space Exploration.

SoKo's "Girls Generation" is a cool reflection of the "League of Hot! Democrazies" ala daemoneoconic Dr Kagan. "Hoot" is their latest release with a swinging Sixties retro Brit beat - complete with electric sitar and James Bond "009" theme.

With legs like this - one could - rule the world. Check out the blatant mercantilismus with collector cards 

Democracy projection and protection, putting the Hoot in Hoochie since 1776.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Council Winners!

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

Friday, November 26, 2010

Last Ditch

Fire in the hole!

Not so long ago at a recent event - populated with all the populars - a certain element refrained from introductory jawflapping small talk and during a supposedly  voltiguer chauffereering ride back to HQ - literally xformed into an octopus with more hands on - uh - deck - than HMS Victory at Trafalgar. 

Skipping the agenda of approved advanced advances - said cat totally rearranged protocol in hot heat seeking delights avec vehicular borne chicanery.

This is significant.

In certain diplopolititary circumstances, should the last last straw or last ditch option actually break line and head to the top of the list?

Heck yeah!

Often times - "Coercive Diplomacy" - the hot! promise of various combat arms practicing their precise deadly ministrations - military force or threat of force - is often sadly regarded as having to be the end all be all - only allowed after the brassiere of time consuming face time, friendly give and take, diplomacy soirees and wishful thinking has been slowly, seductively and sexyfully removed.

And it can get a lot of people killed during the interim

Sudan is a great example of this. The traditional hyper puissant drill of eons of slow patient consensus building to reinforce desired behavior is actually totally bassackwards. 

As best understood - Sudan's chief exports are refugees fleeing misery projection, genocide, slavery, intolerance and a self imposed 7th century mindset. The upcoming electile dysfunctioneering in January to decide the nation's future as one or two diff nation states may actually kick off a bloodletting to rival Rwanda's Hitlerian expertise.

Why are the 'rulers' of such a chaotic heckhole even still breathing?

The wizened warning warners wring their you know what grippers in a shockingly inappropriate display of pining away for the ancient fast twilighting 'Westphalian Era" with incorrect and boring asseted pontification RE: Force First.

"...What these ideas have in common is a fundamental lack of understanding of the limits of force, which does not always achieve its military and political objectives. Intelligence fails, missiles misfire, and the target rarely alters its behavior substantially and constructively.

 "...Moreover, military force does not constitute a strategy for dealing with an adversary; rather, force must be accompanied by a whole-of-government approach that includes robust diplomacy and development components. Force alone is risky and potentially escalatory, with little promise of resolution.

Uh, wait - what now?

In the new millennium, nation building endeavors do not have to be way up front - indeed - worries about a 'fundamental lack of understanding ' should be sweetly directed at target sets - not Great Satan or NATO. 

Yessir, getting all combatty is indeed full of fear, and the potentiality for sexcalating combat ops is off the chain y'all!

So what?

That is exactly the signal Great Satan should be signaling without delay, modesty or restraint in Field Marshal President For Life Omar Bashir's gigantic fiefdom of Sudan.

1st off - Great Satan's AFRICOM needs a new hood to HQ on the African mommieland - they don't get any bigger than Sudan! Offering easy, super fast real time access to 9 diff African nation states - Pyramidland, Khadaffyville, Ethiopia, Kenya, Congo, Etricea, Uganda, Central African Republic, Chad and Ethiopia. All located near civil war and starvation central - 

"...Cos they don't know the secret!!..."

A case could be made for gradually girthifying sexed up military ops by striking tender sensitive portions of the regime 1st - kinda like the ever edging attacks ala NATO's early plan for saboring Serbia -before General Clark correctly applied Great Satan's Shermanesque Pattonish penchant for going for the throat and putting paid to murderous creeps, jank jerks and stopping the entire sorry mess in less than 90 days.

"Why shouldn't we privately make it clear to Field Marshal President al Bashir that if he initiates genocide, his oil pipeline will be destroyed and he will not be exporting any oil?"

"...Oil, of course, is the foundation of the Sudanese economy, constituting 95 percent of export revenues and 60 percent of government revenues.

Enforcing a no fly Darfur zone with a friendly hello that any violations will result in Great Satan's utter destruction of the entire Sudanese Air Force would be nice too.

Perhaps instead the last best option should be the very first - annihilating the highest levels of the regime, all their precious assets, longtime fanboys and new found friends - capturing the world's only sitting Head of State indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity (dead - just as good, nicht wahr?) over a long weekend blizzard of precision guided weaponry reinforced with AFRICOM's very first foray into Africa proper.

Great Satan has long tried the fun friendly way with Sudan - and for whatever reason - the results are a continuing problem from hello.

