Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So, can a girl appear adorable, attainable, chaste, desirable, easy, hot!, prized, proper, sexyfull and unobtainable all at the same incredible instant?

In a way, such a quiz l'couture could be equally applied to the ancient dark arts im das Unaussprechlichen COIN Külten

As one of Great Satan's premier Teufel Hunden vets of Surgin' the living daylights out of Iraq, Colonel Alford, once shared "We get asked a lot, should we focus on killing the enemy or working with the people? The answer to that question is 'Yes!' "

One of the main points in selling the AFPAK Surge were the cool bits about getting all population centric - protecting the innocent, giving voice to the voiceless and championing those who had no champions.  'Member Marjah's Gov in a box plan?

"...The COIN strategy is balanced by a counterterrorism strategy. When we started, we probably were more aligned with counterinsurgency. The emphasis is shifting.”

Oh it's true - and as psychically predicted by Major Few - Great Satan has unleashed her all weather killers of killers

And one of the shifting shifts that magical elements of Great Satan's 30 year in the future military totally be gigging, is capturing creeps, killing killers and jamming up jerks beyond repair.

By the metric ton bay bee!

Hot gossip indicates that Taliban and assorted fellow travelers are shrinking up faster than a viagra free swim meet.

"...Think of it! The dead of winter over here and Taliban is desperate to hunker down, rest and regroup as they traditionally do. And they're getting mowed down like effing grass.

"...In a 3 month period before December 2010, SOCOM has sortee'd over 3,150 ops385 insurgent leaders were killed or captured, 2959 lower level insurgents were captured, and about 900 insurgents killed."

This does not include drone strikes or eventful events on the Eastern side of the Durand line either

The cost has been high - it is not easy and the cost is more than we can bear. 600 American and Allied troops have fell since Special Forces, Rangers, D Boys, Marine Recon and SEALS have let slipped and wrought havoc. 

"...We kick unholy ass(ets) 24/7/365 non-stop and all-weather. We also know that a stalemate is quite possible - unless or until we storm the sanctuaries in Land of the Pure.

Pic - "Courtney, remote area operations normally involve the use of specially trained paramilitary or irregular forces."