Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Righteous Hit

For everyone totally tipsy on the weekend's Wiki Liqueur - it may have been easy to miss a literally cold blooded move in downtown Tehran in broad daylight.

The World's Best Blog 2010 didn't miss it - and tossed a gauntlet of sorts - expressing interest in checking out "...thoughtful analysis of the ethics of murdering a scientist working on Iran's nuclear weapons program..."  

The hit went down like this:

"....The attackers rode up on motorcycles and stuck bombs to the windows of the scientists' cars as they were leaving their homes in Tehran on the way to work. Seconds later the bombs detonated.
One bomb killed Majid Shahriar, of the nuclear engineering faculty at the Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran. His wife was in the car with him and was wounded. 

"...The second bomb injured Fereidoun Abbasi, 52, a nuclear physicist and professor at Shahid Besheshti, and also injured his wife.

The most dangerous gig in Persia is fiddling about with new clear chicanery - another sci guy was offed earlier this year - and any list possible provocateurs must include serious players like 
People's Resistance Movement AKA Jund'Allah (Soldiers of Allah), the MEK (M'jihad'Een E Kahlq) any number of Sunni Gulf States, Wahabbi Arabia, Great Satan and Little Satan.

Or, even the regime's attempt at a simultaneous housekeeping, 'rally round the flag moment hooked up with a drive to increase anti Little Satan sentiment

Most likely - Little Satan gets all the props 

Both targets - one a former Revo Guard member and the other a long time Preacher Command Fan could be interpreted as being highly desirable elements (socially and target worthy) of the highest levels of an enemy regime at war. 

For eons Preacher Command has been obsessed with Little Satan (Americans and girls too) and is the chief patron, mentor, weapons depot and often cadre for HAMAS and Hiz'B'Allah - 2 Iranian proxies that along with Persia  - have all pretty much declared war against Little Satan.

And War is an extension of politics - by other (in this case - asymmetrical) means.

Time to break out the v.Clausewitz!

"...Easy enough to imagine there is a skillful method of disarming and overcoming an enemy without causing great bloodshed, and that this is the proper tendency of the art of War. However plausible this may appear, still it is an error which must be extirpated; for in such dangerous things as war, the errors which proceed from a spirit of benevolence are just the worst. 

Exstenze l'politique: Preacher Command is dying along with Supreme Leader. The domestic diss this multi hit will create is sweet! 

"...Decaying politics impacts the application of war and, specifically in Iran's case, the ability to defend its nuclear programme.

Sazeman - e Hefazate Ettela'At is the supposedly elite Revo Guards Counter Intell cats. Roughly xlated as the Safe Keeping of Intell Org and about as effective as Reich Air Defense in April 1945 when it comes to protecting new clear brainpower.

It's their gig to stymie arrogant powers and zioneoconazi minions in any and all endeavors on the home front - especially fun free choice foreign intelligence agencies that collect hot! deets on tender, sensitive portions or act out in a hurtfully unhelpful way - like viruses and assassinations. 

Instead - a key component of the regime has suffered significant loss of prestige and power.

Careful v. Clausewitzian consideration of this hit may mean it's a righteous hit - and totally acceptable in war.  

Pic - "Little Satan is pursuing covert operations aimed at hobbling Iran's nuclear programme, as a less costly alternative to mounting a full-scale military attack."


A, S, Wise said...

Glad to see some operatives out there, still are willing to do the dirty work that keeps the wicked from achieving their aims.

Jpck20 said...

Nice job Israel.

While our current President may be to much of a pu*ssy to do anything like this, thank God for Mossad.

Though it does make me believe there is probably a good amount of cooperation going on between certain agencies of the US+Israel, whether Barry and his cast of idiots actually knows about it or not.

Unknown said...

Get your finger out of the trigger guard!