Two of Great Satan's hottest hoochies could expertly rally nat'l and internat'l opinion - Ambassador Dr Rice and NSC's Dr Sam Pow could make a literally killer case for killing Sudan's regime.

Oh! It's true bay bee! In such a hap hap happy slash awesome event - in the ruins - someone much worse could rise up, seize the reigns of power.

That is actually a good thing.

Mainly cause someone much worse will have much to contemplate about modern statecraft, R2P clause and Great Satan's intolerance for state sponsored genocide as they police multiple smoking craters of their recently departed misguided ex leaders.

 Pic - "What I'm Gunna Do Now Is Freak The Freak Out"

Thursday, November 25, 2010


 Thankful for being an American. Everything else just seems to fall into place.

Pic - "Almighty God -  We totally thank thee for raising up this laughing race of free men, avatars of Thy divine deigns that "Whosoever will" - may. That fun and free choice shall not perish from the earth - we are eternally grateful for l'nom d'guerr "Americans" 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Often times during 'xtended holiday family rehookups and reunions - things get off the hook double quick time. Rowdy assetted little boy cuzes and nephews enjoy violent 'rassling' gymnastics and thrashing the living daylights on hapless girl kin. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Kinda the same in the diplopolititary au courant with one of Great Satan's oldest allies since Cold War time.

For SoKo - in the last two years especially - provocatation piles up faster on a girl than uncles at a family reunion football game.

The current artillery duel betwixt battery fire and counterbattery fire is just one of several signals dying Dear Leader and Young General is sending about the perils of ignoring the world's only new clear underground slave ran rocket factory with a nation state attached.

"...Previous skirmishes along the border - including the deaths of 46 South Korean sailors when the corvette Cheonan was torpedoed on March 26 - but the stakes are getting higher.

"...The exchange follows the revelation last week of a hitherto unknown North Korean uranium enrichment plant to a visiting US scientist. Siegfried Hecker, who previously directed the Los Alamos National Laboratory, told The New York Times he had been ''stunned'' by the plant's sophistication. North Korea said it was operating 2000 centrifuges.

"...If verified, this would take Pyongyang towards creating a far more powerful arsenal than the estimated eight to 12 plutonium-based warheads that have been built over the past five years.

Instead of taking China's cue to refire up the always on again off again double Ménage à trois party jawflapping it may be time instead to zoom out of the double Korea peninsula and consider some hot options that affect Collectivist China's control of her only client state.

Dealing with NoKo is a sucker play 

"Restraint could be interpreted as weakness by the unpredictable North Korean regime. Too much rattling of swords after the North Korean attack, on the other hand, could lead to further crisis."

Face it - for whatever reason - NoKo is acting out - with the tacit or implied blessing of China. Try to imagine a rowdy NoKo poking tender sensitive portions of Collectivist China with hot gossip about free trade, human rights or Xianity - let alone sinking ships, new clear oath breaking and shelling villages - and China would stop it before Bfast time. 
"...Enough is enough. China will soon be a global power to rival the United States. With that might must come the maturity to act responsibly. South Korea has been pushed to the limit — over the last eight months, it has seen a warship blown out of the water in the dead of night and now, its civilians have been shelled in their own homes. 

"...If the South is pushed further, it will strike back. The danger inherent to that situation cannot be overstated. The time has come for China to either reign in its recklessly ally or cut them loose.

Containment is a played, failed policy that has only begat misery and death. 

"...Practicing containment and hoping for the day when North Korea will finally implode. For those who advocate containment as the solution to the Iranian nuclear threat, it is worth noting how destabilizing a nuclear-armed rogue state can be and how hard it is to contain.   

The options are as provocative as wearing a thong to Church:

"...North Korea's threat will only end when it does, and that day cannot come soon enough.

SoKo's capitol city lies within easy range of NoKo's assorted artillery and rocketry fire.

The ultimate sitch is plain: regime change. That would only happen if China gave the totalitarian dynasty in Pyongyang the old heave ho.

 ReKoreanification - rehooking up both North and South into one fun, free choice society. And the best way for that hap hap happy day to dawn is to play up China's fears.  If China freaks the freak out at the thought of thousands of starving refugees crashing the border and gobbling up humanitarian goodies - a reunify policy would ensure SoKo took on the lions share of assimilation, food and fundage for their own across the world's largest minefield. The Koreas would be totally busy for years tending to themselves.

If China fears a new clear SoKo, Taiwan or Nippon - then perhaps Great Satan should pretend to encourage her three hot! democrazy sisters to start fiddling about with new clear weaponry programs of their very own. 

Pic - "Ddok barohae neon joengmal 'bad boy! Sarangbodan hogishimbbun!"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wild Blue Yonder Baby

Everybody loves the baby!

Spoiler Alert!

