Thursday, December 23, 2010

Self Inflicted II

Tis the season!

Oh - not for peace and love and all the cool stuff - but threats of war.

 As previously previewed, blood sworn creepy girthy overtly robust Body Part Collector General of the rocket rich rejectionist 'Resistance' clique of Hiz'B'Allah (seemingly way more adept at 'resisting' the legit gov of Lebanon than rocking up 'Divine Victories') is getting squished in a bind of his own design via UN's Hariri Tribunal.

"...I tell you that the conspiracy of the international tribunal will blow away with the wind, just like all the past conspiracies..."

So the saith the most proficient killers and serial tormentors of Americans from Cold War time til 911 time and beyond.

K. How exactly?

"...The question here is that if
Hiz'B'Allah knows now that nothing will change the indictment, why is it still going in the direction that will backfire on the party, the Shia community and Lebanon as a country?

"...Hiz'B'Allah is cornered, and the indictment is not the only issue that is causing the party’s confusion and indecision. The other, and probably the more significant issue, is Little Satan’s thirst to launch another and stronger war on Hiz'B'Allah and Lebanon and might use the indictment to do that. And this time, Hiz'B'Allah will be alone in the face of Little Satan.

"...In 2006, Hiz'B'Allah was on the southern front fighting Little Satan, but the Lebanese government and many Arab states fought on the diplomatic level. Moreover, the Lebanese people were more than happy to receive and help the Shia refugees who fled the South during the war.

"...However, Hiz'B'Allah decided since then to alienate everyone in Lebanon, and never skipped an occasion to accuse its opponents of treason and corruption. The war it carried internally against many in the Lebanese government and the March 14 camp has left little space for support for the resistance in any future war.

"...Logic says that if they’re worried Little Satan wants to launch another war, they need to protect themselves by cooperating with everyone in Lebanon and drop the aggressive rhetoric. But instead, Hiz'B'Allah has chosen a course of action that will only expose it to
Little Satan's attacks.

"...The only explanation to this suicidal approach is that they do not have the means to take any initiative. If Iran wants them to go in this direction, they have to do it, no matter how weak and fragile this might make them.

Pic - "Very, Very Soon!"


SecondComingOfBast said...

The problem is, Little Satan is run by a bunch of little leftists. They had the chance to have Hizbollah on the ropes and backed down, as they did in the Gaza. They just have no taste for blood-letting. The leftist philosophy is, if and only if absolutely necessary, lob a few rockets to show that they "mean business", and eventually back down in the face of the inevitable international pressure.

The best thing that could happen here would be if Hizbollah did attack Israel in the hopes of once again drawing the international community to their side when Israel counter-attacked. And no doubt they would use the same tactics as before, placing their missile launchers in heavily populated civilian areas, at schools and homes, etc.

Israel needs to make an example out of Syria, a major source of Hizbollah support. Once they are out of the way it would be easy to pick off the remnants of Hizbollah, most of whom would try to fade into the woodwork like the cockroaches they really are.

Once Damascus is reduced to cinders, Iran would think twice about bringing their weight to bear on the matter.

But then there's the UN, and the EU. They are as big a part of the problem as Iran or Syria. They are the reasons the problem hasn't been solved way before now to begin with.