Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shameless Pimping

"When I come to the club - step aside. VIP don't be have me in no line"

Oh Snap!

In a way, this delightful little ditty could be applied like 'kini wax to Great Satan's dysfunctional relationship with her only new clear client army with a client nation state attached.

Land of the Pure, bay bee!

Oh, it's true - Great Satan be shamelessly pimping Land of the Pure with nigh total control of one of the most fragile, rowdy and unpredictable fakebelieve nation states created since Great Britain split Mommie India into seperate bits over lunch. 

"...This sort of helpful meddling, or shameless intrigue, or outrageous interference – decide yourself what you want to call it – in the internal affairs of a sovereign country is supposed to have gone out of fashion with the retreat of the British empire and the end of the Raj."

"...But that was never true in reality, of course. All great powers intrude in pursuit of their own interests; it's what they do – and picking up where the British left off, the US is no different. It is a measure of the Pakistani state's weakness that the Americans apparently have such scope and leeway to influence and direct its affairs.

Just lucky! Great Satan's 'leeway and scope" of Soft Power and Hard Power is
a killer crunk kaleidoscope of discombobulated mayhem not unlike the legendary tales of the infamous Purple Panty Remover with almost as many funintended consequences.

"...The clear danger, highlighted by the leaked cables, is that the west's war in Afghanistan is spilling over into its weak, ill-led and much put-upon neighbour – and that Pakistan, too, could become a war zone.

Pic - "Shameless Pimpin' "


Steve In tulsa said...

In your 'hitting on me since...' bio it says your industry is 'Students'. So I am compelled to ask, "Do you make many?"