Like one of poppa's girls plotting to replenish fiscal abilities - it is much the same for Great Satan's military services getting all 'cited to vie for fundage in the new fiscal year.

As the baby service - i.e., the youngest branch of Great Satan's big stick  - USAF actually has an awesome if not readily recogged pedigree. No Midways or Guadalcanal Chosin Valley Forge Chickamaugas.

"...Air Force personnel are well aware of their lack of traditions comparable to the Halls of Montezuma or John Paul Jones..."

What ev - truth is - the spiritual great grandsons of the cats that literally bombed das Dritten Reich into a mudhole, clawed Luftwaffe out of the sky, suffering horrendous losses on desperate raids at Regensburg avec Schweinfurt and Ploesti did way more stuff than making 'flak' slang au courant or getting Ray Bans into highly desirable fashionable all weather eyewear.   

"...In many ways, the Air Force is a victim of its success. During Cold War, it was inconceivable that the United States could deter or contain the Soviet Union and its proxies without an overwhelming air-power advantage. From the iconic Strategic Air Command ( "Peace is Our Profession - War is just a Hobby" - nicht wahr?) to the gritty Tactical Air Command, from missileers to homeland-defense squadrons, the Air Force provided an iron umbrella over America’s global interests.

"...In doing so, it shaped the nature of modern warfare while driving technological change that spread around the world. Some of the stunning joint creations of the Air Force and America’s defense industrial base, such as the U-2 and the SR-71 Blackbird, will likely never be repeated."

Memes that Great Satan fans take for granted like Air Dominance and now - Global Air Dominance are directly hooked up with the happy fact that Air Force created and maintains the modern world that Great Satan built.

This is significant.

Gulf War, the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq proved Air Power is simply the most best way to get the point across - indeed, even Great Satan's Combat Rock Stars developed fast track communications to precisely apply formidable air power to sensitive tender spots during Surge - and any COIN ops.

Great Satan's hyper puissance depends on it.  Lost among civie leaders, and maybe within bits of the Air Force herself, is the understandment of strategic airpower and her hot role playing in doing Great Satan's national - whoa - make that internat'l - security policies.

"....Given the distances involved in defending America’s global interests and upholding its responsibilities, the Air Force is by necessity the first responder in most cases, be it disaster relief or regional conflict. It must have the planes and bases it needs to carry out this role; if properly equipped, it can prevent crises from spreading and give the U.S. footholds that might be too expensive to attain later. It can reach where other military services cannot, and can inflict the most severe damage on an enemy with minimal risk to the U.S. forces involved.

 Cutting tho'ts about cutting Air Force "...are misguided and will in the long run cost far more to the nation than they will save today. Retiring 650 combat fighters before replacements are ready will necessarily reduce the availability of needed planes and thus U.S. credibility. 

"...Flying airframes until they are falling apart is inexcusable in a country that can spend billions of dollars filling in potholes and repaving curbs. No airman should be expected to fly planes that are older than he is, but today’s B-52 pilots fly airframes built in the 1960s, and F-15 pilots fly the same planes as did their fathers. 

"...The lack of progress on the Next-Generation Bomber similarly puts America’s strategic options at risk. Unless a future president wants to start lobbing ballistic missiles at enemy fortifications, a modern bomber fleet remains necessary to penetrate the heavily defended airspace of potential adversaries.

Eons past - Great Satan's avuncular Vulcans knew a future worth creating involved Great Satan's creation and maintenance of a 30 year in the future military 

"...Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power. 

Oh, it's true bay bee!

"...If the United States wants to maintain the ability to be a global actor, to protect friends, and to dissuade adversaries, then a 360-degree Air Force is a prerequisite, as it has been for the last 60 years. For its part, the Air Force must reclaim its unique spirit, recommit to core competencies in its nuclear mission, regain control of spiraling costs and procurement problems, and reassert itself in the political process and public debates. Anything less risks failure in the air and a loss of America’s unique role in the world.

In the last millennium - Navy Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan got all psychic with "The Influence of Seapower upon History" and was proven correct - Napoleon and Kaiser Wilhelm totally failed to truly understand and implement seaborne puissance. And - like today's upgrade of the Influence of Airpower upon History - those who fail to heed the deed of air dominance may not only fail the airpower test - but the longevity one as well

Pic - "Air dominance by collecting intelligence and using long-range bombing to control the enemy’s skies, and also provided full tactical support for ground troops engaged in combat."

Monday, November 22, 2010

44's Hit List

Inter arma enim silent leges, carus!

Ancient Roman for "In wartime - the Law is silent, Bay Bee!"

The elderly paw paw Pre911 era of Peace Time is sooo over - it's war - like it not - yet 44's got the hots for an American born citizen enemy that is off the hook y'all!

