Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Funintended Consequences


Outrageous actually - to imagine in the Age of Stuxnet, Wiki Leaks is alive and well, while over 3 score illicit musical downloader sites (that never betrayed or killed anyone) are shut down.

 Complete incompetence and failure of 44's Attorney Brigade and Great Satan's Cyber Command seemingly AWOL on the battlefield "...defense of specified Department of Defense information networks and; prepare to, and when directed, conduct full-spectrum military cyberspace operations in order to enable actions in all domains, ensure US/Allied freedom of action in cyberspace and deny the same to our adversaries..."

"In wartime, we should expect enemies to seek to damage us in this way."

Aside from all the morning after regret, Assange should get sweetly renditioned into Great Satan's righteous clutches and instantly made uncomfortable with the heavy pentence of espionage charges doing Damocle's Blade's gig. An indeterminate time out of sight - and hopefully possibly enduring leisured, thorough, enhanced chats with especial cats about operational methodology  - would be nice too.

As the hot! gossip, juicy deets and sugar daddies jetsom and flotsom about, the ancient adage, that for every action - there always seems to be an equally opposite reaction.  

Funintended consequences.

L' docu drama au courant actually proves some stuff all the cool kids knew eons ago. 

Perhaps the most commonly percieved perception about the ME is that - for whatever reason - the Forever Quest for something something Palestine is key to any imaginable concern for Arab World. 

The ancient meme about Little Satan's new clear ambiguity, her amazing penchant for crushing her enemies (often all at once) on the battlefield - then audaciously retaining turf won fair and square in desperate counter attacks in wars waged against a democratic member of the UN automatically guaranteed nearly 300 million people, floating on a sea of highly desirable bootilicious resources, to be stuck in the pre modern age, where a wheelbarrow is a great invention.

The illicit State Dept Doc Drop details top priorities in the AO were not the Golan Heights, Little Satan's 'Apartments of War" or rowdy foreigners learning the hard way the def of the term 'blockade.'

 A New Clear Mullahopolis with all hegemonic accouterments attached are a way more bigger concern than finding a cure for Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue or fakebelieve thirst for avenging Nakbah Time  

Pic - "For every opposite and equal reaction there is a consequence"


Jpck20 said...

Little Julian is not long for this world. He's pretty much pissed off every major player on the planet, some of whom have no qualms at offing the fucker in spectacular fashions.

Now that little bitch of a PFC who leaked all this shit to said rapist? He's the one that should be getting the daily beatings deep in the bowels of the brig at Quantico.

The Firing Squad is too good for him.

SecondComingOfBast said...

I don't believe it. I think he's been set up by somebody. Who in the hell gives a PFC that much access to classified documents? Why?

Render said...


The Army gave him that access.

He's in solitary at Gitmo.

Somebody needs to give him his belt and shoelaces back...

Wanted in 188 nations doesn't leave too many places to hide, especially with all accounts frozen.


Jpck20 said...

Yeah he's freely admitted he got the info using the access he had with his MOS and copied it all onto a thumbdrive if I remember the article I read correctly right.

Render said...

CD-RW with Lady Gaga labeled on it. His work machine had a burner installed.

Quantico Marine Corp brig. Not Gitmo...



Unknown said...

Some Linkage.... http://yankeephil.blogspot.com/2010/12/rule-5-shameless-plugging.html