Tuesday, December 28, 2010

...And Carry A Big 'Stache


The Season of Electile Dysfunction is nigh upon us, as a certain political partay begins to manuever for their party primaries. As best 'membered - the event starts off with tons of straw polls, appearances, books and pre primary debatery - nearly a year or more in advance of the 1st caucus, or primary.

Aside from all the 1st tier cats - many who ran before, governors au courant and a few elderly statesmen that may hop in, one name seems like an awful dark horse.

Ambassador John Bolton.

Oh, it's true! The avuncular PNAC cat - who tactily approves of Great Satan's hyper puissance in any endeavor - benign or malign - would inject a healthy dose of FoPo into the race for determing a possible 45 to replace 44 - if things swing that way

"...Foreign policy is not a particularly strong area for most of the field -- including Romney, Huckabee, Palin and Pawlenty. While Gingrich has more of a background than those other candidates, he does not have Bolton’s expertise, while Ron Paul would stand against Bolton on a number of issues."

While the coolest stash ever ( j'ever notice he looks an awful lot like the "I Am The Walrus" guy with those goo goo ga joob granny glasses?) may appear to have zero chance to snatch FoPo into the drivers seat with all the jank about domestic issues - his stats could change if he scores cash.

"...If Bolton, who is now a senior fellow with the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, runs and is able to raise enough money to survive into Iowa and New Hampshire, he will have the opportunity to pull most of the Republican candidates his way on international issues   

The N'ork City Great Satan Fans at NRO  recently did a mega spread about Boltonmania in their print version (shout out to the Post American President Lady at Shrugs) and an interesting slant on what could be the 1st cat since 27 to get all inaugurated with a 'stache of mythic proportions. 

"... The North Korean government paid him the high compliment of labeling him the “envoy of evil.” His admirers call him dynamic, principled, and bracing—a welcome splash of cold water. In my experience, he has a ready laugh, and no end of enthusiasm, no end of vigor. He seems like the kind of person who bounds out of bed every morning, itching to get at the work and challenges of the day. He reads everything, and is informed to the gills. 

"...He is almost freakishly articulate. Ask him any question—even one out of left field—and he spits out several paragraphs, as though he has been preparing the answer for days..." 

“I’ve heard over and over that people don’t vote on the basis of foreign policy.” 

Maybe. So what? Despite an amazingly faux pas prediction that failed to come to pass ala Little Satan's latest last chance to engage in enrichment interruptus in Persia's new clear chicanery - l'Stache' grand ignites two killer points though - nat'l sec has long been way more hot in GOP partiary than in the Donkie Party. And two, all the cool kids look at FoPo and nat'l Sec stuff 

"...to find out what qualities a candidate may have— qualities such as leadership, judgment, and perseverance. Foreign policy is a window into character. If you can trust a candidate with foreign policy, you can trust him with a lot..."

Pic - "Speak Boldly And Carry A Big 'Stache"


Winston said...

He will have to explain his support for an Iranian marxist-islamist group (listed on FTO) if he decides to run but he won't win anything. He probably wants a job in the next admin.

A. S. Wise said...

This storyline has had me worried the past couple of years. This coming at a time when we foolishly SCALE-DOWN our anti-ballistic missile capabilities and doctrine. The only saving grace is that the PRC's economy is so intertwined with ours that they have just as much to lose, if not more, should a shooting war develop... http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/dec/27/china-deploying-carrier-sinking-ballistic-missile/

Blue said...

One has to wonder if obama's actions (or inaction) are out of ignorance, or if they are by design.

You're right, nice 'stache. :)

SecondComingOfBast said...

I seriously doubt he has a chance to win the nomination, but you never can tell. He might end up doing well enough to be taken seriously as a potential VP candidate for somebody.

I especially like the idea of Palin-Bolton. I especially like the idea that if they win, there might be a nationwide mass suicide of liberal Democrats.

SecondComingOfBast said...

I could also live with Bolton as Secretary of State. That place needs to be turned topsy-turvy, cleaned out from top to bottom, inside and out, including but far from limited to all the old queens in the Closet of State that's been gathering crust in their crotch from the days Barney Frank got the goods on them, and who knows what others loads (sorry for the visual) out of them.

Half our country's foreign problems can probably easily be traced to the state department, which is why I'm not so quick to jump on the hang Julian Assange bandwagon. Into every life a little rain must fall.