While far too often engaging in inappropriate non profit handwringing about stuff that truly never matters, the 'Merican Civil Lib Union and Center for Constitutional Rights have attorneyed up against 44's underwhelming Justice Dept on behalf of the creepy American terrorist/terrorist lover 
Anwar al-Awlaki.

These cats argue 44 doesn't have the legal bona fides to order the assassination of American citizens. 

"...That's right, so in order for the kill order to stand, Awlaki should be stripped of his citizenship.
44 has exceeded his power in ordering Awlaki's assassination. Americans abroad are protected by constitutional guarantees of due process, at least when faced with U.S. government action..."

The very idea that a CiC could draft lottie dottie any American body on a Great Satan sanctioned hit list is bleeding alarming! 

"...If the precedent of unilaterally targeting Awlaki without due process stands, then anyone could go on the list..."

Thankfully - there are some lawyer friendly tricks and twists Great Satan could pursue to grant America's American enemies an instant guilt free ticket to the perfumed gardens of Paradise.

"...Awlaki would no longer have constitutional protections if he lost his citizenship. In 1940, Congress passed legislation that established a number of statutory "expatriating acts," which automatically voided American citizenship if undertaken voluntarily. These included taking an oath to a foreign power, serving in the military of a country at war with the United States, or committing treason. The intent of Congress was to make clear that some actions were by their nature fatal to being an American.

"...Subsequent Supreme Court decisions restricted but did not overturn the law. In Afroyim v. Rusk (1967), the high court determined the 14th Amendment is "most reasonably ... read as defining a citizenship which a citizen keeps unless he voluntarily relinquishes it." 

"...This doesn't mean Awlaki remains a citizen until he explicitly says otherwise. In Vance v. Terrazas (1980), the court ruled that "intent to relinquish citizenship" may be "expressed in words or ... found as a fair inference from proved conduct."

"...AaA easily passes the "expatriating acts" test. He is a senior al Qaeda leader who's actively engaged in promoting jihad against our country. He helped instigate the Fort Hood massacre and the failed Northwest Flight 253 Christmas Day underwear bombing. Awlaki is literally at war with America.

"...It is more than a "fair inference" that Awlaki no longer considers himself an American. The theme of his most recent videotaped rant is the permissibility of jihadists to kill any and all Americans at any time without special instructions. 

"Don't consult with anybody in killing the Americans, they are the party of the devils." His consistent use of the third person in referring to Americans is a clear indication that he doesn't consider himself one of us.

"... He made this point explicitly when he stated that followers of Islam such as himself and Americans "are two opposites who will never come together." 

In his heart and mind, Awlaki has left Great Satan - his own homeland - behind.

 Ideally - AaA should be stripped of his American citizenship without restraint, modesty or delay. Followed up with a 1st class hit youtubed.

"...The way is clear for the government to strip Awlaki of his citizenship, which should be a necessary precondition for any covert direct action against any American. Assassinating U.S. citizens abroad, even loathsome creatures like Awlaki, is a high crime against the Constitution. Mr. Obama would do well to take note of that before pulling the trigger.

Pic - "Some creeps need killing"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Best Week Ever

The biggest news this week was the awarding of the Medal of Honor to Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, who is the first living person to receive the medal since the Vietnam War. President Obama presented the medal to Staff Sgt. Giunta in a ceremony at the White house this week, calling Giunta "as humble as he is heroic". Yet, that didn't stop some from offering ill-conceived critiques; fortunately, Adam Weinstein, the Ink Spots crew and the Panda Hat Twins promptly shot such criticism down.

In other news, the US is deploying M-1 Abrams tanks to Afghanistan for the first time. (Just don't tell anyone we stole this idea from the Canadians and the Danes) Col. Gian Gentile and Mark Twain weighed in on counterinsurgency, Ackerman explored a super-secret insurgent hunting jet (with a built-in bar), and Caped Crusader Doctrine Man made the New York Times.

Yet, all was not entirely awesome. An F-22 Raptor, the most advanced fighter in the world, recently crashed in Alaska, with the pilot, Captain Jeffrey Haney, still reported missing. Ian Elliot also reports on one solider's sacrifice which has helped save dozens of lives. Plus, if this story doesn't make you tear up, you're simply not human.

Submitted by Starbuck from Wings over Iraq

Saturday, November 20, 2010

WoW Council This Week

Here are this week's full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

Congratulations to the winners, and to all the participants.See you next week!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Land Of The Pure Primer

Well, not so much a primer as a reminder.

Of all the real and fakebelieve nation states created or recreated since the early Cold War days the - Land of the Pure is a study in discombobulation.

