Saturday, December 18, 2010


The incoming week at GsGf will be hot!

World famous Surge Expert Army Major Michael Few, editor of Small Wars Journal drops in to share hot deets! and hard won lessons from Great Satan's frontline actualizers in the deadly arts of Surgin'

Realpolitik gets another stake through the heart as yours truly takes on one of the  Cult of Irrelevance's High Priests complete with tons of direct hits that totally wrecks inappropriate handwringing beyond repair.

And the WoW Weekender will satiate desires subtle and gross.

Pic - "Tonight we're going hard! Just like the world is ours!"


A. S. Wise said...

With the vote today, the repeal of DADT WILL have adverse effects on the military. Former USMC Commandant Mundy, perhaps most eloquently points out how the survey was misread and manipulated in order to advance the repeal:

I have yet to meet a combat veteran who believes letting gays serve openly won't hurt unit morale and cohesion. This is why so few trust 44 and the dems on national security issues.

Anonymous said...

Then he turns around after a week and says he'll make it work for them.

I suppose that's leadership, but one could argue the opposite as well.