"...Anti-Americanism? (The Pew Foundation poll shows 64 percent of Pakistanis believe the U.S. is the enemy.) Yet the one thing they all want most of all is a U.S. visa. The anti-U.S. feelings all trace back to the way Washington left us high and dry after we had fought together against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s..."

"...The same week the CFR published its gloomy assessment of the Afghan war, one of Pakistan's most influential journalists, the editor of a major newspaper, made the "off-the-record" - which now means go ahead and use it but keep my name out of it - rounds in Washington to deliver a stunning indictment of all the players. Samples:

"...All four wars between India and Pakistan (1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999) were provoked by Pakistan.

"...There is no Indian threat to Pakistan, except for what is manufactured by the ISI (Inter-Service Intelligence

"...Washington says Pakistan must do more to flesh out insurgent safe havens in FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas). As long as the Taliban were the illegitimate children of ISI, that was possible. But the Taliban are now the enemies of Pakistan, irrespective of whether they are Pakistani Taliban or Afghan Taliban. Assets have become liabilities. We've lost 3,000 Pakistani military killed in action. All the jihadi terrorist organizations were created by Pakistan - and they have turned against us.

"...Pakistan has a big stake in Afghanistan, and America's own exit strategy is entirely dependent on Pakistan. Our army has a chokehold on your supply lines through Pakistan. And Pakistan wants to be the U.S. proxy in Afghanistan. ISI wants to make sure Pakistan does not become a liability in Afghanistan.

"...There is no chance whatsoever for the U.S. and its NATO and other allies to prevail in Afghanistan. No big military successes are possible. All U.S. targets are unrealistic. You cannot prevail on the ground. ISI will not abandon the Taliban. And if the Taliban does not have a major stake in negotiations with the United States, these will be sabotaged by Pakistan.

"...Time is running out for Gen. Petraeus - for the United States and for us (Pakistan). Our system is falling apart. The sooner the U.S. and Pakistan are on the same page, the better it will be for both of us.

"...The Kerry-Lugar aid bill ($1.5 billion a year over five years) is too little, too late. Only half of U.S. pledges are actually coming in. A huge slice of this bill goes to administration and local bureaucracy; $25 million was earmarked for "Sesame Street" - for Pakistanis. U.S. aid is not achieving any of its objectives. Flood relief also caused havoc. Four hundred bridges were washed away.

"...The attacks against U.S.-NATO supply lines through Pakistan, which have included the torching of scores of tanker trucks, were not the work of Taliban guerrillas; they all were the work of the ISI made to look like Taliban. The objective was to demonstrate the extent to which the United States is dependent on Pakistani security.

"...Drone strikes? The Pakistani line about "huge provocations" and more civilians killed than the Taliban and their partners is pure army invention. Drones play a limited role and should continue.

"...One can't begin to understand the Pakistani crisis until one absorbs the terrifying fact that Pakistan's 180 million population includes 80 million children younger than 18 - almost half the population. And just 40 percent of Pakistani children are in school. (Reminder: Pakistan also is one of the world's eight nuclear powers, counting North Korea yet wields an amazingly underwhelming literacy rate of 49%).

"...India and Pakistan must bury the Kashmir feud. The reason it continues in an off-and-on mode is because that's what the Pakistani army wants. The army's corporate interests are at stake. If the crisis is resolved, the army loses its narrative for dominating the economy

"...Land of the Pure is a work in progress. The war against extremism is our war, too. The stakeholders are changing. Urban Pakistan is not interested in al Qaeda's global caliphate narrative.

Pic  - "The world is a ho beotch - and Great Satan is da pimp"

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grand Bargain!

Perhaps the biggest tag team teasers in the realm of the diplopolititary are the Ayatollah lovin' Leverettes. Dr Flynt and Dr Hillary routinely hook up to diss, discombobulate and dismiss the hard won convincing conventional concerns about a new clear Mullahopolis.

An inside out regime change (the best of all - nicht wahr) in Iran? No way! Supreme Leader and his control freak posse are precious, praised and preferred. Dissidents are doofuses, better to cut a deal than project crazy dreams that Iranians would rather do a fun free choice society.

Break out a NATO style Containment regimen and sweetly stymie atomic power preachers and their legion of regional non state actor outers? No way! A new clear Iran could bribe their way out of any attempt ala ME hegemonic interruptus. 

So, what exactly do Mr and Ms Mahdi minion recommend?

That's the rub Mon frer'.

Like a promiscuous dalliance - softly breathed rather than enunciated - the despotic duo never really gives up the hot deets - always pussyfoot around the direction they alone could deploy to turn Iran from an oath breaking far field competitor that enjoys ruthlessly maintaining domestic control, sexing up a one sect control of m'Hammedism while hooking up with myriad terrorist groups as forward elements of state and policy projection into a really cool partner for good stuff on a regional scale.

Leverettes are talking bout that Grand Bargain

As best understood - when Operation Enduring Freedom got unwound and began to decimate Taliban controlled Afghanistan - Preacher Command was so sweet, so helpful - so - all together with it - helping Great Satan laugh off the Imperial Graveyard meme and toss Taliban on the same pile as Waffen Ss, Confederacy or Nipponese Kamikazes.

Legend has it Great Satan ruined everything by dissing Iranian desires to proceed from helpfully hurtfull battlefield intell and gossip to more grander concerns.

This is the significant flaw in the 'Grand Bargain: The Beginning" theory. It was actually Iran that queered the mix with asymmetrical doublespeak and over reach - also nom d' guerr'd 'Karine A.' The illicit ship loaded to the gun whales with illegal weaponry that sailed from Iran to comrade Poppa Arafat's Strip in flagrant en flagrante.

The Leverettes have yet to venture to vocalize exactly what a 'Grand Bargain' with Iran would be.

Most likely cause they know it will be a very tough sell - wiping clean and drawing again the face of the Middle East:

 Iraq should be dissolved into 4 bits: Shia Baghdad, Sunni Anbar, independent Kurdistan and a new Iranian province comprising Basra, Najaf, Karbala and Kuwait.

The gulf states of Bahrain (outright annexation by Iran) Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are Persia's any time she wants them. And Mullahopolis doesn't call their Ayatollah in Chief the "Supreme Leader" for nothing.

Since Saudiland is comparatively weak militarily with Iran,  (unless Saudi Bling Bling sails through congress) The dying House of Saud should cut a deal granting Iran the control of Mecca and Medina.

Jordan devolves into the new Palestinian State. Gaza goes to either Egypt or Little Satan. West Bank defaults to Little Satan with joint control of Jerusalem

And Bashar and Hiz'B'Allah get all of Lebanon to divy up as the new, improved version of 'Greater Syria' at the same incredible instant Land of the Pure sweetly desolves into 5 brand new ethnically, dialectically different tiny tiny Tribal areas.

Pic - "What it comes down to is this: Iran is the most powerful and stable country in the Middle East-a country the United States must either fight in a new war or come to terms with."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

4 Ever Detentions

Ah - Gitmo.

Once proclaimed the most inflammatory two syllables in world history - capable of raising an army of violent Hajies everywhere on the surface of the globe - all totally heck bent to wreak righteous vengeance on Great Satan's wicked forsakingment for something something 'Rule of Law"

The offense of G -amo condenses down to two issues: 

"The principle of holding people indefinitely without charge, and the new procedures of the military trials or 'commissions" the United States has devised to try the very few captives whom it has charged, which do not give the accused the usual rights of conventional military or criminal courts."  

Often when and in the course of human events au courant, it's easy to look about New Millennium America and wonder why cause there have been so few 911 type horrors - perpetuated on a fun free choice society that - despite protestosterone to the the counter - is the mirror opposite in any thoughtful thinking - of certain 7th century enemies.

Oooh! Pick me! Pick me!

Dead or detained terrorists don't really have the ability to plot, plan, prep and perpetuate deadly attacks in the PBUH guy's god's name for starters.

"...  A terror network worried about drone strikes on its training camps does not have the luxury of taking the months it takes to plan and execute significant plots. Fresh intelligence from high-level captives disrupts plots in addition to making it extraordinarily difficult for al-Q'eda to embed capable cells in our homeland..."

The persnickety plight of 911 mastermind KSM pops up like a periscope. Despite the best inappropriate handwringing in memory - it's time to speak of the 4 Ever Detentions:

KSM and other Gitmo Alums will "...remain in military detention without trial for the foreseeable future..." 

Forseeable future? How long is that in cat years?

"...A trial is unlikely to happen before the next presidential election and, even then, would require a different political environment..." 

Sweet! Well, almost - a 1st class fast track military tribunal followed up with a cameo appearance by a 1st class volunteer firing squad on free commercial free tv and youtube would be best - tho the forever detentions are a close second.

Regardless of who hangs at 1600 P'vania Ave - this partic signal is awesomely conflict free to the rest of the world.

First - like it or not - it's war. Thusly:

Ain't no tellin' what all will happen cap'n, when enemies fall into America's righteous clutches!

Pic - "In wartime - Great Satan is kinda crazy And unpredictable."


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Naughtical Nautiness

Surface contact!

Like a hoochie who just discovered her especial purpose - collectivist China has quite the record of misapplying her future hegemonic puissant status

"....As China has struggled to expand its maritime boundaries, assert sovereignty over disputed islands and vast maritime resources, and enhance its naval capabilities to counter U.S. Navy dominance in the Pacific, it has never been reluctant to use force or coercion. 

"...This long history of aggression suggests that the United States will have to be firm and proactive in countering China's expanding self-proclaimed zone of influence if it hopes to keep Beijing from dominating the coastal seas of the western Pacific.

Lets review:

1974 - China illegally invades and retains hot! turf in Paracel Islands  "...which were then under South Vietnamese control -- beginning an illegal occupation that continues today. Over the years, China has increased its military presence on the islands, building a military airfield and an intelligence monitoring facility that can be used for operations in the South China Sea."

1995 - China occupied Mischief Reef, an islet located only 130 miles from the Philippines' Palawan Island and strategically situated astride the Palawan Strait, one of Asia's most important sea-lanes. Despite repeated Filipino requests to withdraw, China has continued its illegal military buildup in the reef; Chinese naval forces there could be used to disrupt maritime traffic passing through the Malacca and Singapore Straits to the Philippines and northern Asia. 

In the last decade, China has acted out navy wise at an alarmingly exponential rate!

2001 - 'member when that hot shot F - 8 pilot collided with Great Satan's EP-3 spy plane sweetly loitering about in internat'l air space?

2001, a Chinese Jianheu III-class frigate confronted the U.S.N.S. Bowditch, which was legally conducting a routine military survey in the Yellow Sea, and ordered the unarmed ship to leave the Chinese exclusive economic zone (EEZ), an area of sea over which a state claims rights of exploration and exploitation of resources.

2005 - Chinese naval vessels shot and killed nine Vietnamese fishermen inside Vietnamese waters.

"...China has also resorted to economic coercion -- it has threatened both British Petroleum, in 2007, and Exxon Mobil, in 2008, with the loss of business opportunities in mainland China if the companies did not end their joint ventures with Vietnam in the South China Sea. 

2009 - China's pirate navy seized a total of 17 Vietnamese fishing boats and their 210 crew members.

"...2009, five Chinese vessels -- three government ships and two small merchant ships -- harassed the U.S.S. Impeccable in the South China Sea, approximately 75 nautical miles from Hainan Island. The merchant ships intentionally stopped in front of the Impeccable, forcing it to make an emergency "all stop" to avoid a collision. Just a few months later, two Chinese fishing trawlers harassed the U.S.S. Victorious in a similar incident. It appears that Beijing is now using civilian vessels as proxies to advance its strategy of denying access to its coastal seas. 

2010 - China issued a unilateral fishing ban for the South China Sea in an effort to gain control over the sea's dwindling fish stocks. 

2010, China conducted an unprecedented military exercise in the South China Sea, involving ships and aircraft from all three of its fleets. This came after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated earlier that month at the ASEAN Regional Forum that "the United States has a national interest in freedom of navigation, open access to Asia's maritime commons, and respect for international law in the South China Sea." 

"...2010, China objected to a planned U.S.-South Korean military exercise in the Yellow Sea, which was organized as a response to North Korea's sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan in March 2010. Beijing criticized the participation of the U.S.S. George Washington, arguing that deploying an aircraft carrier to the Yellow Sea would be provocative and a threat to Chinese national security -- even though the U.S. carrier had conducted operations in the Yellow Sea earlier in the year without incident.

Withdrawing USS George Washington from the sexercise may have actually got China's desires all whetted up instead of satiation.

"...Clearly, Beijing considers the South China Sea a vital square in its geopolitical chessboard. In fact, last March, Beijing announced that the sea was now a "core interest" for China -- a position previously reserved only for Tibet, Xinjiang, and Taiwan.  

Maybe in the far flung future - an autocratical unfree China may indeed rule the waves - or at least blanket them in ship killing missiles along with assorted submariners and aircraft carriers.


Til that unhappy day dawns, Great Satan should perhaps sweetly tourniquet up the pressure for a fun, friendly teachable moment to China's Future War Planners with a subtle show of real hyper puissance:

"...Washington must not give in to Chinese demands to halt or reduce surveillance operations in and over the EEZ. The U.S. Navy should also send an aircraft carrier into the Yellow Sea at the earliest opportunity; not doing so will embolden China to protest even louder the next time the United States proposes naval exercises off the Korean peninsula. 

"...The U.S. navy must also not enter into a so-called Incidents at Sea agreement with its Chinese counterpart. Such a document, which would govern the movement of the two countries' naval forces, would significantly enhance the prestige of the Chinese navy and make it appear an equal to U.S. naval forces -- something it is not.  

Great Satan "...should also join Indonesia and Vietnam in protesting China's expansive U-shaped claim of sovereignty in the South China Sea. It should follow this protest by deploying an increased naval presence in the South China Sea, particularly in the vicinity of the islets occupied by China (for example, the Paracels and Mischief Reef). 

"...Washington should also recognize Japanese sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands and state publicly that U.S. obligations under the U.S.-Japan Mutual Defense Treaty apply to the Senkakus. It should take similar steps with regard to the Philippine claims to Scarborough Shoal and the Kalayaan Island Group. Finally, Great Satan must continue a robust and visible reconnaissance and surveillance program off the coast of China, as well as routine carrier operations in the Yellow Sea.

Natch, collectivist China may and will most likely freak the freak out and over react with jankspeak 'bout 'mbargoes and rare heavy metals.

So what?

"...Continued appeasement is likely to be even worse -- it would only embolden Beijing to solidify further its economic and military dominance in the Pacific.

Pic "Peoples Liberation Navy is everwatchful to resist imperial hegemonic chicanery" (pdf)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Modafean-e Aseman-e Velayat-e 3


Gay Free Persia's Preacher Command unveils plans and preps for the five day rocketrama Air Defenseless Drill nom' d'guerre'd as "Defenders of the Sky"

Peeled off in three layers, this may be a wonderfully crunk op to deign Revo Guard's readiness in event of any enrichment interruptus

Phase I - Iranian rapid deploy forces will hook up with intelligence units in response to mock enemy intelligence-gathering and psychological warfare efforts. 

Phase II - Iranian forces will take on enemy aerial surveillance "...and the mock enemy will launch low-altitude attacks on our air defenses and our forces will detect and target their aircraft with jet fighter anti-air missiles

Phase III - Iranian forces will counter "...the enemy's desperate efforts at attacking..." new clear and other "...sensitive sites with their jet fighters, drones and cruise missiles..." 

Also on the itinerary, Revo Guards promise to break out the magical new radar system with a 300Kilometer range (1864.11358 miles - for the metrically challenged) as well as show off the new Persian Version of Commonwealth's S 300 Anti Aircraft Artillery batteries .

Pic - "The specific purpose of the drills as assessing the effectiveness of our anti-cruise electronic detection and weapons systems in order to make necessary improvements."

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New START Sucks

New Strategic Arms Reduction Talks that is.

Despite State Dept's deign that START is wonderfully crunk and “no constraints on deploying the most effective missile defenses possible,” START simply hates any idosity of missile defense.

START totally queers the mix 'bout missile defense on more than one level:

"....The first level is the essential context within which the treaty exists and that—according to both the Obama Administration and Russian leaders—permits the treaty to be viable and effective. The second level is within the text of the treaty itself, where there are several direct limitations or other requirements regarding missile defense..."

New START seems hot for one thing:

Preserving Great Satan's vulnerability to a Russian strike in the ancient corrupt Cult of Stability way. 

Uh, hello!  

"First, effective strategic defenses, including missile defenses, by definition will limit the effectiveness of strategic offensive arms at the margin.

2nd -  Da Tovarsisch - Vladland may feel all special with her ICBMishness versus Great Satan, yet this is hardly helpful with other far field competitors and possible future enemies. Ensuring
Great Satan's damage potential to Russian new clear naughtiness will result in less effective defenses against any and all countries that have strategic offensive arsenals, including Iran and No Ko.

Not only all that - even more START sucking is available:

"...New Start's faults are legion. The low limits it would place on nuclear warheads ignore the enormous disparities between American and Russian global responsibilities and the importance of America's "nuclear umbrella" in maintaining international security. The treaty's constraints on launching platforms would impede Washington's ability to use conventional warheads even in conflicts far from any Russian interest or responsibility. 

"...There are plenty of other deficiencies, from inadequate verification provisions to leaving Moscow's extensive tactical nuclear weapons capabilities unlimited.

"...Politically, even if not in treaty language, the Russians get what they want: no significant United States efforts on missile defense.

 "...44 hopes to sell this dangerous bargain with a package of paper promises. The Foreign Relations Committee's resolution contains various "conditions," "understandings" and "declarations" holding that New Start doesn't "impose any limitations on the deployment of missile defenses" or dilute Congress's aspiration to defend the nation from missile attack. A second understanding exempts conventional weapons systems with a global reach. A third affirms Congress's commitment to the safety and reliability of the nation's nuclear arsenal.

"...Senators cannot take these warranties seriously--they are not a part of the text of the treaty itself. As Eugene Rostow, a former under secretary of state, put it, such reservations and understandings have "the same legal effect as a letter from my mother." 

"...They are mere policy statements that attempt to influence future treaty interpretation. They do not have the force of law; they do not bind the president or future Congresses. The Constitution's supremacy clause makes the treaty's text the "law of the land."

Simply put - New START sucks. 

 Pic - "Without the new treaty and its verification measures, Great Satan would have much less insight into Russian strategic forces, thereby requiring our military to plan based on worst-case assumptions."

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Coven Speak

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners